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  1. Victor68

    1.5m condo owner scold security guard

    People working in the respective industries involving CECA tell a different story and we also see that mass. So, CSS better come up with numbers and which company he is referring to for verification. MOM also need to clarify. Many married foreigners and cannot get PR. Now it seems quite easy as long as registered with that local government or MOM sets different criteria like lawyers and doctors?
  2. Sometime act like sotong stand a better chance to be boss and part of the party. Too smart you scare off not only your boss but also cannot join the party.
  3. Victor68

    1.5m condo owner scold security guard

    How connection get you the job is given, nothing anyone can do if that is not a public entity. Issuing work permit to deprive local is something the responsibility of our government. All schools are legitimate if they are registered in their respective country, question is more which are the ones accepted by MOM? Please do make this crystal clear so that our students know where to study. CECA has brought new jobs to singaporeans so somebody claimed. Please do show data of the big firms here hiring CECA the numbers. Or just visit changi biz park to show how come Singaporean is missing there and provide simple explanation show that Singaporean is not missing out and anyhow claim. Thank you.
  4. Don't worry, anwar will be so busy taking are of laoma son like how he was taken care off by him. That is the only reason why the hand over took so long. Haha
  5. I think the saga is enough. Too much attention given to a group of 'rubbish'. The best for them is everyone ignore them and let them self destruct. They will have to come to term and move on. We just have to ensure the rubbish don't float over here.
  6. Maybe it is time to rename liao. Pedestrian and footpath are for? Cycling path are for and road are for? Start from nursery because MP paid so much also cannot differentiate. Hopefully next generation everyone will be clear.
  7. This is where Grab should be doing something. I am sure they register all their "runners'. If caught and reported, they will be bar from their list. Who owns Grab and why aren't they supporting LTA?
  8. We also need to change our lifestyle including our diet. While we could drain off as much liquid waste as possible, most of our food waste are wet waste. Incidentally, in Australia, when I throw away fruit peels, I also use plastic bags. So simply throw all types of waste into the bin doesn't work.
  9. For those who stayed in landed property, how do they throw their thrash? Surely need to bag them first right? No plastic bag, will have to buy lor. Cannot empty into bin then the refuse truck will line the road like Christmas decorations next morning. Haha
  10. This morning saw auxiliary police all over the place. Auxiliary police huat ah. Hope they don't merely just hand out pamphlet, ah pek and ah soh can do that job part time. Take down particular and repeated offender after 31st dec double fine lor.
  11. Singapore also go people living in more than 10,000 sq ft bungalow with 7-8 rooms but also those in less than 500 sq ft rented flat with extended family. China has more than 1.2 billion people, to think all live in primitive shared non partitioned toilet mean you must have not been there a long time. Someone said this and I fully agree. You simply cannot compare china with just another country. China itself is bigger and more complex than europe. Can european countries all the same? Then there are people keeps comparing Singapore. Yes as a tiny dot we did well. But let's be realistic. We are just that dot. Same application on bigger than that dot may not work at all.
  12. Talk about packaging, Japan is the most green society and also the best example how packaging should be done to impress haha
  13. Victor68

    Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)

    How come he was not part of his advisory panel when he signed that agreement? Surely he is one of the most talented and knows India dynamic better person to advise. Did he hear from the wrong people or make own decision? Good to explain why he made those decisions, based on whose recommendations and why. This is call, 'postmortem' which our government is very good at lah. haha
  14. My friend, $20 each, you bring over to JB cover lunch, massage and dinner liao. haha