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  1. Am thinking of getting a used Vezel, look at Vezel, Vezel Hybrid or Vezel Hybrid RS. Heard that the Vezel Hybrid got some issue and would appreciate very much bro and sis here can give me advice on these 3 cars. Thak you very much.
  2. TL;DR – The owner of a Honda Vezel desperately seeks witnesses or video evidence of a white BMW cutting into his lane and hitting his car, causing an accident in its wake. Unfortunately, the uploaded footage did not catch the BMW’s licence plate. I find it a little strange that the dash cam did not get the license plate. Watch this short 17-second video to see whether you find it strange as well What happened? Quoted straight from the SGRV Post Video got cut? I’m not sure whether it’s the impact of the BMW hitting the Vezel or some technical glitch. But the footage gets cut immediately after. Maybe there’s more to this story than meets the eye? Online Chatter Most comments skew towards the Vezel driver being a road hogger rather than the BMW’s hit-and-run offence. That’s loco! ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  3. Many drivers flock to the expressways or tunnels in order to have a quicker and more efficient journey. Most usually drive reasonably and abide to traffic customs and display good road etiquette. However this Honda Vezel took the meaning of 'quick' way too seriously, and his rush to get ahead ended up affecting the poor Mitsubishi Lancer who stood in its way. See the video here: Honda Vezel 1, Mitsubishi Lancer 0 The poor Mitsubishi Lancer! Its side mirror never stood a chance. Off it went to its spinning demise, spurned to the dusty tunnel floor, to be rolled over and flipped about by the other cars, for the rest of eternity. From the top: Even when the Vezel was behind the cam car, we can see that it has already been pushing past the long row of cars before. Then after he got past the cam car in question, here he is shown, speeding ahead. Oh no, watch out! Then, the tight squeeze... Leaving us to the first picture we came from: RIP, mirror! You are dearly missed. Time for judgement After the video was shared online, there were thoughts to be had and shared: That's right, because the Vezel certainly wasn't sparing any thought for the others around him, while blatantly disobeying traffic rules. Only motorbikes could dream to weave in between the gaps left by cars around them; not huge and bulky Vezels. We're not saying we condone license plate plucking but... Finally, one comment had a very good explanation as to why the Vezel was so eager to pass through the line of cars ahead: Lol! Understandable, but not an excuse for his behaviour. Mind your actions on the road please Because of their selfishness, the Vezel driver posed a danger to the cars around them, even damaging another in the process. Don't be like them. Not only will you be cursed at, but you could get into trouble too. Singapore's Road Traffic Rules states that "no vehicle shall be driven, moved, stopped or allowed to remain at rest on any shoulder or verge", unless there is a valid reason. We hope this lawbreaker learns from this incident. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  4. "Wan le wan le wan le, BBQ le" is the most recent trend on social media - Heard of it yet? If you haven't, watch it here: What Happened? While turning out to the main road along Horne road, a Honda Vezel driver failed to stop at a stop-line and rear-ends a motorcycle in front of him. Instead of paying attention and keeping a lookout for traffic in front of him, the Honda driver decided it was a good idea to check for oncoming traffic, despite the presence of a motorcycle in front of him. As a result, the Honda driver accelerated before the motorcycle in front of him moved off and rear-ended it in the process. Frustrated After getting rear-ended by the Honda Vezel, the motorcyclist lost his footing and almost fell to the ground. Meanwhile, his pillion fell straight to the ground and landed on his back. Based on his gestures, the motorcyclist seemed so done with the Honda Vezel driver for committing such a silly mistake, which resulted in the accident. Thankfully, the motorcyclist and his pillion did not seem to be injured. Netizens' Comments There really isn't a way to please everyone😩 wot... Checking for oncoming traffic before the vehicle in front moves off is definitely something most drivers are guilty of. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  5. A Honda Vezel with a license plate number of 6000 rams straight into a tree at Ubi outside the Opel showroom as shown in the picture below. This is not the first time a vehicle with a license plate number of ‘6000’ has gotten into trouble recently. In fact, this is correlated with a string of unfortunate incidents at Causeway and Second Link. Each vehicle also had a license plate with the number 6000, including the infamous ‘mother and son’ duo that had gone viral recently, stunning the internet when she managed to rip the license plate of the vehicle behind her and smash it into the windscreen. The Tuas Second Link road rage incident has become an internet sensation, sparking memes across social media as well as the doxxing of the woman involved in the incident. There was apparently also another recent incident with the license plate number ‘6000’ when the lorry plowed through cars on the Woodlands causeway, causing yet another eventful incident between the borders of Singapore and Malaysia. 11 vehicles were collided into based on the suspicion of faulty brakes. Many people have even bet on the number 6000 at 4D gambling outlets after these particular incidents with the age-old anticipation that it’ll be the winning number. This led to the phenomenon of the ‘6000’ number being fully sold out on the Singapore Pools website. Unfortunately, it did not end up being the winning number Back to the topic at hand… Coming back to this, it’s astonishing that the license plate number 6000 has managed to land itself into hot water once more. This time, the Honda Vezel has managed to ram itself headfirst into a tree at Ubi outside the Opel showroom. Almost makes you think what’s the point in bidding an insane amount for a premium license plate when it’s simply driven by ‘bodohs’ Judging from the prices found online, the price of a license plate with the numeral ‘6000’ in it seems to start from $3.9k to a whopping $7.4k. Just imagine bidding so much for a license plate just to have drivers like these take the wheel. Netizen Comments Netizens express their own take at the situation at hand, mostly bemoaning the bad luck that the license plate number apparently brings them. If you want a smooth sailing road trip, it might be best not to come close to a car with a license plate number of 6000. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  6. TL;DR – A couple in a Honda Vezel has been caught on video necking and kissing while driving on the road. Couples need to do what couples need to do. I certainly have no issue with couples kissing or showing public displays of affection out in the open. But, if it poses as a potential road hazard and endangers other people, that’s where lines should be drawn. Watch the 39-second video here: I thought it was something else Initially, I thought the silhouette on the left was a dog. LOL It looked like a Shit Tzu or something Image: Wikipedia But, upon closer inspection, turns out, it was a woman! Remember what a certain someone said? Remember that one minister who said “You need a very small space to have s#$”? Image: Wikipedia But this couple taking it way too far. I mean, who does that? Kena accident how? Imagine what would you have to write on your accident report. Online Chatter Wah! That would be messed up. 15-minutes also cannot wait. Why everyone assumes that the girl is not his wife or partner? ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  7. It is not every day you get to see the legendary Mercedes G63 in Singapore. And it is even rarer to see one involved in an accident. Watch it here: What Happened? A Mercedes G63 and a Volkswagen Transporter 'chiong-ed' along Yishun Ave 8 upon the red traffic light signal turning green. Its 4.0-Litre Bi-Turbocharged V8 engine and all-wheel-drive drivetrain instantly picked up speed. Directly behind the G-wagon was the Volkswagen Transporter. Although the specs of the Volkswagen Transporter is not anywhere near the G-wagon, it is still pretty decent (2.0-Litre, 4-cylinder turbocharged paired to a 7-speed DCT transmission). And surprisingly, the Volkswagen Transporter was hot on the G-wagon's heels (Yes, I know. The G63 driver probably did not step hard on the accelerator). As they approached a red light, the G63 driver could not react in time and slammed hard into a stationary Honda Vezel. The impact was forceful enough to push the Honda SUV across the stop line. Some debris were also scattered across the road due to the accident. And yes. Both cars' repair costs are just going to be loose change to the G-wagon driver. Netizens' Comments Its not about the equipment, its about the driver🙂 This is prove that money can't buy skills! Speeding in a G63 is not satki anymore. There's a time and place for everything. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  8. According to Google, xenophobia is "having or showing a dislike of, or prejudice against people from other countries". Regardless of the circumstance, no individual should display xenophobic behaviour, especially in a multi-racial country like Singapore. Unfortunately for one man, he let his anger get the better of him while confronting a self-entitled driver: https://www.facebook.com/BehChiaLor/videos/1185217522249632 What Happened? This confrontation occurred at Jalan Membina. Instead of parking his Honda Vezel at the nearby carpark, a self-entitled driver decided to park along the double yellow line by the curbside. A passerby who witnessed the incident approached the driver to tell him off for his inconsiderate behaviour. However, the driver brushed him off and continued to purchase fruits from a nearby stall. Needless to say, the driver's behaviour and response infuriated the passerby. As the driver returned to his car, the passerby whipped out his phone to film the driver. The passerby could be heard saying: "Park here again? Illegal park right? Are you from Singapore or not? Stupid idiot! Anyhow park the car. " Before the driver could react, the video cuts abruptly. Thoughts On This Incident Honestly, I admire the passerby's courage in telling the driver off for his inconsiderate act. In actual fact, the driver deserves a good telling off. However, the passerby's comment of "Are you from Singapore or not?" was entirely uncalled for. It was plain disgusting. The passerby would have earned the respect of many if he behaved with class. Netizens' Comments Nuff said, the comments speak for themselves. The user who submitted the video should be ashamed of his actions. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  9. When coming to a car comparison, one of the most important aspect that we will mention is drivability. And today we have two goondus testings out the drivability at CTE on 1st of March. As you can see, the Honda Vezel make the first move at the start of the video cutting from the third lane to the second lane making the Suzuki Jimny braking hard. And with the ALLGRIP 4Wheel drive technology from Suzuki, it easily helps the Suzuki Jimny conquer the Honda Vezel back. As he is again on pole position. While not admitting defeat, the Honda Vezel instantaneously retaliate by activating its i-VTEC that unleash all 130bhp from the engine. Overtaking the poor ComfortDelGro cab and scaring the Suzuki Jimny with a Dom's stare. These two goondus had made the CTE their battleground lasting for more than 1min 30sec. Which fortunately there is no accident involved during this time. Watch the full video here. I am assuming that these goondus have continued the dogfight even after they exited the expressway. For our readers out there, let bygones be bygones. Hatred breed hatred. So when there is a car cutting your lane, just be gracious about it. Let's keep our road safe and our car free from an accident! BTW, listen to the video with volume on, the dramatic background sound makes the video even funnier. 🤣
  10. It is of utmost importance that we keep our brake systems working and healthy at all times. The following video perfectly illustrates why. Seen on 8th of December is a Honda Vezel exiting onto a busy Dunearn Road from one of the smaller lanes. The law-abiding drivers would know that you should never turn into the middle lane but this Vezel bravely crossed the double white line without hesitation. This caused the Honda Civic Type R camera car that submitted the video to SG Road Vigilante to claim that he had to slam on his brakes real hard, causing the brake hose to erm... break. In our opinion, the Honda Vezel driver is a joke but we must point out that the Type R camera car was also going at a good nick in the drizzle. Thankfully, there was no contact between the cars but the camera car driver made sure to give the Vezel driver a piece of his mind (Watch until the final moments of the video).
  11. Saw this shocking footage on ROADS.sg Facebook page, the first thought that came across my mind was, woah, the rider was literally centimetres away from death! Really, the spot his helmet contacted the ground was in the direct path of the Honda Vezel's front left tyre! Unsurprisingly the comment section was filled with praises for the driver of the Honda Vezel. Indeed, it was the driver's attentive driving and lightning-quick reflexes that saved the rider's life. In fact, it looks like he had damaged his car in the process of dodging the fallen biker - a truly selfless move! As for what caused the rider to fell over, there were some speculations: Seems like it could've been due to exhaustion or issues with the bike. At the end of the day, we need to remember that, as drivers, we should always be attentive, and aware of the surroundings - put down that phone! Be it a driver or a biker, we should always aim to get on the road only after getting sufficient rest, and also to keep our vehicles in tip-top condition. That way, we can all stay safe on the roads. You can watch the full video on ROADS.sg's Facebook page
  12. As everyone should know, today, 9th of July 2020 is the cooling off day for GE2020 and it so happened that the weather is pretty cool after the morning downpour. That said, things were not so cool for these two Private Hire drivers yesterday. As seen on Sg Road Vigilante, a video of two PHV drivers turning the heat up (for the wrong reasons) has been spotted. No one knows what they they were fighting for but we can almost safely assume it is due to one of them not giving way to the other or something similar like that at this NEX taxi stand in Serangoon. It then seemed like a causally-dressed (weird) taxi driver tried to stop them. Kudos for him. What really amused us was the replies in the comments section. Check them out!
  13. Hi there I put a non-refundable deposit for a Honda Vezel at Ubi Automart from Cars & Coffee. I read on the LTA One Motoring site that there is a recall for HR-V in effect on June 4, 2020, which says: Due to incorrect manufacturing of the rear seat belt assembly, the component attached was bent. The vehicle sensor and webbing sensor could be inoperative. I know Vezel has had issues in the past for the 2016 models and there were recalls of 8% of all of them. Do you think there is anything to worry about with the new 2019 model that I bought? I will be transporting my baby around and don’t want to take risks. Thanks
  14. This Circuit Breaker sure has many people losing their temper after being cooped up at home. Check out this incident between a uncle in a wheelchair and another uncle in his Honda Vezel. Detail are scant but from what we can infer in the minute plus video that has been spotted on SG Road Vigilante, the owner of the Honda Vezel appears to have stopped his car in a no parking area. This in turn blocked the uncle that wanted to use ramp. With both having ego issues and not willing to give in, the whole incident nearly blew out of control with the Vezel owner nearing injuring the senior on the wheelchair by driving into him. Check out what the others have to say about this incident...
  15. The Honda HR-V Sport Is Almost Like A Reincarnated EP3 (No, Really) source: https://www.carthrottle.com/post/the-honda-hr-v-sport-is-almost-like-a-reincarnated-ep3-no-really/ It makes a great noise, it has well-judged damping and the gearchange is wicked. But we're not sure who the HR-V is actually for... “The closest thing we make to an EP3 Type R” - that’s how someone in Honda’s UK press fleet garage refers to the Honda HR-V Sport. Now, before you demand his contact details so you can send him a bag of excrement in the post, I should say that I’m inclined to agree… You see, the modern Type R is a turbocharged sledgehammer of a car. It has a brutally effective and boosty 2.0-litre inline-four kicking out 50 per cent more power and double the torque. It’s stiff, extremely capable, and visually, quite happy to shout about all that performance. The old EP3 is rather different. Drive an EP3 next to an FK8, and it’ll feel slower and softer. Rather like the HR-V Sport. But that isn’t where the allusions end - the warmed-up crossover does genuinely invoke the feeling of fast Hondas of old. It may not have a naturally-aspirated engine, but its 1.5-litre inline-four turbo unit is an eager little thing, and it even belts out a muscular, VTEC-engine-like growl as you rev it out. With 180bhp on tap, it makes the HR-V brisk rather than fast, making 0-62mph possible in 7.8 seconds. Peak power comes in at a fairly low point - 5500rpm - but once it’s time to change gear, you’re in for a treat. The shift is just as good as it is on a lot of ‘proper’ performance Hondas, with a short, precise and mechanically satisfying throw. And if you swap the cog a little too late, you hit a hard limiter - a rarity even on performance cars these days. The pedals are ideally spaced for a little heel-and-toe action, and even the retuned steering is pretty sweet, being nicely weighted and perfectly predictable. The more economy-minded Michelin Primacy 3s do reach the end of their tether fairly early, but swapping for something like Pilot Sport 4s seems like overkill for a car like this. In any case, once the HR-V is pushed to the edge, it shows its fun, slightly ragged side. You’ll even get a hint of lift-off oversteer if you back off the throttle at the right moment. It’s just a shame the traction control is too eager to kill the fun, even with it turned ‘off’. Unlike the Civic Sport Line we tried recently, the dampers here are passive. They’re different relative to the rest of the HR-V range, though, aimed at reducing roll without completely wrecking the ride. The shocks are very well judged; the HR-V Sport is indeed still comfortable, and while there is some lean when you press on, it’s more than flat enough considering the target market. The target market being… I’m not sure, actually. The sort of person who’d appreciate all the EP3-like stuff such as the gear shift, the burly engine note and the hard limiter will unlikely want to go for something like an HR-V. It’s getting on a bit, which shows in the dated cabin with its naff infotainment system, and the car as a whole doesn’t exactly have the sportiest of images. In fact, I’ve had a hard time working out who or what this car is aimed at out of any other vehicle I’ve driven lately. It’s not like it’s vying for buyers of much faster premium sporty crossovers - at £28,090 it’s considerably cheaper, while still being fairly pricey compared to more direct rivals. We can’t help but think anyone who actually cares about dynamics would be better off with the lighter, lower Civic Sport (which oddly, doesn’t sound as nice as this HR-V), or even making the jump to the FK8 Type R. But perhaps this doesn’t matter - Honda is using a Mazda-like approach here, making sure that even the stuff lower down the pecking order feels great to drive. People who’ve no interest in performance can appreciate a nicely sorted car, even if they won’t be able to explain what’s good about it. The Sport isn’t ever going to make up a big percentage of HR-V sales (although with a 16 per cent share in the UK it does better than you might expect), but what it does is arguably more important than flogging cars. It shows what kind of company Honda is - one that gives a damn about driving.
  16. knn .... recce already then come back ... and again ...
  17. Hi all, be very honest as my first thread i did not know where to position this thread but posting it here anyway. backstory, my mum drives grab part time and is returning the car to the previous rental company in less than 3 months time ( we signed 1 year ) until now , under coverage, only my mum was able to drive the car under insurance, although i still drove the car with the companies consent , they have told me that there will be next to no coverage or super high excess should anything happen to me or the car while i was driving the car anyone currently, is driving grab gojek tada , rents a car, but the company also covers another young driver (for personal use only) with less than 2 yrs exp?? we are currently looking at vezel / CHR/ ioniq hybrid or regardless what car , there was no topic whatsoever i could find on this topic thanks all !!
  18. Honda Everus EV http://www.motortrend.com/news/honda-everus-ev-concept-electric-suv/ Honda may have been one of the first automakers to offer a gasoline-electric hybrid,introducing the original Insight for the 2000 model year, but it hasn’t been as quick to add battery-electric vehicles to its lineup. Even Honda’s lease-only Clarity EV is only available in certain regions of the U.S. But at Auto China 2018, Honda revealed the small crossover that will be its first mass-production EV. Called the Everus EV, the CUV you see here is essentially a concept in name only. Honda says it’s already been approved for production. It won’t, however, be available in the U.S. No, the Everus EV will only be sold in China. It will also be the first vehicle sold under the Everus sub-brand created by Honda and its Chinese partner GAC. Details are scarce at the moment, but the Everus appears to be a subcompact crossover, potentially built on the same platform as the Fit and HR-V. Then again, it could just as easily use a dedicated electric platform we haven’t seen before. When it goes on sale, Honda says the Everus will also be offered for use through Reachstar, a Chinese car-sharing service that Honda has invested in. Beyond that, the only other thing we know is that the Everus EV is one of 20 electrified—not necessarily fully electric—vehicles that Honda plans to introduce by 2025. We’ve reached out to Honda for more information, but a spokesperson wasn’t immediately available to comment. We’ll update this post when we get a response.
  19. My Passport left few pages ,expire in 2yrs time. Frequent entrance to JB for petrol/groceries/food. Last Friday went down to make but saw the notice pasted on the entrance of MAC office door at Orchard Parade Hotel..haiz..what should I do..either make a new passport with valid reason or waiting game till it is lifted. Gods Know when???
  20. Hi Gurus, I am a layman when it comes to car so just want to gather more opinions. My budget, physique and driving habit prompts me to opt for these CUV. I personally dont think there is a need to discuss the appearance of the car because one mans meat is another's poison. So more cross examination about the above cars. :)
  21. You missed the turn at the entrance of kje along BKE in direction of PIE. suddenly turned in and I barely had time to react as you were too close so I kicked down and you squeezed thru. You did signal and upon catching up with me you Waved sorry ! I caught it at the corner of my eye, waved and smiled back and we made our way along. Well done bro! Thanks for being a gracious driver and acknowledging the haste but all is good and none of that chasing and braking game that we see ever so regularly here. You made my day and keep up the good gracious attitude. Drive safe.
  22. Do you think that those car models that are acquired by PHVs actually helped to boost the sales of these models for private car buyers? i.e. - Honda Vezel / HRV - Mitsubishi Attrage - Toyota Prius - Toyota Prius C - Mazda 3 - KIA K3 - Toyota Vios Does their attributes like riding comfort, fuel consumption, availability of parts, etc, actually helped to boost the sales for the above mentioned models when they are recommended by PHV drivers and riders? Or does it actually turn off buyers, like too common on the roads, long waiting time at servicing centers, etc? Say if PHV doesn't exist here, do the above models even sell for private car market?
  23. MY current situation is abit complicated. So I just want to know if the options I'm considering is it feasible. Due to personal issue, I need to change my current car, which is quite new. Problem is I don't want to fork out too much for the new, so I'm considering a downgrade. Current drive, Honda Vezel 1.5X petrol. Less than 3 years old. Out standing loan around 30k. Market valuation is 64 to 69K. Wish to change to either New Kia K3 at 73,999 or 2nd hand MPV of similar value (E.g Wish, Sienta, Etc). Main issue is because I need to change ownership of current car, and can't change unless loan is settle. So only way is to change the car to clear current loan, and get another new loan. Is this move feasible in terms of monetary means. How much do I tend to lose from doing such move?
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