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  1. Sony

    2017 G30 BMW 5 Series

    anyone on the 530e plug in hybrid? comments on this?
  2. anyone tried the wheel cleaner? frankly i'm quite disappointed at the first attempt. doesn't dissolve the brake dust like what i expected, when it dry out, it leave a stain which is difficult to clean off despite using a sponge. i can achieve better result using normal shampoo and sponge. the spray quite detailer is quite ok..
  3. Bro, u need a sign board next time... hahaha
  4. I still around wor but your bottle so big, so will take more than a year each time to see u. Haha
  5. If U can afford the legal fee, I'm sure u can afford that car with lower trade in. Good luck in the lawsuit
  6. Sony

    Audi driver's footwell

    I think u need to know the definition of legroom vs footwell space and width of the car. Haven't a flat center tunnel no double make placing the feet better but still doesn't address the towkay space
  7. Sony

    Audi driver's footwell

    there's a big difference between feet room and leg room. if you are saying there's a need to raise the front seat in order to accommodate a foot, then i think it really speak volume or the lack of volume for the rear. cheers
  8. Actually I'm always here but trying to be peeping Tom instead of out in the open. It's a dangerous world out there nowadays
  9. Sony

    Audi driver's footwell

    But the e-class have shorter leg room at the rear vs the A6. guess there's no perfect car
  10. waxing can be pain but with one pull, all hair will be gone. at times in a forum, no need to give chance coz people are trying their luck. and they can still go other forum and said it's a free forum here and mod is not objective. frankly, forum are not free and everyone shd be responsible for what they post. only mod is free and by virtual of that, they should be free to execute jokers... ahh, it's been years since i use that 2 emoticons.
  11. Bro, after so many years, you have mellowed and can be gentle liao...
  12. And waste time retuning with sub and not forgetting the run in for new woofer?
  13. Cool. Can check how much is this 8.9? Px with or without install? I would seriously suggest a sub to fill up the punch. Already reach this stage, why not complete it and frankly, how heavy is a shallow 12 inch with a class d mono.