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  1. BenTong

    Running Injury - Plantar Fasciitis

    Not pink meh?
  2. BenTong

    Start review of caning in schools

    Your better half parents agree?
  3. BenTong

    iPhone 11 - launching 10th Sep 2019

    It’s so simple to use.. the rest need MBAs
  4. BenTong

    iPhone 11 - launching 10th Sep 2019

    iPhones are for idiots. Period.. that’s what my late Father said..
  5. Hahaha.. Someone must be visiting those non legit website
  6. BenTong

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Me going in trow .. with appointment.. let’s see what’s gonna happen
  7. BenTong

    Women Almost Got Killed at Little India MRT

    1) sometimes lips also have problem aligning 2) knees also some creaks and sometime some part also vibrate 3) should decrease COE supply by 60% a year. Then everybody take mrt then can fill the empty space.
  8. BenTong

    MCF China

    Be prepared to meet the undertaker @Radx
  9. BenTong

    Soh Rui Yong is not selected for SEA Games

    Run professionally and he wonts have to face these issue loh. But then he run using tax payers $$$.. bo pein la.. got to see faces and follow guidelines la. Me thinks he shud compete in Boston,New York, London, Tokyo, Paris marathons la.. provided he good enough..
  10. BenTong

    EPL- 2019/2020

    This season will be defined by VAR..
  11. BenTong

    GrabHitch/RYDE-car pooling services

    My bad.. didn’t know you so difficult to give hitch ..
  12. BenTong

    GrabHitch/RYDE-car pooling services

    No need to stress la. Just give a few more hitches to reach $50 then ok wud.. And no need to be chao singkie la.. rileks la.. comprain comprain give rise to BP.. U r important to your Wife and kids..
  13. BenTong

    GrabHitch/RYDE-car pooling services

    Haiya I still say its ok to stop driving for Hitch if u Sibei buay song.. all this sibei buay song only adds to sibei stress and sibei stress adds up to sibei Tulan high blood pressure.. Rileks bros rileks..more to life.. at least you find an sibei rider pay your petrol..and breakfast.. better than nothing right?..