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Found 31 results

  1. https://stomp.straitstimes.com/singapore-seen/woman-killed-in-lentor-avenue-accident-had-pushed-toddler-out-of-the-way-before Sad. In times of crisis, she saved the toddler. I used that junction many times. I think lta needs to have more markings warning about that traffic light. It’s a new traffic light in a very straight road with cars speeding. I usually wait until car stop before crossing even if light is in my favour.
  2. https://www.carscoops.com/2019/10/woman-hits-red-light-runner-and-saves-pedestrians-from-alleged-drunk-driver/ The Phoenix Police Department is calling a Chevrolet Cruze a “hero” as it protected a couple from an accident. According to officials, a 27-year-old woman was driving the Cruze at the intersection of 53rd Ave and Indian School on October 14th at approximately 10:10 pm. As you can see in the video, traffic is stopped at a red light and the couple begins crossing the street while pushing a stroller. About six seconds into the clip, a Jeep driven by Ernesto Otanez Oveso blows through the light and is headed straight for the pedestrians. Fortunately, the Cruze slammed into the Jeep. The force of the impact pushed the Jeep off to the side and caused the woman’s Cruze to go into a spin. Thankfully, the crash saved the pedestrians and they can be seen running across the street. While the clip ends there, the police department said Oveso and his female passenger fled the scene. However, a witness saw what happened and decided to follow him. Oveso eventually noticed and told the man to stop, “even stabbing one of the doors on his car.” The woman got away, but police caught up with Oveso who was arrested on aggravated assault and DUI charges. Police also found a gun in the Jeep, so they slapped the 28-year-old with a prohibited possession charge as well. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t have a happy ending as police confirmed the Cruze driver suffered non life-threatening injuries. Her car was also significantly damaged.
  3. Guys where do you buy your electronic eg. Camera GoPro etc after Funan now close shop? I am looking to buy GoPro hero 4 any suggestion where to buy? Thank you
  4. https://www.facebook.com/kahchuan.hoong/posts/1115998428453952 Sibeh hero
  5. Thaiyotakamli

    Kudos to this pensioner

    Hero in the day, this 72 yrs old pensioner managed to trap a robber in the shop Salute! http://youtu.be/jFspDUHTE_M
  6. Learn this boys. Go be a hero, save the stranded ladies! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjvZw9jZCaE
  7. Itali4must4ng

    Singapore's Diploma Hero!!!

    wow... didn't know that in this age of degrees everywhere, we actually have an MP who is a diploma holder!!! DIPLOMA holders like me have hope!! http://theunseensingapore.blogspot.sg/2013...d-you-know.html
  8. RchLuvSlly

    Real life Iron Man bikes

    Iron Man is the heroic movie character played by Tony Stark - a selfish and arrogant character who's always proud of himself, yes, quite ironic, indeed - in the Iron Man movie series. However, it seems that Tony Stark isn't the only person dreaming of becoming the Iron Man. You can see that in the images we come across on the World Wide Web. There's a diverse range of motorbikes that their owners convert such that they look like a ride especially designed for the hero who gained his popularity from the comic series. What's unique is that while some of the motorbikes are as fierce as the Kawasaki ZX-14R, there're also scooters which aren't likely, if at all, to become a ride for the Iron Man. However, though, it's the right of every single person out there to convert their ride to look as if it belongs to the superhero. So, have a look for yourself. Oh, by the way, there're also concept designs by Wang Buffon for the superhero's ride if you like.
  9. VellfireS

    Spurs new hero..

    Let's see what would be new in Tottenham with new headman , Vilas Boas.. LONDON (AFP) - Former Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas was confirmed as the new manager of Tottenham on Tuesday following the shock departure of Harry Redknapp last month. 'The club is delighted to announce Andre Villas-Boas as Head Coach,' Spurs confirmed on their official Twitter feed following days of speculation concerning the Portuguese coach. The appointment marks a dramatic return to the English Premier League for Villas-Boas, who was fired as manager of Chelsea in March just eight months into a three-year contract. Villas-Boas' ill-fated reign at Stamford Bridge ended in dismissal after months of unrest behind the scenes, with rumours of player mutinies and a breakdown in relations with the manager.
  10. From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...eat_auntie.html Posted on 25 Jun 2012 'Polite Ah Lian' who took on 'priority seat auntie' says she's no hero After being caught on video which depicts a spat on the MRT over a priority seat, Huina, has been dubbed the 'most polite ah lian' by netizens for the way she carried herself in front of a disgruntled woman. However the 20-year-old says, 'There is nothing for me to be hero about'. According to a report in The New Paper, netizens have praised Huina for facing up to the 'priority seat auntie', posting their support on her facebook wall with comments like, 'You are Singapore's pride. Awesome girl!' and 'You are my super idol'. Other netizens also posted encouraging comments like, 'Support ah lian. These old aunties need to be told off sometimes. Give them an inch and they want a yard.' as well as 'I support you, you are being nice to just keep quiet when she kept shouting at you'. Huina was on a train heading towards Pasir Ris last Monday (Jun 18) at about 6.30pm. The retail assistant had given up the priority seat she had been occupying to an older woman, who then insulted her: 'So displeasing. Most probably you're from China. Ask you for the seat, keep on staring for how many hours? So rude.' Huina initially ignored the woman, also partially because she was using earphones and could not hear the woman. Only after seeing the woman's hand gestures and finger pointing did she remove the earphones. The video had been taken by fellow commuter Muhammad Khair, 21, and ended with a heated argument with the two women exchanging profanities. However, Huina was lauded for saying 'please' before she started cursing and giving up her seat to begin with. She also avoided further conflict by moving to another cabin when the train stopped at Raffles Place. She eventually alighted at Tanah Merah station. A photo has also been circulating online of Huina, in which she won the 'Most Polite Ah Lian Award'. Huina also told the paper she really likes the picture. Chuckling, she commented: 'Where do you find a polite ah lian?' STOMPer Ren3 said: "This girl is cool! She not only takes her newfound fame in good stride, she is also amused by it although she doesn't like to be called 'ah lian'. "Really good-natured, unlike the grumpy auntie, who apparently had done the same to others in her path (priority seat). "Okay, maybe she shouldn't have used vulgarities back, but let's just say, a lot of us do use vulgarities automatically when enraged. "One up for the ah lian, and let's all keep a look out for the auntie in case she happens to be on the same train as us."
  11. Ahtong

    Salute to the MRT hero

    By JOYCE HOOI IN the CBD, one marine insurance professional now gets swaggering rights in cubicle land, with the distinction of having smashed an SMRT train's glass window with a fire extinguisher. The man who broke a window to let air into one of the many train carriages stranded without ventilation for almost an hour during the train breakdown on the North-South line on Thursday wishes to stay anonymous. 'I'm still afraid that I might get into trouble with the authorities, even though I had no criminal intent,' he told BT. The 31-year-old and his wife had been travelling north after work when the lights began to flicker soon after their train left Dhoby Ghaut station. 'This never happens, so I knew something was wrong,' he said. Between Somerset and Orchard, the train came to a halt. The driver told passengers that the train was experiencing technical problems. 'Unfortunately, several other functions started to shut down. Eventually, it got to the point where the ventilation fans were not working,' he said. People began calling the driver over the intercom. 'Some people were hungry, some were fainting and some had fainted. The calls to the driver were made by ... several different people. The plea was to have the doors open,' he recounted. 'The driver maintained that he could not and that he was trying to resolve the situation in a few minutes. But that did not materialise. And when he was asked to open the doors, he said that for the safety of the passengers, he could not.' Soon, the situation in his own carriage became more dire. 'I could see even grown men doubling over and feeling uncomfortable in my carriage.' When things appeared as if they could not get any worse, they did. 'Suddenly, everything shut down - there were no lights, the intercom went dead. We had no means to contact the driver. The last thing we heard the driver say to (another passenger over the intercom) was: 'Sir, please don't try to force the door open.' In the darkness, the would-be white-collar hero noticed that there were children and elderly people in the carriage. He himself was experiencing nausea. 'I said to my wife: 'Surely there must be a hammer somewhere around for emergencies.' Just then, my hand passed over a fire extinguisher cover that I was coincidentally standing next to. So I squatted and another man squatted with me and he used his handphone to help me unbuckle the fire extinguisher.' It took him more than 10 blows, but he did it. When he stepped into the next carriage on his way to tell the driver what he had done, he was driven back by the lack of air. Some 20 minutes later, the train was brought to Orchard station, where it sat for another five minutes before the doors were pulled back and manually held open to let the commuters out. 'The cost of a broken window versus the cost of several people suffering in front of you - the decision was easy to make,' he said. He is philosophical about the matter. 'I'm pretty neutral towards how SMRT handled it. Stuff like this happens in life.'
  12. Any folks played the free Siege Hero(SH) yet for iPhone? I have previously played Angry Birds (AB) but have since been addicted to SH It was fun hurling rocks, gunpowder, fire jars, oil barrels and even grappling hooks to destroy the enemies and their fortresses! Have completed all levels except Fortress Age Level 61 which I have tried for 3 days but still could not bring it down to earn the golden crown to unlock the bonus level Any bros have done it and can give a pointer or two? In the mean time still trying...
  13. the thought of it excites me If LTK & gang do well (Which I reckon they will), which Minister will DARE/WANT to contest there ?? Maybe WKS or MBT or VB ?
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpRBPKMtYuQ http://edvantage.com.sg/edvantage/news/new..._millions_.html
  15. Jesmond Ching. Check out his facebook. 25 year old young punk Sales executive only want to drive WRX - Plate SJB 13xx red colour. I am not sure if he has sold it but I have seen this young bastarx driving like s--t when we met at PIE. No signal, tailgating, speeding at over 130km/hour and weaving in and out of traffic. Even showed my friend a middle finger once when my friend was travelling at 70km/hour on left most lane in Bukit Batok and he think my friend is wasting his time. Losers like this boy Jesmond Ching should be jailed. His father worse, like father like son. Father is a storeman cum driver and yet behave like a millionaire Ok where will his car be parked from now on? Lets check it out. Should not be in Bukit Batok.
  16. Hooker from China fell into a pool and drowned herself. Donations come pouring in. Local bloke who drowned while helping people off a sinking ship. No donations. Is it because she was beautiful? Is it because her family can cry for the cameras? Or is the"Singkee" mentality incurable?
  17. Picnic06-Biante15

    One Singaporean Drug Hero in Japan ........

    CNA report : Singaporean with hidden drugs arrested in Japan TOKYO: Japanese police have arrested a Singapore man after finding about four kilogrammes (8.8 pounds) of illegal drugs hidden inside his wheelchair as he arrived at a Tokyo airport, reports said Monday. The unidentified 47-year-old man flew into Narita international airport near Tokyo on September 5 on a Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong via Taipei, the Kyodo and Jiji Press news agencies reported. Four bags containing unidentified stimulants worth 360 million yen (four million dollars) were found inside the seat cushion of his wheelchair, the reports said, adding that prosecutors had since indicted the man. A Japanese customs source was quoted by Kyodo as saying that the case was "quite unconscionable because the suspect probably tried to take advantage of inspectors' attitude toward the disabled". It was not immediately clear if the man was genuinely disabled or had used the wheelchair as a ruse. S$4 million worth of drugs he was carrying ................ The value is really
  18. Cootie-Monster

    Is Luis Suarez a hero or a cheat?

    Going by the rules, he is a cheat but if I were him, I would have done the same. This is the World Cup for you, people really want to win it badly and sometimes they really win badly. Video
  19. Sleepyman

    [VIDEO] Our Hero

  20. http://www.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/Story...226-188123.html
  21. For me I choose Option 1....just curious about how the rest feel I am almost in my mid-30s by the way.
  22. I was attracted by the title of the story, and thought it saves a baby from fire or helped police cracked a case. But no. It's about this dog save its own kind which is dead, in the middle of a busy highway. after viewing the story, I plucked up the courage to view the video. And indeed, felt proud yet pain for both the dogs, especially the one which is trying very hard to save the dead. So, I thought of sharing with fellow MCFers. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singapor...nt.jsp?id=58793 (with video attached) Ever seen a hero dog in action? A dog is not only man's best friend but is its fellow dogs' best friend as well, as Stomper Brad Tan found out in this video clip sent to him via email. In the video of an incident which occurred in a Latin American country, a dog trying to cross a highway is hit by a vehicle. It lies injured on the road as cars zoom past it. Incredibly, no car hit the dog. Moments later, the hero dog arrives at the scene. It runs to the road, with cars zooming past it, to the aid of its fellow dog. It uses its front paws to drag the injured dog to the side of the road. Some workers spot the inspiring scene and come to the rescue of the dog. That dog is truly a hero, says Brad.
  23. Good afternoon, fellow brothers Please flame me all you want. But before doing so, let me just declare that I am not related to SGH, the suicidal victim or any other involved party. As you may have chanced upon in the Straits Times over these past two days, a visiting Dutch national, Filip Lou, has been hailed as a public hero in rescuing a depressed victim from drowning. I salute him for his noble and selfless act. However, what puzzles me is his apparent disappointment over the hospital bill in the management of his abrasions (sustained while saving the broken-hearted lady). The Straits Times seems to suuport his cause by claiming that of all the restructured hospitals, only AH may offer reimbursement of his treatment charge after evaluating his case on a case-by-case basis, whatever that means. I ask you this, if faced with such life-threatening circumstance, would one whine over a petty sum of $90? What right does one have in asking the hospital to pay for one's act? At the end of the day, the Samaritan is responsible for his own injuries. Saving a life takes guts and sacrifice so why is Filip Lou whining over $90? And why is Straits Times wasting so much publication space to highlight this mundane issue i.e. HOME PAGE 1, 18 Feb and HEADLINES, 19 Feb when recession looms in everyone's mind? Mentioned in the papers today is another far greater hero, NOR AZHAR ABDUL RAHMAN . He did what was usually featured in the movies: He rescued a suspect on the run and assisted the police in pinning him down. NOR AZHAR is doubly good and yet he is mentioned in a much shorter column in the Straits Times, as compared to the comprehensive coloured articles on Filip Lou. Any kind soul, please enlighten me.. I can't help but question over the Straits Times' priority in reporting. Have a nice day (I'm cool. Start the flaming )