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  1. Your MIL probably share the same sentiments..🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️
  2. BenTong

    2019 Civil Servant Year End Bonus

    No apply to those clowns at Old tattford.. play like shit still get big bonus
  3. From now to year end .. there are around 8 games to play..I predick Foxes - 20 points City - 14 points Pool 17 points ( 1 game to play) Chelsea 18 points
  4. BenTong

    EPL- 2019/2020

    Wa.. he world coach.. fight against martians?
  5. Must thank Martin Atkinson and MU for VAR and Rashford...: it helped us..
  6. Some say if you reach 40 points the team will be safe from relegation. Pool not there yet.. so let’s keep it tight.. steady and let the 3 blue teams “draw” each other.. by then maybe just maybe..
  7. Think he competent la.. just a bit poor in $$$
  8. Good competition for the kids. One thing for sure.. pool starting to look like a team that does not know how to lose.. while Umary has turned Arsenal to a team that does not know how to win..
  9. BenTong

    Running Injury - Plantar Fasciitis

    Not pink meh?
  10. BenTong

    Start review of caning in schools

    Your better half parents agree?
  11. BenTong

    iPhone 11 - launching 10th Sep 2019

    It’s so simple to use.. the rest need MBAs
  12. BenTong

    iPhone 11 - launching 10th Sep 2019

    iPhones are for idiots. Period.. that’s what my late Father said..