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Found 81 results

  1. @jerminator, @lala81, @ender, @sadan, @kdash, @easyrider, @theoldjaffa, @Dleodleo, @davidtch, @kobayashigt, @silangkia OK guys, since this is a stand alone event, I am setting up this thread to share and organize start/end runs. we will have a start of event run on 5 Dec 2017 and a closing event run in Feb 2018 before CNY (detail we decide later for closing run). Our start of event run will be Date: 5 Dec 2017 (Tues) Time: 7pm Location: Punggol waterway park 10 Tebing lane, Singapore 828849 (meet outside Popeyes) Due to the confusion of our last run here, we shall not cross any bridges this time (unless you know the place well). We shall all gather at the start point and start the run together, distance to complete is OTOT. So set your own distance and turn back towards the starting point when you have completed 50% of your intended run, on the same route. Otherwise set a 15 min alarm and turn back after a 15 min run, you sld come back to the starting point between 30-35min. This is for the slower runners like myself, for the faster runners, OTOT. I will try to include more grp runs within the 10 weeks for the grp, meanwhile if anyone in the grp would like to call for any grp runs at any location within the 10 weeks, pls go ahead and do so in this thread. In addition, anyone who is not interested in joining the challenge, but would like to join us for an isolation run, or would like to meet up with us for a drink after the run, you are all most welcome. Those coming for the opening run, pls list your name below. 1) Tianmo
  2. kobayashiGT

    MCF Bingo Challenge!

    MCF Bingo Challenge! To entertain and amuse MCFers, The Mods have come out with a MCF Bingo Challenge. The challenger should circle/cross those words/terms that you can associate with. Save this image! Go Try it! See how many you can cross out! ❌ We will choose one lucky winner by the end of 2359 of today! Winner will win a set of The Singaporean Dream Card Game and will mail to your house! 🙂 Give it a try! Let's see how MCF you are! Special thanks to @Carbon82 @RadX @Spring @Jman888 @BabyBlade @pChou Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are just for fun. They do not necessarily reflect any political opinion. 🙂
  3. Top 7 Electric Cars Will Challenge Tesla Model 3 in 2019/20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5VX2gu5mgc
  4. Dangerous games that young children may be playing, including hurting others or themselves. A few years back they had the blue whale game. https://www.businessinsider.sg/what-is-momo-viral-challenge-2019-2/amp
  5. Fcw75


    Be wary when you take up the challenge... Facebook Accused of Using '10-Year Challenge' Meme to Improve Its Facial Recognition While the “10-Year Challenge” spreading across social media may appear to be the latest innocuous viral phenomenon, sweeping upwards of 5 million users and multiple celebrities into the challenge, privacy experts and technology analysts are sounding the alarm about the social engineering motives behind the trend. According to the theory, the meme – which calls for Facebook and Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) users to upload a photo of themselves a decade ago alongside their latest photo – was deliberately crafted by Facebook as a means to harvest photos for the sake of improving the social media giant’s facial recognition software and AI machine-learning capabilities, or for Facebook to sell in batches to third-party companies The first writer to lay out the theory in detail was Wired Magazine writer Kate O’Neill, whose sarcastic tweet questioning “how all this data could be mined to train facial recognition algorithms on age progression and age recognition” spread like wildfire after it was posted over the weekend. In a subsequent opinion piece for Wired, O’Neill argued: “Thanks to this meme, there’s now a very large dataset of carefully curated photos of people from roughly 10 years ago and now. … But even if this particular meme isn’t a case of social engineering, the past few years have been rife with examples of social games and memes designed to extract and collect data. Just think of the mass data extraction of more than 70 million US Facebook users performed by Cambridge Analytica.” O’Neil added that “we need to approach our interactions with technology mindful of the data we generate and how it can be used at scale.” The author isn’t alone in her speculation that the meme’s spread could potentially mask the tech giant’s potentially nefarious motives. Amy Webb, a professor and author at NYU Stern School of Business, told CBS News that the viral trend gives Facebook “a perfect storm for machine learning,” adding that the challenge “presented Facebook with a [terrifying] opportunity to learn, to train their systems to better recognize small changes” in users’ facial appearances. Facebook, for its part, has issued a statement distancing itself from the meme’s conception and that it sees no benefit from the challenge, explaining: “This is a user-generated meme that went viral on its own. Facebook did not start this trend, and the meme uses photos that already exist on Facebook. Facebook gains nothing from this meme (besides reminding us of the questionable fashion trends of 2009). As a reminder, Facebook users can choose to turn facial recognition on or off at any time.” Indeed, users are theoretically offered the ability opt-out of the social network’s own facial recognition algorithm through Facebook settings. While Facebook may have nothing to do with the challenge, the fact that Big Data’s motivations are being questioned is a positive sign that social media users are growing increasingly sensitive to the fact that their personal data is being captured, parsed, analyzed, stored, and shared by a network of data brokers, social media firms, and advertisers. Nevertheless, here's my contribution:
  6. https://lifestyle.toggle.sg/en/lifestyle/carchallenge2018 coming again, anyone interesting? unfortunately Subaru XV is not my favored car, If it is this range's Honda civic or CRV, or Hunyadi Tucson, I also want to challenge it
  7. For those who are keen, here's a chance to win a free slot: http://page.runsociety.com/ref/TC16446757/
  8. Ysc3

    Threatened at work ?

    anyone kenah threaten at work before ? by outsider some more ? how would you react ? how would YOUR COMPANY react ? anyway, this happened over the weekend ... as you know, I am in warehousing and we are all manual laborers working with other manual laborers. so last week we were very packed and truckers making deliveries to our whse had to wait much longer than usual ... so came one guy who drove a 40' trailer and decided to cut que and asked my staff to unload just one piece of cargo for him. my staff simply told him to go back and join the que and the guy refuted my staff saying he was rude and unhelpful. as he was leaving, another staff who just returned from the toilet told him to use the walkway and not the forklift ramp and the guy snapped and walked up the forklift ramp and threatened staff to "put location !" my staff sensed that the guy was a bit "high" and just kept quiet and the guy then went back down using the ramp. subsequently another staff from another section unloaded the guy's cargo after a few mins. I told me staff if this kind of thing were to happen again, just ignore such ppl and then get the security to remove them and don't even bother with the goods he is carrying. however, I do not know if my employer(customer) will share the same sentiment. **btw, I already went home when it happened ... was only reported to me the next day.
  9. @credor @davidtch @dleodleo @easyrider @theoldjaffa @ender @lala81 @rctp @sturtles @silangkia @sadan @tohto Here it is, the return of the 10x10 challenge some of you have requested for. I am putting this thread under "Healthcare & wellness" because I feel that it better suits here instead of under the "meet up" folder. So here goes. Start date: 26 March 2018 (Monday) End date: 03 June 2018 ( Sunday) Total 10 weeks. challenge 10 km a week (run, jog, walk, crawl), as long as you complete 10 km from Monday 00:00 hrs to Sunday 23:59 hrs each week. Those who can do more, pls go ahead and do more, pls do not stop at 10km. I am planning our start of event run on the evening of 27 March 2018, Tuesday. Location TBA end of this week, please refer back here for updates. Any suggestions on location beside the usual few we had? @adrianli @bancoe, do join us for the run if you are available on the day. @roadrunner2029, @mason016, pls do continue to give us your valuable tips and pointers to help us run better, faster and safer. Anyone else who is interested to join the grp, pls download Strava apps, look for "mcf running club" and request to join, send @ender or Tianmo a note so that we know who you are and can accept your request. we will stop accepting on 18 March, new comers can use the following week to get use to the app, fine tune and warn up before the start of the event. Current challengers pls make use of the 2 weeks to warn up your engines. Thats all from me for now, you guys pls carry on from here.
  10. Land Rover presents the Dragon Challenge: 99 hair-raising turns and 999 ferocious steps standing between the Range Rover Sport Plug-In Hybrid and Heaven’s Gate on Tianmen Mountain, China. Our most extreme test of performance and capability ever attempted.
  11. First round qualifier, please fall in: 1. 2.
  12. Hi guys I notice something In the overseas forums like USA U.K. And EU a lot of them boast about their super cars and their high life But when I throw a fun challenge ( just for the sake of fun) to them to buy a similar model in Singapore they turn quiet and try to change topic. I mean if they are brave to take up the challenge they should try buying the same luxury model and accept the challenge Eg Bentley bentayaga forums
  13. Hello, wanna share this interesting app that I saw in facebook. currently there's a challenge going on named Singapore's best driver. The top prizes are a year petrol and held by some insurer, felt its pretty fun and interesting. We always feel our driving skills matches those F1 drivers, hence this is the time to prove it. basically this app, drivewell is a complete telematics and behavioral analytics solution for the connected car world. It consists of three components to accurately measure driving performance and vehicle dynamics. I hope I'm not outdated yet plus I have search before posting a new thread. Neither am I related nor working for the apps or insurer. since there's a year free petrol and it promotes road safety, it's gonna be fun.
  14. Anyone here thinks a iphone 7 Jet black challenge with ceramic coat be it 7H , 9H or nano from the advertiser will boost the image and sales of the services ? The jet black being one of the easiest to scratch. IF by any chance, a sponsor and mycarforum can help provide a platform for this poll, I believe it will path the way on the ability of the coating then just hype.
  15. Hi A general car insurance question, Is it possible to challenge a claim again my car insurance?
  16. Anyone has joined this? What's your points now? http://www.healthhub.sg/programmes/37/NSC
  17. "The Reason Why You Love Singapore 150 Sec Challenge" Submit a video of not more than 150 secs, to share with us why you love Singapore at a location that represents this very reason and stand to win attractive prizes such as $10,000 cash and many more. Join us in this community effort for the nation! With your help we will gift the nation a record-breaking number of videos and reasons why we love Singapore. Every video counts! More information at www.facebook.com/Bean2SG and www.bean-2.com/SG50 A Record to Break, A Gift for Our Nation, Join Us Now!!!
  18. Adrianli

    TNP SUVival Challenge

    Yeah, over the weekend, entered into this TNP SUVival Challenge. I was not that interested but my bro need a co-driver, navigator and clue solver, so helped him out. this was our first time entering n no hopes of winning anything and we did not. Basically, there were 10 clues/task given out and four are compulsory. These four will lead you to the GPS coordinates of the Adventure and Offroad challenges. Adventure challenge was easy, it was like a mini SOC. The real interesting part was the Offroad challenge that bro was looking forward for. His SUV has not tasted mud before. There were several task to be completed in this offroad challenge, picture speaks louder than words so view the video taken by my Blackvue DR400G-HD car camera. The time taken for this challenge is extremely long, ard 1.5hours, so I have trimmed it accordingly. Do pardon the in-car comments between my bro n me. BTW, there was a Fast Forward envelope given in case u give up and want to go straight to the final destination. I shone my powerful 10W LED torchlight under the envelope, and saw the GPS coordinates. So we knew our final destination and planned the route accordingly. Enjoy the offroad challenge video : Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Lastly, really kudos to the organiser, SUVEC, the officials were really frenly, helpful and fun!!! U guys done a great job and to stand under the hot sun whole day cooked like a lobster. P.S No part of these videos to be used for commercial purpose. Share it if u like it.
  19. Fcw75

    ALS ice bucket challenge

    Surprisingly no one start a thread on this. Which one is the funniest you saw?
  20. [wave] [wave] Anyone interested in joining the Mediacorp Subaru Challenge 2013 with me. The one where you place your hand on the car, the longest standing strong will win. I came across LostPaws facebook and they have 5 direct entries up for grabs. They require us to form a team of four, not sure what else to do. But they are releasing more details on their facebook daily. Anyone interested? comment below and we might be able to get in together as a team. https://www.facebook.com/LostPawsSG (their facebook page)
  21. Will you support? Fundraising for S377A Constitutional Challenge
  22. Qoros is a China brand and the 1st brand to sell worldwide by 2014 But will it stand against the Competitor like the BMW? It's named as 3 Sedan after Audi sued them for using the 'Q' name , GQ3 This car is build to complete with VW Jetta , Audi A4 and ETC
  23. RadX

    Subaru Challenge

    Seems to be getting quieter n quieter....i oni heard cos mom told me abt it [laugh] SINGAPORE: The MediaCorp Subaru Challenge 2012 is into its fourth day. As at 2pm, eight contestants remain in the race for the top prize of a Subaru car and boasting rights for the last hand "standing". The contestants are all men. Four are from Singapore while the remaining four are from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. The last five female contestants dropped out overnight. The aim of the game is for contestants to keep their hands on a car for as long as possible. The last hand left, wins the top prize. The record of 80 hours 32 minutes was set in 2008. - CNA/ck
  24. Gold 90.5 FM 1. Class 95.0 FM 1. 98.7 FM 1.