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Found 161 results

  1. FM 91.3, fm90.5, fm98, fm98.7, fm95, etc. which is your favourite station or DJ in the morning show. My choice FM 95. Tried listening to 91.3 but felt that the male DJ is more like a supporting role to his female partner.
  2. Very curious here as I think most drivers will listen to the radio on the way to work. having worked overseas, i am quite shocked by the standard of our morning shows though i can understand to an extent why, with our strict censorship here. so i would like to know the consensus of you guys. i am only choosing the more popular stations here for drivers; i am aware of more english morning shows. personally, comparatively speaking, I do think Kiss is doing the best. the chemistry between the DJs is strong and they come across as very genuine. second would be 913 with Glenn and FD. They started out well but are declining as I think their shows are not really prepared beforehand. So they just say whatever that comes to mind or simply topic of the day. And it does come across as lazy and lacking effort at times. But well they too have a good chemistry. I find it hard to decide which is the worst, Class 95 or Gold. Class 95 with Vernon and Justin do make an effort on their show. However, their jokes can be stale and so 90s. And I find it a bad match for Class 95. They probably do better with a channel that targets the younger crowd. I find their jokes to be a bit crass at times. Gold with Mike and Vernetta likewise, is quite awful. Vernon and Justin, however crass, can come up with smart jokes now and then. However Mike and Vernetta come across as trying way too hard and mostly falling flat with their banter. Quite cringe worthy very often. And really, i find them a poor fit for a station with a more mature audience. in a nutshell, i find that Vernon, Justin, Mike and Vernetta all caught in a time warp, so stale and tired. i hope there are newer DJs that will shake the roost a bit. probably the only industry where it's the same old faces for sooo long lol
  3. Ever since I changed to bigger rims, my brakes start to squeak every morning when I start the car. It goes away after a few brakings. I doubt changing rims make this noise. Anyone can advise what could be the problem? Thx
  4. Aviod AYE toward city near Jurong town hall road. Accident between 7 cars and 2 bikes occupied lane 1 & 2. Massive jam!
  5. http://youtu.be/vxvJ7ZZedrk Anyone who know the biker or taxi driver kindly link him with this video capture by my wife car View the 1st 10s will do, ignore the rest
  6. Source: http://www.domainofexperts.com/2015/07/good-morning-cher-exhibition-2015.html http://www.domainofexperts.com/2015/07/good-morning-cher-exhibition-2015_11.html http://www.domainofexperts.com/2015/07/good-morning-cher-exhibition-2015_2.html
  7. This Accident Happened This Morning Along Jalan Bukit Merah Towards CTE At About 0030 hrs. The Impact Of The Crashes Dragged The Bike Many Meters Away After Throwing The Chinese Rider And A Pillion In Their 50s Many Meters To The Air. Both Were Seriously Injured. Please Be Alert At All Time! Picture From Taxiuncle Group https://www.facebook.com/taxiunclegroup
  8. along Sembawang Road on 30 Jan...circled the tail end of the car
  9. not sure if you guys feel it.... I am becoming to realise that ppl ard me are saying less "good morning"s and "thank you" When i was younger , it's quite usual that when the cleaner cleans the table.. ppl ard will say "thank you" .. and it's not unusal to greet the sweeper of the estate and neighbours.. but recently, i found that i am probably the only one doing that ... :P Many ppl i notice will ask questions to the standbyer.. and after they get their answer, they just smile and walk away.. no thank you anymore.
  10. it was juz few cars length from me. i saw the TP coming fast and furious from behind, speeding down in between lane with the siren on, i saw a car in front switching lane from 1 to 2 in split seconds, i know at that time, BIG STICK liao. zhu zhu, the TP biker cannot react at that split moment, in that half second, my heart was pounding and i saw the TP biker forcefully biang onto the back of the lane switching car until he flew. wa lao a, that car driver jia lat liao, he had just made a king of the road kissed his butt. that moment was really terrible. all the cars around halted for awhile and dont know what to do. i quickly stopped my car and went straight to the TP. "ah bang ah bang, relax, come come i put you to lay down on your back". he was crunching with his 2 elbows and 2 kneels on the ground with mourning pain. wah, can really feel his pain man. i think his left hand is badly hurt. i took out my mobile phone and start calling the 999. "wei police, there is a serious accident now on PIE towards the tuas before exit 12, a TP biker is involved and he is seriously injured. please send an ambulance here immediately"!!! i went back to attend to the victim after i hang up the call. i tried to comfort him. i saw blood on his face, i worry that his head maybe be bleeding inside the helmet. so i offered to remove his helmet so i could check for wound and stop the bleed in case is bleeding. i think my in-car video could have captured it. can check video only tonight. drive safe guys.
  11. anybody caught in this crazy jam this morning at thomson ? what happen ?
  12. The body of a 58-year-old man was found in Kallang River at about 8.10am on Friday morning. A cleaner spotted the floating body in the river near Blk 3 Beach Road. The 58-year-old, who was wearing a grey shirt, was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene. Chinese evening newspaper Shin Min Daily News said the 70-year-old cleaner had been told by his boss to go check out the river, after someone told the boss that he saw a body in the river. The cleaner told his boss and called the police after confirming that there was really a body. He told Shin Min: "When civil defence officers arrived, I saw them retrieving the body from the river with their bare hands. Last month, another old man also died in the river, and I didn't expect a similar case to happen today." Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/body-58-year-old-man-found-kallang-river-friday-morning-20140328
  13. A very bad and major traffic accident on AYE towrads Tuas this morning during peak hours at ab 9am....a tipper truck toppled and may have crushed a taxi and motorcycle on the extreme right lane...a section of AYE was closed and motorists were forced to turn back into a slip road for a while...then they opened up the road shoulder for vehicles to pass through. Two ambulances, 2 fire engines, one red rhino, two crane trucks and police vehicles all came to the scene to help to remove the truck...I hope no one is dead or seriously injured in the accident...they are still trying to upright the truck now...lets pray for the accident victims...
  14. Jackzhangxiao

    Early Morning Red-Light Beater Truck

    Early in the morning i was "awaken" by this red light beater truck. is there anyway i can report to the TP? [rifle]
  15. VellfireS

    CTE Jam Today Morning

    Anyone stuck in today's jam towards AMK? One tree fallen.. and also heard morning Orchard jam.. and got mini-ponding also..
  16. Picnic06-Biante15

    Terrible Jam at PIE This Morning ...

    Only 1 lane passible to traffic this morning..... Lane 3, 4 and 5 closed due to traffic accident and only lane 1 vehicles can pass through. Heard from radio, jam from Eng Ngo to Steven Road. Must be a very serious accident until closed 3 lanes.....
  17. As above does anyone have any lobang for any MPV no age limit and P plate.
  18. PRC Driver caught on video honking non-stop in the morning, annoying residents. Location is at Bedok South Blk 65 carpark... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151305934157308
  19. Blue2

    Gooda Morning PeeSai

    Gooda Morning, who let PeeSaiOng out har....heehee
  20. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21040313 Helicopter crashed after hitting a high rise crane. Terrorism ruled out but crash site is very near the MI6 building and where the new US embassy is being built. Authorities are unable to confirm the number of casualties so far.
  21. Driving along keppel road this morning, traffic light turn amber on last arrow, i accelerate and light turn red on line, do i have chance? I dun think i saw flash (but i nervous so might not notice), but in video i saw some bright light. anyone have experience with red light flash can advice? thk (maybe have to select 720pfor higher quality) Any experts can help me confirm, thank in avance.
  22. On a sunday morning, this clown not enough sleep. I dunno what he is doing on a public road early morning. Got money buy 2L car, no money buy street directory or a GPS. Wake up clown!
  23. Calvin79

    Heard on the Radio this morning

    Was on my way to work and was tuning in to FM93.3... heard that the government might allow camera phones into military camps soon... only restricted for sensitive areas in the camp... good news...no longer have to keep swtiching sim cards liao... Yeh!!!
  24. Was driving along Jln Besar near the hawker centre this morning in the rain and then this double decker chut pattern: (Paiseh the video quality was as it was recorded by my old DOD FH500 and have since asked our resident car cam guru bro Adrianli for advise to get a new one soon) Agree it was at a bend and that there was an old lady pushing a cart obstructing the bus but still the bus driver could at least signal, check clear then filter out safely and not abruptly like that. But seriously this bend is a dangerous spot and I urge all bros to be careful when here as I have seen many such suka suka filterings since it was created.