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  1. Midorima

    A5 sportback vs Stinger vs XE

    Don’t quite get your question but I think when they present to you, nowadays they show normal and overtrade, 5 year and 7 year loan for both. For illustration.
  2. Midorima

    A5 sportback vs Stinger vs XE

    To put it simply, a list price of 200k may mean car 160k when you go down and the SE tells you the price (trade in or not) Assuming you have a car to trade in worth 40k, they may ask if you want to overtrade at 80k. If so, they will sell you at 200k. That is what it means by overtrade. You pay less downpayment but your monthly instalment is higher due to increase in loan. 160k u have to fork out 24k cash. 200k you don’t fork out anything since your trade in of 80k covers it.
  3. Midorima

    A5 sportback vs Stinger vs XE

    The pricelist on Audi is not accurate. It’s the price they can allow for overtrade but if you r not doing it, it’s going to be around 170k. Just ask any SE and it’s that price. During the existing Audi owner sale in Sep19, it was going for 163k. If it was 205k, TS wouldn’t have considered. If it’s 205k, I would also say go for the Stinger
  4. Midorima

    A5 sportback vs Stinger vs XE

    The article shows that A5 is 32% more ex than Stinger. In SG, I think the price is abit reversed. List price for Stinger is 170k, but Audi A5 should be going for less than 170k currently. It was 160k+ when COE was higher than it is now.
  5. Midorima

    A5 sportback vs Stinger vs XE

    Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I noticed you bash contis every time like they did something to you. So what actually happened? The stinger is a good car, I’ve never said it’s not. It’s a comparison now. I would take the A5 anytime. That’s my opinion. If u also look at it objectively, u might have a different view. As for your point on commonly seen, u can’t use attrage etc. It’s probably good for that price you pay? I’m saying Stinger is not cheap and that’s why most may not find it value for money. People might say stinger is better choice and stuff, but they r not the ones buying. When it comes to buying, will u actually buy it? You may, but I’m afraid most would not. YouTube reviews do not give the stinger too much credit as well. Example. https://www.carwow.co.uk/kia/stinger-gt Every body likes the underdog, the less popular choice, to be different. But when it comes to a real decision, like spending money, will u take the underdog? Anyway, I don’t think TS meant for these type of responses. So I will recommend A5 to him, at least the wife might possibly accept it more.
  6. Midorima

    A5 sportback vs Stinger vs XE

    Just go check Audiworld membership. Discounts, free movie tickets, free motorshow tickets. Every now and then have promotions also. Before you shoot your mouth maybe you can do some research. And not sure why u used such a high end Lexus model. The IS would be a better example. Price close to stinger. Then your overpaying point doesn’t seem so sound already. Also, to me, and on SG roads, Stinger’s drive and speed is not so useful. Explains why it’s still not commonly seen, and the general public would rather get a Conti. Not all are car enthusiasts, and if they are not, they r not on this forum. Oh and the wife factor. How many would support the stinger choice for the price? Haha
  7. Midorima

    A5 sportback vs Stinger vs XE

    There is one point that makes the stinger not so attractive. You go to the same servicing centre as all the Ceratos etc. No priority or good customer service, compared to the Conti makes. I have owned Jap cars before and now a Conti. The customer service by the SEs even after they have completed the sale, the privileges of being the Conti owner, the SAs at the service centre, it’s different. The stinger is not like Lexus whereby it is separate from Toyota. That’s one point I think Kia might have done better. Maybe a sub brand or something.
  8. Midorima

    A5 sportback vs Stinger vs XE

    The A5 is going 170k or below usually. It’s really just a bit more. The list price is inflated and for overtrade.
  9. Midorima

    Audi A3 Sedan/Sportsback Owners - Check In

    Kah Motor provides free touch up paint. Just go and mention your vehicle number and they give you a small bottle.
  10. Midorima

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    I meant if not going for the stock RS rims, $800 can only get replica aftermarket rims, as recommended by the guy I quoted.
  11. Midorima

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    $800 full set probably only replica
  12. Midorima

    2018 Nissan Serena e-POWER

    It largely depends whether the AD gives you the full 10k discount. If so, u r not losing 5k but gaining 5k. So not gov fault u see
  13. Midorima

    2019 2nd Generation Audi Q3

    Crap. Then I guess to look at other models next time.
  14. Midorima

    2019 2nd Generation Audi Q3

    How is it? Any pics? I’m driving the first gen. Not worth a change now but the sportback might be something I am looking for next year.
  15. When the car price is not that high, a poorer resale does not hit it materially. That said, by the time u want to sell Skoda, the brand probably pick up already. Somemore managed by Volkswagen Centre. Look at the sales numbers since it was brought in recently. Pretty impressive. Remains to be seen if the Altis (super common) or Skoda will give you better value (both drive and resale).