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Found 26 results

  1. Maddriver

    Duragloss Application tips/method

    Hi.. I guess it will be good for me briefly describe the application method in case you have forgotten.. Step 1 Part no #901 shampoo This shampoo is really foamy..A cap for a big pail of water..If you intend to claybar..go for 2 caps to have more lub..Do not follow instruction..3 caps for a gallon.. You will have foam party.. After washing and rinsing your car.. Dry with a waffle weave or the drying towel you have.. For waffle weave user..each time before you use..soak into water..dry it and you can start drying the car. Step 2 Part no #101 / #501 polish Use a micro-fiber applicator..dam applicator with a bit of water..Apply polishes on to applicators.. a size of a 10cent coin is good enough..Apply onto panel..Thin layer.. hazy and cloudy effect is good enough..Avoid circular direction.. Need not use too force to apply unless for stuborn stains.. Apply whole car and wait for 5 minsto haze and you can start buffing off with a MF cloth. Step 3 #601 PBA This step is applicable to those using PBA..if you are not using it..You can proceed to step 4. For PBA..it is very transparent..you may not see the hazy or cloudy effect..Thin layer will do..Need not dam applicators with water.. Step 4 Part no #105 Use a micro-fiber applicator..dam applicator with a bit of water..Apply on to applicators.. a size of a 10cent coin is good enough..Apply onto panel..Thin layer... cloudy and hazy effect is good enough.. Haze for about 10 mins and you can start buffing off.. If you wish to apply #951 aquawax.. you may do so but not for #521 or #921 quick detailer.. Quick detailer comes in between washes or for fresh water spot..tree sap or bird poo.. If you have both #951 and #521 .. Use #951 weekly or bi-weekly..for daily use will be #521/#921 quick detailer..If you intend to have a coat of #951 aquawax..you can use #521/#921 QD to clean up surface and proceed to #951 aquawax..If you do not intend to use #951 AW.. Simply go round with QD will do.. Just remember #951 is alway the last step... Take note..For #951 aquawax.. the result will be better after when is cure..some of use have notice the different on the following day.. Tips Instead of dam applicators with water for #105..Spray a bit of #951 Aquawax on applicators or panel first follow by applying #105..hehe..dun ask me why..try it and you might see something different. Or after buffing away #105..you can apply #951 AW on applicator and apply on panel.. apply evenly and walk away..No buffing require.. This steps require little bit of skill..hehe.. or else you will get unbuff AW stick on the panels.. Happy detailing guys n .. feel free to discuss if you have any doubts
  2. Hi, i'm currently dealing with a direct seller regarding a car purchase. Right now my loan is approved and i'll meet him next week to pass him balance in cash/cashier order. I'm not sure whether he settled his full settlement with bank as I heard that even if he settle on the spot, it will take about 1 working day for LTA to allow the transfer for DBS auto loan. He informed me that his LTA pin is ready and will handover when I pass him the balance amount. I'm actually pretty confuse...lol
  3. Rustyz

    Application pad

    Dear brother, Where can buy cheap application pad, been searching online and seem very expensive to buy application pad and seem more economical to buy 1 that comes free with polish. Lastly claybar where can I find a good bargain too. Very long no detailing need stock up and reignite the passion. Please help Thank you for reading Rustyz Ps what is a good leather care brand? please share your poison
  4. Hi everyone, Are there any website or forum that discusses about Singapore PR Application? I just received a letter from ICA that my wife's (who is from PRC) application for PR has been rejected only after submitting the application 2 months ago. Very sian becos it is siong psychologically for her to just stay at the home and not able to work to contribute to the family.... considering the fact that both of us are university grad. Really appreciate if someone can point out a good forum to discuss and enquire about this issue. Thanks ahead!
  5. This guy Aaron aziz still not able to get his Malaysian citizen yet.... But here Aliens get their citizenship approves like nobody biznes.... http://malaysiansmustknowthetruth.blogspot...refers.html?m=1 He also prefers PM Najib then his own PM... Still living as a FTs in Malaysia is not cheap & a breeze wor
  6. Saw Yahoo news report and was ..... hur ............ Yahoo news report : Hougang resident files court application for PM Lee to call by-election An Hougang resident has filed a high court application on Friday requesting the Prime Minister to call for a by-election in the ward within three months. The 42-year old part-time cleaner, Vellama D/O Marie Muthu, filed the application via her lawyer M Ravi. The application called for the grant of declaration that the Prime Minister does not possess the "unfettered discretion to decide when to announce by-elections in Hougang SMC and must do so within three months or within such reasonable time as this Honorable Court deems fit". The affidavit also stated the plaintiff be granted a mandatory order enjoining the prime minister to advise the president to issue a writ of election mandating by-elections in the single member constituency. Since Worker's Party's Yaw Shin Leong's expulsion from the party on 14 February over rumours of extra-marital affairs, the seat has been vacant. His seat was officially declared vacant on 28 February by the Speaker of Parliament after Yaw decided not to appeal the decision. Vellama is the sole breadwinner for her family of two daughters and an alcoholic husband deemed unfit for work. She is also supporting her 77-year old wheelchair bound mother and her 52-year old diabetic sister. All are dependent on her meager monthly salary of $300. She is receiving financial assistance from the Community Development Council (CDC). Vellama previously voted for Yaw and was seeking his assistance to help her family. She added that "I no longer have the opportunity to do that because Hougang does not have an MP". She expressed shock at PM Lee's response "that 'other issues on our national agenda' are more important than allowing me to exercise my right to elect a representative of my choice". Vellama said that her frustrations are borne out of the urgency for her problems to be addressed, and she feels like a "second class citizen" having to rely on other MPs at the moment. She had been experiencing difficulties paying her monthly mortgage installments and said the banks had threatened her with foreclosure. What now for the MP-less Hougang SMC? According to CNA, PM Lee said the day after Yaw's expulsion that there is no fixed time within which he must call for a by-election. He further said that there are other issues on the national agenda then. His statement was made before Budget 2012. Vellama questioned, "Why am I denied this opportunity? Why is it taking so long for the PM to decide on this? Why is it that the PM is even saying, as I am advised, that he even has the power not to call a by-election when he says to the media that he would consider carefully 'whether
  7. http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_737997.html 4 times a day is real time?
  8. Porker

    GIC Position Application

    Anyone can advise me how to apply for the Chairman position now that Dr Tony Tan has officially been VOTED as the President of Singapore and I reckon he has to relinquish his duties at GIC? I'm EN-GEEN-NERING trained and have a very keen sense of numbers and very well versed in financials. I read WSJ and BoomBERG everyday to absorb all latest happenings in the financial world. Lloyd Blankfein is my personal hero since he transpired from a lowly comm trader in GS' subsidiary only to overtake Hank Paulson as CEO. But less people mistake me as gay, I find Christine Lagarde very chio and won't mind being her boyfriend. Yeah so there. Any advice (I got Sam's English lessons from SBF too) will be great.
  9. hi guys, i have a stand alone gps but sometimes the gps suddenly hang when im on the road and its really kinda headache when this happen so is there any navigation application on iphone which provide really good navigation and won`t be cut off if i got any phone calls coming in and sms.. if there is such a application please do intro to me.. thank you so much! (but i don`t want too expensive want)
  10. Hi fellow iPhones smartphones users , came across this interesting free application I downloaded on iPhone called the parkpatrol. It is actually an application to alert drivers of the known parking warden lurking around your current location with the help of google map. Not only you can be alerted by known warden on duty lurking near you contributed by other application users, you yourself can contribute your share by pressing on the red button clocking your currently location alerting other drivers near your ares that you have spotted one on duty that moment!! User can key in the period of time your car be parking there without coupons or places not supposing to stating the distant you are away from danger allowing you to gauge and have advance time to move youf car. The more the merrier for users to download that application. Like facebook, not point having few to joint as you can't even search for anyone online. This application promotes the power of giving and taking. Imagine having most of the driving population to have that piece of software. To Siam Fatimah will be a breeze. Hahaha can't disclose much on words maybe you guys can download cos it is free. No harm trying yah?
  11. seemed that it is a very prevalent practice. but since i am in technical line, i will have to make sure i really know it cos just 1 or 2 question will expose my lack of experience or skill set, so i also worried if i shoudl even pad it, but i will at least gain an interview....
  12. Chilli_crab

    Android Traffic Alert application

    Found this link over at HWZ. For those of you with Android, you might want to check this out.
  13. After applying aquawax 1 week ago, can polish? would it remove the layer of aquawax? i m referring to DG Product noob to DG products so appreciate any help i can get.
  14. Hi all, A friend of mine went for a job interview and as usual have to fill-in the Job Application Form. He was puzzled about a question: "Are you debt-free?". He was amused by the relevance of such question. Bascially, very high percentage of Singapore are not debt-free. Majority of them have to shoulder housing loan, car loan, credit cards bill and what have you. Have you ever came across other irrelevant question in a Job Application Form? Regards,
  15. I just receive a sms, says my application for Diners Club $500 limit card is approved and I should receive it in 3 days time. Another sms about I should have received my ATM pin. Anyone else received? I never apply for any card.
  16. Hi All, Just wanted to share with you a IM for mobile phones, allows you to log on to MSN (supports avatar display), Yahoo and MessageHub chats. It uses WiFi, GPRS, 3G network to run instead of SMS so it is very friendly and cost effective for those with data plan. Please let me know your feedback. http://www.messagehub.sg/main/index.jsf
  17. Dear ALL, Scheduled for project into Beijing mid-Jul'08 and had fired multiple emails to China Embassy in SG, but not receive reply till date. Anybody can advice on question in RED? Thanks in advance. Guidelines for your references : 1. Visa is required for ALL nationalities from 01 Jul. 2. Visa validity is ONE MONTH from the date of issue. Can we do multiple trips in and out within the period of ONE month? 3. Maximum duration of stay in china is ONE MONTH from the date of entry into China 4. Visa processing is for Normal 4 days and Urgent 2 days only. Procedural/Requirements: BUSINESS VISA 1.Application form 2. Recent Photo 3. Original approval from an authorised Government Office. (for business visa) What or Which is this
  18. hi all, I am collecting my car soon. I stay in HDB flat and would like to know how can I apply for season parking... do I have to wait for the day of collection then can go apply? or I can apply in advance? is there a limit of number of season parkings per household?? thnx!! :)
  19. 1. The SG does not contain water, it's super concentrated and is meant to be applied by a dry applicator (either an microfiber applicator (remove label first) or a sponge (preferred). 2. To applying Klasse SG, use a 100% cotton terry cloth applicator, or my favorite, the Blue Perl microfiber applicator. Do not apply Klasse SG with a foam applicator. Just got my Klasse SG. Getting abit confused here. Got this from 2 different Klasse SG application tips. So which is the right method? Foam applicator(sponge) or MF applicator? Any Klasse experts around?
  20. An intro to Klasse here at http://www.premiumautocare.com/klasse.html For those using Klasse, here are some application tips, taken from one of the detailing threads. AIO = All-In-One SG = Sealant Glaze The Application And while applying Klasse isn
  21. hi all, need to ask a technical question, prob me also lousy in wax application ... need to enquire does the application of wax affects in streaking which creates shadows due to inconsistent egree of waxing, find that some brands of wax tends to streak more than others ... hows the soft99 wax so far ? easy to apply ? any streaking ? how about nxt tech wax ? any users can comment
  22. Hi-Glaze88 Application Tips Product Name: Hi-Glaze88 Product Type: Polish/Sealant Cost: ~S$17 for 500ml bottle, ~S$32 for 1litre bottle Availability: Locally, from most petrol stations and car accessories shops. Feels like: Smooth thin glass. Application: - Use a foam applicator [eg. Meguairs foam applicator, round shaped, yellow ~10cm in diameter] - Apply in long [~30cm] overlapping oval strokes in the direction of air flow over the car body - Start with the tops surfaces first..like the roof, bonnet, and boot. Then move on the front quarter panels, rear quarter panels and doors. - Once you have finished application, it will be just right to start buffing off the panel with which you started first. - Paintwork should feel like smooth glass after buffing. Other Uses: Add one capful into normal car shampoo wash. [inline HiGlaze88.jpg]
  23. Assassin

    DETAILING: Zaino Application Tips

    Extracted from : http://www.zainostore.com/...ory_Code=APPLICATION ZAINO APPLICATION TIPS 1. Because Zaino Show Car Polish is optically perfect (99.9%) The optimum results are achieved by using over wax free paint. 2. If you are looking for the ultimate paint surface preparation. Use Z-18
  24. Sapience

    Klasse Application Questions

    since there's a posting on tips, i may as well have one on questions, since i just got started on it. some questions i hope all the klasse experts out there can help me with... 1. in the application tips, it said that i should probably finish the whole bottle of AIO after two coats. i did 2 coats, but used only 1/10 of the AIO... am i skimping too much? the surface of the car does feel "creamy and buttery" though... 2. as i'm doing my SG a week later, do i have to AIO again? or just a plain wash will do? TIA!!
  25. Turbobrick

    Klasse application tips

    I've attached a document with the application guide. SHINE ON! Klasse Application Tips.doc