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Found 229 results

  1. StreetFight3r

    Decathlon Singapore

    Decathlon opening 4th and biggest store in Singapore. I'm surprised there is no thread being started here since they are so popz! SG so small need to many megastore? But anyway what's good in Decathlon? Been there so many times so far only buy a pair of shoes and also bag from the City Square store. https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/decathlon-to-open-fourth-and-biggest-store-here-in-collaboration-with-sport-singapore SINGAPORE - Riding on a tie-up with national sports agency Sport Singapore (SportSG), sporting goods retailer Decathlon is set to open its biggest store here yet. The store in Stadium Boulevard in Kallang - Decathlon's fourth here - will be about 5,000 sq m in size and is expected to open its doors in January next year. Decathlon announced the news at its Bedok store on Tuesday (May 22), where a memorandum of understanding was signed by its Asia chief executive Yves Claude and his SportSG counterpart Lim Teck Yin. Called the Decathlon Singapore Lab, the store is the first of its kind in Asia, pioneering the use of technology like virtual simulations and augmented reality. Customers trying out a pair of shoes will be able to get foot scans, for example. "Traditional retail is in trouble around the world. The expectations of customers are changing very quickly, they will not come just for the (store's) layout," said Mr Claude.
  2. Honestbee to open new high-tech Grocery & Dining Megastore https://www.greatdeals.com.sg/2018/10/17/honestbee-habitat-grocery-cafe-megastore-alexandra-opening-launch For those lazy to click on link and read, Ive done the hardwork for yall. Another place to hangout? Or just a matter of time when this will fail too............. How sustainable are these mega stores. Look at Decathlon, Don Don Donki. Are these also a matter of time in tiny SG? It won’t be just another online grocer or food delivery service for Honestbee as the company opens a new brick and mortar store that mixes supermarket with cafe concepts at Alexandra this week. Called the Habitat, it will be Honestbee’s first venture on a physical space that offers the world’s first tech-integrated multi-sensory grocery and dining experience. Habitat will come with a grocery section that carries fresh ingredients directly sourced from farmers and producers around the globe including Japanese spices, dry-aged meat, prosciutto on demand, limited edition balsamic vinegar and unique seasonal produce. It will also house over a dozen cafe and dining concepts including Korean fried chicken from KF Chua, milkshakes and premium ice cream from Milk Made, bubble tea and kombucha from Mr Bubbles, craft beers from White Moustache and much more. Food Meets Technology Besides good food and fresh groceries, Habitat by Honestbee will also be tech-enabled that offers cashless transactions, fully automated checkouts with robots and conveyor belts that manage the packing and collection. Habitat opens this Thursday, 18 October at 34 Boon Leat Terrace. Nearest MRT stations at Pasir Panjang and Labrador Park.
  3. Royce, one of the co-owners of the establishment told Mothership that he had “never experienced” an all-female car wash before. He stated that the reason for using female washers is to “create a fun and unique washing experience which we cannot achieve the same results with males (sic)”. That curiosity, mixed with the inevitable “first-mover” advantage, spurred him to set up such a company. Opening on August 9 with a promotion It will open on August 9, 2019, with a promotion to boot. And while one might think it’s a pop-up stall type of scenario, disappearing behind a wall of foam after the last fireworks go off, Royce has big plans for the venture. Invariably, issues of sexism might rise, with some questioning whether the women will be used as sexualised props instead of being seen as actual employees. This is a claim spurred on by the negative associations with the previous bikini carwash in Singapore. Royce, however, was quite adamant that this is a whole different ball game. When we broached the subject of the possibility of girls in bikinis, Royce quickly shut down the idea that his staff would be in swimwear. “Mrscarwash is a legitimate and a non shady female carwash business. Hence, our girls will be wearing personalised crop tops with shorts and flip flops.” “I do not intend to exploit any females to dress in a revealing or skimpily manner and it’s going to be just another job for them,” he added. He also reiterated that it will be “just another car wash business”. “Frankly speaking, I choose to believe that concerns of sexism may float up from the general public but i strongly believe that with proper honest working ethics, even if it involves fully female washers, it’ll be just another car wash business where customers get their car cleaned up.” The car wash will open their doors on August 9, 2019.
  4. https://www.straitstimes.com/tech/pilot-scheme-to-facilitate-hiring-of-foreign-talent-in-tech-firms?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=STFB&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1564531412
  5. Popular burger joint Five Guys rumoured to be opening in Singapore Sources: https://www.timeout.com/singapore/news/popular-burger-joint-five-guys-rumoured-to-be-opening-in-singapore-051419 With rumours flying that popular burger joint from Virginia Five Guys is about to open in Singapore late this year, the local food scene has been set abuzz. If confirmed, this will only be the chain's second outlet in Asia. The first was opened in Hong Kong last year to much fanfare and snaking queues. We can expect more of the same in Singapore if the waiting times for Shake Shack are any indication. The cult-favourite American brand is renowned for its huge and messy signature double beef patty burgers wrapped in foil, fresh cut crispy fries drenched in peanut oil and milkshakes so thick you can eat them with a spoon. Toppings for burgers are free (a magic word for most Singaporeans), with options like grilled onions, jalapeño peppers, relish and more – anyone can appreciate a burger with all the works. Vegetarians also have options like the veggie sandwiches, which come without a patty. Instead, they include grilled mushrooms and any other toppings you desire. Shake Shack, Burger & Lobster, and now Five Guys? We wait patiently with extra serviettes.
  6. Hi all, Can anyone enlighten me on how open Cat COEs are used? Mainly the strategies of how/whenthe AD/PI use them, since they cost the most (more than A or B) and using them when COE lower = lost $? Thanks for the help in advance!
  7. The Escape Theme Park in Penang is going to have the world’s longest water slide. Measuring 1,140m long, the waterslide is already 80 per cent complete, and is expected to be ready by next month. The theme park’s chief executive officer Sim Choo Kheng, said: “It is expected to be the longest in the world, longer than the water slide in New Jersey, USA, which is 602m long. “It can go into the Guinness Book of Records. “It is a challenge to build due to topographical factors and lack of machinery. “It is expected to open to the public in early August after a security check is carried out,” he said, after a site visit with chairman of Penang Development, Heritage, Culture and Arts Committee chairman Yeoh Soon Hin on Sunday (June 23). Visitors will slide down from the hilltop and cross Jalan Teluk Bahang to the suspension bridge and end up at the water theme park. The hilltop is also the start of other rides such as luge (sleds down the hill), zip coasters and sliding tubes. The theme park already has a 300m long water slide that was launched last year. Mr Sim said a 400m long cable car ride with 30 seats would also be completed at the same time as the water slide. “The cable car connects between the foothills and the water slide. “It is unique as it goes through the jungle,” he added. The theme park is listed in the international holiday assessor site, TripAdvisor.
  8. i went to this island a few times many years ago... canoe or raft there n camp overnight. Never knew it was closed to public... maybe it was closed when they started the land reclamation? http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/coney-island-open-october-10 Known for its natural, rustic charm, Coney Island will open on Oct 10 to the public, the National Parks Board (NParks) said today (Sept 3). The 45ha island, which is also known as Pulau Serangoon, is located off the north-eastern coast of Singa­pore. It will open at 10am on October 10. NParks is looking for volunteers to conduct guided walks and other activities such as bird-watching for the public on the day of the opening and the year-end school holidays. The agency will hold training sessions for volunteers, during which they will learn about the flora and fauna of the island. The island, which is located off Punggol, is known as a stop for migratory birds. Tender documents released last year revealed that infrastructure on Coney Island includes a bird-watching station, walkways, and solar street lights. According to the master plan by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, a part of Coney Island is zoned for residential, sport, and recreational use. Those who would like to volunteer may contact NParks at cin@nparks.gov.sg.
  9. Hi, I am trying to replace my kitchen sink mixer tap(faucet) , first is i need to be able to unscrew the hexagon nut before i could complete the replacement process till eventually tighten the hexagon nut again. The problem is the hexagon nut is very big, not the normal cold water faucet nut that i can use the normal sleeve wrench to open it. Any clue would be appreciated.
  10. need a quick help here... one tyre kena nail and i wish to get it fixed today... weekday hor, busy with work.... any tyre shop open on sunday that u know??...
  11. Currently opening of car door will trigger hazard light on, anyone know how to deactivate it or have to go audio shop to locate the wire tie to it?
  12. Lets say u r in a open space carpark, will you park under tree for shade, or park openly n endure the sun? Be it rain or shine.
  13. Wow didn’t know Seletar going to have one airport too?
  14. Sigh, my car lock suddenly jammed!! Unable to open from the driver side! Need to crawl out from the passenger side. Lucky nobody see. So Sia Suay! Sigh.... anyone experience before? Is it easy to repair?
  15. Aaronlkl

    Open Speed Limit

    Other than autobahn in Germany, does anyone knows any other countries has open speed limit?
  16. Hi, Hope bros/sis here can recommend a workshop for installing open pod air filter setup for CS3. Understand the installation will require a customised piping and the filter can choose from a wide range of brands and design. Will also appreciate an estimate on the price of the setup. Thank you.
  17. An interesting insight into the eyes of Expat kids serving their NS. Hard to imagine living in Singapore and yet not made a single local friend. If you have 10 mins of time while drinking kopi in office, it's worth a read. http://ricemedia.co/culture-people-expat-kids-national-service-culture-shock/
  18. Open concept vs. cubicles – What’s right for your office? https://www.b2bnn.com/2015/01/open-concept-vs-cubicles-whats-right-office/ In Generation X, Douglas Coupland’s character called them “veal fattening pens”. Dilbert gave us the term “Cube farm”. The poor cubicle has been given rough treatment in popular culture while the exposed brick and open-concept office style television series situate in re-purposed factory lofts has fed into the hipster mystique of boutique advertising and “almost” artists studios. In designing the ideal workspace, there are three key assumptions every company needs to address before deciding to go cubical or open concept or, more radically, with a mix of the two. Is maximizing the use of space to save on real estate costs the biggest priority? The maxim of “location, location, location” in our technologically interconnected world brings to mind only the funniest caricatures of inauthentic real estate agents. And yet, cities are economic performers and hot locations where everyone wants to be close to everyone else come at a premium. London, Toronto, New York and California’s Silicon Valley all stand as examples of the expense of convenient urbanity. Cisco, which has offices in some of the world’s highest rent business districts, originally designed its offices with the assumption that employees would spend the majority of their work day working in cubicles. Instead, they found that employees were spending almost 65 percent of their time in meetings, in client locations off-site or working at untraditional hours from home offices. Their sales force was out-of-office for the vast majority of the work day. The company employed a strategy that mixes cubicles, private meeting rooms and open concept areas with a practice better-known as hot-desking when employees can book the type of space they require to complete a specific task for different portions of the day. “By designing a space without assigned seating, two-thirds of which is vacant at any given time, Cisco could comfortably assign more people to the same size building,” the company said in a self-published report of its experience. “The building used for the proof of concept could accommodate 140 employees compared to the 88 who would be assigned to the same space in a traditional Cisco building. Real estate costs would drop by 37 percent.” However, not all business takes place in high-rent districts. Many companies outside traditional business areas do have space to spare. They can have a mix of workspace and meeting space solutions and offer their employees to choose the best option to meet their personal work style. Is spontaneous interaction between non-team members a path to productivity? The issue of personal work style and office space is just one consideration. While the current thinking views spontaneous interaction between various teams and departments to be a boon to innovation and problem-solving, too much communication can threaten productivity. The line companies have to walk between encouraging creative interactions between employees and supporting their productivity can be fine one. Just ask the IT staffer who gets waylaid on her way back from the coffee machine by colleagues who need her help with minor computer support issue after minor issue to the point she can’t get her project work done. That fine line between interaction and productivity isn’t something only managers feel. It’s been well-documented with results split down the middle. According to a review of literature on workplace design conducted by management professor Anne-Laure Fayard and organizational behaviorist John Weeks for the Harvard Business Review, what we think we know about designing office space to support interaction can actually inhibit it and open-concept office spaces are often to blame. “Common sense, it turns out, is a poor guide when it comes to designing for interaction,” the authors found. “Take the growing enthusiasm for replacing private offices with open floor plans in order to encourage community and collaboration. More than a dozen studies have examined the behavioral effects of such redesigns. There’s some evidence that removing physical barriers and bringing people closer to one another does promote casual interactions. But there’s a roughly equal amount of evidence that because open spaces reduce privacy, they don’t foster informal exchanges and may actually inhibit them.” Are quiet time and assurances of privacy a priority? Weeks and Fayard say that the need for privacy and the desire to support interaction are linked. You can’t have one without the other. They say that interaction comes down to privacy, proximity and permission. “The physical requirements of privacy are the most obvious ones. At a minimum, people need to be confident that they can converse without being overheard,” the authors found. “To ensure such confidence, spaces must be designed with visibility and acoustics in mind; privacy is enhanced when others can’t see whom you are talking to and when you can see others approaching or within earshot. There’s a subtle implication here: True privacy allows you to control others’ access to you so that you can choose whether or not to interact.” The humble and much-ridiculed cubicle may actually be the answer. The office and furniture designers and manufacturers Herman Miller recently published a research paper that went back to Bob Propst, the inventor of the Action Office, which is widely considered the first open- plan panel office design system. Propst proposed what we now recognize as the prototypical cubical in The Office: A Facility Based on Change, published in 1968. Herman Miller Research, Design and Development Vice President Don Goeman and Rick Duffy made these observations: “It’s time for the office landscape to do what it’s supposed to do: reflect the realities of the work and the people populating it. It’s time for a new set of planning guidelines, planning tools, social arrangements, communication protocols, new group spaces, work plazas, team neighborhoods, and places for heads-down work alone. It’s time for a new species of interior elements, evolved to help people confront new demands in work environments.” That means every company has to balance its real estate costs with its cultural need for both interaction and privacy, and for personal work style accommodations that result in employee satisfaction and greater productivity. In terms of real world design, that calls for a careful balancing of solutions that mix cubicles, open concept spaces and usage models that may be set according to design, or reserved according to presence, the nature of the task at hand and time of day. https://medium.com/@clearchoiceos/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-cubicles-and-open-plan-office-space-59bb556d215b Advantages of Cubicles - A cubicle provides privacy and a sense of ownership. It has a storage space in which an employee can lock his documents, files and other essentials. - Cubicles add standardization in the office. Every employee gets the same space for working. This plays a part to boost the spirit of employees. - You can create multiple separate workspaces in a large space. Cubicles allow you to utilize the available space in an optimized way. Well organized cubicles also reduce stress. - Cubicles also reduce distractions as one employee does not know what’s going on in another cubicle. Disadvantages of Cubicles - Cubicles are cost effective and used office cubicles are more cost effective. Therefore, many companies buy too small or too many cubicles and employees cannot work in there comfortably. - An employee cannot easily interact with employees sitting in other cubicles. Advantages of Open Plan Office Space - There are no physical barriers and employees can interact with each other easily. They can easily share project related important information. - It also saves money as you need not buy cubicles. Disadvantages of Open Plan Office Space - The noise can distract employees who are not involved in the project being discussed. - Apart from this, diseases like common cold are easily spread in open work space.
  19. Car Aircon gas seems to be leaking. Topped up gas earlier and it was cold but it became not so cold after a while
  20. New roads, new places to explore. Three new roads to open in Bidadarihttp://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/three-new-roads-to-open-in-bidadari Three new roads in Bidadari estate will be opened partially on Jan 14 to serve the upcoming developments there. They are Bidadari Park Drive, Alkaff Crescent and Woodleigh Link. The Housing Board said Bidadari Park Drive is a major road that will serve as the main transportation spine of Bidadari. It will eventually traverse the full length of the new estate, from Bartley Road to Upper Serangoon Road. Most residents living near Bidadari estate have given the thumbs up to the development of these new roads, especially Bidadari Park Drive. Engineer Saiful Said, 26, who lives in Potong Pasir Avenue 1, told The Sunday Times that he often rides his motorcycle in the direction of Bartley Road to meet his friends in MacPherson. He said: "Right now, I have to ride down Upper Serangoon Road before making a right turn into Bartley Road. This leg of the journey takes about 10 minutes. When Bidadari Park Drive is fully open, I think it will take about five minutes." A housewife, who wanted to be known only as Madam Wong, 42, shared a similar view. She said: "There are some students living in Potong Pasir who go to schools near the Bartley area, such as Maris Stella High School and St Gabriel's Secondary. I think this will cut their travelling time." However, a retiree who declined to be named is not too enthusiastic about the new roads. He said: "I don't think the roads will cut travelling time that much. I've been living in Potong Pasir since the 1990s and I really miss the old Bidadari cemetery because it was so peaceful and green. Now, the area will just be another housing estate." New traffic lights will also be set up in the area. They will be along Bidadari Park Drive, at the junctions of Upper Serangoon Road, Upper Aljunied Road and Alkaff Crescent. Since November 2015, HDB has launched more than 6,000 flats in seven new-generation public housing projects such as Alkaff Lakeview, Alkaff Oasis, Woodleigh Glen and Woodleigh Village. It added that these units have seen strong response, averaging about five applicants to one flat. The masterplan for Bidadari was launched in August 2013 and it draws inspiration from the area's rich heritage and unique landscape. Spanning 93ha, roughly the size of 150 football fields, the estate is bounded by Bartley Road, Sennett Estate, Upper Serangoon Road and Mount Vernon Road. It is built on top of what was once Singapore's largest grave site. The estate will feature lush greenery and social spaces, in line with the area's vision of being "a community in a garden".
  21. Hi guys, My car door indicator is always intermittently on during driving and the problem seems to be getting worse. It is mostly on now. All the doors are fully close but yet the car door open indicator keeps getting on from time to time. I can ignore it, but when it is on, I cannot use my remote car key to auto lock the door. The remote sense some doors are still "open" so I could not lock the car by using the remote. I have to manually lock the car. Any workshop that can repair such issues?
  22. I am in my car and this guy who opens door and hit my side and he just look at me and did not apologize what do u guys do when u in this situation I park at public carpark within my own space nicely he park more to my side
  23. Bond38

    Open Pod

    Hi guys..just got a Jazz GD1 {M} with open pod filter. isit true that this will lose the low rpm torque?? Thinking of changing back to original air box.... Thanks for reply.
  24. To the owner/driver of dark Toyota Camry, I witnessed and a video has captured in my in car camera, when a lorry reversed and ramp to your front left of the car. PM me if you need the footage. Time/Date/Venue as stated in subject.
  25. Really pissed just now. One family walking to their car beside mine, I was sitting in my car.. I cannot imagine they jus allow their 2 kids open the door and get in their car without telling them to be careful with opening.. This what happen.. They really hit my car.. Damn a-----e.. I have to tell them to teach their kids.. a-----e!!