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  1. Beanoyip

    Australia: Car Rental in Melbourne

    Just buy the tripcover for 4k excess, it should cover you enough.. there's a $0 option as well for 4k excess
  2. Owners can get new car if write off?
  3. When will they come up with a device that will only start a car if the driver is sober
  4. Beanoyip

    2019 All new Mazda 3

    I'm actually looking forward to the Mazda EV launching next month...
  5. 2 idiots in the making, 1 never bother to signal and expect to be given way.. another insist on right of way(which he has) but refuse to give way
  6. Which car is missing this wheel? Confirm drunk, that's why run, but where can he run if he's the owner of the car..
  7. This kind what punishment? At most fine and move on?
  8. Your parking brake is electronic or hand brake? I think once your foot off the pedal, car will restart.. maybe if put in Park and foot off the brake with handbrake, start/stop will activate also
  9. Can the garment fast track the facial recognition technology to catch these errand PMDs riding on road!
  10. Beanoyip

    Do you earn S$7,500 gross a month

    Even you know the owner, conti B&B cars will wear and tear after 5yrs, need to change all the parts
  11. Guess he will move his EV business to other developing country where the cost is cheaper.. Or he's simply not rich enough to pour billions of $ into the EV industry
  12. This kind he better hope he don't return to that carpark, if not charge him for the duration of that time he entered and the time he try to enter again..
  13. Any news of the BMW rider who bang into the back of the car, report calculated he was doing 180km/h...
  14. No wonder so lawless in SG nowadays, PMDs riding on road, drunk driver getting away with everything...