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Found 339 results

  1. Yr1985

    MMA in Straits Times today

    Saw some ordinary folks who become fighters at night. Wonder how would they fare in street fights.
  2. Today (15 March 2009) around 3.10-3.20pm, I was driving along Jurong East Central under a heavy thunderstorm when suddenly, the raindrop sound become different and i see small balls of ice dropping from the sky onto my windscreen.. The rain got so big that eventually, my gf n I decided to stop at nearby Jurong East MSCP to shelter my car from the ice. Within 10 min of stopping the car inside the MSCP, the MSCP start to flood. Luckily, the rain got smaller and we decided to move off towards Suntec City for IT show. The destruction of the storm is catastrophic. I see numerous malfunction traffic lights, many trees kanna blown off it root at jurong east area, traffic jam + accident at Jurong Town Hall Road, Trees hit a car on the road and falling branches all over the road... All in 10min.. Strong Wind was also experience when i was fetching my girlfriend from Bukit Gombak. I can feel my car shaking buy the strong wind.. Weather in singapore nowadays is
  3. My sprog is in Primary 5, for the first time so far - last night I was truly disappointed in the school system. By and large, I find the schools are doing a pretty decent job - so far the education has been going pretty well, I haven't always agreed with what they teach. But hey, I don't need to - they have been doing it rather well. Last night, chatting with the kid - it is the first time I have been seriously upset at what they are doing. Just had the "Chinese Composition" exam for first semester, and we were chit chatting about what she wrote. Apparently they were given picture prompts - about a boy bullying his grandma, running into the road and almost getting run over. Well ok, putting aside the rather ham fisted and heavy handed moralising - we talked about what she said next... I suggested a story line of... Seeing the boy in danger, Superman came flying out of the sky, and stopped the car just in time, lifting it up to protect the boy. But then, when he found out what had happened, he said "Nah - you don't deserve to be rescued" where upon he dropped the car onto the boy, turning him into ketchup. Crotch spawn informed me that if she wrote that, she would be marked down for "going out of context" - WTF????? Out of context? No wonder the kids are so boring - they have to tell a predictable and "moral" story - In my day, we were encouraged to try and shock / surprise the teacher. Not write stories to some freaking boring formula!!! Blardy hell - how to move forward like that?
  4. Picnic06-Biante15

    HooRay...... School Holidays Starts From Today

    Piew........... all the morning and evening peak traffic jams will ease for the next 6 weeks............... Also down from Monday is the ERP charges....... Very stressful when driving along PIE turning left to Steven Road every morning........
  5. Inlinefour

    Today my credit card was hacked

    Dear all MCFers Today someone hacked my credit card This is a 20 years aged card So many incurring monthly payee Actually the moment I received a OTP for online transaction I smelled a rat liao Immediately I reported to card centre Then CSO immediately blocked the card She go through all unbilled transactions with me Checking from when the card was compromised After verification she confirmed it is hacked more than a week But I don’t have sms alert for my 20 years old card So I don’t know what is happening Only OTP came...siao liao Ok this hacker got balls of steel I can say (He) used my card for all iTunes payments, Apple items, online automobile accessories and even dare to use my card to pay his mobile phone bill Do you think this hacker really no horse run? Card centre CSO also surprised that those transactions can track the hacker down Clever to hack but stupid to spend huh BTW sorry for so long winded I hope to share this so that bro and sis here can be more careful Best if some people can share more information about card security etc Thank you for reading my post PS. The troublesome part is I have to inform all payee about this and update all my new card details
  6. Big Box opened today! Yes, today, 27 Dec 2014. Big Box is a warehouse retail mall, located very near to Jurong East MRT station. We decided to go check it out. It was crowded! True to its name, it felt like a huge warehouse. The most interesting was the hypermarket on the ground floor, selling goods in a warehouse concept. Were the stuff sold at the hypermarket cheap? Not really. Some things seem a bit cheaper than say NTUC, but overall the prices were comparable. But I could be wrong. We didn't spend a lot of time in the hypermarket. There was also huge space devoted to the sale of furniture on the 2nd the 3rd floor. It felt like Big Box wanted to compete directly with the likes of Ikea in this respect. This was the first day of opening and things were still a bit messy. Still, this place is an interesting addition to the retail scene. Check out the video. http://youtu.be/cdulBMKBLlE
  7. here we go.. handed a CASE letter to VW MD today for non - rectification of my steering issue. lets see how it goes..
  8. after 6pm, says Amazon's India chief. Personally, I try not to work after office hours unless it's absolutely necessary. That's why bosses are important. I know of some managers who ask their subordinates to do PowerPoint slides for them even during CNY Day 2. Such bosses don't understand work is never ending. It's hard to strike a balance, but we must try. ********** https://www.todayonline.com/world/log-get-life-and-stop-responding-work-emails-or-calls-after-6pm-amazons-india-chief-tells BANGALORE — The head of Amazon.com’s India business has a radical idea for his troops: Log off, get a life. In an memo to his team this month, Mr Amit Agarwal counselled colleagues to stop responding to emails or work calls between 6 pm and 8 am in the interest of “work-life harmony". He also talked about the importance of work discipline and how to draw the line. The leaked note has broken through the sleep-deprived haze in the technology hub of Bangalore to set off heated discussions on social networks and WhatsApp chat groups. Mr Agarwal is a senior vice president at the Seattle-based retail behemoth, which has a reputation of fostering a cutthroat work culture and driving employees to burnout. Many in India wondered if this represented a softer turn for the company. Mr Agarwal has previously served as an executive assistant to Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos, who is often painted as a demanding boss. An Amazon representative in India declined to comment on the email. India, with its more than 1.3 billion people, has become a fierce battleground for Amazon.com, and the company has committed some US$5.5 billion to building up its network there. Recently Amazon lost out to Walmart in a bid to buy Flipkart Online Services, India’s leading e-commerce operator. While the demands of technology on workers has become a topic of debate around the world, work-life balance is severely off kilter in Bangalore, India’s third-largest city, where a significant portion of the one million workers employed in the outsourcing business cater to global customers and often work late into the night. It’s even more lopsided in the up-and-coming startup industry, where late-night meetings and weekend calls are the norm. Psychologists, sleep laboratories and fertility clinics have raised concerns about the mental and physical toll wrought by the frenetic work schedule. Insomnia, depression and suicidal tendencies are rampant symptoms, said Dr S Kalyanasundaram, a well-known psychiatrist who sees many technology workers in his thriving south Bangalore practice. “These days I see many 25- and 28-year-olds suffering heart attacks, something I haven’t seen in my four decades in this field,” he said. The doctor said all of his Saturday appointments are reserved for tech workers and often booked months in advance. “For many, there’s only one life and that’s the work life,” Dr Kalyanasundaram said. “It’s a disaster; it’s a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.” In startups from Bangalore to Delhi, founders and top executives lead the gruelling pace by example. Mr Ritesh Agarwal, the founder of the travel unicorn OYO Rooms and unrelated to the Amazon executive, said he gets minimal sleep during the work week. To catch up, he goes to sleep early on Saturday night and wakes up at midday on Sunday. In Bangalore, Mr Byju Raveendran, founder and chief executive officer of the education tech startup BYJU’s said he and his teammates leave recreation to late night hours, sometimes starting football games at midnight and ending as late at 2 am. Businesses from food delivery startups to late-night sports arenas cater to the insomniac workers. Mr Dilip Vamanan, founder of an e-commerce data analytics startup called SellerApp, that helps merchants sell on Amazon, said he clocks 14 hours a day in the office. After that, he takes calls and responds to emails at home. His colleagues complain of back aches, insomnia and stress. Amazon’s Mr Agarwal, may have an inspired idea, but it may be harder to implement than it would seem. “Indian startups have a lot to prove,” said Mr Vamanan. “They are nowhere near a scale where founders can step back and turn on the auto mode.” BLOOMBERG
  9. Discoburg

    Guess who i saw/met today

    Went ti the canteen when i was replacing my ride's ac compressor. Saw this familiar face in the distance. Anyone remembers who is he?
  10. Not an ang mo or ang mo pai so not bothered. [cool]
  11. Neutrino

    Lift Out-of-Order!

    So I just got back from the gym and go to get into the lift AND it's not working, no power. So I try the other lift lobby. No power. No mobile phone because I've gone to the gym. So I find the 'Command Post'. That's a joke of a name. Inside there are 3 people. None of them doing anything. But when I ask if they can do anything about the lift, 'it's not their problem go to HDB'. Can they phone HDB and inform them the lifts aren't working? 'Not our problem go to HDB'. Marvelous. So I walk up to my floor, it's above 30. On the way up there are a few people coming down. One woman well over 70, ok it's her decision to walk down. But what a state of affairs and it's the same for all as far as I can see, all official bodies in Singapore, today. Not our problem contact so and so.
  12. Sharing. Today I met this driver, in front of my car, upon exit gantry at one of the shopping mall, that he held up so many people as he has insufficient cash card. He was so unreasonable as he wanted to reverse and i have to reverse and the cars behind me all have to reverse. He said that he has the right to do so , so that he can top up the card. Hence i make it a point to have a spare cash card so that in such a situation I can use it. Such inconsiderate driver he was .
  13. SPH to divest stakes in Mediacorp TV and Press while Today newspaper will go fully digital Singapore Press Holdings plans to divest its 20 per cent stake in Mediacorp TV and 40 per cent stake in Mediacorp Press, the publisher of the Today newspaper, for $18 million, the firm said on Friday (Aug 25). The proposed divestment follows Mediacorp’s decision to cease the print edition of Today. http://www.straitstimes.com/business/companies-markets/sph-to-divest-stakes-in-mediacorp-tv-and-press-while-today-newspaper-will http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/today-newspaper-to-cease-print-edition-go-fully-digital-9157872 Hopefully, SGCM and MCF aren't next on the block.
  14. Just a little reminder those who follow this series, today's broadcast is scheduled for 8pm - 10pm instead of the usual 9pm -10pm slot.
  15. kobayashiGT

    My colleague received flowers today!

    My colleague who is also a prominent "star" in this forum received FLOWERS today! I wonder who gave her de!!!! Anyway she told me her friend gave her to celebrate friendship day. SAF day, national day, children day i got heard before. But i didn't know there is friendship day. NPNT. . . What do u think arh @babyblade ???? Hmmmm. . . . Must we continue CSI further????
  16. been trying to call in since 11am, still haven't get in.
  17. COE prices have made a lot of people unhappy. We all want a car and think that COE does not work and controlling usage works better than ownership. I think we can have a simple poll to see how many people will buy multiple cars and whether they see problem finding parking for their cars. Remember that the OMV of a Jap car is only around $20k.
  18. Ok part 2 continue: Last thread was here. http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2697351-what-did-you-makan-today/
  19. Neutrino

    Well today I lost my wallet

    My wallet that is. And before I actually realised I'd lost it I had a phone call to say it had been found. Unfortunately I couldn't thank the person who found it because the phone number she left wasn't working. But just to say thank you to the cleaner on the fifth floor of Ng Teng Fong hospital for your staightforward honesty. Have a happy life.
  20. Since MRT keropok?
  21. Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere but maybe it's no longer important. 75 years ago today was the fall of Singapore. Also heard that last July Temasek lost 9% in the value of it's assets. Didn't see that reported but could well have missed that although it is a massive amount.
  22. BabyBlade

    What did you makan today?

    Post a food picture! Must be one that is good enough for you to recommend. Black Pepper Chicken Chop from Chargrill Bar.
  23. Showster

    Always Treasure Today, Two Day

    Two day is always special. Always treasure Today!
  24. http://youtu.be/vxvJ7ZZedrk Anyone who know the biker or taxi driver kindly link him with this video capture by my wife car View the 1st 10s will do, ignore the rest