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  1. Choi! Why u so like that? Go 🧽 your mouth
  2. Sorry non blue I mean.. rectal be oral😂🤪
  3. Indonesia is right all along.. and btw ppl.. if you using personal thermometer dont use the blue color one hoh.. if your doctor use blue on u u scold him/her
  4. Hopefully not all employers do that. Then there always black sheep in the flock. Sorry cannot say IDIOTS!
  5. Ngam ngam.. they go 3-4 times. No more masks then admit lor.
  6. Huh? What healthcare card? PS and waffles clinic chains run by foreigners?
  7. i suspect they also controlled their own stockpile..And they would have to prioritise ..what is sad to hear is that their Frontline GPs faces the same as those single GPs.
  8. I heard Those big GP chains like PS and Waffles also no stock from their big HQ. Even though they have their own stockpile.. sad actually ..
  9. It’s quite a typicalresponse .. when they don’t have enough Stock they will Wo pu mai.. all about face
  10. Suspect they also screwed.. got machine got factory but no Enuf raw materials ..that’s why ban ..
  11. Actually to be honest here in MCF so many good people.. why not MCF @kobayashiGTorganize a volunteer program to help out at our public Hospitals and polyclinics? As screeners for example? Give a lift to our Doctors n Nurses ..
  12. Not bad idea. Let the Doctors N Nurses look after the more critical ones. Then these non critical patients also need help .. like bringing to the roof top for example Hospitals will need volunteers.. thanks for volunteering? You get 1 free surgical mask 😷
  13. BenTong

    How many of u r changing holiday plans?

    Cases are confirmed after tests are done. SG so far test like seow. All admitted pneumonia cases test. Get the hint..