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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all Mcfers, Do check out for monthly promotion here. Hope to bring you MCFERS more products and promotion in the near future. Latest promotion will be updated here. Keep a look [/size]out Cheers Benny aka Maddriver aka Maddetailer Visit me at www.optivax.com.sg for the range of detailing products
  2. Ki113r

    Weekend Car Wash

    For those staying in south west area. Where do you have your car washed during weekends? Are there better car wash services other than the usual car wash at petrol station?
  3. Hi all, Recently I spotted many white cars on the road. Seems that white is getting more popular. Just thinking of those owners who own a white car. What I saw is that my neighbour washes his white Nissan three times a week. He told me that he send for car grooming once every six months. How do you clean and/or maintain the white paintwork and any pointers to note or share please? White is not an easy colour to maintain. Hoping to learn more tips from white car owners. Cheers!
  4. My 4-mth old car side windows had really bad stains from water that leaked from the ceiling. I’m guessing it’s limescale. I tried all kinds of stuff to remove it, turpentine, thinner, glass cleaners, etc, but none worked. I even sent it to the professional groomers to remove the stains and ended with a shiner car albeit with stained windows. Last resort was to get the windows changed if I couldn’t bear with it anymore. Then last week while shopping in JB, I came across a product from WAXCO called “Water marks remover”. Given that it only cost less than S$15 to get it and I’ve already spent a few hundreds on polishing with failed results, I decided to give it a try. Lo and behold, it worked like magic! All the stains were gone. I’ve also used it to clean my front windscreen which had developed juddering after the polishing session, will update if the juddering is gone during the next rain shower. I think it’s some kind of strong chemical in the bottle, it even came with 2 rubber gloves to protect the hands. Directions also stated strictly not to use it on the car paint work, and to rinse it off with lots of water when cleaning is finished. For those with stains in the car windows (and maybe juddering on the windscreen), can try out this product. I bought it from Tesco, but I think other supermarkets will also have. Good and cheap solution for me, only wished I tried it earlier before wasting my money on the polishing! I have photos of the product but don’t know how to upload, so here’s a link to a picture of it. https://www.sgcarmart.com/products/overview.php?ID=7454
  5. Vratenza

    Cheap and Good Car Wash Shampoo

    I do my own washing of my car every other week. Looking for cheap and good car wash shampoo that comes in economical volume. I don't need fanciful additives or wash and wax (do they work anyway?) Best if can order online with free delivery.
  6. Kklee

    Rinseless Car Wash

    Anyone on full or partial rinseless car wash? I would like to find out on the frequency, experience and product. TIA !
  7. Hello, Thank you for your interest in this post. Any expert in shipyard industry with lots is exposure of their car in spraying painting and sand blasting environment can advice if these glass coating and protective film is of any use. If do glasscoating can still Claybar or what more advance thing to remove the paint stick on to the car paint. The good old car cover has it limitation.
  8. Zerstorer

    Jeff Werkstat dealer in Singapore?

    Is it still available locally? Still have some left over from my old car but wandering where to get the new range. I like the Acrylic Prime and Jett a lot. Or any recommendations for similar products?
  9. whiz18

    Sonax vs cquartz

    any mcf-members can share their experience between this two products? can't find any related comparison posts here aside from those shop-related posts marketing their own product.
  10. Hi, My apologies if I have posted in the wrong forum. Was away for the week and left my car parked in the MSCP. When I went and take my car today, I discovered the bumper and boot have quite a lot of white dots (paints spilled from the MSCP wall painting). Apparently, when they paint the carpark, my car was not fully covered. The paints have dried and I am unable to scratch them off. Does anyone have any advice on how to go about in removing the paint? Thank you.
  11. Binxuan

    Wheels for washing buckets

    hi all does anyone know where to get something like bucket dolly ... preferably those for 2 buckets. getting old and dragging a bucket around can cause backaches.. thanks a lot! attached an image from the internet for reference
  12. Rustyz

    Application pad

    Dear brother, Where can buy cheap application pad, been searching online and seem very expensive to buy application pad and seem more economical to buy 1 that comes free with polish. Lastly claybar where can I find a good bargain too. Very long no detailing need stock up and reignite the passion. Please help Thank you for reading Rustyz Ps what is a good leather care brand? please share your poison
  13. SYF77

    My own creation of

    Firstly, I want to clarify that I am not here to endorse any car wash products, but just want to share with readers an efficient and environmentally friendly way of washing your beloved ride. I do my car wash once a week, on a weekend morning. As a not-so-hardworking car owner, the process of rinsing the car, soaping the car, rinsing off the soap solution plus drying really puts me off. However, if I were to use purely water, the road grime may not be removed effectively. Therefore, I decided to try a compromised method by halving the recommended car wash dosage. This way, the diluted solution would not be too soapy which means a rinse off is not required. At the same time, the diluted solution would maintain some form of cleaning capability. I have been using the above method for the past one and a half year. I use two pail of water to wash the body of the car (including the rims) and is satisfied with the results so far. The photos below are taken after a morning car wash on 25 June 11. The last time I sent my car for a wax and sealant treatment was nearly 8 months ago. This