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  1. Dannnn

    Zhng the Car

    Sure is hers? Mayb husb/ bf car n they sharing it
  2. Dannnn

    Proud of your RIMS? Post it HERE!

    I’ll say your deal is not bad given that yours a 20”, mine is 18” with f1a5(don’t like ps4 due to the noise, since I won’t really fully utilise the potential of the tyre)
  3. Dannnn

    Proud of your RIMS? Post it HERE!

    Thanks! The rrp is 3999 before trade in. After some nego n traded in my stock rim, u can shave up to almost 4 digits.
  4. Dannnn

    Proud of your RIMS? Post it HERE!

    Yes, the looks really change once mounted on the car. The sample 17” Bathurst they have there tbh doesn’t really appeal to me. now if I were to choose again lll choose gunmetal over black anytime. thanks for the compliment, do share ur ride once your wheels is up!
  5. Dannnn

    Need soundproofing advices

    Any one sound proof bonnet to reduce engine sound here? Does it really work?
  6. Dannnn

    Proud of your RIMS? Post it HERE!

    Yeah mines a 18”. I wanted black wheels at first and was considering this for quite some time due to its gunmetal. Like the design so just go for it, turn out it is better than what I expected. Like the slight concaved design for this.
  7. Dannnn

    Proud of your RIMS? Post it HERE!

    TSW wheels Eagle f1a5 Do say hi when u see me 😋
  8. Dannnn

    Do You Mod Your car?

    U need to be on the road more.Ever saw before m3 m5 c63 c43 a45 gtr z4 golf r etc etc , mod till gaolat gaolat? Or simple one, 520i mod to "m5". 320 "mod" to m3
  9. Dannnn

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    Actually what i meant is... You need to be generous and stEp on the pedal , if u drive 2L car u so frugal or anal about fc, makes no diff. N of cos vrs shiok la! But u will be surprise ppl who buy 2l turbo and above car, dont really Chiong. Bcos their reason is "petrol expensive leh"
  10. Dannnn

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    Actually 1.3-1.6na engine also can chiong one in sg road if u want. But all save fuel like no tomorrow thus...
  11. Dannnn

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    Ur customer all chiong 0-100?
  12. Dannnn

    Mercedes C class 2018

    Anyone here driving an c class cabriolet? Just wanna ask if able to put 28" luggage in the boot? If not, can the reat seat put two 28" lugg?
  13. Personal accident? You don't have a insurance plan for that? I believe axa one you are talking about car one right
  14. Torn between AXA and Allianz, allianz cheaper by $50 but lesser benefit. Anyone got review of Allianz?