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  1. Tommisan

    advice for a 'new' car buyer?

    Overtrade is a loan, not cash upfront. 50k loan, what about interest? You have to factor paying the interest. Selling a 4 year old car at 76k when purchased at 120k brand new is almost impossible unless COE spikes. Depreciation is not linear over 10 years. Instead of doing the sums on your own, speak with the sales agent and you will get all the information that you need.
  2. I have read your post and understand your frustration. One thing you have yet to consider is the aftermath of such a repair. An accident car after such a huge impact can never be repaired back to its original state. I am 100% certain breakdowns will occur and nitty gritty issues will surface for the remaining lifespan of the car. Is it worth going through the hassle and deal with these issues? How long do you think workshop will honour the parts repair/ replacement should any issues happen after the car has been reinstated? Can the reinstated car be truly safe for you and your family members after the chassis of the car has been compromised? You have to move on and think that repairing the vehicle is the least ideal solution and move towards claiming for the total of loss of the vehicle. Since it will be a third party claim, substantiate your claim via compelling evidence to reduce/eliminate your liability. Engage legal advice independently or via. the workshop to negotiate on the claim if necessary. "The cheque u mentioned wont be the mkt value of the car. If u scrap the car.. u get your own parf. The cheque amount is the difference between the parf and the mkt value of the model." The most ideal is to obtain payout equivalent to purchase of the second hand car of the same make, model and remaining COE year. There will always be markup in the secondhand car market, else how would the car dealers survive? Take the money, go to the car market and negotiate for your next ride.
  3. http://motorcarinsurancesg.com/faq/#nineteen 19. If My Car Is Stolen or Totally Damaged, How Will I Be Compensated? If your car is damaged beyond economical repair, stolen or destroyed by fire, the insurer will compensate you by sending you a cheque for the market value of your vehicle at the time of loss. Some insurers will deliver a new car (of the same make & model) to you if your vehicle is still within the limited warranty period. For some insurers, they have an additional protection package (at a minimal premium) that will not total loss your vehicle even if the damaged vehicle is beyond economical repair unless LTA certified it is not safe to drive.
  4. Well done! Kindergarden was misspelt and no official spotted it? Oh I get it, one can argue this is an invention competition, not spelling bee quiz!
  5. Tommisan

    Bullet train from SG to Thailand will you take?

    Fully agree! Nothing has moved on the SG-KL HSR, it is all a dream to talk about connecting Singapore to Bangkok. Even if it happens, it would not be in the next 5-10 years! What a thread!
  6. Tommisan

    Australia: Car Rental in Melbourne

    Just make sure there is sufficient luggage space for the car that you have booked. I had to change to a bigger car model even though the previous booked car boot was sufficient, it was barely enough and not much room for more. And with the change, the wait could be much longer.
  7. Tommisan

    Australia: Car Rental in Melbourne

    Yes, it will not cover the full excess amount. Have checked that DA covers 1.5k car excess. Depending on the car type and model rented, excess could be more than 4k. I was informed excess was 6k for Audi Q5 rented from Sydney. The car insurance costs AUD 400, so I have decided to opt out.
  8. Tommisan

    Australia: Car Rental in Melbourne

    Some travel insurances do cover car rental excess, that could be an option as well.
  9. Tommisan

    Marbella DashCam Users

    I believe it is possible, just need to highlight to the installer. However, you will need some space to access the memory card in case of retrieval or replacement. By putting it in the glove compartment will also take up some of the storage space.
  10. Tommisan

    Marbella DashCam Users

    I placed it under the glove compartment. I wouldn't recommend to put it under the steering rack.
  11. https://www.evo.co.uk/lotus/22552/lotus-type-130-electric-hypercar-set-for-july-16-debut Going into the hypercar territory and with an ultra low production runs, Geely is ultra ambitious to compete with Koenigsegg and the likes. Lightweight at 1000kg and 1000bhp, it sounds so much like the Koenigsegg One:1. Geely might have all the resources it can give, but without a progressively stepping board and gearing Lotus into extreme performance, jumping on the hypercar race is not being pragmatic.
  12. Tommisan

    Front lower arm and suspension questions

    Change the whole arm, take back the worn arm and source around for bushing replacement. If you can find a reasonable price, change the bushing and keep it as spare. If not, at the end of the car ownership, just discard or give it to your regular workshop.
  13. Tommisan

    SPOILER ALERT: We're in the ENDGAME now

    Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer. If you have not watched Endgame, please do not watch the trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFoz8ZJWmPs
  14. Tommisan

    The 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia

    A used Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio in the market! https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/listing.php?MOD=Alfa+Romeo+Giulia+2.9A&AVL=2
  15. Tommisan

    Marbella DashCam Users

    Oh yes, am referring to parking mode deactivation.