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Found 84 results

  1. From this video, one of the conclusions we can draw from it is when you have just been given a ticket by the parking officer, threatening him on whether he knows who you are or not isn't going to help you get out of trouble. As seen on SG Road Vigilante's recent post on 23rd of September 2020, the offender has just gotten a parking ticket along Sturdee Road North and can be seen trying to video down the whole confrontation with the officer who just gave him a ticket. Obviously not that good at redeeming himself, the owner of the video tries to 'put pressure' on the officer by asking him whether 'he knows who he is?' and claiming that the officer is less clear about the laws than him. If you are curious as to what happens next, catch the video below and let us know how you would react if you happen to be in such a situation.
  2. Someone has spotted this chrome-wrapped Mitsubishi Evolution 9 MR parking at some motorcycle lots and sent it to SG Road Vigilante. The photo, which was taken on 30th of May 2020, obviously shows the Mitsubishi Evo occupying lots intended for motorcycles. You might be wondering why we are sharing this with you as HDB parking offences are not that big a deal as it is a common occurrence. In fact, we reckon most of us should have some form committed parking offences before and simply sort out our mistake by making an appeal for the parking offence. What is interesting however, are the comments on this photo on SGRV's facebook post, there were more netizens praising how cool the Evo looked or how rare the car is instead of the usual slamming and shaming comments. Don't you love our local car community?
  3. Nostalgia

    Would this stop offences?

    All pervasive, 24x7 cameras monitoring traffic offences. Blessing, or curse? How Dubai Police catch lane change offenders
  4. 1) Anyone made an online report regarding Traffic Offence before? what happens after submitting online? does the Traffic Police call you - and after how long? what they require and what was the outcome? 2) In what situations will you bother to make a report to the Traffic Police? or will you close one eye for everything?
  5. Irresponsible motorists to face harsher penalties; new dangerous, careless driving offences to be created https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/irresponsible-motorists-to-face-harsher-penalties-new-dangerous-careless-driving-offences It has begun....
  6. Hubby was driving my car. Received call from TP suddenly saying that there was a hit-and-run by my car. Finally found out that the "hit-and-run" was when hubby came out of parking lot and accidently hit the side of another car, causing the other car bumper to fall off. He was not aware that he had hit the other car. My car camera showed that his exit from parking lot was smooth and there was no sudden stop by my car. He also did not exit the car to check or anything like that. My car (Merc) showed some paint on the back passenger (right side) door. Upon some washing, all was removed and only a tiny small pen hole dent as found. Hubby then received a notice of offence from TP. 2 offences - careless driving ($200 + 6 points) and $200 for failing to stop after accident. Hubby said to just pay up and close case. But I feel its rather unfair and he should appeal. Any advice?
  7. Moonlighting as an offence lands SAF office in trouble. Kanna 2 weeks detention? and $2k poor chap
  8. Received this summon in JB for turning into a single direction road and was asked to appear in court for this offence. Have anyone encountered this before? Not sure if the offense stated is correct, don't understand Malay language. Any valuable advice? Do I really have to appear in court?
  9. Something interesting to share. Entering or remaining in a fully packed train is an offence that is liable to $500 fine. Source: http://vulcanpost.com/4451/netizen-calls-smrt-a-retard-you-will-be-fined-for-entering-or-remaining-in-a-full-train/
  10. Hi all, For those who fetching your family members to/from Tampines MRT station, pls be careful. I just received LTA traffic offence letter yesterday. The offence was stopping in a zebra controlled area at Tampines central. It carry a fine of $120 plus 3 desmerit points. It also require me to furnish the driver particular. As this is my first offence, not sure will I get another letter from the traffic police. Also, the letter stated that I can settle the fine by posting cheque when I return the furnish dirver particular form to LTA, but no receipt will be issue. So is it ok for me to settle my fine with them now, or they will send me another letter for the payment? Thank you
  11. Hi guys, like to consult MCF brothers and sisters who might have been in a similar situation before. Was caught for a traffic offence for failing to conform to "NO Entry sign " except for lorry at sentosa gateway. I know that i had did that because i think there are no u-turn sign at that road.....and if i proceed straight on ....i had to pay the entrance fees for entering sentosa , but recenty i went over to sentosa for some job purpose and realise that there are one over the "No Entry Sign" but the U-turn sign was partially covered by the shrubs and leaves.....any chances for me to appeal?? Thanks alot for any comments ! Anyway juz copy some info from the TP website....to share. List of roads where speed camera deployed 1 ADAM RD 24 MARINE PARADE RD 2 ALEXANDRA RD 25 NICOLL HIGHWAY 3 ANG MO KIO AVE 5 26 ORCHARD BOULEVARD 4 AYE 27 PIE 5 BKE 28 PUNGGOL CENTRAL 6 BOON LAY WAY 29 PUNGGOL EAST 7 BRADDELL ROAD 30 SEMBAWANG RD 8 BT PANJANG RD 31 SLE 9 BUANGKOK GREEN 32 TAMPINES AVE 1 10 BUKIT TIMAH ROAD 33 TELOK BLANGAH RD 11 CTE 34 TPE 12 DUNEARN ROAD 35 TUAS WEST DR 13 ECP 36 TUAS WEST RD 14 HOUGANG AVE 3 37 UPP BUKIT TIMAH RD 15 JLN BAHAR 38 UPP CHANGI ROAD EAST 16 JLN BOON LAY 39 UPP SERANGOON RD 17 JLN BUROH 40 UPP THOMSON RD 18 JURONG TOWN HALL RD 41 WEST COAST HIGHWAY 19 JURONG ISLAND HIGHWAY 42 WOODLANDS AVE 2 20 KALLANG RD 43 YISHUN AVE 6 21 KJE 44 YISHUN AVE 7 22 LENTOR AVE 45 YIO CHU KANG RD 23 LORNIE RD
  12. Maybe too stressful after erection........... http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/sdp-chairman-arrested-for-drug-offence The 51-year-old chairman of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), Mr Jeffrey George, has been arrested for a drug offence, The Straits Times understands. SDP secretary-general Chee Soon Juan told the paper last night that the news of Mr George's arrest came as a shock. "I have known Jeff for many years and all this time he has discharged his duties as an SDP member and leader with professionalism. He is respected and well liked by his party colleagues," he said. The Central Narcotics Bureau, when asked if Mr George had been arrested, said through a spokesman: "A 51-year-old man has been arrested for drug-related offences. Investigations are ongoing." A shipping engineer, Mr George was elected chairman of the opposition party in October 2013. He was an election agent for Dr Chee and SDP vice-chairman John Tan in September's general election. Dr Chee added last night: "At this time, the family members need support as they go through a difficult period. They should be left alone to sort things out." Pearl Lee Joyce Lim
  13. Anyone knows the link to check traffic offence in Malaysia?
  14. and the car not under my name (but they got take down my details) will the summon be sent to my address (based on my details) or the owner's address?
  15. hi Reverse from small road to main road wanted to find out whats the penalty for such an offence? thanks
  16. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/lta-traffic-police-will/1352610.html Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Teo Chee Hean said the Traffic Police and LTA will not accede to appeals for charges to be cancelled or waived unless there are "very strong extenuating factors". PHOTOS File photo: A traffic police officer on patrol (photo: Francine Lim, channelnewsasia.com) Enlarge Caption SINGAPORE: The Traffic Police received about 2,600 appeals for traffic-related offences each month in 2013, while the Land Transport Authority (LTA) received about 7,900 appeals for illegal parking offences over the same period. In a written reply to Parliamentary questions posed by MP for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC Hri Kumar, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Teo Chee Hean did not give figures on the number of successful appeals, but said that both the Traffic Police and LTA will not accede to appeals for charges to be cancelled or waived unless there are "very strong extenuating factors". DPM Teo also stressed that road users should be responsible and abide by traffic rules at all times, and that violations will be dealt with in accordance with the law. Parliament passes amendments to Road Traffic Act Tougher rules on the use of mobile devices have been passed, but some Members of Parliament called for even stricter laws. SINGAPORE: Amendments to the Road Traffic Act were passed in Parliament on Monday (Sep 8), tightening rules on the use of mobile phones while driving. But a motorist will still be able to use his mobile device if it is mounted on a hands-free holder, and this prompted several Members of Parliament (MPs) to suggest expanding the scope of the Act. Tougher rules on the use of mobile phones while driving make it illegal to not just call someone, but also to surf the internet, play games or check emails with a mobile device, including tablets. However, these rules only apply if the device is held in one hand while the vehicle is in motion, prompting several MPs to call for tougher laws. Mr Hri Kumar, MP for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC, said: “Everyone knows that using phones while driving is not safe, so we comfort ourselves by saying that we can use hands-free devices. But there are many studies which claim that using hands-free devices is equally dangerous as using handheld devices. This is because the real distraction is the phone conversation, and it matters less that you have both hands on the wheel." Non-Constituency MP Gerald Giam added: “According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, a driver is 4.9 times more likely to get into an accident when using a mobile phone while driving. Even using a hands-free accessory is not much safer - it has been found to increase the risk (of an accident) by 3.8 times. “At a minimum, we should have a regulatory regime, where the most risky and distracting activities are clearly banned. While at the same time, the authorities constantly remind drivers through public education of the dangers of using their mobile phones while on the road.” TOUGHER RULES ON FOREIGN DRIVING LICENCES Rules on the use of foreign licences have also been toughened. Currently, people with foreign driving licences can drive for up to 12 months from the day they enter Singapore. From January 2016, foreigners will only be able to drive for six months from the day their work passes were issued. In addition, the new rules only apply to those who drive in the course of their work. S-Pass and Work Permit holders who wish to convert their foreign licences to a Class 3 licence will also need to take a practical driving test. They must also pass the basic theory test. Alternatively, they may choose to convert their licences to a Class 3C licence from June next year. If they do so, they need to pass only the basic theory test. OTHER CHANGES TO THE ROAD TRAFFIC ACT Those who drive light goods vehicles and small buses will be required to take the Practical Driving Test when renewing their licences. They will then be issued with a full Class 3 licence. Another change is in regard to a rule which requires vehicle owners to give the Traffic Police details of a traffic offence within seven days of receiving notice. Should the vehicle owner not comply, he would then be charged with failing to furnish the information. Under the proposed changes, the time for replying to a traffic infringement notice will be extended to 14 days - up from the current seven. But, should the vehicle owner still fail to do so within the time given, he will be presumed to have committed the offence himself, and will be charged accordingly. This is on top of charges for failing to furnish information. However, if the vehicle owner is able to prove that he was not driving the vehicle at the time of the offence, with documents showing he was overseas, for example, he may use it as evidence.
  17. Will get summon? I think it is very common to see people do that, nothing new. My friend's place got one car who always do that. Was told the owner do that everytime. Athough the carpark is big enough to accomodate more cars (levels above are almost empty most of the time) , really wonder why these people can be so self centered. Back to the question, is it a parking offence?
  18. Hi, I witness a female driver dash across traffic light this afternoon 26 sept 1330-1340hour. This driver stay at bendemeer road and this is not the first time she do this. However, the date and time stamp in the video is reset and not showing the actual offence. I can be the witness to traffic police regarding this irresponsible driver. Question is can I still submit this to the traffic Police. And also, what is the website to submit the report. I am willing to go down to TP to report too if online reporting cannot use. People with experience in this, please let me know can report this irresponsible driver?
  19. Bros. This time.. I tio from mata jialat.. sibei jialat. 2 weeks back , I was waiting for relative at Beach road.. in front of the Golden Mile Bus stop. Bo pian.. he missed his flight. Then he had to cab down to catch a coach to Penang. Knn.. I never even see the mata.. now I tio 3 summon letters.. stating I park within a demerit point zone.. when I was was waiting in the car.. jialat lor.. total I tio $360.. and 9 points. You think it's worth to appeal? Because. Really.. 1 is already bad.. 2 is worse. 3.? I can suicide liao.. Pics coming up real soon..
  20. It is an offence to leave the car engine on while park. see offence notice attach. vehicle_violation.pdf
  21. Hi bros and sis. My friend recently got caught for tampering his parking coupon. The attendant waited for him to return to his car and asked to see the tampered coupon. Did anyone here got into the same offence before and anyone know what is the penalty for such offence? Thanks!
  22. OK, here's the story, on new year's day I saw a road rage (I believe) incident on the way home. Retrieved the video from my camera and sent it to the TP (another thing, they could not view the video I sent through email so I burnt it to a DVD and mailed it to them instead) Now the officer in charge is directed by the prosecutor to take my statement, so I'm guessing that they are going ahead with the charge. Any advice on going down to TP HQ and giving my statement?
  23. Just to share my experience. I received a notice in my mailbox stating that I have committed a traffic offence a few days ago. However, there was no summons placed on my windscreen.
  24. Do you guys know what is traffic offence 2029 - Parking Opposite Continuous White Line? Driving in Singapore for so long but never heard of any of my driver colleagues got summon with this offence. Try to search in LTA one motoring site -- >http://www.onemotoring.com.sg/publish/onemotoring/en/lta_information_guidelines/modifications_and_vehoffences/vehicle_related_offences/illegal_parking.html#MainPar_90323 but do not see such offence. Where can I find any document or site saying that "Parking opposite continuous white line"is offence?