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    2017 Apple iPhone 8 & iPhone X

    I don't mind this deal in a years time when re-contracting... and if they carry the LTE version of Watch Series 3. Maybe finally retire my original Watch from 2015 that my daughter is using. I'm more concerned for the birds than zombie employees glued to their phones.
  2. ins1dious

    Creative Technology becomes Destructive liao

    I thought your password was "ilikelesbians"?
  3. ins1dious

    Creative Technology becomes Destructive liao

    Yep... I have an iRoar Go... for a small speaker... it has big sound. I use it not just as a BT speaker... it’s also been useful to charge my phone as you can use it as an external battery
  4. ins1dious

    Creative Technology becomes Destructive liao

    I have so many Creative products. Reasons? First and foremost... it’s a damn good brand with awesome speakers, headphones and DACs. They tend to be good quality at nice price points. The fact that they’re a Singaporean brand is just icing on the cake.
  5. ins1dious

    2017 Apple iPhone 8 & iPhone X

    Easily more than $80b revenue for the X alone I think. Anecdotally, I know the demand is for the more expensive 256GB model. Anyway, why stop at revenue
  6. ins1dious

    2017 Apple iPhone 8 & iPhone X

    BTW... that article mentioned that Samsung Display was expecting to supply its OLED for 40-50m iPhones? The estimated sales for the entire iPhone range for Y2018Q2 is between 50-55m. So does SD expect all of the iphone sales to be only the OLED X models? And none from the LCD SE, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+ range? Stupid assumption.
  7. ins1dious

    2017 Apple iPhone 8 & iPhone X

    Not fake news? Not real news also
  8. ins1dious

    2017 Apple iPhone 8 & iPhone X

    Conversations are just polite arguments... other times it descends into fracas. What I've always cared about are facts. When someone is stating something... they'd better back it with numbers. If someone is wrong and if I have an opportunity to correct or to learn myself... I will. Sometimes when people are just bone-headed, it's best to move away from the conversation. This is what I tried to with this thread many many months back... until the prick baited me a few days ago. I used to own a lot of Apple shares. I sold them when I needed to get a home here. The value for that home is down 10% while the shares I sold are now worth 4x more... shit happens sometimes. I still follow the stock diligently and buy very small quantities now and then. People buy things for many reasons... for their own reasons/requirements. With phones, people buy different brands for economic reasons or customer satisfaction or even philosophical ones. Even with this... there's overlap. Many years ago, I knew one fella (a big property developer in the UAE) who drove a Maserati but still rocked a Nokia 33xx... his logic for getting the Nokia was that he often forgot and left his phone in a club/gaming parlour. So no point in paying for expensive phones
  9. ins1dious

    2017 Apple iPhone 8 & iPhone X

    Whose guidance are you referring to you dumb fck? From saying a specific model (X) is a failure to now saying they’ve missed the guidance? Even by that shifting standard you are wrong moron. Wall Street consensus was 87.1b for Q1 2018 Apple’s own guidance for this quarter announced in Q4 2017 was 84-87b They announced 88.3b in revenue. Bang buster profit and margins.
  10. ins1dious

    2017 Apple iPhone 8 & iPhone X

    Thank you for reminding me why I tuned MCF out of my life. It’s filled with toxic idiots who conflate one issue with another. And dullards like you who can’t recognise sarcasm also. You are absolutely wrong about calling X a failure for the last quarter. It was on sale only from Nov and in a quarter with only 13 weeks instead of YoY 14 weeks. From when it was on general sale, it was their top selling phone. They moved so many in those two and half months that it increased their ASP from 710 to 796. Calling the next quarter low also no difference. Q4 is traditionally the strong quarter for everyone - being the holiday quarter. The next quarter is always low. Besides, Apple already give guidance of 60b. Lower than Wall Street analyst who don’t have the complete picture about the inner workings of a company. Besides... with saturated smartphone penetration and a contraction of 9% sales among ALL smartphone manufacturers... you continue to maintain a Apple Is Doomed mantra. A broken clock can be right at least twice a day. But you? No hope for even that.
  11. ins1dious

    2017 Apple iPhone 8 & iPhone X

    Oh yea... just as you predicted
  12. ins1dious

    NSFW: Jason's TIKO thread part 2

    I love
  13. Ah the irony... wondering about strangers added by friends in a private chat group in a public forum filled with even more strangers**
  14. ins1dious


    Don't know about ITV Hub... but HSS still works for iPlayer for me
  15. ins1dious

    Favourite Movies of the past

    There are 3 movies... that I tend to see... at least once every year or two... all from completely different genres and languages.... but each resonates with me deeply. The Hidden Fortress http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0051808/?ref_=nv_sr_8 The Message http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0074896/?ref_=nv_sr_5 Mouna Ragam (tamil) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091559/?ref_=tt_urv