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Found 126 results

  1. Bought a 20mths old Trajet and the interior really needs to be clean up, where to get value for money Leather and Carpet cleaner that will work wonders in other words cheap ones
  2. Guys...salesman try to sell this Rainbow vacuum cleaner for $3,400. Promise to pick up dirt like nothing before from any surface and cleans your air better than any air purifier out there. Take a look : http://www.rainbowsystem.com/rainbowsystem/main/?lg=english I personally think it's ridiculous to pay $3.4k for a vacuum cleaner but what do you think? Would you pay for one?
  3. Lycanthrope

    DPF Cleaner

    Hi Looking to buy good DPF cleaner , those that can pour in the tank type Thanks
  4. Bros, anyone using one of these? Wife asked me to get one and I would like to seek some advice before spending the few hundred dollars (certainly not buying the electrolux or karcher models which cost a few thousand bucks). Which brand is good value for money? Thanks in advance
  5. S’pore Residents Will Take Over Cleaners For 1 Day In Apr 2020 To Learn How Much We Waste source: https://mustsharenews.com/cleaners-cleansg-day/ CleanSG Day Lets Cleaners Take A Day Off So Residents Will Do Their Jobs Instead Most of us empathise with cleaners who pick up after our mess, but how much would we be willing to do the same? Whether we can do it won’t be a question in April 2020, when the Public Hygiene Council (PHC) launches CleanSG Day, an initiative to encourage people “to take personal responsibility for the cleanliness of our common spaces”. For 1 day in that month, cleaners across Singapore will either get a lighter workload or a whole day off, while residents take over their jobs. The exact date is yet to be confirmed. Cleaners can rest while residents do their work According to an article by Eco-Business, next year will be the first time that CleanSG will occur nationwide, after trial runs in several districts. In Nee Soon, where the trial had run, professional cleaners left parts of the area uncleaned so residents had to do it themselves instead. MP Louis Ng observed that residents who did so learnt just how much waste we generate, and that Singapore is “a cleaned city rather than a clean city”. So giving cleaners a lighter workload or rest will hopefully encourage more residents island-wide to step up and learn the same lesson. Furthermore, the national initiative could be a way of showing our gratitude towards the cleaners who don’t get enough recognition for their tireless efforts. Individual responsibility to keep Singapore clean Though we may depend on cleaners to keep large areas of Singapore clean, smaller acts like picking up stray pieces of litter is something we can all try to do. After all, it doesn’t take much to simply throw rubbish into the bin. Dirty streets are surely an eyesore to everyone. We hope that the initiative will work out smoothly and that Singaporeans will do their parts to help on that day.
  6. RunForrest

    Vacuum Cleaner

    Hi, anybody knows which model from Black & Decker has the most suction power ? Or is there even any difference ? Thanks!
  7. Anyone tried Redline SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner? Any effect on FC, performance, etc?
  8. Tubokia

    Fuel injector cleaner

    It's been debated 10000000x over but I feel it works ... What's your fav brand?
  9. Good Morning My mum is looking for a part-time cleaner, no ironing & washing required and got a dog at home. Once per week only, so not easy to find one hence I'll try my luck here. Location: Serangoon North Anybody with contacts? Thank you.
  10. hi, What's your experience with your car vacuum cleaner? pls indicate your brand and model. thanks.
  11. Soft 99 cleaner & polish Luster Wax (blue tin). It stated 'Do not apply onto dark coloured and pearl & metallic car body'. My car colour is Alabaster Silver (NH-700M). Can it be used?
  12. Tigershark1976

    Where to buy Brake cleaner

    Looking for brake cleaner at Toh Guan area. Anyone came across which shop selling? Pls do not recomend engine degreaser/ carb cleaner as Im not sure it will attack piston seal or any rubber parts on the caliper.... Thanks.
  13. For those interested in vacuum for home or vehicle.
  14. Dear all, Was doing some clearing and realised that after vacuuming for awhile ... the dust bag inside got lots of dust. So when we throw it away, must get it replace. Then I saw this new model that don't use the bag kind but some new technology don't need to replace the dust bag and it cost $498!! So just wanna find out from here who use those type like Osim Mermaid etc .. what are the feedback?
  15. Does anyone know where to buy DIY throttle body cleaner? I used to buy amsoil power foam from mx tr**ding, but they no longer sell amsoil product. I had checked at autobacs, they do not sell also. Brand can be any: STP, CRC, Volvoline, Voltronic E60... etc. Thanks.
  16. Hi, newbie here lookg 4 above. Must hv 12V power cord. Appreciate any recommendations. Also lookg for good wax to bring out the shine on bluish grey ride when he is being discharged fm workshop.
  17. Hello MCFers, long time no see... We have been working very hard recently to spice up the forum. And we have a tie-up with Caltex , the leading petroleum company that introduced technologically-advanced Techron® Concentrate Plus fuel system cleaner. Techron® Concentrate Plus was launched in 2014 in a concentrated bottle form for periodic deep cleaning. And this time, Caltex is introducing the Techron® D Concentrate for diesel vehicles. One bottle of Techron® D Concentrate (473ml) is best used for vehicles with diesel fuel tank of up to 80 litres. Simply put, Techron® D Concentrate, with Precision Clean™ technology will clean diesel injectors and keep them performing almost like new. Techron D Concentrate diesel fuel system cleaner can be used with all types of diesel fuel including ultra-low sulfur diesel, bio diesel and bio diesel blends. For more information on Techron® Technology, visit www.caltex.com.sg/techronworks. MyCarForum is working with Caltex Lubricants to do a giveaway for Techron® D Concentrate. We are giving away 100 bottles to MyCarForum members who are driving a diesel car. Terms and conditions apply. The RRP is S$21.80 at Caltex stations. Here's how to join the giveaway! Register here. Registration Period: 30th November 2017 to 21st December 2017. We will then contact you within seven working days. If you are selected for the giveaway, we will send you the link to complete the registration. Members who are selected for this giveaway will receive the Techron® D Concentrate. Item can be collected at @ 61 Ubi Ave 2 #07-05/06 Automobile Megamart Spore 408898 or via courier service at a flat admin fee of $10. You must be driving a diesel-powered vehicle. SGCM Pte Ltd. And Caltex Lubricants assumes no responsibility for the misuse of the product in any way. The giveaway for the Techron® D Concentrate is strictly for participant’s own use and may not be re-sold by participant. After using Techron® D Concentrate, please submit your review of the product within 3 weeks. On submission of the product review, participant will be entitled to receive a Sonax Car Air Con Cleaning Anti-bacteria that is worth $38.95! Join this giveaway! Submit your review here! http://www.sgcarmart.com/products/overview.php?ID=12164 Terms & Conditions: 1. Postage fee is one-time off, non-refundable 2. Please make sure that you give us your correct mailing address when you register. Any chance of loss mail, we will send a new set if the address provided is correct. 3. Please input your name, not a nickname, we won't be responsible for returned mail. 4. Sonax Car Air Con Cleaning Anti-bacteria will be ready for collection/mailed out to participants who submitted review for Techron® D Concentrate within 3 weeks after receiving the item.
  18. Cybertech

    Windscreen glass cleaner

    Any good products for keeping the windscreen glass clean and clear and remove those oily layer. Used Rain-x before, result is good but cause wiper to shudder. And Autoglym Glass cleaner, heard will left those small blue residue particules after effect. Any good recommendation here?
  19. Tigershark1976

    Any recomendation for Robot cleaner??

    Came across some robot vacumn cleaner and wonder any MCFers use it before. The price is not cheap (min $800) and I do not want another white elephant added to my storeroom.... Pls share your experience and better still, if you have any good deal for such gadget..
  20. Ahbengdriver

    SONAX rim cleaner

    Anyone tried and is it that good? Read in the FOC car newspaper buying guide at petrol stations that its a PH neutral non corrosive, spray and rinse off kind of cleaner and suppose to be very effective. Said SPC got sell this but I see no have stock de.
  21. east41st

    3M™ Leather & Vinyl Cleaner

    Anyone knows where can buy this cleaner? Autobac does not sell. http://solutions.3m.com.sg/wps/portal/3M/en_SG/AAD-Mobile/Car-Care/For-Car-Owner/Leather-Vinyl-Restorer/
  22. Tested on my windscreen last week..Finally have the chance to try it out yesterday with some drizzling..wipers are almost half a year,just some normal wiper from proton MY.. wiper started to juddge and actually is time to replace them..since the DG #751 reached my doorstep..best time to do some experiment. [/color] I let the wiper run at speed 2 non stop for about 15mins with small drizzling and no juddgling at all..check this out.. Not becos i have them i say is good but is indeed good http://us.st11.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/autogeek_1957_1993263 Xjava script:changeImg('imgmainimg0',imgmainimg0large,document.getElementById('imgplaceholder')); Keep your windshield clear when the sky is cloudy. Duragloss Rain Repel is a ph-balanced blend of cleaners and siloxanes which cleans glass surfaces while imparting a water-repellent treatment. It can also be diluted 4:1 with water and added to windshield washer reservoir. Studies show that visibility during adverse weather is drastically improved on windshields sealed with a product like Rain Repel. Just like a car wax, Duragloss Rain Repel leaves a water repellant coating on top of the glass that causes water to bead. As you drive, the beads of water disperse and your windshield remains clear. Duragloss Rain Repel keeps your windshield cleaner by repelling the dirt and films that attach to the exterior of your vehicle. On an unprotected windshield, when oily films and debris mix with rain, objects outside become blurred and unclear. Duragloss Rain Repel maintains optimum clarity and visibility for safer driving, even in the rain. Duragloss Rain Repel also provides a layer of protection against water spots and mineral deposits to maintain the clarity of your windshield longer. In addition to glass protection, Duragloss Rain Repel cleans the glass with a pH-balanced blend of cleaner and siloxanes. Dilute Duragloss Rain Repel 4:1 with water to add to the washer fluid tank. Applying a fresh rain-repellant coating is as easy as pushing a button! Improve your visibility and keep your windshield clean with Duragloss Rain Repel. Exterior use only. 22 oz. trigger spray
  23. Hi, was thinking of getting a cordless handheld vaccum cleaner for my home... Saw 2 models from Bosch (BBMOVE2) & Electrolux (Ergorapido). I had checked & tested the weight, mobility & suction power.. they are pretty descent.. But not sure how is cordless vaccum cleaner in terms of the battery lifespan, battery holding life, durability etc... If anyone has or is using it, please do share with me... Need your review.. Thanks alot!! link as below: http://www.bosch-home.com/sg/products/smal...l?source=browse http://www.electrolux.com.sg/node38.aspx?p...263,16398,34932