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Found 127 results

  1. Ki113r

    Weekend Car Wash

    For those staying in south west area. Where do you have your car washed during weekends? Are there better car wash services other than the usual car wash at petrol station?
  2. StreetFight3r

    Buy a huawei at only $54 this weekend

    There are a few things you can count on happening every National Day — an increase in people wearing red, Kit Chan’s Home being played on repeat, and number-themed discounts that correspond with Singapore’s age. And while we haven’t seen many of those discounts just yet (it is still July, after all), it looks like Huawei is getting the ball rolling this year — to commemorate the nation’s 54th birthday, the Chinese tech giant is selling their Y6 Pro 2019 smartphone at a discounted price of S$54. To put things in perspective, the entry-level smartphone normally retails for S$198, and if the calculators in our office are working correctly that’s a massive 73% discount. There are a few things to take note of, however. The promotion is only open to those aged 50 and above, and will only be valid this weekend from the 26th to 28th of July at all Huawei Concept Stores and selected retailers. If you aren’t familiar with the Y6 Pro 2019, here’s a quick breakdown — it measure at 6.09-inches (slightly larger than an iPhone XS Max), and comes with a 3,020 mAh battery and 13 megapixel rear camera. You’re not going to get P30 Pro-levels of performance out of it, but as far as calls, messaging and internet browsing go it should serve you well enough. And that’s all anyone above 50 really needs, isn’t it? If your parents or grandparents are in need of a new phone, this could very well be the best deal of the year. The promotion is while stocks last, so don’t be alarmed if you see an influx of seniors at Huawei stores this weekend.
  3. NightStalker_za

    Decided to go German past weekend

    Hey guys, Decided last weekend to step away from the car reviews and went over to a local BMWFanatics group meet. Wanted to share with you guys how some of our meets look this side. First part of the video is a tour of the dealership and after that the car club and the sound of some of the modified beauties. Hope you enjoy. https://youtu.be/A8sWXNq9aZ8
  4. Hello all! Recently, we have a downtown line open near our house. And getting to work has been more convenient. Our car usage has dramatically reduced to weekends. Can I ask the gurus out there, assuming if I change my COE car now to weekend plate, what do I stand to lose when I deregister the car in 10 years? I am aware there is some benefits 1) $500 rebate on road tax 2) $1.1k rebate every 6 months Thanks so much!
  5. So I got lucky and managed to win the grand prize for the recent Sonax workshop event held on Renault premises. The top prize was a weekend drive-away with the prize winning Grand Scenic. MCF organisers requested a thread on the weekend drive-away and I was happy to oblige. Just wondering if anyone has questions on this 7 seater model, I may be able to help answer some questions as I explore the ride this weekend. Current ride is a smallish Hyundai i30 wagon, so this is a different category for me, although I did come from a Mazda 5 not too long ago. A more complete review will be attempted, but first up some specs. Renault Grand Scenic Type - MPV 7 seater (midsize MPV) Engine - Diesel 1.5 litre Turbo dCI (Auto) ; Euro 6 BHP - 110; Torque - 260 NM Extras - full size glass roof (standard on Grand Scenic) Seats - full leather, one-touch foldable system via rear and front display panel Wheels - 195/55/20 with 20 inch rims Weight - 1.5 tons Length - 4.6 m; Height - 1.6 m 0 -100 km/h : 13.2 seconds Luggage space - 233/596 (3rd row folded)
  6. I saw them setting up tent at 2nd link. Do not enter malaysia this weekend. Out to catch those who didn't pay their fines. Do you know any updates on malaysian sites to share about their operations? Cheers.
  7. As per topic, how many of you if without a car, will rent a car over the weekends just to bring family out?
  8. Fedex67

    Cars for Weekend

    Hi all, I used to own a weekend and a COE car. Heavy usage on weekend and no usage on weekdays. What are the options i have ? 1) Buy a new OPC Car? 2) Buy a 2nd Hand OPC Car? 3) Rent a car long term (weekend) only? 4) Sign up Tribe Car, Car Club, Moove ? Regards Fedex
  9. Any more long weekend in May, or June? or must wait till next year? Should employers allow alternate 6-day-week / 4-day-week, this way we get to have long weekend twice a month!! Or alternate 5-day-week (5 x 9hr/day) / 4-day-week(4 x 11hr/day)?? etc? this will help promote family life
  10. Hi, we (16ppl) are going JB for a family lunch this weekend? short of one more car, any one can rent out their car on this sunday (21-feb) OPC also can. one day only . collect morning return latest before midnight prefer at the north side. contact me 81826147
  11. Hello Bros, Based on your past holiday car trips up north, when does the pre-CNY car jams start at the Causeway and Second Link? What time does the jam build up and when is the jam lightest, at both Customs ? I've heard advice to go in only after 6pm on the day before the CNY Eve, while others advised go in at the ghostly hour of 3am .... Hope you can kindly advise... Thanks in advance!
  12. Starting this post to gauge the "crowd" at showrooms on weekends. Hopefully a good proxy for the upcoming COE levels
  13. Need to impress my gf and friends with my cooking skills. So buying this tomorrow!
  14. Little_prince

    2015 Long weekend guide!

  15. oleandero

    2014 Singapore night festival

    lets go show our support! http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/singapore-night-festival/1322236.html http://www.brasbasahbugis.sg/SNFPortal/content/conn/ucmnhb/uuid/dDocName%3aNHBSVRAPP61620000045068 SINGAPORE: The seventh edition of the Singapore Night Festival kicks off this Friday (Aug 22) and the organisers have promised it will be "louder and wilder" this year. The theme for this year’s annual light extravaganza is "Bold and Beautiful". Urban hits will take centrestage in a performance by 10 DJs and musicians. Night Lights, a crowd favourite, will also return on a bigger scale. Visitors will be able to enjoy light installations such as a "greenhouse car" - which questions the impact of industrialisation on the environment - or catch what is known as "flow art". The Night Festival will take place at the Bras Basah and Bugis area over the next two Fridays and Saturdays (Aug 22, 23, 29 and 30). Admission is free. - CNA/ek
  16. Some of the lesbians who went pinkdot last time are quite cute leh.
  17. Some say Singapore is boring. That there isn't anything to do besides shopping, eating, movie watching and um... queuing. Why do people spend hours lining up for tyre manufacturer recommended dim sum, American donuts and black Japanese cats? They must be really bored to give up their time like that. And they shouldn't. We've done a lot of traveling around the world and Singapore easily ranks among the top in our list of most fun cities in the world. Our unique lives as travel guide authors / journalists / bloggers have given us the opportunity to thoroughly explore and see a side of Singapore that most have not. Which is why we've decided to come up with a bucket list of 52 things to do in Singapore before you die. - See more at: http://www.thesmartlocal.com/read/52-things-to-do-in-singapore#sthash.l7jfCYEp.dpuf 52 Things to do in Singapore before you die #1 Walk amongst treetops at MacRitchie | Price: Free Address: Directions here. Type: Recreation / Fitness / Team BondingMacRitchie Reservoir Park is known for two things. For being a beautiful reserve and for being very hard to get to. Most Singaporeans don't even know of the Tree Top Walk's existence. The Tree Top Walk is a free-standing suspension bridge that connects the two highest points in MacRitchie. It's open from 9am to 5pm daily and will give you a lovely view of the wildlife and different layers of the forest canopy. It also makes for good mosquito feeding sessions. So bring along your insect repellent, water and be sure to check the weather first. It does take some time getting to and so it's not for everyone. The fastest way to get here is from the carpark at Venus Drive. The distance from the carpark to the Tree Top Walk is about 2.5 km or a 45 mins to 1 hr walk. This makes the total round trip about 4 hours and 7 km long. I think its a fantastic way to spend a Sunday morning with loved ones or a group of friends. Checking out the natural beauty along the way while engaging in a healthy recreational activity before finally rewarding yourself with that #instaperfect moment. Read more TSL MacRitchie reviews. #2 Go Stand up Paddling! | Price: $30+ / hour Address: Varies Pictures from rachelcharis.com Type: Recreation / Fitness / FamilyThe Singapore sea is known for its non-existent waves. The good thing about that is these still waters make us one of the best countries to do Stand Up Paddling (SUP) in. It's an activity suitable for all ages - Rachel here who runs her own SUP business was SUPPING even while she was pregnant! It's a fun activity for family and kids and even dogs. I am not kidding, check out her page! She rents out her SUP boards at $60 for 2 hours. And for the more macho people reading this and going "meh", you will be happy to know Olympian athletes use SUP for their muscle and balance training. Looking at her pictures makes me wanna go SUPing all over to the Merlion park where I will be like SUP??!? to all the tourists. They won't get the joke, (not their fault, its lame) then there will be an awkward silence before they whip out their phones and start taking pictures. Another website I found that offers SUP is Mana Mana Beach Club at East Coast Park. They also offer Windsurfing, Kayaking, dinghies and catamarans. I do not know what those last two things are. #3 Visit Farmart Centre | Price: Free Address: 67 Sungei Tengah Rd S699008 Chloe happily feeding what I think is an African Grey Parrot. Type: Family / Nature / EducationalFarmart is like the last bastion of hope for the farming community in Singapore. It offers a complete getaway from the city and an insight into a time where life was much simpler. The lives of a simple farming kampong community. Being located in Kranji, its not exactly easy to get to. But they have a shuttle bus from Lot 1 Shopping Mall along Chua Chu Kang Avenue 4 and if you're driving here are the full directions. Over here you get to buy farm produce for cheap and also exotic goods like crocodile meat that the farmers sell. Your children will love it for the aquariums, bird shows, prawning sessions and feeding of rabbits and goats. Its a fun educational and interactive experience that your children will thank you for. The way the farmers behaved left a lasting impression on me. Especially the farmer who handled the birds. He was kind to visitors, offering them the chance to feed his birds and making them perform tricks to entertain the crowd. He treated his birds with love and care and rewarded them accordingly. It just made me feel that when life was much simpler, people were much kinder to each other too. I got this vibe from a lot of the farmers in farmart. #4 Watch a Stand Up Comedy | Price: Adults: $10 | Students $6 Address: 20 Upper Circular Rd, S058416 Type: Night EntertainmentYes, we have a stand up community right here in Singapore. Happening every Tuesday at Home Club, entrance is a small fee of $10 which even comes with one free drink! That sounds like a great deal to me. You can find out more about them on their facebook page. It's also notable to mention that Home Club was singled out as one of the best clubs in Singapore by our resident nightlife photographer Malcolm Baey, in his Ultimate Singapore nightlife guide - something people who enjoy clubbing should really check out. - See more at: http://www.thesmartlocal.com/read/52-things-to-do-in-singapore#sthash.l7jfCYEp.dpuf #5 Chill at Quayside Isle | Price: Free Address: 31 Ocean Way, Sentosa Cove, S098375 Type: EnclaveQuayside Isle is an ultra rich neighbourhood that looks more like it belongs on a promiscuous American TV show than in Singapore. You have upmarket hip restaurants, an awesome harbour and a jogging track full of golden retrievers. You instantly get this out of Singapore feeling, maybe because everyone here is an expatriate or the girlfriend of one. The only draw back is how its a pain to get to if you don't drive. So most Singaporeans don't know about it. If you make the trip here, I recommend doing it during W Singapore's pool party so you have access to what I feel is the best swimming pool in Singapore. It's held on the first Sunday of every month. Admission for that is $35 NETT and it comes with a free drink. You can read more about our W Singapore Staycation, which is hands down one of the best staycation options in Singapore. Here's a short clip that I filmed during our stay at W Singapore which features quite a bit of Quayside Isle at the end. #6 Go on a Singapore Walk | Price: $35-65. Children: $15-30 Address: Varies Type: EducationalThe Singapore Walks offers really unique heritage tour services that even locals will adore. This review by TSL member eny_sayuri explains it best. "Having not been very satisfied with my first tour to Kampong Glam back in primary school, I wasn't quite expecting much from this tour experience. However, I was soon proven wrong - unlike typical tours which tend to be a mere show-and-tell of facts and figures, this tour unfolded like a story for me and left me having a closer personal connection with the place. Like a seasoned storyteller, our young and bubbly tour guide brought us into a whole new world, from the start of our journey at Bugis MRT right till the end, reliving the old tales of the Tungkus and experiencing the cultural rituals of the ethnic enclave. It was a side of Singapore I had never experienced before!" Read more TSL Singapore Walk reviews. #7 Volunteer for something you believe in | Price: Free Address: Varies Type: Soul FoodThis picture above was taken by our resident family blogger Jensen, with the HanoiKids when he was in Hanoi. They are a unique volunteer service run by students who take visitors around their city. I guess they enjoy meeting more people and they use it as an opportunity to improve their English. The point here is there are actually many fun things you can volunteer for that may be part of your interests. Also, think Karma points! A unique opportunity in Singapore is reading out stories to kids at the National Library, which may help volunteers wanting to improve their public speaking while at the same time giving back to the community. Those wanting to work with kids can consider Melrose Home or the Children's Society. For the more traditional volunteering, there is really a never ending list. Animal lovers will take pride in volunteering at the SPCA or Action For Singapore Dogs. Those with a passion for helping the elderly can do so via touch home care that provides nursing and "Meals-on Wheels" to elderly Singaporeans who live alone. On an ending note, I just want to add that I have the greatest respect for people who volunteer unconditionally. It's a remarkable trait to develop, committing your time to carry out a selfless act without expecting a single thing in return. It will give you a perspective of life you've never had before. And you may bring this cultivated trait to other areas in your life and your relationships with people. You start doing things because you want to without expecting anything in return. It will be liberating. #8 Go for a high tea jamming session | Price: $48 Address: Mandarin Gallery, #04-14/15 S238867 Type: Entertainment / Art / DatingI came across this video while stalking Tosh's youtube channel. Creepy I know. I'm not even a girl. It looks like a unique activity to do, spending quality time with someone you care about. You're likely to discover a side of your partner you've never seen before and you get to take your masterpieces home. For those who aren't going to watch the video, the place is called ARTEASTIQ and its kinda an art studio + tea 3 hour session where you just spend the afternoon chilling out on art and tea and having fun. Read more TSL Arteastiq reviews. #9 Find your Forest Adventure | Price: $42 - 44 Address: Bedok Reservoir. Directions. Nicole pictured above: "I felt like a squirrel but with no nut gathering ability." Type: Fitness / Sport / BondingThis is one of the most underrated activities in Singapore of all time. You've probably never even heard of it. Forest Adventure is a challenging obstacle course with lots of climbing, zip lines and even an insane "Tarzan Jump" free fall at the very end. Yes, all 5 of us ended up doing it! They have a brilliantly devised safety system making it the experience very secure. Still, when you're that high up in the tree tops you're going to think twice before launching yourself off the platform over a 200 metre long zip line. I think this is a fantastic place to have a date or as a bonding session with friends or corporate teams. Our TSL team loved this place to bits and it was one our most memorable team experiences. Read more TSL Forest Adventure reviews. #10 Go "Surfing Singapore" at Wavehouse | Price: $40 / 1 hour Address: 36 Siloso Beach Walk, 099007 Type: Sport / ThrillOf all the attractions in Sentosa, Wavehouse has to be the coolest. And I'm always posting this instagram of Nicole because its so damn funny. You can even hear her friend's evil laugh at the end. Wavehouse is home to a wave simulator that can mimic up to a 10-foot wave when its setting is cranked up to 11. I always see tons of expats enjoying themselves here but not many Singaporeans. I hope this changes because its a ton of fun. Apart from their wave simulator they also have a pool, restaurant, surf shop and bar making them one of the best hangout places on Sentosa's Siloso beach. Read more TSL Wavehouse reviews. #11 Cafe Hop at Tiong Bahru | Price: Varies Address: Yong Siak Street Type: Enclave / ChilloutOver the last 2 years, Tiong Bahru has suddenly became the place all the cool people go to. Legend has it that it all started with the opening of a quirky bookstore and an artsy cafe - Books Actually and 40 hands coffee. And the rest as they say, was hipster history. If there is such a thing as a cafe hopping trail, then here's the best place in Singapore to do it. Spend the afternoon finishing a good book or just hanging out with your buddies while exploring some of the best coffee places in Singapore. We may come up with a more thorough guide to Tiong Bahru in the future, but for now we already have quite a good one with all the popular cafes mapped out. You can take a look at it under our recent Wangz staycation post. Read more TSL Tiong Bahru reviews. - See more at: http://www.thesmartlocal.com/read/52-things-to-do-in-singapore#sthash.l7jfCYEp.dpuf
  18. Promotion for V-Power this weekend. Time to fill 'em up! 10am to 10pm daily. Enjoy!
  19. I was informed by a C&C SE that they are reducing the price of C180 and E200 Sports Edition by $5,000 this weekend. The first 80 units will enjoy guaranteed COE package, after which the following units willbe based on a non-guaranteed pacakage. C180 CGI now $193,888. Compare that with BM's Toyota Camry at $185,888. Looks like C&C may be the only AD dropping price of their entry-model best sellers, while others are increasing price - as a fall out of the recent COE bid exercise. How much the Volvo V60 T4 ah? Can compare with the C180 pricing or not?
  20. Hi Bros, Meguiars DA is going at 30% off this weekend at Carrefour. Usual Price $350 so it is $245 after discount not to mention additional 5% rebate if you use the POSB Everyday card. Saw many pieces available despite the massive clearout that is happening this weekend. Is this a good deal? Was so tempted!!! Anyways picked up the Turtlewax ICE kit ($34), Sonax Oil additive ($14) and Sonax Car 2 in 1 wash ($11.90). Most of the car stuff are gone but still have quite a bit of Sonax stuff, Meguiars Swirl X, Meguiars Clay Kit, NXT Wax, Leather wipes etc. Prepare to queue though...
  21. received sms from shell tat this fri,sat n sun... shell vpower at shell 98 price. happy motoring
  22. Hi , any info of this promo and comment in term of spec and performance , thank you.