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  1. C1R384

    10th Generation Honda Civic (2016)

    It is standard, not way it can be added. Factory from U.K. is designed like this.
  2. C1R384

    10th Generation Honda Civic (2016)

    Just went to have a look at a showpiece, something that disappoint me are 1) Fabric Seats (was told need to top up to change to leather) 2) No keyless entry 3) No keyless engine start/stop 4) Seats not electronic powered
  3. C1R384

    10th Generation Honda Civic (2016)

    Was told that inside the driver seat has one airbag. With that will have some problem changing the factory fabric seat to leather. Yes I think this car and A3 are both different category. So far haven't tried test drive Honda 1.0T. But A3 1.0T is by far the smoothest car I've tested, but those similar sensing feature for A3 are definitely unreasonably expensive!
  4. C1R384

    10th Generation Honda Civic (2016)

    The have airbags on the seats as well.
  5. It's here!!! Anyone planning to get or have already gotten?
  6. C1R384

    Private Bank Car Loan

    Hmm okay, thanks for the advice!
  7. C1R384

    Private Bank Car Loan

    Cos minus off the compensated interest, the SE still can earn commissions from Hitachi. Wow, that's ruthless!
  8. C1R384

    Private Bank Car Loan

    Was told by the SE that the offset will come from him personally, guess that's because taking into the commission that Hitachi gave him, he still benefit after offsetting the 0.28 interest to me. Yes that I will ensure that the offset paid to me is for the entire 7 years loan of 0.28 interest.
  9. Would like to seek the opinion and advise from knowledgeable expert here. Planning to get new car from a AD. The SE offered me a good deal but on the condition that I will have to take up a private car loan from Hitachi at interest of 2.78% rather than the in house loan of 2.5% interest from UOB. The SE promise that he will compensate the 0.28% of extra interest that I have to pay in term of cheque. With that it seems like I'm not losing out from anything since the extra interest from Hitachi will be compensated back to me. Am I missing out on anything? Is there something I have to look out for? Are there any risk in doing so? Would appreciate is people can provide some feedbacks and advice. Thanks!
  10. I've thought of it, but to me I think that bribery is a much much more serious offense as compared traveling against the flow of traffic! Also what if he take the money and still issue you the ticket? Not principle lah, it's I'm a coward, dun dare to try my luck for such a accidental offense.
  11. Whoa! Chill man! Firstly, I dun agree that his 'job scope' is to selectively pick on specific category of driver and catching drivers at those spot where it is clear that there will be a lot of drivers who will indeed commit the offense unknowingly! If they were to station at places where when an offense is committed and it's a clear cut case where drivers knowingly commit the offense then I've nothing to say. Secondly, I think you got me wrong when I say the 1:3 ratio I'm not saying that I will intentionally commit offense to get fine, if I'm that rich then i wouldn't need to risk myself going to these places! What I meant is becos of the 1:3 ratio that I'm willing to expose myself to this 'legal' crooks just to save me some money! Anyway I'm not here to debate on whose right of whose wrong! So like I said anyone have their own opinion, is good that there are pple like you who are so righteous and have the courage to admit fault when they do!
  12. Haha! Still be it luck or ignorance, it's still my choice to cross over to this place! No one force me, so I have to suck thumb to accept all these 'first class' treatment lor, I blame no one but myself! Now if really no choice just pay lor, if I were to do my calculations, still I profit from the 1:3 ratio
  13. Yep, probably I'm not as careful/observant as you. But honestly, if you were to ask me, I'm will be very honest to say that I will try my luck to take that shortcut than to make a big round. My point is, yes rules are there and we ought to follow, but clearly the feeling those enforcer gave me is that they ain't there to make sure drivers ensure that drivers follow the rules but I call that 'fishing'. I don't think that I'm the only driver who breach this rule, seriously if I wanna be a arrogant, i can ask the officer to wait and see how many motorcyclist actually turn out from that junction and make sure he issue them all with tickets, for sure his printer will run out of ink! Well, we all have our own opinion, and sometimes it might be hard for some people to accept, no offence. Ha! Not surprising! Like I said, if they were to really 'STRICTLY' enforce. I think their magistrate will quit his/her job because there will be so many people queuing to see him/her.
  14. Thanks for sharing! Yet another story to show how corrupted the authorities there are!