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  1. What is one similarity do drivers in Singapore have in common? They tend to stay clear of car-sharing vehicles due to the atrocious driving associated with these drivers. However, one particular driver decided to brave the storm and negotiate a turn with a Bluesg driver. Watch how it turned out: What Happened? A cam car driver on lane 2 negotiated a right turn together with a Bluesg driver travelling on lane 1. As both cars were about to complete the turn, the Bluesg driver collided with the cam car driver. Needless to say, the collision drew the go
  2. After 2 long years, we can finally drive into Johor Bahru to do the things we love - pumping cheap petrol, eating delicious food and going for massages. However, not all of us deserve this privilege. Especially for reckless hooligans such as this driver: What Happened? The following incident occurred at a roundabout in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. A Singaporean Volkswagen Golf GTI was travelling at a fast speed and recklessly cutting lanes as he entered a roundabout. Just as he chiong-ed into the roundabout, he was caught unaware of an oncoming Malaysian MPV
  3. This incident was so intense that it kept my eyes peeled on the screen for the entire duration of the video. Watch this attempted hit and run here: What Happened? This incident occurred at Woodlands Avenue 1. While at a red light, a Honda Airwave emerged from behind but could not brake in time. And as a result, he rear-ended a stationary motorcyclist. Another motorcyclist dismounted and came forward to check on the motorcyclist who had just been hit. At this point, a left-turn only arrow flashed and the taxi in front of the cam car drove off, leav
  4. A cam car driver experiences a driver's worst nightmare and learns the importance of investing in a good dashcam the hard way. Just yesterday (March 24), the cam car driver was travelling along the KPE. A motorcyclist suddenly dashes past on his right in an attempt to lane split. Unlike most riders who lane split without any problems, this attempt ends in the rider breaking off the cam car's right-side mirror. Pieces of the mirror flew like confetti as the rider sped up and rode away, staying dangerously close to the vehicles in front. Driver
  5. Car-sharing is an undeniably innovative and affordable way for the public to access a car. In the wrong hands, car-sharing can be a double-edged sword, capable of posing a hazard to other road users. *Pretty sure we are all familiar with drivers of a small, white car on lane 1 of the expressway, driving with its high beam on and tailgating others👀* Watch this video to find out how car-sharing can be a deadly hazard to other road users when driven by irresponsible pricks: What Happened? This incident occurred along Bartley Viaduct, in the direction of Bartley R
  6. Integrity is an essential character-building value that requires one to be accountable and accept responsibility for his/her actions. Essentially, it can be understood as "doing the right thing, even when no one is looking". Unfortunately for this couple, integrity means nothing to them. Watch this video to find out why: The Backstory The owner of the Mini Cooper returned to the Multi-storey carpark (MSCP), only to discover her damaged Mini Cooper. A gentleman, the eyewitness, informed her that the Toyota Corolla beside her reversed into her car twice while parki
  7. A white Jaguar F-PACE miscalculates camcar's actions and switches lanes too early, resulting in an unexpected hit-and-run. The video starts with the camcar and several other vehicles patiently waiting for the green light at the junction between Bukit Timah and Kheam Hock Road. Upon the appearance of the green light, all cars start to move off, with the Honda Jazz in front of the camcar making a right turn. It is at this moment that the white Jaguar F-PACE decides to filter to the right lane, as the driver assumes that the camcar would be making a right turn as wel
  8. There's a distinct line between fantasy and reality. Unfortunately, one driver simply cannot draw the line between them. Watch how this driver continues "playing" Grand Theft Auto in the streets of Geylang: What happened? In the dashcam video, all may seem normal at first, except for the Mitsubishi Lancer, who seems to be acting impatiently. Seconds later, two traffic police came along riding on their bikes with their blinkers on. The first traffic police officer rode past the Mitsubishi Lancer while the other stopped at his rear. This is where shit
  9. One would never expect an accident to occur just at the foot of their home. Watch this video to see how the cam car reacts against a hit-and-run driver: What happened? Although the accident location is unknown, the surroundings suggest that the location is situated among several condominiums. As the cam car was making a right turn into his condominium, a Porsche Macan abruptly cuts the cam car on his right. As a result, the Porsche ended up hitting the side of the cam car. Fortunately, the impact of the accident was pretty minor since both cars were travell
  10. So I wrote a post about this hit-and-run incident recently, and it got me thinking about how other drivers would handle a hit-and-run situation. Of course, I have never gotten into a hit-and-run before as a driver (and I don't intend to for a long long time) but I do have an iconic experience that I would never forget. Note: This happened when I was in secondary school. My dad was driving me home from school one day (I was in the passenger seat) when we stopped at a junction along Bukit Timah Road (because it was a red light). All of a sudden, we were rear-ended by a rental car
  11. With almost every car equipped with a dashcam and the abundance of LTA/TP cameras, it would be silly for anyone to commit a hit and run since the chances of getting caught would be pretty damn high. Watch how this Mercedes driver commits a hit and run in broad daylight in front of numerous witnesses: What happened? The hit and run incident occurred along Loyang Avenue, involving a Mercedes-Benz CLC180 and a Honda City. The Mercedes-Benz allegedly rear-ended the Honda City and tried to escape from the scene of the accident. As a result of the accident, pieces o
  12. Is this the driver's first time in an MSCP? A seemingly inexperienced Mercedes E300 driver attempts to turn left in WCEGA Plaza and ends up hitting a parked car instead. Upon watching this short clip, there is honestly nothing that can be said to defend the driver's mistake. Despite the carpark being full, the lanes are extremely wide and spacious, which makes it easier for drivers to manoeuvre around. Additionally, a left turn is one of the most basic moves taught during driving school and most drivers should be able to make a sharp left turn from ci
  13. Back to the age-old question - Is it easier to park with or without cars around you? In the forum discussion above, many said that it is easier to park with cars around you. Well, I would think otherwise. Watch this clip and find out why: This incident happened at an open-air carpark, located at 877 Tampines Street 84. What happened? The Lalamove driver, who was driving a Renault SUV, was caught on cam reversing into a PARKED AND STATIONARY Perodua. Oh wells. I am guessing the Lalamove driver held onto the notion that parking with cars around y
  14. Just watch the video and see what exactly happened. Disclaimer: This incident is not what it seems to be. No humans were harmed in the video. This incident occurred at a Shell petrol station located around Bukit Timah. Caught on CCTV A Mercedes-Benz A200 hatchback can be seen in the video trying to wiggle its way out of a tight turn. Just when it wiggles its way out, the side of the car or the tyres clips the inflatable mascot - sending it flat to the ground. TBH considering that he wasn't a P-plate driver, I am disappointed that he couldn't manoeuvre
  15. Ridiculously hilarious footage shows a foreign worker attempting to help his friend navigate their Toyota Dyna out of a parallel parking lot, only for it to end up hitting the vehicle behind them. This incident occurred on Tuesday (July 20) at Upper Weld Road, located in Little India. The minute-long clip starts with the lorry suddenly jerking forward before reversing in a comical attempt to get out of the parking lot. Due to the jerky reversing, the vehicle could not swing out as intended. Trying to help his friend, the foreign worker sitting in the passenger seat ali
  16. A heartbreaking post was posted on Facebook about an incident that had happened yesterday (June 16) along Yuan Ching Road. According to the post, a female cyclist had hit a 68-year-old uncle as he was walking to his hawker stall and left him lying in a pool of his own blood. Passers-by noted that the cyclist was using her handphone prior to the incident and did not have proper lights on her bicycle. The man's daughter wrote a statement regarding the incident, stating that her father had hit his head and fainted upon the impact. He was then promptly sent to the hospital, where h
  17. This is what happens when you get your license from the arcade. What went down On 10th May 2021 at 12:04pm, a Tribecar was seen crashing into a Mitsubishi Attrage as the it tried to make an exit out of the CTE tunnel. The shocking thing was not the fact that the car cut through 3 lanes to make the exit but rather, the driver simply continued driving off after the crash (like as though nothing big had happened just a few seconds ago). Additionally, the crash looked like something that you would see when two people hit each other with their bumper cars in an arcade.
  18. Who says ninjas don't exist? This black Toyota Estima was the victim of a ruthless attack by a sneaky ninja who pounced on him while he was just trying to make a U-turn (rather poorly). BAM! you can see the ninja (van) went straight for the kill while the Estima stopped just inches away from the kerb. After the swift attack, the ninja (van) makes his (not so) quick getaway... not knowing that everything was recorded by a dash cam! This isn't feudal Japan, where are you going to run to? In all seriousness though, it
  19. A round of applause for this true motorcyclist vigilante. We need more of such road users in Singapore to bring bad drivers to justice. In a recent SGRV Facebook video post, a cyclist can be seen cycling along Bukit Timah Road sometime at night when out of nowhere, a white Toyota Hiace van knocks the cyclist down. Seeing this, the motorcyclist kicked his bike into action and chased the van down to block its path. After which, he even called in the Police. According to the screenshot of the Police report in the video, the van driver claimed that he noticed that he had h
  20. Well kids, welcome to Monday, and to start a new week we have this video that is proof that not all crazy and or whacky events that take place in Singapore necessarily have to happen in Yishun. For once, the east gets to have its own slice of the action, right along East Coast Road. To be frank, this writer likes the way the Mercedes looks. From the video, it looks to be a C-Class with some black wheels on white paint. Good combo. But that's where the good part ends. First of all, how were you driving to even make a u-turn at that spot anyway? Lest this writer forgets, "c
  21. Hi guys, I was driving towards an HDB carpark today where a Honda Civic idiot driver was tailgating me so damn hard since 500 meters on the normal road. I even signaled and asked him what is he doing, and then gave indicator and turned into the carpark. After which, I entered and was about to turn left to go up onto the next floor of the carpark, I heard a huge bang at the back of my car. It was the same stupid guy and I walked out to ask him what on earth is he doing? First, he denied what happened and asked me what happened, claiming he didn't do anything. After raising my voice and sho
  22. Dear Forum Members, My friend driving a white honda civic was hit from the side and rear by 2 diff pick up, as he does not have any camera footage of the incident, I would like to appeal for witnesses who happen to have a footage of the whole incident, Detail are as below, Location: SLE exit into Woodlands Ave 12 Date: 27th April 2018 Time : Approx 645pm Car: White Honda Civic Incident: a white pick up accidentally hit the side mirror of my friend car and claim that it was my friend fault. while stopping, another pick up could not stop in time and rear ended my friend's car. the
  23. To the owner/driver of dark Toyota Camry, I witnessed and a video has captured in my in car camera, when a lorry reversed and ramp to your front left of the car. PM me if you need the footage. Time/Date/Venue as stated in subject.
  24. As I was about to leave the car park at about 11pm just now, somebody approached me. He has just witnessed a car reversed into my stationary car and asked me to check the extent of damage to my car. He gave me the car plate of the car and is willing to be my witness. I would like to thank him for staying around to inform me about the incident though he has a family in tow and it was already very late. The damage is pretty minor, some scratches and a small dent to the front bumper. I would have let it go under normal circumstances, which I have done in the past after the other party
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