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Found 316 results

  1. Midorima

    Audi UTR front/rear camera

    Hi, How many of you all have the Audi UTR installed in your car? I personally think it does a fairly ok job, though I won't get it separately if it is not already included in the car price. It is sometimes buggy and not very seamless to use. One of the gripes is that you can't just retrieve the saved recorded videos from your phone (I am using iPhone 7), to say sharing it on whatsapp or saving it in the phone's gallery etc.. To get the videos in file form, will have to take out the memory card to open it on a computer. Unless I am missing out on how to do it. Any reviews?
  2. Johny_walker

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    I've BlackVue on the front windscreen. Isit necessary to install another set at the rear just incase someone kiss your bumper and you've solid proof to show your insurance for damages claim. Anyone done before?
  3. Phluvcat

    Wifi IP CCTV

    Sim Lim Tower or Sim Lim Square better for wifi cctv for home. I want get those mini cctv system. TIA.
  4. Anyone has any model to recommend ? - HD recording - Clear recording at night or dim lighting - Can record people scratching, of course when car is parked with engine off. Blackvue or Thinkware better??? Or any better brand? Which model?
  5. Nostalgia

    Would this stop offences?

    All pervasive, 24x7 cameras monitoring traffic offences. Blessing, or curse? How Dubai Police catch lane change offenders
  6. As per title, since most modern cars come with reverse/backup camera i.e. the one that activates when put into reverse gear, and front and rear dashcams are considered must-haves for your ride... Is there a reverse/backup camera that also performs dashcam recording function (or vice versa, a rear dashcam that projects bigger image on your ICE when engage reverse gear)?
  7. Sparcoray

    In-Car Camera Installation

    Dear All, Does anyone has lobang to install blackvue (2Ch) camera for front and rear? Thanks
  8. BabyBlade

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro / Leica Camera

    Hi all. So over the weekend this happened. I bid farewell to my exactly a year old iPhone 8 Plus. My circles.life sim card survived apparently. But having not back up my iCloud for awhile.... there goes everything else inside. Including contacts. Too heartbroken to going back to being an Apple user, though no fault of Apple's, I bite the bullet and went for the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. My first android in years. No research done on this phone except constantly impressed by @steveluv's vacation pictures taken by the Huawei. Huawei users fall in here! What's good about this phone, tips and tricks to use the camera correctly, reasonably priced tempered glass for the curved screen, solid phone casing etc. Please share with a total noob here!
  9. Has anyone bought a dash cam from online retailers such as Amazon or Qoo10 before? The prices of the blackvue and thinkware seem much more affordable. The downside is that it would be default in Korean language but that is not an issue for me. Any other cons?
  10. Obviously the camera is meant for left-hand drive market, which is why the light and button is on the left of the camera. But are there are ways/mods/accessories so the driver knows if its green light is on? Asking because just discovered the green light has been blinking for so many days wihout me knowing. Luckily nothing 'exciting' happened before I realised this. For those not familiar, this is what the camera looks like:
  11. Hey guys, I am getting my new Toyota Vios in a few weeks but it did not come with a reverse camera. I like to check with Vios owner if I can just install the reverse camera and link up ti the stock dvd player or I need to buy a brand new full set? Thks.
  12. hi, any bro can advise whether the red light camera at X-junction between lentor ave and yishun ave 1 (lower seletar reservoir park) is active?? thanks. i accidentally beat the red light as i did not notice the RED turn-right arrow as the traffic light to go straight is green. May I know wats the penalty and fine??
  13. hi I just bought a Toyota Altis with the new touch screen LCD panel. Question is where can I install a reverse camera and how much will it cost? Does borneo motor provide this service? I do not want to void the warranty by installing something that is not approve. Any advice?
  14. Does such an all in one unit exists? Im looking to modernise my newly renewed 5 year coe altis I want to have car recording camera for front and back of my car. But when putting the car in reverse, it will show the reverse camera in the media player. Don't need a particularly good head unit just one that has basic functions.
  15. Interesting Rearview Mirror Dash Cam (Front and Rear) from Xiaomi Available for RMB998 at TMall https://world.tmall.com/item/539747960075.htm?spm=a312a.7700824.w4011-14920573524.81.uOJ1xH&id=539747960075&rn=669081927a952e99568c7d16cb800b63&abbucket=17 Anyone know where we can install this in Singapore? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yl_OVjEaLsA
  16. Hi all, I lost my original SD card for my Nissan QashQai in car camera, I then insert another new SD card but it cannot work. Anybody know why? Or actually, it needs certain software? Please advise.
  17. One of the bestselling car camera with Sony Starvis Image Sensor at SITEX 2018! Nefu Plabo 1 Channel Full HD WiFi - $295 1 Channel Full HD (30FPS) Sony Starvis Image Sensor Built-in WiFi with Smart IOS, Android, App Direct video share, Video editing Made in Korea Nefu Plabo 2 Channel Full HD WiFi Up to 256gb (Non-LCD) - $488 2 Channel Full HD + Full HD recording (30FPS) SONY Starvis Image Sensor Built-in WiFi with Smart IOS, Android, App Direct video sharing & Video editing Nefu Rogard 2 Channel Full HD Up to 256gb with integrated 3.5” LCD screen - $450 2 Channel Full HD + Full HD recording (30FPS) SONY Starvis Image Sensor 3.5″ PIP LCD Advanced Driver Assitance System (ADAS) For more information on NEFU, click here to find out more. • First hand evidence of a car accident • Peace of mind in car parks • Protect against crash for cash scams • Capture and report road rage incident • Have an eye on your unattended vehicle • Prevent abuse and Misuse of your car Autopia Singapore is the distributor for Nefu products in Singapore. For more information on its products, please visit http://www.autopia.com.sg/ or call 65704858. Autopia Singapore Location: 237 Pandan Loop #08-08 Westech Building S(128424) Opening hours: 10am - 7pm (Mon - Fri) 10am - 2pm (Sat) Closed on Sun & PHs Contact number: 65704858
  18. Shorty

    Cameras for Travel

    hi guys, what do u guys prefer to bring on ur travels for photography? do u just make do with ur smartphones or digicams? im contemplating whether to get a compact digicam for my holidays. of cos it will also b used on other occasions. but also thinking if my phonecam will b good enough. wats ur opinions?
  19. Jman888

    Samsung Galaxy S9

    I guess the improved feature is only on the camera.
  20. Sash1401

    Traffic light camera

    dear fellow bros, was juz wondering if during broad day light, can the flash light from traffic light camera b seen if it flash? Any bros has any idea?
  21. turning right at junction with the right turning arrow on. going straight is red. so i signal from the second right most lane near the junction into the right most lane to turn right. interestingly enough, the traffic camera flash at me. by then i already made the turn, while the turning right arrow is still not flashing. any mcfer kena this before and got a ticket? i guess i must have trip the sensor on the second right most lane.
  22. Seem like I had beat the red light at slow speed where can sense the bright flash. I was doing a left turn & it is not going straight or turning right. Any idea how to go about appealing? If appeal does it means waive off the fine & the points? Some expert offering the solution: (1) Use other driver license to own it up. Pay fine + demerit points. (2) Appeal to TP. (3) Appeal to MP. Normally how long would get the letter to be sent to the home address? Hope do not have then can Z.zzz in peace.
  23. New cars usually come with free camera, but the camera will off when engine off. If you connect camera to draw power from battery, it will void warranty. Heard that if we install a battery Power Pack to ensure camera is running when engine is off, it will not void warranty, but some say it will void warranty. Anybody knows if battery Power Pack voids warranty ?
  24. Sharkles

    Anyone using Blaupunkt BP-9.0A?

    It seems like the more popular brands are Blackvue or Iroad cameras. I am given the Blaupunkt BP-9.0A with the following specs Resolution : Front 2MP FHD 1080 30fps, Rear : 2MP FHD 1080 30fps Wide viewing angle: Front - 140, Rear - 120° Screen display: Front, Rear, PIP 3.5” touchscreen LCD display Preview, download, playback Videos & Settings Configuration via Smartphone Wireless Control App Automatic memory card format (Format-free Technology) Fixed ‘High Temperature’ & Variable ‘Low Car Battery Voltage’ Cut-off 24-hour automatic park recording Motion detection, automatic display shutdown, G-sensor, loop recording Support up to 128GB Micro SD, Class 10 & above Micro SD Seems pretty legit and decent and i suppose i can save moolah and use it? I just need to get an additional battery pack (Was quoted Cellink) to support its 24hr motion sensor activation to record.