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Found 121 results

  1. Time for the sales! Support the economy Black Friday is on 27th November And 11/11 is just a few days to go So what are you going to grab? Please list the good deals here, thanks and huat ah!
  2. I was driving leisurely back from my hometown @ Kukup to Singapore this morning on a Good Friday. After passing by Malaysia custom at 2nd link, I saw nothing but cars, many many cars in the highway all cannot move struck in the massive massive jams leading into Malaysia. Every 200m there are police personal watching for Q-cutting vehicles, esp those who like to cut using road shoulder like what I will do. So everyone please be careful and do not cut Q. I drove along the 2nd link for a good 2-3 minutes and found that the Q were so terrible that it stretched about 3-5 km until Singapore custom. ITs about 9am in the morning so I reckon those vehicles will reach JB at about 1pm cos they Q is not moving. Next time if must go Malaysia, please reach Singapore custom at 4-5 am in the morning. AT least the jams wouldnt be so terrible!
  3. Yeshe

    Good Friday

    Hi all, On this day, we experience the greatest love bestow on this world 2000yrs ago and celebrate the death/resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the Bible, it is written that "God so love the world that He send His only Son...." God so love the WORLD, not just Chinese, Malay, Indians, Angmo, christians, muslims, atheist. Its the WORLD. With that, I wish everyone, regardless of race, language or religion, to experience joy, peace, rest and resurrection in every area of their lives. Happy Good Friday!
  4. Keep the dates! Anyone buying stuff? And please share any lobang that you spot
  5. Not an ang mo or ang mo pai so not bothered. [cool]
  6. Created a new thread to support good deals sharing. Cos nowadays too many platforms (qoo10, lazada, TB, amazon). Don't want a fragmented sharing session. Of course got any specific question, please go back to individual TB/qoo10 threads etc. Everyone share share haha
  7. RadX

    Black Friday this wk!

    For those in the know, this week is Black Friday and deals are abound at the major sites. So do your shopping this week and stimulate "Obama's economy [laugh]
  8. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/nearly-half-of-car/2465350.html?cid=fbsg
  9. Darryn

    Friday Poser

    Was driving last night, with baby behind watching Tinkerbell and the Pirates And something suddenly occurred to me... Can you please help to explain the physics of the cartoon to me... The fairies all have wings, if the wings get wet they cannot fly - so they obviously fly by their wings. Yet they need fairy dust to be able to fly. Zarina ran out of fairy dust and had to walk. But if you have fairy dust, people (humans) can fly - and ships and other inanimate objects and also be made to fly. So you don't need wings to fly? Or you do? I don't understand - how come fairies need wings AND fairy dust, but humans don't need wings?
  10. SuPerBoRed

    F1 friday tickets - free

    Hi everyone am giving away F1 tickets for this friday -: batch of 4 in bay grandstand area. Ticket details as follows (2 each in light green and dark green respective.... please understand wld like to give them away as a group of 4) * only F1 friday tickets for giveaway, for free. Absolutely free. * no need to buy me dinner/present/etc...... NOT EVEN COFFEE. * Absolutely free. If you are keen, - please apply by posting only "YES, may I have the tickets ?". - DO NOT write any other queries/text as these would be "invalid entry". * example. "true or not, free?, ......" is not considered as application for the tickets - first come first serve basis. - i will confirm as soon as available. - upon my confirmation, i will request for your mobile no for communication purposes and subsequent pickup from me of the tickets - this is a personal offer on goodwill basis. I do not wish to be liable for any consequences in any way. Anyone keen ??????????? *copyrighted from bro opel17 PS.. pick up area is raffles place MRT station at 6ish or tomolo lunch time .. OR still road area 7ish tonite tonite 11 is mayday concert btw..
  11. Mazdaowner

    NSFW: Today Friday you know Part 2

    [bounce2] Friday and Long weekend folks, enjoy yourself and drive safe! [bounce2]
  12. Jajoba123

    Wat u looking at?

    engross in reading n replying Watapps
  13. The body of a 58-year-old man was found in Kallang River at about 8.10am on Friday morning. A cleaner spotted the floating body in the river near Blk 3 Beach Road. The 58-year-old, who was wearing a grey shirt, was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene. Chinese evening newspaper Shin Min Daily News said the 70-year-old cleaner had been told by his boss to go check out the river, after someone told the boss that he saw a body in the river. The cleaner told his boss and called the police after confirming that there was really a body. He told Shin Min: "When civil defence officers arrived, I saw them retrieving the body from the river with their bare hands. Last month, another old man also died in the river, and I didn't expect a similar case to happen today." Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/body-58-year-old-man-found-kallang-river-friday-morning-20140328
  14. (this video clip was taken on 18012013, Friday afternoon) GBB 2439 X, you are going to be in public scrutiny for intention to cause injury or death to other road user. Dear Netizen, you be the judge. I am showing the full 3 minutes to show the tyrannical act of this road bully who nearly kill a motorist. The accident took place on Friday- 18012013 afternoon on PIE
  15. Sofarsogood

    Not a Good Friday for me

    Got this notice from TP. Friday morning, PIE (18km towards Tuas LP 889 overhead bridge), 1-20 kmph above 80 kmph road, 4 demerit points. Is this the bridge outside the old Police Academy? Haiz, I thought it was 90 kmph there. Any chance of appealing?
  16. Got a change of career since March. After sorting out some of the company issues, my daily work became routine.... Sent out only 15 emails over the last 4 working days and most of it are acknowledgement emails. Am I a very unimportant staff in the company???
  17. Sway, want to go RWS and find out my front tyre completely FLAT, kena a screw! Luckily my place has tyre air pump, topup the air pressure went to Autobacs Bukit Bukit, tyre under their warranty. When I changed my tyre there, promissed that after sale services such up topup air pressure, tyre puncture, rotataion are free and prioity, and today happen to be a PH, packed with customers, becomes first come first serve, asked me to wait 3 hours just for a job that take 5secs to remove a screw and 1 min to topup gas. Damn s&^%Jt!!, drove back home. Want to check with some bros here, where can I find a workshop that can amend tyre today? Prefer West zone. thanks. Whay always kena this kind of problem during PH or Sunday, either battery flat or tyre puncture, why so "heng"??? Damn it!
  18. Hi friends, my dad was involved in an accident at the above time and place, somewhere after Clementi Caltex. His car flipped a few times and landed sideways (I do not wish to share what casued it because Iwas not there). He is now being monitored for spinal injuries. All I wish to say is that he is a very slow and careful driver. He is so slow and careful that he was late for my ROM many years back because he refuse to speed. I do have a eye-witness but hoping if any bros drove pass that day with mounted car camera. Thanks in advance. I also heard the case appeared in a evening chinese papers on Sat. We did not buy. If you have the article, maybe can help to scan? I wish to see what is being written. Thanks many many.
  19. Mazdaowner

    NSFW: Today Friday you know?

    And a few more hours, it'll be the weekend folks!! [laugh]
  20. Just trying my luck here, my best buddy,my drummer in band, was involved in Hit and Run.. till now still unconscious.. police are appealing for witness... http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_798178.html
  21. Is 6th APril good friday Public Holiday for Msia??......shops open ?
  22. KARTer

    Friday On Sabbie's Mind....

    A song for Sabbie Monday morning feels so sian, Everybody seems to nag me Comin' Tuesday I'll feel better, Even my old dick looks good Wednesday just won't go, Thursday goes too slow I've got Friday on my mind I'm gonna have fun in MCF, I'll be with my bu, she's so chio n hot She looks fine tonight, She is out of sight to me Tonight, I'll paint my friend, Tonight, I'll lose my head, Tonight, I've got to get tonight, Monday, I have Friday on my mind I'm gonna have F in my city, I'll be with my girl, she's so pretty I'm gonna have F in my city, I'll be with my girl, she's so pretty I'm gonna have F in my city, I'll be with my bu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBJLoYd8xak
  23. Ix0107

    Black Friday - Advice Needed

    Dear Bro. Need advise on this case