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Found 35 results

  1. As everyone should know, today, 9th of July 2020 is the cooling off day for GE2020 and it so happened that the weather is pretty cool after the morning downpour. That said, things were not so cool for these two Private Hire drivers yesterday. As seen on Sg Road Vigilante, a video of two PHV drivers turning the heat up (for the wrong reasons) has been spotted. No one knows what they they were fighting for but we can almost safely assume it is due to one of them not giving way to the other or something similar like that at this NEX taxi stand in Serangoon. It then seemed like a causally-dressed (weird) taxi driver tried to stop them. Kudos for him. What really amused us was the replies in the comments section. Check them out!
  2. i went to this island a few times many years ago... canoe or raft there n camp overnight. Never knew it was closed to public... maybe it was closed when they started the land reclamation? http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/coney-island-open-october-10 Known for its natural, rustic charm, Coney Island will open on Oct 10 to the public, the National Parks Board (NParks) said today (Sept 3). The 45ha island, which is also known as Pulau Serangoon, is located off the north-eastern coast of Singa­pore. It will open at 10am on October 10. NParks is looking for volunteers to conduct guided walks and other activities such as bird-watching for the public on the day of the opening and the year-end school holidays. The agency will hold training sessions for volunteers, during which they will learn about the flora and fauna of the island. The island, which is located off Punggol, is known as a stop for migratory birds. Tender documents released last year revealed that infrastructure on Coney Island includes a bird-watching station, walkways, and solar street lights. According to the master plan by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, a part of Coney Island is zoned for residential, sport, and recreational use. Those who would like to volunteer may contact NParks at cin@nparks.gov.sg.
  3. Wondered who decided that it's fun to have lanes merged and unmerged a few times on a straight road. Stupidity at its best.
  4. carloverguy2017

    Singapore's Little India

    A buzzing ethnic district Little India is a buzzing historic area that shows off the best of Singapore’s Indian community from vibrant culture to incredible shopping. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKCVBCADuYo
  5. Some pictures of 2 PM dining at regular joint in Serangoon Road - Komala Vilas yesterday evening- Enjoy!!
  6. To the black car with the McDonald's decal traveling along above 2 roads on right lane this morning around 8.15 to 8.25.. I am the silver civic in front of u. For your info I was stuck behind a champagne altis that was traveling around 30 to 50 km/h even at stretches when road was fairly clear. With that kind of speed and heavy traffic, and considering I was going to keep to this lane 2 traffic light down, I decide not to overtake on the left. I share your frustration of being stuck. This hogger was an idiot but u are an even bigger idiot for tailgating me and blaring your horn at me twice. I think the 2nd time u choose to stick too close to me and almost hit me when I had to stop due to this slow pok altis suddenly braking and you decided to vent your frustration unaware I am not the hogger. I would have stopped over and asked you what you want if my wife was not into her 1st week of work and cannot be late. You should have realized your stupidity when I subsequently made my u-turn and you can see the altis. Nonetheless screw you for your earlier actions.
  7. think he abit Kept on wanting to board the double decker bus, in the end damaged the wiper too...and stop another car beside the bus despite being pulled by 2 good samaritans to the side... Too many people nowadays liao...will SBS Transit ask him to pay for damages? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=638142909590913&set=vb.289564517782089&type=2&theater
  8. To the white Suzuki swift parked at deck 1 in the single lot near the turn right space, if you find that your car was hit and run, and no note left by the culprit, pls PM me. My wife saw that a car seemed to have hit your car but we were not sure as there was no loud noise.
  9. Hi all. just shifted back to Serangoon Central. and there has been lots of changes....... I use to stay in Woodlands and my workshop was along old woodlands road. It was a simple, honest and cheap place. Now can anyone recommend a workshop in my area. I need someone that is honest and affordable. advise pls.....
  10. It is Friday night and Serangoon Garden is a motorist's nightmare. A never-ending stream of cars head for the popular enclave of eating joints and watering holes. Drivers honk and patience thins as they jostle for limited carpark spaces. The compact centre of the middle-class housing estate is packed with 18 restaurants, coffee shops and a fast-food outlet, as well as the popular Chomp Chomp and Serangoon Garden hawker centres. On a busy night, car valet Adi, 45, parks up to 20 cars of patrons of Pow Sing chicken rice eatery. 'Weekends are the worst,' he says. Resident S.L. Chan, a businesswoman in her 40s, says she avoids driving near the roundabout during dinner time at the weekend. 'The congestion is already bad. Impatient drivers and illegally parked cars make it worse,' she said. Acting on residents' complaints, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) imposed a ban last month: No more Serangoon Garden shophouses can be turned into food joints. source: http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_781481.html
  11. From ST Forum: The feedback: Step up parking enforcement Published on Feb 13, 2012 RECENTLY, the Ministry of National Development said it may try out different mechanised parking systems in housing estates by the end of the year to ease a mounting carpark crunch ('Auto-parking trials likely in older estates'; Jan 13). But if the authorities are aware of the parking crunch, why hasn't the HDB increased its enforcement efforts to deter errant parking, especially parking in season parking spaces by non-season parking ticket holders? On weekends the situation is even worse where I live, Block 211 in Serangoon Avenue 4, with horns blaring as vehicles jostle for the right of way. In the end, the residents who pay season parking have to park at the hourly parking spaces located farther away. An array of parking rules is pointless without effective enforcement. Boey Oi Lin (Ms) *********** The response: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Online...ory_769130.html 200 summonses in one month at Serangoon carpark Published on Feb 22, 2012 THE carpark that Ms Boey Oi Lin referred to is carpark SE12, near Blocks 211 to 222 Serangoon Avenue 4 ('Step up parking enforcement'; Feb 13). HDB is aware of the parking situation there, and has stepped up enforcement actions at the carpark, with close to 200 parking summonses issued last month. Besides enforcement action, we have also implemented several measures to better meet the parking needs of season parking ticket (SPT) holders in SE12. For instance, SE12 is grouped together with carpark SE13 to allow residents to have more spaces to choose from. HDB has also extended the hours of the reserved spaces for SPT holders to include the whole day on Sundays and public holidays, and put up supplementary signs at this carpark to emphasise the reserved hours of these parking spaces. We urge motorists to observe the parking rules in HDB carparks and to be considerate towards other carpark users. Tan Ai Ling (Ms) Head, Bishan Branch Office Housing & Development Board
  12. Just now ard 1830hrs at the traffic light @ Upper Serangoon exit i encounter a joker. ( YOU know who you are if u r reading this ) There r 5 lanes, left 2 lanes r for cars to move ONLY front or left, right 3 lanes r for cars to turn right ONLY. You r at e 1st lane on e right and yet u still have e cheek to chiong straight n cut to the left side just because u r at e wrong lane n wan to go straight ?? Wat r u trying to prove ?? Did u know ur selfishness can cause me to skid ? It`s a wet weather do u know that ? You dun even care to on ur signal when u know u r at e wrong lane and wanted to try and move back to ur correct lane.. !! Yes, i`m e guy who`s riding a bike that blow u with my exhaust, so wat ?? Hey JOKER, U pay rd tax doesn`t mean u can have e right to make such a stupid mistake u know ? I got a car and 3 bikes, i`m paying much more then u and throughout my driving life, i had never did such a selfish act and cause other rd user in danger. Will it shorten ur life by making another big U-turn to get into ur correct way ? I remember ur number plate, i didn`t post it in is because i just wan to wake u up from ur selfish mistake, BUT if i saw u doing that again then i`m sorry but i`ll make sure ur number plate will be posted in here.. U got my promise !! I`ll advise u to wake up ur stupid ideal and it`s really SHAME on YOU...JOKER !! Mod, i`m sorry if my words r too hush. But that JOKER`s stupid & selfish act almost cause me skidded !!
  13. Happened today at 4pm near Serangoon First Centre!
  14. Why so many turtle turn? driving carefully please
  15. Jeleburacer

    Yoon Khong Tradings Serangoon

    Any brother or sisiter can share information about Yoon Khong Tradings, it seem like a medical hall.
  16. Went there around 11 plus in the morning and long queue outside carpark. Carpark was like a HDB mulitstorey carpark with very limited lots. Only manage to go up 2nd floor before getting stuck inside for another 15mins and told to leave the carpark by security as inside the carpark was totally jam up. Take the MRT there next time. Save you time and petrol! Very poor car park design and poor management. Security people not doing their job well and long queue of cars outside waiting to go in.
  17. http://vivian.balakrishnan.sg/official-ope...l-and-serangoon Now 2/3 of singapore land is under watch catchment zone.. and plus newwater plant.. I think Singapore can move away from buying water from malaysia soon..
  18. Yesterday while sitting at a nearby covered public space ..during my lunch hour ... Notice a Malay guy with bermuda and T-shirt suspiciously walking around the carpark.. Saw him earlier at the Minimart nearby idling there..Do not know whether he is alone or with an accompliced.. Seems a lot of ppl working nearby park their cars and motorbikes there including me which cars for workers around are allowed to park at Level 3A and above...7am to 7pm.. then when he reached the ground Level then I know whats he up too.. Beware don leave your valuable things openly and motorbikes don leave your cashcard in the IU.. He went checking the bikes one by one... For those working or stay around there...take care... Cheeers all..
  19. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ge-01
  20. Picanto

    Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre

    Its a Sunday and most of the shops are closed. Even the 4D outlet is no longer there. Most of the shop space are vacant and waiting to be rented out. This must be one of the most pathetic shopping centre in Spore.
  21. Hi folks, Just want a bit of advice. Had an accident at the cross junction between serangoon road and balestier road. I was at the leftmost lane and only realised that it was a left turning lane only after filtering into it. I went straight because I didn't want to turn into lavender street and a car on my right knocked into my side. The lane on my right is left turning and go straight as well. I know it was wrong of me to go straight. I asked the driver whether he checked his blind spot before turning left and he said it was not necessary to check. Is that true? I know I'm in the wrong but I believe he is also in the wrong. Please advice. Also, any recommendation on panel beating? Just in case we settle privately. Thanks!
  22. Happened at 5am plus this morning at the junction of upper serangoon road and boundary road there. Truck literally overturned and SJV murano face opposite direction. Big crash Saw at least 7-10 police cars, TP, Civil defence. Think someone trapped or died. Anyone saw?
  23. Mcfguy

    Parking around Upper Serangoon

    Any suggestions for daytime parking (9am-6pm) around Upper Serangoon area? Tried searching for Upper Serangoon Shopping Center's parking info but could not find. Anyone familiar with that area can help? Thanks.
  24. any brother here have the contact number for the shop that sell cheaper engine oil at teck chye terrace, by the way - is there mobile 1 engine oil original or imported ???
  25. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singapor...nt.jsp?id=25514 the lady driver talking on the handphone,