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  1. For those that afford.. why not consider donating those sums of money/handouts for the needy? It will help many people tide over this difficult time..
  2. For the last month or so.. the scourge of this planet .. humans have stopped polluting Mother Earth .. n nature is rejoicing ..
  3. In recent days we hear of how those on SHN siam here siam there this causing issues. How many are this verified? Or just some rumors circulating around. Let’s park that aside.. the cases we have so far (1) imported cases (in the 30s) (2) local clusters .. the common thread one can derive .. people who are sick going for meetings going to work going for sing a Long.. not surprised if some of them didn’t wear masks when they were sick.. the point I am trying to drive at: (1) KNNCCB.. sick wear mask la. Don’t go to work. Even after mC go work out on a mask for a few more days. (2) wash your hands often la (3) all of us carry a small bottle of sanitizer.. see a lift button ..spray la..our kids and our elderly sometimes can’t help it and touch..
  4. This virus’ impact a bit like like when Japan fugged the British and invaded Malaya and SG with ease. It throws all the theory of white and colonial supremacy out of the window. We have always looked to the west for healthcare standards.. things like JCI. We send our best medics talent to the West to train.. lol what a joke.. hopefully America won’t nuke America like the way they nuke...
  5. At least in plane machiam hospital precautions.. reduces the risk of inflight transmission..
  6. Harro.. lockdown means u standing hard permanently or soft permanently? Both still call lockdown..