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  1. I just hope Taiwan can officially answer this simple question. If tomorrow, someone shot and kill their president. Then fly to HK and stay there. What would they say or do? Stick to this principle and send agent to kill him? Fell the pain only when it burnt their backside. Other people they just talk nonsense.
  2. Choice of words and how much you want to filter these clowns say.
  3. So now we know. Nobel prize is for supporting western ideology. So, if anyone needs a prize, try carrying the west. There are a few HKers now over in Britain and USA, do they qualify? Queuing maybe haha
  4. Victor68

    Ceiling fan

    True and you may be consuming more electricity because there may be restriction causing the motor to work harder 5o turn the blades. Help the economy, go get a new one
  5. If not your core competency outsource it. Stay on top and free yourself of trouble. Sound familiar? It is the name of the game in modern management. Everybody is in charge but nobody is responsible
  6. BBC is entertainment. Like watching cowboy and indian show. The cowboys always wining and good guys although they rob. After the show, go home and forget about it.
  7. NOBEL PRIZE is noted for this haha. Those previous owners now got to hide or throw their trophies away.
  8. To attack innocents is like an act of terrorism. There are good Americans and British people too. Same for businesses. We must understand what is right and wrong thing to do, otherwise it is no difference from those cockroaches you saw in HK. Whack their own grandmother and grandfather to be son and daughter of the west. haha
  9. Victor68

    Home fires more often now due to PMDs?

    I didn't know a small battery on the PMD will explodes so many times. If hybrid or elect car, would be very serious due to the size and number of batteries.
  10. He is merely stating facts. As asian, we need to be seen as united. HK rioters, no worries. Even if it truely 2 millions, 5hey will be drowned by the billions. Make sure they know and are planning where to run soon.
  11. I would like see what these rioters can do and who is supporting them when they need to run road. We will know who are whacking our assets. They will have to pay back some day.
  12. I hope the media condemn the bristish police for using excessive force on these peaceful protesters. Set up an independent inquiry into why they are being so brutal.
  13. Victor68

    What's Your Utility Bill Like and how to reduce it

    Alamak, how would a tank improve your pressure unless you pump water high up then let gravity push down the water? In contrary, some instant heater has booster pump built in to improve pressure. If your supply is intermittent, then tank will ensure constant flow but Singapore don't have such problem.
  14. Victor68

    What's Your Utility Bill Like and how to reduce it

    Nothing wrong with tank heater, just wasting of energy if it doesn't serves the purpose you need. If you have long bath, you need large volume of hot water, your washing machine need hot water, you use hot water for dish washing a d of course in temperate countries, you can't even wash your hands without warm water then it is useful.