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Found 91 results

  1. Open concept vs. cubicles – What’s right for your office? https://www.b2bnn.com/2015/01/open-concept-vs-cubicles-whats-right-office/ In Generation X, Douglas Coupland’s character called them “veal fattening pens”. Dilbert gave us the term “Cube farm”. The poor cubicle has been given rough treatment in popular culture while the exposed brick and open-concept office style television series situate in re-purposed factory lofts has fed into the hipster mystique of boutique advertising and “almost” artists studios. In designing the ideal workspace, there are three key assumptions every company needs to address before deciding to go cubical or open concept or, more radically, with a mix of the two. Is maximizing the use of space to save on real estate costs the biggest priority? The maxim of “location, location, location” in our technologically interconnected world brings to mind only the funniest caricatures of inauthentic real estate agents. And yet, cities are economic performers and hot locations where everyone wants to be close to everyone else come at a premium. London, Toronto, New York and California’s Silicon Valley all stand as examples of the expense of convenient urbanity. Cisco, which has offices in some of the world’s highest rent business districts, originally designed its offices with the assumption that employees would spend the majority of their work day working in cubicles. Instead, they found that employees were spending almost 65 percent of their time in meetings, in client locations off-site or working at untraditional hours from home offices. Their sales force was out-of-office for the vast majority of the work day. The company employed a strategy that mixes cubicles, private meeting rooms and open concept areas with a practice better-known as hot-desking when employees can book the type of space they require to complete a specific task for different portions of the day. “By designing a space without assigned seating, two-thirds of which is vacant at any given time, Cisco could comfortably assign more people to the same size building,” the company said in a self-published report of its experience. “The building used for the proof of concept could accommodate 140 employees compared to the 88 who would be assigned to the same space in a traditional Cisco building. Real estate costs would drop by 37 percent.” However, not all business takes place in high-rent districts. Many companies outside traditional business areas do have space to spare. They can have a mix of workspace and meeting space solutions and offer their employees to choose the best option to meet their personal work style. Is spontaneous interaction between non-team members a path to productivity? The issue of personal work style and office space is just one consideration. While the current thinking views spontaneous interaction between various teams and departments to be a boon to innovation and problem-solving, too much communication can threaten productivity. The line companies have to walk between encouraging creative interactions between employees and supporting their productivity can be fine one. Just ask the IT staffer who gets waylaid on her way back from the coffee machine by colleagues who need her help with minor computer support issue after minor issue to the point she can’t get her project work done. That fine line between interaction and productivity isn’t something only managers feel. It’s been well-documented with results split down the middle. According to a review of literature on workplace design conducted by management professor Anne-Laure Fayard and organizational behaviorist John Weeks for the Harvard Business Review, what we think we know about designing office space to support interaction can actually inhibit it and open-concept office spaces are often to blame. “Common sense, it turns out, is a poor guide when it comes to designing for interaction,” the authors found. “Take the growing enthusiasm for replacing private offices with open floor plans in order to encourage community and collaboration. More than a dozen studies have examined the behavioral effects of such redesigns. There’s some evidence that removing physical barriers and bringing people closer to one another does promote casual interactions. But there’s a roughly equal amount of evidence that because open spaces reduce privacy, they don’t foster informal exchanges and may actually inhibit them.” Are quiet time and assurances of privacy a priority? Weeks and Fayard say that the need for privacy and the desire to support interaction are linked. You can’t have one without the other. They say that interaction comes down to privacy, proximity and permission. “The physical requirements of privacy are the most obvious ones. At a minimum, people need to be confident that they can converse without being overheard,” the authors found. “To ensure such confidence, spaces must be designed with visibility and acoustics in mind; privacy is enhanced when others can’t see whom you are talking to and when you can see others approaching or within earshot. There’s a subtle implication here: True privacy allows you to control others’ access to you so that you can choose whether or not to interact.” The humble and much-ridiculed cubicle may actually be the answer. The office and furniture designers and manufacturers Herman Miller recently published a research paper that went back to Bob Propst, the inventor of the Action Office, which is widely considered the first open- plan panel office design system. Propst proposed what we now recognize as the prototypical cubical in The Office: A Facility Based on Change, published in 1968. Herman Miller Research, Design and Development Vice President Don Goeman and Rick Duffy made these observations: “It’s time for the office landscape to do what it’s supposed to do: reflect the realities of the work and the people populating it. It’s time for a new set of planning guidelines, planning tools, social arrangements, communication protocols, new group spaces, work plazas, team neighborhoods, and places for heads-down work alone. It’s time for a new species of interior elements, evolved to help people confront new demands in work environments.” That means every company has to balance its real estate costs with its cultural need for both interaction and privacy, and for personal work style accommodations that result in employee satisfaction and greater productivity. In terms of real world design, that calls for a careful balancing of solutions that mix cubicles, open concept spaces and usage models that may be set according to design, or reserved according to presence, the nature of the task at hand and time of day. https://medium.com/@clearchoiceos/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-cubicles-and-open-plan-office-space-59bb556d215b Advantages of Cubicles - A cubicle provides privacy and a sense of ownership. It has a storage space in which an employee can lock his documents, files and other essentials. - Cubicles add standardization in the office. Every employee gets the same space for working. This plays a part to boost the spirit of employees. - You can create multiple separate workspaces in a large space. Cubicles allow you to utilize the available space in an optimized way. Well organized cubicles also reduce stress. - Cubicles also reduce distractions as one employee does not know what’s going on in another cubicle. Disadvantages of Cubicles - Cubicles are cost effective and used office cubicles are more cost effective. Therefore, many companies buy too small or too many cubicles and employees cannot work in there comfortably. - An employee cannot easily interact with employees sitting in other cubicles. Advantages of Open Plan Office Space - There are no physical barriers and employees can interact with each other easily. They can easily share project related important information. - It also saves money as you need not buy cubicles. Disadvantages of Open Plan Office Space - The noise can distract employees who are not involved in the project being discussed. - Apart from this, diseases like common cold are easily spread in open work space.
  2. Thaiyotakamli

    What office shoe do you wear?

    since there is shirt, now time to talk about the office shoe..... what brand are you wearing? any favourite brand? how much are you willing to fork out for a shoe?
  3. chryst

    Clients From Hell

    I'm sure everybody has encountered headscratching situations in the workspace. Be it from colleagues or clients, some of them make you wanna vomit blood. Let's share our stories! - Client: The artwork colour needs to be exactly the same as our core product. Me: Sure, just let my designer know your Pantone/CMYK/RGB code when you sent the requirements over. *2 weeks later, designer crying. Client has been scolding them for incompetence and "blindness", and just arrived unannounced in the office* Client: YOUR DESIGNER ALL BLIND OR STUPID? I SAID MUST BE SAME COLOUR! I MUST HAVE SAID THIS AT LEAST 10,000 TIMES! Me: Designer, you guys didn't follow brief? Forward it to me I check. Sorry client, gimme 5 mins. Client: *angry face* *I check and there's no problem at all. Followed brief down to the last fullstop* Me: Miss Client, as you can see here, its the same colour code in your brief, and.. *CLIENT EXPLODES, CUTS ME OFF AND STARTS SHOUTING DAMN LOUDLY* Client: What's wrong with all of you! Even you at your level don't understand simple English! *Whips out her laptop to open the artwork* Client: Can you see how different it is!? Look, your laptop, her PC and mine all different colour! *Whips out actual product and aggressively slams it against all the screens* Client: And NONE of them matches my real product!!!!!!! At this point, COO came into my room to ask what's going on since he's next door and can hear everything. He discovers that the client doesn't understand how different machines show colours differently, and that "real" colour on a screen doesn't mean "real" colour produced. He literally threw her out of the office and broke their contract. - Colleague A: You want some bacon? I bring back from Australia. I put some in the oven for you, later try okay? Colleague B: Err... but I'm vegetarian you know right. Colleague A: Oh, I thought you ony cannot eat meat in Singapore. Then how about this kangaroo jerky? Its not beef. *facepalm* Note: Clients From Hell is a real website founded in 2009.
  4. Never knew Viagra can help against mountain sickness. Is anyone going Tibet or Bolivia or sichuan? If so, good excuse to get some http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/south-korea-s-presidential-office-explains-viagra-purchase/3311870.html?cid=twtcna
  5. Can anyone share stories of the most horrible colleagues you have met? My office is still ok but how do you handle tai chi masters, backstabbers, hot air balloons, prima donnas, blur sotongs and other difficult people at work?
  6. Ownself check ownself 2019 edition Auditor-General finds lapses in procurement, contracts and IT controls in public agencies Mata involved! Police reports made after AGO highlights lapses Police begin probe over irregular quotations received by MND and URA after AGO report
  7. Singapore Rolls Out Next-Gen Post Offices Complete with 3DP http://www.engineering.com/3DPrinting/3DPrintingArticles/ArticleID/8643/Singapore-Rolls-Out-Next-Gen-Post-Offices-Complete-with-3DP.aspx SingPost is rolling out new generation post offices island-wide as part of its ongoing efforts to transform its post office network. To provide a more seamless retail experience to customers, SingPost began to integrate essential Sporting an immaculate and modern look, the spanking Suntec City Post Office is one of the new generation post offices featuring 24/7 auto-lobbies offering essential services. Over the next few years, all post offices will undergo a major revamp and be remodeled into a vibrant lifestyle hub integrated with a 24/7 auto-lobby to bring round-the-clock access to customers. Other customer-centric features will be introduced, such as user-friendly signages, packing desks where customers can pack and prepare their packages for mailing and service ambassadors on hand during counter operating hours to assist customers with their needs. Dr Wolfgang Baier, SingPost’s Group Chief Executive Officer said: “Our new-generation customers are digitally-inclined, buying online and on-the-move, and they expect a post office experience that is digitally integrated. To meet their changing lifestyle, we are basically remodeling our post offices, and transforming them into modern, efficient hubsto meet their e-commerce and digital needs. This includes 24/7 self-service lobbies with POPStation and ezy2ship facilities for them to post, collect or return parcels.” Dr Baier added: “Customers can look to us also for digital solutions such as tracking parcels, calculating postage or locating a post office through mobile. This integrated experience will also apply to other touch points such as SAM (Self-service Automated Machines) where they can access multiple platforms including smartphones, tablets, desktop and our physical kiosks.” SingPost pilots Innovation Corner with 3D Printing Service In its push for innovation, SingPost is piloting an Innovation Corner in Suntec City Post Office. Innovation Corner provides a collaborative platform for starts-ups and young entrepreneurs to showcase new business ideas that enhance and complement the post office experience. In collaboration with 3D Matters, SingPost is piloting 3D printing service at Suntec City Post Office, giving small businesses and end-consumers the convenience and option of printing cost-effective prototypes and customised gifts such as such as architectural models, accessories, figurines, toys, etc. Mr Elvin Too, SingPost’s Vice President for Post Office Products, Services & Network said: “We are innovating for the future. Our customer needs are ever changing. This Innovation Corner serves as a testbed for innovative new services that can be offered at post offices in the future, such as 3D Printing. That way we can ensure the post office always offers services that are relevant to Singapore.”
  8. Will station myself outside ministries instead of commercial buildings to sell my tisu liao Excerpts below. Click on the link for full article as it's difficult to post from my 4" phone. https://www.straitstimes.com/politics/political-office-holders-received-average-performance-bonus-of-4-months-salary-in-last-five Lao Goh said again, Ministers are not paid enough
  9. Ultramega

    Any Office Chairs lobang?

    Hi, anyone knows where to buy good office chair at resonable price other than the usual places like Ikea, Vhive, Courts? I'm looking for one with high back support (all the way up to head like car seat) and adjustable arm rests (at least up/down. if can forward/backward better). My budget around $200. Thanks for any lobangs!
  10. Yeobh

    Home office AIO computer

    Hello To All Computer Gurus, I am currently looking for a Lenovo AIO computer for my home office use. I am a armchair mech and online salesman and therefore know very little on how to go about selecting computers for my one-man small home business. All feedback and advice will be much welcome. TIA
  11. tudorpapa

    Ridiculous office rules revealed

    Ridiculous office rules revealed LAURA FRANSEN HUMAN RESOURCES Sep 18, 2017 Source: http://www.asiaone.com/business/ridiculous-office-rules-revealed Does your company have any silly or unnecessary rules in place? While management will probably say no - after all, all rules are implemented for a reason - employees may feel differently. In a recent workplace study, 36.8 per cent of respondents said their workplace has "ridiculous" rules. The survey by UK job site CV-Library asked 1,000 UK workers whether their employer had any silly or unnecessary rules in place. If the fact that over a third of employees think their company has stupid rules doesn't motivate you to review your policies, perhaps this will: 22.5 per cent said that workplaces with ridiculous rules can't be trusted. When it comes to the ridiculous rules in question, according to the survey results they broadly fall into five categories: Bathroom breaks: Respondents reported they either had a strict time frame in which to go to the toilet (3 minutes), had to ask before using the toilet facilities, or were even searched before going to the toilet. Dress code: Some respondents reported they had to wear particular coloured clothes to match the business, and women weren't allowed to wear trousers. One individual even said that they were sent home for not dressing down. Talking: Some employees stated that they weren't allowed to talk out loud outside of the staff room, while others said that they weren't allowed to say "hello" to a customer, only "good morning", or "good afternoon". Time keeping: One company deducts 15 minutes worth of pay if an employee is 2 minutes late. Another won't allow staff to travel further than 20 metres away from the building during lunch in case they're back late. Drinks: Some workplaces won't allow their staff to drink water and another will not let workers carry drinks up and down the stairs. One company won't let employees have drinks on their desk in case they get spilt. Commenting on the results, Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, said: "Every workplace needs rules: otherwise you'd simply never get things done! That said it's clear that many of the rules highlighted in our research are just ridiculous." He added: "Employees want to feel trusted and while one workplace can differ massively to another, you have to treat your staff like adults - especially when it comes to being allowed to drink water and going to the toilet!" A final finding from the survey provides another reason for ensuring any office rule makes sense to staff. Over half of respondents (57.2 per cent) said that if they feel a rule is silly, they'll simply disobey it. My company also quite kecoh one. Quite stringent on dress code and such.
  12. Ysc3

    Haunted office

    just before xmas, a colleague gave me a bar of toblerone ...on easter I came back and it was no longer on my desk. last Saturday, I left half a big bar of Cadbury in a container on my desk .... today I come back, its gone too ! only left my half packet of square cream crackers. I really think my office is haunted - by tam jiak kwee !! anyone got haunted office also ?
  13. kobayashiGT

    My colleague received flowers today!

    My colleague who is also a prominent "star" in this forum received FLOWERS today! I wonder who gave her de!!!! Anyway she told me her friend gave her to celebrate friendship day. SAF day, national day, children day i got heard before. But i didn't know there is friendship day. NPNT. . . What do u think arh @babyblade ???? Hmmmm. . . . Must we continue CSI further????
  14. For those who frequent this branch, pls be aware that their weighing machine at the counter charge higher compare to their self-service machine. I used the counter that is nearer to the exit/entrance area. I forgoten the counter no. I mailed a local Singapore documents. Self-service machine : 245g at S$1 Counter machine : 250g at S$1.50 I paid S$1.50 at the counter. Feeling buay song (being cheated), i walked back and demand for the difference S$0.50. Which government department in charge of catching market stall owner "eat chin tao" (cheat extra gram in hokkien)? I must forward them this email. ================================== Below are their reply. Almost faint after reading it. They didnt even mention that they are going to do anything. That means continue to "eat chin tao" Dear XXX We apologise for not being able to respond to you as we were in the midst of checking this with the business manager. We deeply regret to hear of your unpleasant experience. The self service machine at Ang Mo Kio Central Post Office is working fine.However the weighing scale at the parcel counter is sometimes not accurate because of the pressure from the air conditioner blower above the the parcel counter. Extra few grammes are sometimes added due to this. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you once again for bringing this matter to our attention. Regards, XXX Customer Care Officer Customer Care & Excellence Singapore Post Limited (Reg. No. 199201623M)
  15. shrjun

    Tanglin post office parking

    Parked in the building with the Tanglin Post office in it for approximately 10 minutes.Came back and the carpark cash card reader kept saying that my cashcard was invalid and would not let me exit.I pressed the intercom and an ancient old man turned up,kept asking me to put in another cash card and refused to open the barrier.He said that he would get his supervisor to come over but that would take 1 hour! I lost my temper and yelled a bit and he said that he would call the police ( ? ) .I thought that it was stupid to wait an hour with the moron and gave him $3 ( he gave me a receipt ) and he then opened the barrier. 1. Pissed off because he kept implying that I had used a different cash card to enter . couldn't he have checked on the entry machine ? 2. It was the machine that was at fault - he could have just opened the barrier ! Thoughts ?
  16. Bluemice

    Rag & Bone man for the office

    Hi, Looking for a karang guni to come over to my office to clear papers, cardboards, etc... (small volume only not the industrial kind) any to reco ? mice
  17. Some of the footage where people cracked and turn berserk in office. Have any of you encounter similar office rage at your office/career? Where colleagues suddenly turned emotional or violent and smashing things or beating up people? I was pretty lucky the worst I've encountered is a senior staff screaming his lungs off the director and walking out of her office slamming her door. The next thing that happened is the security coming up to escort him out of the office. He was not even allow to pack his desk and we had to help him pack and pass his stuff to him outside. This senior of mine was actually a nice person and a great worker, he did have temper issues but nothing he can't control....until now. He just suddenly snapped and we were all shocked when he screamed inside. Apparently it was partly caused by his family issues, as well as some pressures from the bosses.
  18. Little_prince

    Microsoft giving free ms office mobile!

    Microsoft giving Microsoft office mobile to download for free! Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microsoft.office.officehub iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/hk/app/microsoft-office-mobile/id541164041?l=zh&mt=8
  19. Beaver


    Hi all, My wife is thinking of bringing my nephew which she babysitting to my office and wait for me for lunch. Is it appropriate ? Sometimes I see my colleagues have their friend come over and sit beside them and chit chat too. My boss never say anything cos they are always not around. We are small company abt 40 staff. Boss doesn't seems to say anything don't know is they don't know or act don't know thus my hr also never interfere. What I wonder is if it is actually appropriate and common before I do the same thing. Thanks
  20. Fcw75

    Office Etiquette

    Let's make the office environment more enjoyable.
  21. Hey bros/sis, any suggestions on where is a good place to hold an office year-end lunch? Typically we go for buffet-style (for the spread, and also to prevent over-ordering until budget burst ) Need a Halal place - any cuisine is open for consideration. Budget is below $35nett/pax (for 15 pax).
  22. Adrianli

    Office relocation

    My fren's company gona relocate from Suntec to a shophouse in Chinatown. He say wana consider whether to continue working with this company. I hear liao Like that also wana change job. He worked for the company for three years plus only. What are your thoughts?
  23. Any one can recommend reliable and responsive provider?
  24. This free, cut-down version of Office includes basic versions of Word and Excel. Download from this website. Just sharing. Useful for those using netbooks or just doing basic office jobs. Will not work on Windows 8.