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Found 8 results

  1. Genting HK sells Zouk to Lim scion for $14 million source: https://www.theedgesingapore.com/news/corporate-moves/genting-hk-sells-zouk-lim-scion-14-million?utm_source=WeekdayEDM&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=FREE&vgo_ee=4%2B5Oes1dTlYS7lzaRbx5XQA3SuMkJhmkGexv49sZvNU%3D Lim Keong Hui, son of Genting group boss Lim Kok Thay, has bought over the Zouk Group from Genting Hong Kong for $14 million, or HK$79.3 million. Genting HK, whose main business is in operating cruise ships, will book a gain of HK$6.7 million from the sale. Hong Kong-listed Genting HK bought Zouk from its founder Lincoln Cheng back in 2015 for an undisclosed sum. The sale was announced by Genting HK on Sept 1. On Aug 28, Keong Hui resigned as executive director and deputy CEO of Genting HK, in order to “devote more time to other business commitments”. Keong Hui holds other key appointments with other Genting companies, except Genting Singapore. Zouk Group, which runs clubs and F&B outlets, has been in the red for more than two years. For the year ended Dec 31 2018, it lost HK$3.35 million, and losses widened to HK$11.6 million the following year. For the first seven months this year, when the iconic disco in Singapore was forced to turn into a eating place instead of a dancing club, losses hit HK$79.6 million. According to Zouk’s website, there are plans to expand to Las Vegas. Hit by the pandemic, Genting HK, which has some US$3.4 billion in liabilities, is trying to renegotiate debt with creditors.
  2. shawncjh

    Hijab in the club

    http://www.marketing-interactive.com/neelofa-under-fire-for-launching-hijab-collection-at-zouk/ Malaysian actress partying it up in Zouk. A pretty interesting read for those into social satire. Though I must stress that no racism is intended in this post (people get offended at just about anything these days), just sharing what seemed to be a trending article.
  3. Mockngbrd

    Zouk SG bows down to Najib's son

    hahahahaha.... sell to Genting become crony club liao http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/%5Bboleh%5D-najibs-son-alledgedly-stopped-zouk-dj-play-his-own-set-5317791.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLGDGgLykV8&feature=youtu.be Zook fb trying to do damage control kenna hantum: https://www.facebook.com/zouksingapore/
  4. Picnic06-Biante15

    7 Men Arrested After Mass Brawl Outside Zouk

    Zouk inside not enough and they Zouk outside .... Yahoo news: 7 men arrested after mass brawl outside Zouk Police arrested seven men aged between 17-19 on Tuesday after they were involved in two fights that took place near night club Zouk during the wee hours of Sunday morning. One of the fights had occurred along Jiak Kim Street at 3:56am whereby a group of assailants had kicked and punched a victim before fleeing. While officers were investigating this incident, another police report was filed regarding another attack that occurred along the connecting Kim Seng Road. Another victim was involved in the latter fight. Police believed the assailants were the same for both cases. Five of the suspects will be charged in court this week while investigations against the remaining two suspects are ongoing. The offence of rioting is punishable by a jail term of seven years and/or caning. link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/7-men-arrested-after-mass-brawl-outside-zouk-104218350.html Only 17 ~ 19 yrs old .... 3am don't want to sleep. Jail & cane them ....
  5. Regan_ong

    Zouk's anti-drink driving campaign

    A night of partying may be all in good fun, until it's time to go home that it. All too often, late night revelers get behind the wheel after a one drink too many. Accidents caused by drunk driving is a major problem all around the world, and the city state of Singapore is no exception. But one nightclub is taking an unconventional approach to prevent drunk driving. The solution - a 'Pee Analyser'. Working with marketing agency DDB Group Singapore, popular nightspot Zouk came up with the charmingly named Pee Analyser, a urinal-based system that detects the amount of alcohol in a punter's pee before issuing a warning if they're over the legal limit. And here's how it works. When a driver arrives at the club, they hand over their keys in exchange for an RFID parking card. Once activated, the card is capable of identifying a driver and recording information regarding the driver's alcohol level. It does this by way of a urine testing device fitted in the urinal, a device that its maker says will instantly reset to accommodate consecutive readings, thereby avoiding any mix-ups with the pee of previous urinal visitors. The urinal-based testing device is paired with an RFID reader that detects, tags and reads information from the cards, so if a patron's pee contains too much alcohol, a message will flash up on a screen directly in front saying - "Maybe you've had one too many to drive. Call a cab or use our drive home service." Of course, there's a chance the person peeing may be too drunk to focus on the words in front of them, or simply too wasted to compute the information, so when they hand in their card at the end of the night in exchange for their keys, an RFID reader at the exit will convey the information from the tagged card to the valet, who'll once again suggest the car-owning clubber to make alternative arrangements for getting home. The pee analyser may be the most technologically advanced approach, but some experts have called urine testing an unreliable method for determining alcohol impairment. And although the system is only installed in male toilets, we reckon it still does some magic in curbing the numbers of drink drivers. Good work there, Zouk. Check out the below video from DDB Group Singapore to learn more about the system.
  6. Hey there, Anyone noticed it? Saw an Audi R8 got pulled over though...
  7. My friend was at the junction outside zouk area. He stopped at the red light. A few seconds later, a black jazz/fit went past him, beating the red light then hitting a camry perpendicular. The camry spun slightly and hit the middle divider. My friend said a lady and a guy got out of the jazz/fit and the camry's horn was blasting away. He said he thought he saw the lady laughing or something but I am not too sure about that. My friend wanted to come down and call the police but the police came really fast (near zouk). The camry driver didn't come out for a while and my friend decided to leave the area. In another incident few years back, my same friend's car got hit perpendicularly (as well) by a drunk black lancer at paya lebar area, also ran the red light. Luckily he wasn't injured at all but the driver had to settle the 35k bill for the car as the insurance wouldn't cover. I really hope the camry driver will be ok. That black jazz driver, i hope you were drunk. You will be paying through your nose for the damage to your car, his car and his medical bills. Bye bye license too ! Your 10 second folly will follow you around for life i hope. ------------------------------ The reason for this post, is to appeal to all drivers and hopefully to serve as a wakeup call. Here are some pointers! Raise your hand if you have done it before, then hit your own head. I won't say i'm an angel, but self awareness is the first step, I'm trying to get rid of my bad driving habits too. 1. No, you are probably not a better driver than most others, despite your years of driving experience in stop/start traffic, cutting in and out at 60km/h. 2. No, your car is not probably going to win others in a race, despite the mods you have done to your car, including but not limited to ur broquet, superione and modified exhaust. 3. No, your car won't be able to corner and drift like initial D, despite the lowered tein suspension, pirelli p zero tyres and your amazing heel toe braking skills. 4. No, you can't control your car, emotions and ur balls when you are 'slightly high', so don't bother. You are usually too drunk to make that right decision whether you are high or not. Take the fxxking cab home or valet it back. 5. No girls will come up and ask for your number, or no one is amazed with your ability to rev your car past eateries at jln kayu, simpang bedok or where ever. Your full reving just irritates people or wakes the neighbourhood up, and are probably calling you chao ah beng. So unless you drive a car in excess of $500,000, pls dun bother reving your exhaust, esp in the middle of the nite. People do not appreciate it. 6. Lastly, the girl in your passenger seat is not your audience. No matter how racer you think you are, value her life at least. If you wish to race, drop her off, call me to fetch her then go race. I'll comfort her when you smash your face in the steering wheel. Thank you and have a nice day.
  8. Regboyboy

    10/3/04 wed. Zouk anyone?

    Zouk anyone?MAMBO NIGHT!