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Found 36 results

  1. With the end of the Circuit Breaker measures, more people have resumed working, creating more traffic on our roads. But that has not stop this rider from riding recklessly on his Personal Mobility Device (PMD) in Sembawang. As reported by SG Road Vigilante, the rider can be seen overtaking a car that is moving away from the traffic lights before keeping up to speed with it. In fact, the video which was shot on the 4th of June, showed the rider overtaking a motorcycle in the next lane. Judging from the 20 seconds plus clip, we reckon he could have been doing twice the legal speed limit of PMDs (25km/h). Naturally, netizens were quick to slam him... Should we be tolerating this? Watch the video of the PMD rider here! 101385818_2673239402892083_8980883442018037830_n.mp4
  2. Hi folks, I understand that LTA had raise the speed limit for vans and lorries from 60km/h to 70km/h. However, the speed device in my dad's van sound off when hit 60km/h. So izit alright to adjust the beeper to sound off at 70km/h ? If yes, any kind souls could advice me where can i get it done ?Thks !
  3. With more and more brands abandoning the manual gearbox, the amount of drivers being able to drive cars equipped one also lessens day by day. With that in mind, Volkswagen USA thinks that its latest Jetta GLI, when optioned with a manual gearbox, would easily deter thieves. In its latest commercial for the sports sedan, it portrayed the aforementioned idea in just that way. However, while it was cheeky of them to come out with this advertisement, they did put a small line at the end of the video saying, “Legally we have to tell you that you should always lock your car, so you should lock your car." to make sure viewers should only take it as a joke. It is unknown whether the latest Jetta GLI will make it to our sunny shores.
  4. Alamak... Just came across this. Hope when i go NZ in Dec, won't kanna bullied by these people... Those who are not aware, better take note. The problem is, the article doesn't really say what are the rights one has when really faced with such situations. It's mentioned the devices can be: - out of sight for minutes - confiscated and returned after a few days If go on a trip, they take your phone, then even if can get around, will sure disrupt plans and spoil the trip... https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/commentary/new-zealand-border-customs-digital-device-passwords-fine-10803570 Commentary: Know your rights when a border agent demands access to your digital deviceVisitors entering New Zealand will have to disclose passwords for their electronic devices if they asked to by customs officials, or risk being slapped with a fine - but they should also be aware of their rights, says one observer. ARIZONA: Imagine arriving in Australia or New Zealand after a long-haul flight, exhausted and red-eyed. You’ve just reclaimed your baggage after getting through immigration when you’re stopped by a customs officer who demands you hand over your smartphone and the password. Do you know your rights? Both Australian and New Zealand customs officers are legally allowed to search not only your personal baggage, but also the contents of your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It doesn’t matter whether you are a citizen or visitor, or whether you’re crossing a border by air, land or sea. New laws that came into effect in New Zealand on Oct 1 give border agents: … the power to make a full search of a stored value instrument (including power to require a user of the instrument to provide access information and other information or assistance that is reasonable and necessary to allow a person to access the instrument). Those who don’t comply could face prosecution and NZ$5,000 (US$3,220) in fines. Border agents have similar powers in Australia and elsewhere. AdvertisementIn Canada, for example, hindering or obstructing a border guard could cost you up to C$50,000 (US$38,514) or five years in prison. DEVICE INSPECTION A GROWING TREND Australia and New Zealand don’t currently publish data on these kinds of searches, but there is a growing trend of device search and seizure at US borders. There was a more than fivefold increase in the number of electronic device inspections between 2015 and 2016 – bringing the total number to 23,000 per year. In the first six months of 2017, the number of searches was already almost 15,000. In some of these instances, people have been threatened with arrest if they didn’t hand over passwords. Others have been charged. In cases where they did comply, people have lost sight of their device for a short period, or devices were confiscated and returned days or weeks later. On top of device searches, there is also canvassing of social media accounts. In 2016, the United States introduced an additional question on online visa application forms, asking people to divulge social media usernames. As this form is usually filled out after the flights have been booked, travellers might feel they have no choice but to part with this information rather than risk being denied a visa, despite the question being optional. SEARCHING SMARTPHONES AN INVASION OF PRIVACY Border agents may have a legitimate reason to search an incoming passenger – for instance, if a passenger is suspected of carrying illicit goods, banned items, or agricultural products from abroad. But searching a smartphone is different from searching luggage. Our smartphones carry our innermost thoughts, intimate pictures, sensitive workplace documents, and private messages. The practice of searching electronic devices at borders could be compared to police having the right to intercept private communications. But in such cases in Australia, police require a warrant to conduct the intercept. That means there is oversight, and a mechanism in place to guard against abuse. And the suspected crime must be proportionate to the action taken by law enforcement. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS If you’re stopped at a border and asked to hand over your devices and passwords, make sure you have educated yourself in advance about your rights in the country you’re entering. Find out whether what you are being asked is optional or not. Just because someone in a uniform asks you to do something, it does not necessarily mean you have to comply. If you’re not sure about your rights, ask to speak to a lawyer and don’t say anything that might incriminate you. Keep your cool and don’t argue with the customs officer. You should also be smart about how you manage your data generally. You may wish to switch on two-factor authentication, which requires a password on top of your passcode. And store sensitive information in the cloud on a secure European server while you are travelling, accessing it only on a needs basis. Data protection is taken more seriously in the European Union as a result of the recently enacted General Data Protection Regulation. Microsoft, Apple and Google all indicate that handing over a password to one of their apps or devices is in breach of their services agreement, privacy management, and safety practices. That doesn’t mean it’s wise to refuse to comply with border force officials, but it does raise questions about the position governments are putting travellers in when they ask for this kind of information. Katina Michael is professor at School for the Future of Innovation in Society, and School of Computing, Informatics and Decision Systems Engineering in Arizona State University. This commentary first appeared on The Conversation.
  5. Hi Guys, Anyone of you are using media box or devices that allow you to stream movie and soccer channel? I knew that there are a lot of choices in the market. Every time during IT or Electronic show, many company promoting their device. I already tried out 3 set but does not last long. Either very lagging or totally cannot connect. Please advice and share some of your choice here. Thanks
  6. WoeiSongKeh

    Gauge Monitoring Device

    Does anyone know where I can buy similar or this type of Plug & Play monitoring system ? What are the sizes available ?
  7. Hi, Reading this article, what is this device that can that can quickly unlock and disarm the sirens on Toyota and Honda cars ? prior it was saying that JB thief have the "Master Key" to Honda cars as well .... is that possible ? http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/singapore-car-belonging-to-animal-activist-stolen-in-johor-baru SINGAPORE - An animal welfare activist has successfully recovered his stolen car, more than 24 hours after it vanished in Johor Baru on Monday (May 16) evening. Mr Derrick Tan's second-hand silver Toyota Mark X, which he bought just weeks ago, had been stolen while he was having a massage with three other friends at Yisheng Reflexology in Jalan Serampang at around 8.15pm. As it was late and the parking lots near the massage parlour were full, he parked a litte further away. But when they emerged two hours later, his car was gone without a trace. The 35-year-old's wallet, passport and personal belongings had been left in the vehicle. Happily for Mr Tan, he announced in a Facebook post early Wednesday (May 18) morning that his car had been retrieved and he had since returned to Singapore. "A very expensive price paid for this lesson well learnt," wrote Mr Tan, who has a substantial following on Facebook due to his animal welfare work at Voices For Animals. He also thanked his family and friends who supported him during the crisis, as well as fellow Singaporeans and people from Malaysia who reached out to assist. While the car was recovered intact, it was emptied of his belongings, Mr Tan said in response to queries from concerned friends on his Facebook post. He had earlier asked for help in a Facebook post - which has since been deleted - on Monday night. "Please help share! My car got stolen in JB Malaysia! Please help me share SLB7735P silver Color Toyota Mark X!! Please help me share esp friends in Malaysia! My passport and belongings are all in the car!" he wrote. The post was shared more than 8,000 times as of 5.30pm on Tuesday. Mr Tan said that many people have offered him money and help, even strangers who have never met him. The car thieves have also been using his credit card, which Mr Tan quickly cancelled. But before cancelling the card, he received a few SMSes about the transactions made. Some of his Facebook friends suggested that he trace the shops where the transactions were made, and ask them for CCTV footage of those who used the card. Mr Tan also told The Straits Times on Tuesday afternoon that he was waiting for his temporary passport at the Singapore consulate in Johor Baru, and that a friend had driven to Malaysia to pick him up. This was only Mr Tan's third trip to Johor with the Mark X. When he reported the case to the Malaysian police, they guessed that it was a Mark X once he told them it was a Toyota. "The police said they (the thieves) love Toyota Mark X's as the parts are easy to sell," he said. He added that police told him the car thieves have a device that can quickly unlock and disarm the sirens on Toyota and Honda cars. "It's scary to lose your car in Johor Baru," he said. "I just want people to be more aware of the danger when they drive here."
  8. Picnic06-Biante15

    Hands-Free Payment Device

    Arrrrrrrrrrr.......................... we have a IVU (In Vehicle Unit) installed in our cars for ERP. Now a IHU (In Human Unit) device to carry for those frequent trains & buses commuters... CNA : LTA looking to develop hands-free payment on buses, trains SINGAPORE: Commuters are now a step closer to being able to board a bus or take the train without having to fumble for their fare cards, after the Land Transport Authority (LTA) on Thursday (Nov 18) called a Request for Information (RFI) exercise seeking the industry’s views on a “hands free” Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system. LTA said it will use the information gathered from the exercise to develop requirements for a proof-of-concept trial by the end of next year. Based on the RFI document seen by TODAY, the LTA is considering two concepts: Walk In Walk Out which allows the presence of the commuter to be detected at the entry and exit of the system, or Be In Be Out where the presence of the commuter is tracked throughout the system to determine the fare that he has to pay. The start of the RFI exercise came about three months after LTA launched a trial - in partnership with Singtel, Sony, EZ-Link, NETS and TransitLink - where 200 participants will use a smartband encoded with a digital CEPAS card to pay for their bus and rail journey by holding their wrists to the fare card readers. Both the trial and the RFI exercise will end on Feb 29. The RFI document stated that the envisaged system will use a medium “such as a contactless media, mobile smart phone or similar device to track commuters’ movement through the rail and bus transit system”. It said the rail transit system will be gated with its barriers in “normally open state “. These will close when “an invalid or no-ticketing intrusion” is detected. On buses, alerts will be sent to the bus driver when such instances occur. Commuters TODAY spoke to welcomed the idea. Public relations associate Angeline Wong, 24, recounted how there were times when she had to miss the train because she could not get her fare card out of her bag in time. Ms Crystal Huang, a 56-year-old human resource executive, however, pointed out that the “hands free” system might result in some inconvenience. “Now I can see how much money (is left) in my EZ-Link card, but with this system, does it mean that I always have to check the stored value at the control station?,” she said. Other commuters wondered if the system could deduct money from multiple smart cards or devices which a person is carrying. “Will I be paying twice for a trip if I have my ATM card and EZ-Link card with me?” said Ms Hui Shan, a 23-year-old research assistant. Dr Walter Theseira, a senior lecturer at SIM University (UniSIM), said that a “hands free” system would be ideal for Singapore as the vast majority of commuters already pay for their trips using contactless cards. Otherwise, there will be a bottleneck at the entrance of buses with some commuters trying to pay by cash. “It’s a natural progression from the current system,” he said. Agreeing, UniSIM adjunct associate professor Park Byung-joon said the system will help to smoothen the process of boarding during the peak hours. Still, he felt it was not a development that would excite commuters. “I don’t think this is a major breakthrough to make commuters happy,” he said. Link : http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/lta-looking-to-develop/2274310.html If this carry-on IHU device have GPS capabilities, now the authority can say : "You Can Run But You Can't Hide" ... Hmmmm....... not a bad ideal, got public toilets, no need to dig for coins....
  9. Hamburger

    Tracking device

    can advice who n where can install tracking device for fleets of vehicle, actually 3 lorries n 1 car nia????
  10. Hi guys, i need some help. I am driving a 06 GS300 and saw on youtube that a device can be installed so that i can play songs directly from my iPhone. ANyone know where can i get it fixed and what is the cost?Tried Autobacs and few other shops but they don't have it. The car does not have a Aux point too. Else i can get something directly from apple. It looks like some device that is to be installed into the car so that i can play the music from the car speakers and can control from the steering wheel or from the phone. Thanks
  11. A device that can warn drivers of impending collisions was launched on Monday morning, under a move to reduce road accidents here. Consisting of a camera and screen mounted on the car dashboard, it can also help alert drivers to speed limits on the roads and warn them if they are drifting out of the lane. Called the Mobileye Telemetrics Advanced Driver Assistance System, it is an initiative of the Singapore Transport Association (STA) and Spring Singapore, which is supporting companies' adoption of the technology through its Capability Development Grant. STA chairman Dave Ng said the technology can help improve road safety, especially at a time where the number of accidents involving heavy vehicles are on the rise. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/device-warns-drivers-about-collisions-launched-monday-20
  12. A URA carpark warden snapping a photo of a car before issuing a summons. The handheld device used to issue summonses can now take photos too. Parking enforcement officers' devices capture photo evidence of offences Forget about protesting or appealing against that ticket for illegal parking. You may not see parking enforcement officers carrying digital cameras, but the familiar hand- held device that they use to issue summonses can now also take photos of parking offences. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) started using these two-in-one devices last month. Its enforcement officers on motorcycles use them to snap photos of illegally parked vehicles before issuing summonses. The gadget even uses Global Positioning System satellite coordinates to record the exact location where a summons is issued. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/parking-enforcement-officers-devices-capture-photo-evidence-offences-2
  13. I'm worried about our dengue problem. my other half is expecting at this moment and I'm thinking of how to repel mozzies at home. I saw those devices that you plug into power sockets. Will these devices actually work? what other ways to repel mozzies?
  14. As above, brand new one haven't use (still inside the box). Retail price $39, & I'm willing to let go at $30. Interested pls pm me. Thank you *Sorry, only 1 device available for sale :)
  15. Since last year, I have been noticing the trucks and lorries speeding and zapping on roads. Whether you are driving Volvo or hummer, if one of these giant kiss you, there are slim chance of walking out alive. Do you agree that all should be fitted with speed limiting device, which only allow at 50 - 60KMH?
  16. http://www.phing.com/listing/538293-BLUETO...U-BY-SMARTPHONE
  17. I know this is quite malu. I'm trying to get this location into my GARMIN GPS, but i can't seem to get it GPS coordinates Latitudes, longitude: 1.82798, 102.953776 i need to choose N S E W in the GPS but i can't seem to fit all the numbers in
  18. Got myself the Withings BP monitor as I need to measure my mother's BP regularly. Am impressed with the device. iPad friendly too. Good for long term measurement and the results can email to Dr too... http://at-home-blood-pressure-monitor.com/...y-for-sale.html
  19. $90 for 3 days Rental of Livestreaming Hand Held FanVision Device for Driver Seat Views and More at 2011 F1 Singapore Grand Prix (worth $150) http://tinyurl.com/groupon-f1 3 day access to live wireless coverage from multiple angles Driver seat views, driver comparisons, real time statistics and instant replays 8 on-board cameras Rich content in the palm of your hand Collection at FanVision Kiosks only. Must be returned by 25 September, 3 hours after final race.
  20. Thinking of buying one. Any recommendation?
  21. GoodCar

    Cruise control device for Optra

    Anyone know if we can get cruise control device for Optra? It will be convenient for those that travel up north. The right hand side of the steering wheel seems to have a provision for this.
  22. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?autoco...p;product=10815 I kept seeing these ads popping up and I also saw them at Mcwell. However, I have no idea what are they for and how it works. Any idea hows these devices work? Thanks.
  23. Where to buy this mobile hotspot device from M1? MIFI2352 http://m1.com.sg/M1/site/M1Corp/menuitem.e...ate:0910281053: Sim Lim got sell? How much? Wat brand? I got their 1Mbps mobile plan so if get the device can use it as mobile hotspot use put in the sim card. Want to buy it, dun want rent from m1. Thanks any advice welcome.
  24. Hi been reading the reviews of this product.So easy just plug n play and it claims to gained 16% HP and 30% fuel saver.Price retail at $80 including install.Just use a scredriver and insert the swirl like device to your air hose and voila.Hmm looks so easy sia,but is it worth it to try?Any side effect on the air intake system?
  25. Does anyone know where to buy Sony Ericsson blue tooth device VH300 ? http://www.sonyericsson.com/cws/products/a...lc=en&cc=sg