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  1. Leech

    Garmin - Help!

    Bros, can someone please advise how I can view recording done on my Garmin Nuvi 2575LM using the PC Tool which I downloaded? Thanks!
  2. Yokohama? Any views on DB advan v551?
  3. No wonder! Thanks bro. What's the issue do u know?
  4. Bros, did the train breakdown again? Bus stops are full of people!
  5. Bro, I am going there with my parents as well. Would you have any recommendations for dinner? Thanks
  6. Leech

    Anyone fancy a Kate Spade???

    Bro, u r wrong. She can upgrade to ALL of those you have listed. Not just "a". She damn buay paiseh.
  7. Leech

    Jogger Hit by Car - Died

    Bro, no need so complicated. All that is needed is for the laws to change. I have not seen a guilty reckless driver who has caused death of a fellow road user being imprisoned and/or caned. Time for the laws to change!
  8. Leech

    What is the rated horse power of E200ML ?

    Bro, how's your merc? There's a E200ML at about $12k+ depreciation on sgcarmart. Wonder what the power rating of this merc is. Would you recommend that I consider this car? Looks new and low mileage. In built GPS too... http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...495&DL=1400
  9. Leech


    Bros, is this a good deal? http://www.groupon.sg/deals/shopping/group...amp;a=715828071 Thanks!
  10. Leech

    Audi Q7 FC

    Bro, when u drive an Audi Q7, you should not be concerned about FC. Have you bought the wrong car? FYI: my 05 A6 gives me average 6km/litre only
  11. Bro, the reality (as I have read on the Internet) is that mdm saw cut corners in the necessary maintenance to save costs. And she has been warned by her engineers that the cheaper parts used in maintenance will not last. Hence the problems we are now seeing. If this is true, would you change your comments?
  12. Leech

    MICRO scooter

    Hi guys, anyone has any lobang to buy mini and maxi Micro scooters? I am as well okay for pre-owned ones if the cos savings make sense. Many thanks!
  13. Leech

    Katong 112 valet service

    And for some reasons they have to wind down the drivers window. No clue why...
  14. Leech

    Should I get a bigger car?

    Bro, heard of this thing called a taxi? Not economical and environmental friendly to drive a MPV around on all the other weekdays when you are not fetching your folks. As a filial son you coud always pre-book Mercedes cab for your folks on weekends. No point driving a huge piece of metal around otherwise.
  15. Leech


    Got story one... Can PM you. But just kepo to find out who is the owner...