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  1. But if the the road and traffic light design is f.up, blame who?
  2. Cam car was a bit smarter to stay 1m away from the stop line..
  3. Totally agree.. the behavior they exhibit is the same as in their own country..
  4. Pity the black car.. got hit for no rhyme or reason.
  5. This car playing bumper car?
  6. It's good you have this mindset, doesn't this equate to having a controlled traffic light for turning?
  7. new video showing 2 missiles hitting the plane. Lobby to install flares and chaff on all commercial airliner!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. On the flip side, might as well say don't have any traffic lights in the world.. everyone just OTOT
  9. True, but the traffic light system can prevent this kind of incidents, it proven elsewhere.
  10. AS long as the traffic light systems are this f.up, bound to have accidents...
  11. Beanoyip

    Australia drought, fire and heat wave

    Please help by visiting the affected towns!
  12. Beanoyip

    Donald Trump US President: The next 4 years

    In that case, I believe they purposely bobo their missile, thermal scan those military bases building with no one, and hammer them..
  13. Of course driver is at fault here, but LTA is at a bigger for designing such shiat traffic light system..
  14. Beanoyip

    Donald Trump US President: The next 4 years

    Iran appears to be standing down...
  15. Beanoyip

    Australia drought, fire and heat wave

    Australia is burning! Please help them wherever you can