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Found 15 results

  1. Are you one of the 55 "heroes"? More motorists have been caught speeding at a stretch of the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) that has retained its 70-kilometre per hour speed limit. Singapore SINGAPORE: More motorists have been caught speeding at a stretch of the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) that has retained its 70-kilometre per hour speed limit. The speed limit for the KPE was raised to 80 kilometres per hour on December 29 last year, except for a stretch near the Upper Paya Lebar Road north bound exit and the Airport Road south bound exit. In a written response to a Parliamentary question from MP for Tampines GRC Baey Yam Keng, Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew said that last month, about 55 motorists were caught speeding daily, up from about 30 per day in October last year. Mr Baey had also asked whether there is a need to enhance the signs to remind motorists of the lower speed limit. Mr Lui said the Land Transport Authority will add two pairs of "Reduce Speed Now" signs along the stretches approaching the location. This is on top of the existing signs and road markings. - CNA/al (source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/more-motorists-caught/1001338.html )
  2. anybody caught in this crazy jam this morning at thomson ? what happen ?
  3. I thought they expand that stretch to ease the congestion for cars heading towards Lornie road blocking up the PIE, but after they open the expanded stretch, they close the 1st and 2nd lane, it's more jam than ever now....
  4. UNITED Overseas Bank (UOB) has introduced a home loan that spans half a century - likely the longest-term loan available here. UOB introduced this longer loan duration as more customers have been requesting for such loans. However, these loans come with conditions. 'This type of loan is applicable to private residential and HDB loans only,' said Ms Chia Siew Cheng, UOB's head of secured loans and personal financial services. As well, borrowers above a certain age are not eligible, but UOB declined to say what the cut-off age is. And if the property is leasehold, it needs to have at least 35 years left on the lease at the end of the 50-year loan. Ms Chia noted that the loan has its pros and cons. Having a longer term 'will result in a smaller monthly loan instalment and will be easier on monthly cashflows. However a longer repayment period also means that more interest will be payable'. Financial adviser Damian Pang warned that by taking on such a long-term loan, the homeowner will be servicing the loan long into his retirement years. A quick check with other banks here found that the longest loan term was 40 years. At OCBC, for example, the maximum loan period for private and HDB homes is 40 years, or up to the age of 75 years, whichever is earlier. At HSBC, customers with at least $200,000 with the bank can get loans of up to 40 years. Others can receive loans of up to 35 years, at the most. Even then, most customers opt for loans of just 30 years, said Mr Harmander Mahal, HSBC Singapore's head of customer value management. Only about 1 per cent of customers take up the 40-year loans. Longer-term loans require the borrower to pay a smaller sum each month. This gives consumers the confidence to purchase new homes, and could help to keep prices buoyant, said Mr Ku Swee Yong, the chief executive of International Property Advisor. 'It improves affordability, which means it is good for the housing market in general, not just developers.' Homeowner Edward Ti, 28, said he would certainly take up a 50-year loan for an investment property. 'I would take a 50-year loan if interest rates are low. I would think that it is more efficient to use the money saved from the monthly mortgages to do something else.' If a borrower takes out a 50-year loan for $1 million at an interest rate of 1.7 per cent, he would have to pay about $2,475 monthly for his mortgage, compared with $3,548 if the loan ran for 30 years. This is assuming a period of low interest rates. However, if interest rates rose, say to 3 per cent, the $1 million 50-year loan would mean monthly repayments of $3,220. yasminey@sph.com.sg Paving the way for obscenely overpriced HDB flats. Be prepared to pay 1 million for a 4/5 Room HDB flat soon. So it's total slavery to your flat and many have to work till their last day with no retirement.
  5. Cbx750p

    Stretch Hummer3

    How about this babe for a real cool ride ? Can seat 12 person excluding driver and front passenger !
  6. Gee

    Stretch of road

    Do you have any favorite stretch of road(s)? Which and why? Please share, local and abroad.
  7. Works to widen a busy stretch of Braddell Road, between Toa Payoh North Flyover and Braddell Flyover, will begin in the third quarter of this year, said the Land Transport Authority (LTA). When completed by end 2015, the road will be expanded from its current dual-three lanes to a dual-five lane carriageway, which is expected to alleviate the traffic congestion that the stretch currently experiences. As part of the road widening project, the LTA will also be constructing a new single lane flyover to allow vehicles that are turning to the right from Toa Payoh to connect directly with the Braddell Underpass as they head towards Paya Lebar. The junctions of Lorong 1 to Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, and Lorong 1 to Lorong 4 Toa Payoh, will also be improved. "When completed, the road widening project will help to alleviate heavy traffic conditions currently experienced along Braddell Road during the peak hours and meet anticipated increase in traffic demand," said an LTA spokesperson. Residents in the area can also expect two new pedestrian bridges across Braddell Road. Necessary noise mitigation measures will also be in place for this widening project, both during and after construction, assured the LTA. Bishan resident James Martin, who is in his 20s and uses Braddell Road regularly to get home, would often be stuck in traffic congestion along the stretch during evening peak hours. "If the project helps to resolve jams, it will be great," he said. Source: http://www.todayonline.com/Singapore/EDC12...-peak-hour-jams & http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_788320.html
  8. To what extent did you stretch yourselves for the current dream ride??
  9. just curious.... from tampines/simei/bedok north/expo... going into ECP... the long left turn, the strips damn thick sia... bad until will talk funny wen on the phone... i try my best to avoid but sometimes rushing for time no choice hv to talk the route... anymore horrible ones?
  10. Source: http://www.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/Story...0110-44422.html
  11. Last Sat, I parked at Wheellock Place and thought I saw a stretch limo BMW because it was parked as such: At least that was my first thought. As you can see from the first and the next pic, it's parked so far back, the rear wheels are occupying the lot behind him. But when I went round to the front to snap more pictures, turns out it's just a normal BMW obviously driven by someone who can't park, depriving others of their paid parking lot. I think there was enough space to park a Smart car in front of it... This was last Saturday, 26 May 2007 at 5pm in the evening. When I left at 10pm, the BMW was still there, but now with it's rear wheels back in it's own lot, although it's still occupying a substantial part of the other lot. I think some guys got pissed and pushed it... So if you were stuck in the Wheellock Place parking looking for a lot between 5pm to 10pm last Sat, you know who is the idiot who took your lot....
  12. Abstract from Shell website: Nov17: Over 120 teams, comprising of two members per team, competed in this year's Shell Fuel Stretch Challenge. Of these 240 people, Mr Liew Chin Foo and Mr Andre Ng Wye Hoong emerged victorious in their Hyundai Sonata as they drove home the message that Shell petrols can indeed help motorists stretch their dollar. Competing in the 1000 - 2000 cc category, they won a pair of round-the-world air tickets worth approximately SGD12,000. Using only 4.4 litre of Formula Shell 98, Mr Liew and Nr Ng travelled 167km to complete the eight mandatory checkpoints around Singapore. By diligently applying Shell Fuel Stretch Tips, particularly by using the highways to reach the checkpoints to maximise his fuel efficiency, Mr Liew achieved a fuel efficiency of 37.84km per litre, thus Mr Liew managed to stretch his fuel by an astounding 271%. now who dare say Hyundai cars are not fuel efficient?
  13. Volk74

    Stretch your Octy

    Interesting... Anyone want to do it??? http://www.dcdesign.co.in/Dc_Xclusives/port_folio.htm#