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Found 11 results

  1. MS News This Is A Rare And Dramatic Case! Kudos To The Police! Indonesian woman, 28, charged for allegedly hurting man with hot water, arrested on ferry departing S'pore She will return to court on Apr. 13. Syahindah Ishak | March 25, 2023, 11:41 AM A 28-year-old Indonesian woman was charged in court on Saturday (Mar. 25) with voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous means after she allegedly scalded a man with hot water. She was arrested within four hours of the alleged attack, at about 11:30am on Mar. 23, on board a ferry that was enroute to Indonesia from Singapore. According to charge sheets seen by Mothership, the woman, Rahimah Nisva, purportedly poured hot water out of a thermos flask onto the back of the man's neck and shoulder region. The incident happened along the corridor of Block 23 Balam Road at around 7:30am on Mar. 23. The Singapore Police Force (SPF) said in a press release that they were alerted to the case around the same time that day. Fled the scene before police arrived Preliminary investigations revealed that the perpetrator had fled the scene prior to police's arrival. The man, who is 24 years old, sustained second-degree burns on his neck and shoulders. He was conscious when conveyed to the hospital. The thermos flask, which was believed to have been used in the assault, was found discarded near the scene by the responding police officers and was seized. Image via SPF. With the aid of images from police cameras and coordination between officers from the Police Operations Command Centre, Bedok Police Division, and Police Intelligence Department, the police established Rahimah's identity. Records showed that she had departed Singapore from Singapore Cruise Centre on a ferry shortly before her identity was established. Image via SPF. Investigations revealed that Rahimah knew the victim and allegedly took steps to conceal her identity, including masking her face during the assault and changing her attire thereafter. The attire that she wore during the assault was seized by the police. Image via SPF. Arrested within four hours With the additional assistance of officers from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, Clementi Police Division, and the Police Coast Guard (PCG), the ferry Rahimah boarded was successfully located. PCG intercepted the ferry shortly before it left Singapore Territorial Waters, with the aid of the PCG maritime surveillance systems which located the position of the ferry. Image via SPF. Rahimah was arrested within four hours of the alleged attack, at about 11:30am on Mar. 23. Image via SPF. She will return to court on Apr. 13. If found guilty, she can be jailed for up to seven years, fined, or receive any combination of such punishments, with the possibility of enhanced punishment. Top images via SPF.
  2. You missed the turn at the entrance of kje along BKE in direction of PIE. suddenly turned in and I barely had time to react as you were too close so I kicked down and you squeezed thru. You did signal and upon catching up with me you Waved sorry ! I caught it at the corner of my eye, waved and smiled back and we made our way along. Well done bro! Thanks for being a gracious driver and acknowledging the haste but all is good and none of that chasing and braking game that we see ever so regularly here. You made my day and keep up the good gracious attitude. Drive safe.
  3. Hero in the day, this 72 yrs old pensioner managed to trap a robber in the shop Salute! http://youtu.be/jFspDUHTE_M
  4. I post this coz the link in the other thread doesn't seem to work properly. Hence i post the full story here http://youtu.be/TZA-SB3NA94 We still have some good FW in our midst. This one in video, can pass our SOC easily............ https://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/what-is-buzzing/hero--unidentified-foreign-worker-saves-baby-in-singapore-001017679.html A video of an unknown male foreign worker saving a baby in Singapore has surfaced on local website Alvinology. In the video taken Thursday, a bawling baby has its head stuck between the rails of a balcony window, with its body hanging off the ledge. The foreign worker then came into scene in the video and climbed up the wall to the ledge and got to the baby. As the baby’s head was stuck, he lifted the baby so that the weight on its head was lessened. A second foreign worker then climbed up the ledge as well to help. Lifestyle blogger Alvin Lim, editor of the website that posted the video on Friday, said it was taken by a friend at the scene. Lim has asked for help in identifying this life-saving foreign worker. According to the blogger, witnesses say that a woman was the first to notice the baby and was the one who asked for help. It appeared that no one was home at that time. The incident occurred on 23 April afternoon at Jurong East Ave 1, and initially, two other men tried to climb up the ledge but were not strong enough. The commotion went on until the foreign worker appeared. According to witnesses, he was one of three foreign workers working on road repairs nearby, said Lim. He added that the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) arrived on scene five minutes later and managed to free the baby.
  5. Abluey

    Kudos to EY268D

    Still got some good samaritan around... Is this bro in MCF? STOMPer Dawn is grateful to a driver who gave her and her unwell son a ride to the hospital, when she could not get a taxi. The STOMPer said: "I want to thank the driver of BMW (EY268D) who rushed my son and I to the hospital this morning. "He witnessed me carrying my baby and chasing after a Comfort taxi which refused to open its door for me despite me crying out that my child had blacked out. "Sensing that something was wrong, he signaled me to get into his car. "In my confusion, I had forgotten to ask for his contact details. I just want to say that I am really grateful. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...#commentSection
  6. LOL! Rubens so deserved this! One of the most under rated drivers in F1 finally got some justice, kudos on Button too with the sense of humor to wear the opposing shirt too. :) Rubens Barrichello may not yet have added to his win tally at Williams this year, but that has not stopped him milking his latest triumph as much as possible. Rubens BarrichelloAfter the British Grand Prix, the world found out that Barrichello had become a bit of a cult hero after setting the fastest ever time on the BBC Top Gear programme's slot 'Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.' The Brazilian had not been allowed to talk about his success at Silverstone, so Germany was his first chance to rub in his achievement against some of his rivals. He thus turned up in the paddock wearing an 'I beat the Stig' T-shirt. And then he made sure to make the trip down to see some of his friends as he had a gift for them. So he knocked on the doors of Mark Webber, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton
  7. Enjoy I love something eunos I love Rad and Loud I love horse pee telly T I love steel I love safari I love leopard prints Something that shouts mee, lor mee wanton mee I love a piece of bikini I love zee braaaaa I love khaki green It's about mee I LOVE BOOMs
  8. i was driving at lane 1 on CTE and there was a silver Getz infront of me. i was following behind her at a comfortable speed. when we were in the tunnel,she sped up and i follow. and so coincidentally,it also wanted to exit to Havelock rd. and at the left bend,the Getz was fast. i tried to catch up but i did not really pedalled my accelerator as my family was onboard and the bend was pretty sharp.even though i pedal,i might still not able to catch up. when the Getz stopped at a redlight,i was very surprised that it was a female driver. wow,first time seeing a girl eat corner at about 70-80km/hr.
  9. Wonderful tyres you have, 12am along Hougang St 51 Left sweeper bend. did you noticed u went the wrong way too late or something? making an illegal U-turn at this time, thankfully there wasn't any cars around, and the two cabs opposite was at a safe distance from you. FYI: there's a carpark entrance less than 10 metres away from where you did your illegal u-turn over the divider kerb, for you to U-Turn PROPERLY. your undercarriage scuff plates are left at the Bus stop of Blk 537, one old man cycling on the road actually went to the divider and helped you picked up the mess. I Hope: your rims are fine, your drive shafts are not so badly broken, your exhaust repairs doesn't cost so much, and any damages to your car body which i cannot see from my room. Congrats to you: that was an beautiful overspeed entry towards the left sweeper, practice more throttle control, u'll get a perfect drift with FWD then. you managed to wake me up from my sleep, hope you remember to buy better tyres in the future. P.S: pls try again when there's more crowd next time, e.g 5-7pm. alot of people crossing that road. Map for your reference, in case it's your first time there. http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel...level=6?216,357 From a sleepy resident.
  10. This morning about 0800 hrs, I was heading towards Jurong on PIE-Jalan Toa Payoh. I was travelling at about 100 km/h on lane 1. a ntuc's yellowtop taxi was in the middle lane about few 5 car lengths ahead of me. It was drizzling then. The CABtain took the trouble to lower his window and stretched the full length of his arm to signal me to slow down and motioned that the TP's Studio is just ahead! I waved back to thank him! Thank you very much Mr CABtain! You are one of the rare breed of caring and kind-hearted persons I've encountered for a long time I've been driving on the roads! You've scored ONE for your colleagues too! I hope you don't mind that I post your cab number. Good things will come to you! Thank you once again!
  11. Hi , Seems like we have quite a number of complaints on poor services and/or self-centered citizen in MCF, thus I think I would like to add a more positive shade with my appreciation thread. Last month, I posted a query on recommendation of Freight Forwarder for shipping my stuffs from US to Singapore and quite a number of MCF brothers have either replied via that thread or PM me with recommendation, advices or even offered to "lobang" my items with their stuffs. Thus, special thanks to Ghostrider and Turbobrick on the offer although the timing was not able to match. Subsequently, I used another service recommendation by another brother and got the item in within 5days of ordering and I'm extremely pleased with the cost of shipping. http://www.mycarforum.com/forum/Others_C20...warder_P1710565 Secondly, I would also like thank Robertoon and his staffs for the service rendered when I went to their Toh Guan outlet to get new shoes for my ride. It was a long process and I was there for 3-4hours. Reason being my rims are imported and it doesn't come with the center fit. Driving a conti car doesn't help also, thus the staffs at SHH have to file and scrap the center fit to size and that took hours! I'm really greatful for the patience and careful workmanship to produce the flawless work. I'm sure not many workshop will give that kind of attention, much less put in the delicated work on things that is both labour intensive and doesn't add to their bottomline. The workshop or shd I say "showroom" is also not your usual run-out-of-mill tyreshop as it comes not only with the usual wheel alignment, balancing and tyres rotation, it have a nice cosy lounge with internet access, free cold drinks, magazines, projection TV and some video games if I'm not wrong. BTW, it have nice clean toilet!!! and finally, months of searching, coordination, emails, phone calls (both locally and overseas), the final product:
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