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Found 21 results

  1. TL;DR - Expat arrested after driving BMW into traffic light at Chinatown and crashing another parked vehicle at Tiong Bahru Pfft, probably got drunk from soju. Watch this 39-second video of the BMW 523i going down in smoke. What happened? A Korean expat was arrested after smashing his 523i into a traffic light in a busy intersection at Chinatown. The driver then crashed into more parked vehicles in the carpark of his condo at Tiong Bahru. The BMW was seen emitting smoke with the bonnet of the car badly dented. The car plate also fell off amidst the ram. The fire brigade was mobilized to put out the fumes. It was reported that the driver was visibly intoxicated and driving erratically before the collision occurred. The impact of the crash was so severe that the traffic light was uprooted and the car was left severely damaged. Did you know? People can be charged with drink-driving in Singapore if they exceed the legal alcohol limit. In Singapore, the limit stands at 35 mg of alcohol for every 100 mL of breath or 80 mg of alcohol for every 100 mL of blood. Online Chat The incident has sent shockwaves not just among the netizens but through the expat community, with many expressing their disappointment and concern about the irresponsible behavior of their fellow expat. Driving under influence is a serious offense in Singapore, and it is even more serious when the suspect is a non-Singaporean. Come Singapore at least obey traffic rules lah... If convicted, he could have his work pass revoked and I guess there goes his job here. En route back to kimchi land soon... Annyeong in advance (oops sorry, but not quite...) ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  2. TL;DR - No way home for this driver as s/he fled the scene after crashing the SUV onto a traffic light and a concrete barrier. No money, lots of problems. Too much money, more problems. Watch this 38-second video of the Porsche Macan going from a high performance car to a useless one. What happened? The car collided into a temporary traffic light and a concrete barrier at Ophir Road after Beach Road. It was told that the driver had escaped from the Macan, most likely drunk since the accident occurred at 4AM. I have a question... What can one be doing at 4AM on a Wednesday? Online Chatter Rumours have it that the driver fled back to his strawberry farm. Ooof. Just some rich man problems that commoners cannot relate to. And won’t want to anyway. Takeaway Though it is only allegations that this accident happened from drink driving, it is also important to reiterate that alcohol is a make-you-stupid drug. If there's one thing worse than being driven to drink, and that's driving yourself home from it. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  3. TL;DR - A man was caught driving under the influence (DUI) into Malaysia as his breathalyzer test exceeded the maximum alcohol limit for drink driving. Ever since the borders between Singapore and Malaysia reopened, there have been many incidents reported of Singaporeans getting up to mischief and/or displaying erratic behaviors. Here is just one of the many examples: One good egg does not make a dozen but one bad apple can spoil a barrel. What happened? A man was caught by the Malaysian police for drink driving into Malaysia. Netizens managed to ‘suss out’ and found that this man is a Singaporean as he was driving a SG-registered car (based on his car plate and in-vehicle unit). Under SG law, if you are convicted of drink driving, you can be fined up to $10,000 and jailed for up to a year for first-timers. Repeat offenders can be fined up to $20,000 and jailed for up to two years. Under Malaysia law, a person convicted of driving or attempting to drive whilst their alcohol level exceeds the prescribed limit, shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a maximum of 2 years and a fine of at least RM10,000 and not more than RM30,000. Upon conviction, the driver shall be disqualified from holding a driver’s license for at least two years. It is unclear which country would press charges against him, but either way, it's bad. Let’s hear from the netizens ‘Orbiquek’... (Singlish ver. of serves you right) Kudos to Malaysia's PDRM (a.k.a traffic police) for being so vigilant and arresting the man before he could cause any accident. Takeaway Remember to always make good decisions and plan ahead - if you know you're going to drink, don't drive! Drink and drive is a deadly mix - keep yourself and others around you safe. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  4. TL;DR - A speeding Audi A4 driver knocks down a motorcyclist and pillion before driving away. The driver eventually gets arrested for suspected drink driving. Drink-driving cases in Singapore are on the rise after our nations battle with Covid-19. Source: Singapore Police Force PDF report While people are getting more brazen post-covid, it takes a very special kind of human to speed, hit another vehicle and run away... WHILE DRUNK (at friggin 8am in the morning) Watch this 47-second shocker of a video. So what happened? The cam car caught the A4 speeding (way over the limit, that’s for sure) and colliding into a motorcyclist and pillion, sending them off the bike. Several road users rushed to help the injured but the culprit did not bother to stop and instead, fled the scene. According to the caption, the driver was eventually apprehended and arrested for suspected drink driving. Drink driving carries a heavy penalty in Singapore. In fact, to deter anyone else from drink driving, we even have a colleague who got caught drink driving and wrote about his experience! The consequence doesn't sound fun at all. With my civic duty done, let's look at some nasty comments shall we? Online Chatter Lots of nasty and angry comments made as expected. Folks, always remember: No matter how good your alcohol tolerance is, the immediate effect makes it extremely dangerous to engage in any activity requiring skill, attention and coordinated movements. That includes driving! Don’t put the lives of yourself and others in danger by drink-driving. Call a cab or a valet and get home safe. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  5. Local actor Edwin Goh fined S$6,500 for drink driving, banned from driving for 3 years https://www.channelnewsasia.com/singapore/actor-edwin-goh-charged-drink-driving-3005401 another one ...
  6. I know nobody cares about Mediacorp dramas and actors though the Star Awards 2021 thread prove otherwise but let this serve as a reminder to everyone here about the dangers of drink driving and for those already convicted once for drink driving, how easy it is for one to reoffend again. Drink and drive, pay the price. Just wondering why in Shane's charge sheet (If found guilty again, he would be a repeat offender and face a driving ban of at least five years.), why wasn't a jail term mentioned?
  7. There is a reason why drunk-driving is against the law and highly discouraged. The following video explains it all: What Happened? In the wee hours of the morning, at around 4am, a Toyota Corolla was being driven haphazardly along the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE). In the dashcam footage above, the Toyota Corolla swerved left and right for no apparent reason and could not keep within its lane. Moments later, when negotiating a bend, the driver could not handle the turn and collided with the railing of the expressway. And it was not because the car lost traction. Instead, the car simply veered off-course as the driver did not steer the car accordingly. After the collision, the Toyota abruptly stopped in the middle of the road for a couple of seconds before driving off again. The video ends with the Toyota Corolla continuing its journey on the expressway in a hazardous manner that it previously demonstrated. After observing the Toyota Corolla, it is highly likely that the driver is drunk as a skunk or has fallen asleep at the wheel. Which do you think it is - sleepy or drunk? I am just hoping that a couple of traffic police turns up to stop him before he hurts himself or other motorists around him. Netizens' Comments I am hoping that the driver gets stopped at a roadblock at the very least. Imagine if you are the passenger in his car🤡🤡🤡 Let me know in the comments below if you think he is drunk-driving or sleep-driving! ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  8. With what seems like more drunk driving cases, someone suggested this measure. Do you agree with it? maybe, if those lie to say not driving but caught driving, double the punishment to the driver,passengers only. EXTRACTED FROM THE NEWSPAPER.
  9. TL;DR – A valet service turns sour for a car owner as her valet driver beats a set of red lights, and she loses all cool when he tries to attempt to do it a second time. Turn up your audio for this one. Adulting After having a couple of drinks, if you drove to your destination, the responsible adult thing to do would be to call a valet service to pick you up and drive you home. Which is what this car owner did. But I would say her experience with the valet service was less than satisfactory and borderline horrific. The video Watch the 1min 16second video to understand what I mean. Red light 1 In the early seconds of the video, you’ll notice that the car beats a set of red lights. If the light had just turned from amber to red, I would have given the driver the benefit of the doubt. However, it’s evident that there was more than enough time to stop, but he didn’t. Even the owner of the car could sense something was going awry. Red light 2 Now I’m going to try and translate the conversation (to the best of my ability) for the non-mandarin speaking readers when the valet driver tries to beat the second set of red lights. We then hear the owner slam the door as she gets out to head over to the driver’s seat (presumably). Here’s the original post by the owner of the car which has gone viral. Online chatter I would not like to be on the receiving end of that shelling. -------- Thinking of selling your car? sgCarMart Quotz guarantees the highest selling price for your car. We’ll even give you $100 cash if you find a better offer elsewhere! Get a free quote to find out how much your car is worth today!
  10. Former Mediacorp celebrity actor Shane Pow recently pleaded guilty and was sentenced for his second drink driving conviction. On Wednesday (July 14), the 30-year-old actor pleaded guilty to one count of driving under the influence. According to Channel News Asia (CNA), Pow drove a motor van towards Nicoll Highway last September when a traffic police officer stopped him. The celebrity had two glasses of beer that night at 8:30 p.m, according to his lawyer. He stopped drinking after that and only had water before driving his friends back at 10:30 p.m., thinking that the alcohol level in his blood would have subsided already. It was reported that he had at least 49 microgrammes of alcohol in 100ml of his breath, which exceeded the legal limit (35 microgrammes per 100ml). Pow was sentenced to five weeks in jail, a $6,000 fine and a driving ban of five years. Before this incident, the celebrity was charged and convicted in July 2014 for drink driving as well. For his first offence, he was fined $1,500 and banned from driving for a year. He also paid an $800 fine for inconsiderate driving. Frequently starring in local Channel 8 dramas, the actor was well-known for his roles in the C.L.I.F. series, Three Wishes, Jalan Jalan and Super Dad. He was named one of the ‘Eight Dukes of Caldecott Hill’ in 2014 alongside Romeo Tan, Desmond Tan, Xu Bin, Aloysius Pang, Jeffrey Xu, Ian Fang and Zhang Zhen Huan. On April 26, Mediacorp released a statement regarding the termination of Pow’s contract after completing his outstanding work. Netizens’ reactions Having watched his shows while growing up, it is heartbreaking to see this happen to him. Hopefully, this time he learns his lesson and stops driving so recklessly. --- Thinking of selling your car? sgCarMart Quotz guarantees the highest selling price for your car. We’ll even give you $100 cash if you find a better offer elsewhere! Get a free quote to find out how much your car is worth today!
  11. TOC's Facebook page: FULL STATEMENT RELEASED BY SPF https://mothership.sg/2021/06/toc-police-custody-allegations/ In a nearly 30-minute video uploaded to YouTube on June 28, See claimed the following: He was held in the police lock-up for longer than necessary; The police had assigned him to a padded cell and he was alone inside, even though he had mentioned that he had claustrophobia; The police had pinned him down and used excessive force in moving him into the padded cell, and he had sustained injuries as a result; The police had ignored his request to use the toilet and he ended up urinating inside his cell; No food was given to him; The police had refused to let him call his family members; The medical personnel at the lock-up had ignored his concerns on his high heart rate; and His car was returned to him only after a long time. BACK STORY See had failed a breathalyser test conducted at a police roadblock along Boon Keng Road on Feb. 14 last year at around 3:40am, and was subsequently arrested. He was then brought back to the lock-up facility at Police Cantonment Complex at about 4am where he was processed for detention while pending the conduct of a further breath analyser test via the Breath Evidential Analyser (BEA) machine. According to the police, See was attended to by Nursing Officers at the lock-up on two occasions, and he was assessed to be fit for detention. At about 4:40am, See passed the BEA test after a few attempts, with a recorded result of 31 micrograms of alcohol in 100ml of breath. The amount was just below the legal limit of 35 micrograms of alcohol in 100 ml of breath. In their statement, the police said that because See had failed his initial breath analyser test at the police road block and was legally arrested, he was processed in accordance with the rules for persons arrested and brought into police custody. The police are thus required to: Conduct a search on him; Verify his identity; Conduct a medical examination and assess his condition to determine whether he was fit for detention; Register his property; among others. An Investigation Officer (IO) in charge of See’s case also checked if See had other pending traffic or police cases, if he owned the car that he drove, as well as the validity of his driving licence and vehicle insurance. While in custody, See was brought to wait in a temporary holding area, which the police said was a large room with transparent panels that overlook the common corridor. He was there in between his BEA test attempts and other required processes. After See had completed his BEA test attempts, he was escorted to another temporary holding area to await the processing of his release, pending confirmation that he was not required for further investigations. However, the police said that See had refused to enter the temporary holding area, and that he claimed he was "claustrophobic and would harm himself if put into the temporary holding area again". According to the police, See had insisted on waiting along a common corridor. Officers then explained to See that he could not wait there as he would affect the movement of people along the corridor, including other persons-in-custody. However, See refused to move, continued to disregard officers’ repeated instructions to move into the temporary holding area, and warned them that he might cause harm to himself. The police then decided to transfer See to a padded cell instead, using a wheelchair. The decision was taken in view of his threat and out of concern for his safety, the police added. However, See continued to put up "a strong resistance" entering the padded cell, and "struggled with officers". Following refusal to comply with officers' instructions, they had to "apply necessary force to physically move him into the padded cell", the police said. Breakfast wasn't served to him as he was sleeping According to the police statement, See requested to use the toilet at about 6am. Police then made arrangements for more officers to escort See to the toilet due to his struggle earlier. As See appeared to be sleeping when officers entered his cell, they did not wake him. Previously, See was allowed to use the toilet at about 4:30am and 4:55am, the police said. At around 6:25am when breakfast was given, an officer then checked on See and found him to still be asleep, which was why breakfast was not served to him. With regards to See's claim that he was not allowed to call his family, the police said that they did not find any records of See’s request to make any phone calls. CCTV footage doesn't show See exhibiting discomfort when he left Additionally, the police said CCTV footage had not showed any signs of See limping or exhibiting discomfort when he eventually left the padded cell. He was able to walk normally and was escorted by officers, they added. See was released unconditionally from police custody at about 7:40am on the same day, which was around four hours after his arrest. He was told to collect his vehicle later in the evening for safety considerations. In their statement, the police highlighted that they do not typically release vehicles back to persons arrested for drink-driving straight after their release from custody as they may still have alcohol in their body. This could affect their faculties and cause them to pose a risk to themselves and other road users if they are allowed to operate the vehicle too soon. See subsequently collected his vehicle on the night of Feb. 14. Minor injuries sustained by See "consistent" with struggles he put up The police revealed that shortly after his release, See lodged a complaint, and wrote in to provide his feedback on his custodial experience. The police asked See to seek medical assessment following his complaint. The medical form provided by See indicated that he had sustained some minor injuries, which included abrasions on his right knee, and a 2cm laceration on his right knee. The police said that these injuries "appeared to be consistent with the struggles he put up when officers attempted to place him inside the padded cell". Police found no wrongdoing The police also said that following internal investigations, including reviewing the CCTV recordings, they did not find any abuse or wrongdoing. These findings were conveyed to See in June 2020. See then wrote in again one year later, on June 2, to enquire about this case. Although the police had tried to contact him on two separate occasions, and offered to arrange a further interview with him to hear his concerns, he declined to be interviewed. Second malicious attempt by TOC to smear our police force. First being the accusations of police officers allegedly bullying an old lady for not wearing mask. It's not too difficult to see that there is a political agenda behind this. You can be against the government but the police force are the ones protecting the citizens of this country. Granted, you got scratched while putting up a struggle after getting arrested for failing a breathalyzer test. No sheetz I get scratched even worse after "playing" with cats lol. 😵
  12. Case 1: A's car is down at the workshop n so he started telling us tat he wants his car bk as it is very inconvenient to go drink without his car.... Note: Not the first time he has been telling us tis. Case 2: B went drinking (and driving), then came to meet us for a gathering.... He tells us he is quite seh aldy, cannot join us for long.. Both are friends. Both are like 19, 20 yo.. We have tried telling em abt the consequences aldy but they dun seems to care. What wud u do if u have friends who drink n drive? My stand is if u want to kill urself ok but dun take away the lives of the innocent...
  13. How it all began [December 2017] I had a couple of beers with some friends at a bar along Beach Road. Christmas was around the corner, the festive mood had set in and spirits were high. Now when I say "a couple of beers", I probably had like 5 standard glasses (if we're being specific). I left the bar around 11.30pm to head to another location to meet a different group of friends. These are just some of the phrases I told my friends before getting into my car. I was young-er, carefree, ignorant and stupid. And I got caught. Why so stupid? The reasons that I used to convince myself that drink driving was okay seem pretty dumb to me today [2020]. 1. If I met a girl, I could impress her with my car and driving skills even though I was intoxicated 2. I felt like I could save money by driving by wasting money on a taxi or private hire 3. You don’t have to “fight” with hundreds of other people trying to get a taxi or private hire car at the same time as you 4. It’s easier and convenient to go to the next drinking location How I got caught drink driving My other appointment was somewhere in the West. I didn’t think that there would be a roadblock set up before 12 midnight! Or at least, not along the usual route I took. I was wrong. When you see a roadblock after drinking, let me tell you that it’s one of the worst combinations of feelings (easily top 10) you’ll ever feel as a person. The gut-wrenching fear, the sweaty palms, the increased heart rate and adrenaline all hits you at once. On top of the buzz you're feeling from the alcohol, that's one #$%^$% up emotional cocktail that no one should go through. Roadblocks are strategically placed so that you have no where to run. You can try and do a 3-point turn and drive against traffic but you'll still get caught eventually (those motorbikes are fast). If you’re unfortunate enough to get the iconic “Asian flush” (like I do) after drinking, there’s nowhere you can hide. I tried to mask the smell of alcohol by lighting up a cigarette, but the officer did not buy it one bit. What you should do The standard question they will ask: You have 2 choices right there n then; lie or tell the truth. If you lie and they find out that you’ve been drinking after conducting an alcohol breath test, you’ll be handcuffed and brought away, no questions asked. If you tell them the truth (like I did), they’ll give you the decency of not handcuffing you, but you’ll still get sent to lock up if you fail the breath test. The police will then ask if there’s anyone who can drive your car away or they will tow it somewhere. I managed to find a couple of SOBER friends who did me a solid and took my car for me. What happened next was probably the longest 8 to 9 hours of my life. I had a "free taxi ride" to the Police Station in Ubi I was processed and thrown into a holding cell I needed to use the toilet, but they sent a guard with me to ensure I didn’t drink any water (I’ll get to this in a bit) I had to wait for 5 to 6 hours before an Investigating Officer (IO) saw me I was only released 1 to 2 hours after my “interview” with the IO Alcohol Breath Test If you fail the breath test at the roadblock, the Police will conduct another one while you’re in lock up. Think of that as your second chance. If you pass, you will probably get a warning and they'll let you go. The reason why they assigned a guard to follow me to the toilet was so that I wouldn’t drink tap water to lower my alcohol percentage in my breath. I even contemplated drinking toilet bowl water, but the thought of that (even today), is still a disgusting one. It’s no surprise that I failed the second alcohol breath test (my reading was 51ug). The prescribed limit is 35 microgrammes (ug) per 100 millimetres (ml) of breath. Drink Driving Penalties Between 35 – 54 ug: $1,000 to $2,000 in fines, and a driving ban of 12 to 18 months Between 55 – 69 ug: $2,000 to $3,000 in fines, and a driving ban for 18 to 24 months Between 70 – 89 ug: $3,000 to $4,000 in fines, and a driving ban for 24 to 36 months At least 90 ug: $4,000 to $5,000 in fines, and a driving ban for 36 to 48 months or longer *Applicable to first-time offenders only I had to appear in court sometime in January 2018, and I got hit with a $2000 fine and a driving ban of 18 months (the maximum punishment for people within the 1st tier). Lessons learnt The worst thing about having a driving ban of more than 11 months is that you will have to retake EVERYTHING! Your Basic Theory, Final Theory and Practical Driving Test. Include the $2000 fine, and you’re paying a lot of money for your stupidity. Should have just paid the $15 for a cab right? I hope by writing this, I will be able to dissuade people from drink driving and not make the same costly (not to mention, dangerous) mistake I made. Thanks for reading and drive safe! [July 2020]
  14. If u have friends that drink and drive/drive without license or even both, what would u do? Considering that words have fallen on deaf ears, family members are well aware but nth can be done to stop do nth n continue to let ur friend drink n drive hope he kana caught but one day if he drink n drive n kill some innocent guy on the road can u live with the guilt? or be decisive n report him to the police for his own good? those who choose to drink n drive, drive w/o license n kana caught deserve no pity from anyone A police spokesman added: "A 52-year-old male car driver had fled the scene and was subsequently arrested along Canberra Road on the same day for suspected drug-related and traffic-related offences including dangerous driving, driving without a valid licence and taking of motor vehicle without owner's consent."
  15. Four 19 to 20 year old students went clubbing at Clarke Quay yesterday. Male student drove 3 girls home after clubbing early this morning. Male student lose control of car, car spun 180 degrees and crashed into a tree at Old Tampines Road. The 2 girls seated at the back died. Male student and the front passenger suffered injuries. http://news.omy.sg/News/Local-News/Qi-Che-Zhuang-Shu-2Nu-Sheng-Duan-Hun-247581#sthash.3LCoBPU9.dpuf
  16. A crash resulting in serious injury or death is more likely to be caused by a distracted driver than a drinking one. Waikato District Health Board trauma specialist Dr Grant Christey said distracted drivers cause 25 per cent of serious crashes, whereas drinking drivers cause 18 per cent. "The most common reasons are texting or talking on a mobile phone, people talking in the car, or kids in the back." "They also suggest you are 400 per cent more likely to crash if you're using a mobile phone Please be safe out there everyone!!
  17. Traffic police arrested 17 motorists for drink-driving in an island-wide operation in the early hours on Saturday. In a statement, it said 54 motorists were stopped and tested for alcohol consumption during the operation. Seventeen motorists aged between 25 and 59, including 16 men and one woman, failed the test and were arrested. The highest Breath Evidential Analyser (BEA) test result was 81 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath. That is more than twice the prescribed legal limit of 35 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath. Traffic police warned that those found guilty of drink-driving will be disqualified from driving for at least 12 months. They will lose their driving licences and have to retake and pass the theory and practical driving tests to get their driving licences again. In addition, first-time offenders can be fined between S$1,000 and S$5,000. Repeat offenders may be fined up to S$30,000 and given a mandatory jail term of up to three years. They may also be caned up to six strokes if death or serious injury is caused. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/17-arrested-for-drink/967754.html
  18. A video from my facebook feed...do you think drink driving? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152506405891998
  19. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/trending-now/friends-pull-prank-to-teach-friend-with-drunk-driving-record-a-lesson-191206047.html?vp=1 Advocacy groups have tried a plethora of methods to raise awareness of the problem of driving while under the influence of alcohol. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 10,000 people died in drunk-driving accidents throughout 2012. That is one person every 51 minutes. But apparently the risk of killing yourself or someone else, not to mention criminal prosecution and legal fees, just isn't enough to deter some people from consuming alcohol and sitting behind the wheel. Comedian Tom Mabe is now using a different approach to stop DUIs, and it involves a little tough love for one of his friends. The notorious YouTube prankster teamed up with Jim Clark to play an elaborate joke on a man who has been charged with five DUIs. After the mark, identified only as Dennis, allegedly became intoxicated and passed out in his truck, Mabe and Clark transported the man to an office that was set up to look like a hospital room. When Dennis woke up, a doctor played by Clark informed him that he had been in a coma for 10 years. Then Mabe came in, dressed as a doctor and disguised by a surgical face mask, to check on his friend. After asking Dennis if he could feel his feet and legs, Mabe began slapping him in the face! "Five DUIs! Five (expletive) DUIs!" Mabe shouts at him, ripping off his surgical mask to reveal his identity. When Dennis laughs, Mabe yells, "It's not funny. You could've lost a daughter. Ten years wasted away here." Mabe is known for his comedy, but he strikes a serious tone as he attempts to explain to Dennis that he needs to curb his alcohol consumption. As Dennis keeps laughing, the comedian simply walks away in disgust. If five DUIs and an elaborate intervention by his friends can't get the message through, what will?
  20. A night of partying may be all in good fun, until it's time to go home that it. All too often, late night revelers get behind the wheel after a one drink too many. Accidents caused by drunk driving is a major problem all around the world, and the city state of Singapore is no exception. But one nightclub is taking an unconventional approach to prevent drunk driving. The solution - a 'Pee Analyser'. Working with marketing agency DDB Group Singapore, popular nightspot Zouk came up with the charmingly named Pee Analyser, a urinal-based system that detects the amount of alcohol in a punter's pee before issuing a warning if they're over the legal limit. And here's how it works. When a driver arrives at the club, they hand over their keys in exchange for an RFID parking card. Once activated, the card is capable of identifying a driver and recording information regarding the driver's alcohol level. It does this by way of a urine testing device fitted in the urinal, a device that its maker says will instantly reset to accommodate consecutive readings, thereby avoiding any mix-ups with the pee of previous urinal visitors. The urinal-based testing device is paired with an RFID reader that detects, tags and reads information from the cards, so if a patron's pee contains too much alcohol, a message will flash up on a screen directly in front saying - "Maybe you've had one too many to drive. Call a cab or use our drive home service." Of course, there's a chance the person peeing may be too drunk to focus on the words in front of them, or simply too wasted to compute the information, so when they hand in their card at the end of the night in exchange for their keys, an RFID reader at the exit will convey the information from the tagged card to the valet, who'll once again suggest the car-owning clubber to make alternative arrangements for getting home. The pee analyser may be the most technologically advanced approach, but some experts have called urine testing an unreliable method for determining alcohol impairment. And although the system is only installed in male toilets, we reckon it still does some magic in curbing the numbers of drink drivers. Good work there, Zouk. Check out the below video from DDB Group Singapore to learn more about the system.
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