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  1. In my opinion, he is right to do it. If he take an inward approach, SHU would have collapsed (overrun by WEI). The 5 exp is not to win battles, but to deter WEI. He knew SHU cannot take WEI.
  2. Hkers do not know how lucky they are with a growing big country behind them. Yes there are competitions between Shenzhen and HK, but there is enough to go around. They do not have to spend USD 3-5 billions to build water facilities, 1-2 billions every year for defense, import overly expensive food and gets threaten to ge cut off any time.... if Singapore save all these money, we will be more advance than Japan in 10 years. But then.... we cannot shift our location.
  3. Krieger

    Feeling a little bit emo...

    GO to Blk 9 of SGH and hang around there for a day. you will have a mindset change end of the day. Office shit? No big deal!
  4. My 3 year old Pors is way more reliable than M......
  5. Krieger

    National Service in Singapore

    Please remember , NS is very important to Singapore. I will def mak sure my sons go through it, regardless of what vocation. I used to think otherwise
  6. HAd a chance to see the new ERP unit (on trial car) , its way bigger than our current one.... looks like taxi type...oh man.
  7. Krieger

    Durian Sellers - recommendations and to avoid

    Dear all, please do not consume too much durian. It will strain our country's medical coffer down the road. Take care of your health and spare a thought for your family and country men
  8. Krieger

    Mahathir vs crown prince

    I think a lot of Malaysians outside of Kelantan has this misconception that it is a very backward and "radicalized" place. The truth is the opposite. A Malaysian friend of mine who stays in Kelantan for almost 10 years said the Chinese there are very well protected. In fact the Malays there treat them very well. The PAS is very worried if should the Chinese is being suppressed, they will be very Malu. Weird but true.
  9. Krieger

    Singapore-KL ties hit by disputes over waters and airspace

    Without the ILS, Firefly will have to abort a lot of flights during june and nov... what a weird decision. Thats what i was told by my Middle east pilot trainer.
  10. Krieger

    Sonic booms heard

    With such wide areas, high chance the source Comes from the sky. If authority insist nithing, then high chance its military testing of new weapons?
  11. Krieger

    Sonic booms heard

    Yep, 2 times. 4 mins apart
  12. Krieger

    Mahathir attending Singapore NDP in August

    It will be a waste of time reading up all those stuff. Money still walk the talk. Doesn't matter you are Singaporeans or Malaysians, as long as the disputes involved $ negotiation comes in. Do not waste time urging over those published disputes. Remember, most of us here are just pawns in the whole game. We are just a figure (tax contributor).
  13. Krieger

    Attempted suicide to be decriminalised

    I am very happy that this law is being amended!
  14. Krieger

    How much is your outstanding housing loan?

    As long you stay happy most of the time, you are already richer than anyone else. By the way what's 2 million profit for him to haolian about? One do not own properties or items if not fully paid up. They belongs to the bank.
  15. So far for me, my landed holds value much better in the long run,. Bad times also can sell at a reasonble price