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Found 17 results

  1. The new tech driving traffic on Singapore's roads Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/new-technology-driving-traffic-singapore-roads-11688500
  2. Wow Honda #1 http://www.carbuyer.com.sg/singapores-top-10-car-brands-of-2018/
  3. Buses with rooftop gardens will begin plying Singapore's roads, as part of an initiative to study possible energy and cost savings for bus operators. The Garden on the Move initiative, which was launched on Sunday (May 5), will see 10 SBS Transit buses ply Singapore’s roads for at least three months. The routes include one through the Central Business District and another through Orchard Road. Fares for these buses are the same as for regular buses. Touted as Asia’s first green-roofed bus initiative, the buses are outfitted with a soilless roof system - instead of conventional soil, the plants are secured on a lightweight mat used for skyrise greenery, said GWS Living Art, Moove Media, National Parks Board (NParks), Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) and Temasek Foundation in a joint press release. This makes it cleaner, easier to maintain and more economical than other conventional green roof systems, which are primarily soil-based, the release said. The aim of the three-month study is to confirm that the green roof will lead to a drop in temperature within the interior of the buses, and a reduction in the fuel consumption used for air-conditioning, the release said. Mr Oh Cheow Sheng, group director of NParks said: “This is a creative initiative that seeks to extend Singapore’s greening efforts, and which truly encapsulates the vision of a biophilic City in a Garden. We hope that this will spur others to explore other similarly innovative ways to green up Singapore." “Building upon the success of our Live.Work.Play.Green campaign in 2018 where we garnered massive support from the public on green buildings, this new initiative aims to once again drive green building awareness to the forefront of the public’s consciousness," said Dr Ho Nyok Yong, president of the SGBC. "We hope to sustain interest in green buildings by putting one of the most recognisable elements of a green building onto a very public platform.” https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/buses-sbs-transit-rooftop-garden-ply-singapore-roads-orchard-cbd-11505144 this sounds funny. can tahan thunderstorm or not?
  4. What will be Singapore's most in-demand jobs for 2019. Good time to take stock on where the sunset industry is and which job to switch to. Just that there is no plotted map for someone to refer to in order to get there other then the security pathway. https://www.straitstimes.com/business/economy/what-will-be-singapores-most-in-demand-jobs-for-2019 SINGAPORE - Singapore hiring is likely to see stable growth in 2019, with top jobs in demand to be analytical and data-driven in nature, according to the latest annual salary survey by recruitment firm Robert Walters. These include data scientists, product management, user experience (UX) designers, and digital roles, with cyber security to remain a major focus, in the wake of recent high-profile cyber attacks in Singapore. The report also found that job movers in Singapore can expect pay increments of 5 per cent to 15 per cent in 2019, and larger hikes can be expected for candidates with specialised skill sets in IT, digital and financial services. Among employers, human resource (HR) professionals with strong experience in HR technologies, as well as talent acquisition professionals for the technology sector will be sought after. Hiring levels for jobs in financial services will also remain positive, with a continued focus on technical and commercial skill sets. Demand will be high for skilled contracting professionals, trade finance professionals in corporate banking, investment and research analysts, and IT professionals in the financial services sector, said Robert Walters. In addition, sales and marketing professionals with big data, digital, e-commerce and transformation experience will be in increasing demand as companies continue their digitalisation efforts. With a limited talent pool, competition will intensify for specialists such as Singaporeans qualified with international and cross-border experience and knowledge in areas such as product management, technology law and blockchain, as well as supply chain and procurement professionals with niche skill sets. According to Robert Walters, the accounting and finance sector will see a demand for professionals with tax compliance and change management expertise, with skill sets in demand including a strong technical understanding and familiarity of regulatory rules, stakeholder engagement and management skills. In the engineering sector, more jobs are expected to emerge as oil and gas prices recover, said Robert Walters. Strong demand is anticipated for professionals in the semiconductor, medical devices, consumer electronics and manufacturing industries, especially in the research and development departments. "The best candidates look for roles they can grow into. Employers who can demonstrate that they have the right teams and systems in place to support a candidate's success in a role are better positioned to secure top talent," said Mr Rob Bryson, Robert Walters managing director for Singapore.
  5. https://youtu.be/u5b4acZCORQ But I notice there is no F5-E fighter Jet on display .. why ?
  6. Source: Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/transport/story/singapores-worst-driving-habit-drivers-who-dont-signal-20140609
  7. Filmed in rich and beautiful 4K video, another heritage rich site of Singapore - Arab Street. It was a beautiful evening and with so many tourist and local, it is no doubt a popular hang out and discovery location for families and friends too. Enjoy the sight here ! https://youtu.be/eEZgDSZoV2Q
  8. carloverguy2017

    Singapore's Little India

    A buzzing ethnic district Little India is a buzzing historic area that shows off the best of Singapore’s Indian community from vibrant culture to incredible shopping. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKCVBCADuYo
  9. Max Factor Garage prides its workshop motto based on two key words - “Honesty” & “Integrity”. The automotive industry is a competitive one and we believe in fostering long term relationships with our customers through our excellent workmanship and having a hassle-free repair workshop. WE ARE BARDAHL SINGAPORE'S CONCEPT STORE! SOME SNIPPETS FROM MAX FACTOR GARAGE'S GRAND OPENING ON 02.05.2015! BARDAHL SINGAPORE RACING TEAM! SG50 PROMOTION at MAX FACTOR GARAGE! FOLLOW US AT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR THE LATEST UPDATES AND PROMOTIONS. WATCH OUT FOR THIS SPACE!
  10. Hello, wanna share this interesting app that I saw in facebook. currently there's a challenge going on named Singapore's best driver. The top prizes are a year petrol and held by some insurer, felt its pretty fun and interesting. We always feel our driving skills matches those F1 drivers, hence this is the time to prove it. basically this app, drivewell is a complete telematics and behavioral analytics solution for the connected car world. It consists of three components to accurately measure driving performance and vehicle dynamics. I hope I'm not outdated yet plus I have search before posting a new thread. Neither am I related nor working for the apps or insurer. since there's a year free petrol and it promotes road safety, it's gonna be fun.
  11. Little_prince

    Singapore's best Cosplayers!

    30 uber hardcore cosplayers in S’pore who totally nailed it 3 381 March 31, 2014 Art & Culture This. Is. Epic. By Belmont Lay 1. Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail Source: Kimberly Aw Source 2. Chainsaw Majini from Resident Evil 5 Source: Muhammad Firdaus Source 3. Petra Ral from Shingeki No Kyojin Source: Jamie Low Source 4. Berserker from Fate/Zero Source: Yoo Jie Shen Source 5. Sandplay Miku from Sandplay of the Singing Dragon Source: Nor Umairah Source 6. Kagamine Rin from Vocaloid-Daughter of Evil Source: Elaine Li Source 7. Viera Fencer from Final Fantasy Tactics Source: Nadiah Bte Hassan Source 8. Babydoll from Sucker Punch Source: Kairei Source 9. Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown Source: Sylvia Yuen Xin Ru Source 10. Kyubey from Madoka Magica Source: Connie Source 11. Azusa from K-on Source: Fiona Liang Source 12. Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh! Source: Jaslyn Tan Source 13. Monokuma Gijinka from Dangan Ronpa Source: AOI Source 14. Tang Yurou from Chinese Paladin 5 Source: Meng Jun
  12. Thaiyotakamli

    Singapore's cancer drug

    有得救 http://www.channelnewsasia.com/mobile/singapore/made-in-singapore-cancer/1988090.html SINGAPORE: A made-in-Singapore cancer drug is touted to be the first publicly-funded drug candidate discovered and developed in Singapore to make it to trials on humans. In a statement on Thursday (Jul 16), The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and Duke-National University of Singapore Graduate Medical School (Duke-NUS), announced the start of the Phase I clinical trial of novel cancer drug candidate, ETC-159. The Phase I clinical trial is meant to evaluate the safety and tolerability of ETC-159 in advanced solid tumours of up to 58 patients, and the first patient was dosed on Jun 18. The first two sites for the trial are the National Cancer Centre Singapore and the National University Hospital, and sites in the US will be added as the trial progresses. The drug is expected to target a range of cancers, including colorectal, ovarian and pancreatic cancers. These cancers are linked to a group of cell signalling pathways known as Wnt signalling, which have been identified to promote cancer growth and spread, said the agencies. ETC-159 acts as an inhibitor of these pathways. "This drug candidate therefore offers a promising novel and targeted cancer therapy that could shape future cancer therapeutic strategies," said A*STAR and Duke-NUS. ETC-159 was discovered and developed through a collaboration between A*STARs Experimental Therapeutics Centre (ETC), Drug Discovery and Development (D3) unit and Duke-NUS since 2009. It was based on the discovery work of Prof David Virshup from Duke-NUS. Prof David Virshup, inaugural Director of the Programme in Cancer and Stem Cell Biology at Duke-NUS, said: As the drug candidate provides a targeted cancer therapy, it could potentially minimise side effects and make cancer treatments more bearable for cancer patients." He added: "It is fitting that Singaporeans might be the first to benefit from this Singapore-developed drug."
  13. no wonder the slightly better of families in KL send their kids to private colleges.
  14. Singapore's private car population has fallen to its lowest level since 2011, and the shrinkage could continue. The latest available figures from the Land Transport Authority show that there were 598,219 cars as of the end of last month - down from 600,176 last year. The number stood at 607,292 in 2013, and 605,149 in 2012. The car population is now at its lowest since 2011, when there were 592,361 cars on the road. The shrinkage is a rare occurrence in Singapore, where a quota system allows the vehicle population to grow annually at a pre-determined rate. Observers said the contraction is a sign that the supply of certificates of entitlement (COEs) is lagging behind actual replacement demand. Since 2010, COE supply has been formulated largely by the number of cars scrapped in the preceding months. This often does not correspond with the number of cars scrapped in the following months. For instance, last year's May-July COE quota for cars was determined by the 7,083 cars scrapped from February to April. But actual scrappage from May to July was higher at 7,514. Over time, this leads to a population shrinkage http://straitstimes.com/news/singapore/transport/story/fewer-cars-the-road-coes-play-catch-20150226
  15. SINGAPORE'S Central Provident Fund (CPF) system ranks top among similar social security systems in Asian countries, but it is Denmark's well-funded pension system which has emerged the best globally. The 2014 Mercer Melbourne Global Pension Index identified Singapore's CPF is a "sound structure, with many good features, but has some areas for improvement that differentiates it from an A-grade system". The Singapore retirement system continues to score a grade of B, but is expected to be upgraded once shortcomings are addressed, said Neil Narale, Mercer's Asean Retirement Business Leader. "The lack of tax-approved group corporate retirement plans and retirement savings for non-residents continues to isolate Singapore from other highly-graded countries on the global scale," he said. http://www.globalpensionindex.com/country-summaries-2/singapore/ http://www.businesstimes.com.sg/government-economy/singapores-cpf-system-ranked-top-in-asia-denmarks-system-leads-globally-mercer
  16. For the first time in more than 10 years, we are seeing fewer vehicles on the roads, which is attributed to government's intent to cut annual growth rate from 3 per cent down to nought-point-five. Singapore's rental car population in contrast grew by 6.5 per cent, effectively doubling the rental fleet over a nine-year period. A rental co spokesman puts the demand down to large number of foreigners coming here to live and work. Given a smaller annual vehicle population growth rate vis-a-vis an expending car rental population, we could safely infer a small percentage of Singaporean motorists have given up on car ownership. Should the trend continues we might see an easing of COE premiums gradually over the coming years when the bulk of vehicles reached their 10th year mark. Let's pray...
  17. Jman888

    Singapore's 'cherry blossoms'

    yes singapore very own 'cherry blossom' i believe many have seen the scene every where in singapore for past few days, they are really beautify to look at and the flower are all over the floor. those in the city area would need to be clean up but those at the residential estate can just let them be.