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Found 7 results

  1. Yes I was there... Yes I'm proud to be there... No I wasn't happy going there. Those phrase means a lot to me. Why? Cause... 1)I was just there this evening to look see look see how the workshop looks like. 2)I'm proud to be there cause I saw these words which says something like... "We specialize.... Volkwagen, Audi, Skoda..." One of the VERY few workshop that does Skoda cars. 3)I got lost trying to reach there... Took wrong exit from CTE (AMK)... Ended up in AMK Ave 8... Make 1 BIG round just to reach back AMK St 22 to reach Sin Ming Ave... Like the topic says... Once I've reached the workshop, it's jam packed with lots and lots of VW and 2 Skoda Octy.
  2. Since MRT keropok?
  3. Starting this post to gauge the "crowd" at showrooms on weekends. Hopefully a good proxy for the upcoming COE levels
  4. While roads here are getting more crowded, that has not deterred some motorists from pulling away from others and breaking the speed limits. The total number of motor vehicles here grew from about 850,000 in 2007 to roughly 950,000 last year, according to figures released by the Land Transport Authority. This amounted to an increase of 11.7 per cent over that period. But the number of speeding violations detected by the Traffic Police over the same period shot up 40.6 per cent, from nearly 160,000 in 2007 to more than 225,000 last year. However, first-quarter figures for last year and this year show that speeding offences have dipped. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_800639.html
  5. I am quite surprised that a lot of people think otherwise so I want to start a new thread with a clearer title. Please note the poll is for expressways during PEAK HOURS which I drive. I drive in singapore more specifically the CTE since I live in the north. To me, the expressway is always crowded and people drive in Lane 1 because it is just too crowded during peak hours. I am surprised that some people in this forum expect people to give way to them in lane 1 even when the expressway is crowded. I think this is really stupid to me but I may be the odd one out..... I think all the filtering to lane 2 to let a tailgated go past will make the traffic crawl even slower and totally unpractical as there will always be people who choose 3 and 4.
  6. I do find that even after the school hols are over the road traffic has improved a lot compared to say 1-2 months back. Moreover, I see so many car adverts in sgcarmart, many cars and sold very cheaply too compared to 1-2 months back. Possible explainations are 1. Many people su ka soew in the stockmarket 2. Petrol price so high that people need to wake up at 2am to pump in JB 3. Many people had enough of ERP, pump prices that they are giving up their cars? 4. Many people losing jobs? 5. Seasonal? Whats your take?
  7. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/viewPost2750.aspx packed like sardine. such a common sight ESP weekends and lunchtime... LTA should just open a bigger pedestrain crossing for every1 to use or ask both sides developers to do an underground pass..