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Found 17 results

  1. iOS 13.4 beta hints at new CarKey feature that lets users use their iPhones to unlock cars source: https://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/tech-news-ios-13-carkey-unlock-cars Apple has just released the first beta version of iOS 13.4 to developers and reports say it contains references to a new "CarKey" API. This new API will allow users to use their iPhones or Apple Watch to unlock, lock, and possibly even start a car. The car must support NFC to work, and iPhone and Apple Watch users only need to hold their devices near the car to use it as a car. The initial pairing process is said to be done through the Wallet app and the car manufacturer's app. After pairing is done, the CarKey should appear in the Wallet app and can be added to the Apple Watch. Interestingly, it is reported that the CarKey can be shared with other people so that they can have access to the car too. Also, it won't be necessary to authenticate with Face ID, which means the CarKey will work even if your iPhone or Apple Watch is out of battery. This is thoughtful but it also raises some security concerns, since this means someone can take your phone and unlock your car. Then again, I guess it's no different from misplacing your car keys. Even so, it's still good news for most car owners who are using Apple users as it could possibly mean one less thing to carry around in your pocket. No word yet when this feature will be officially made available as it requires car manufacturers to come on board as well.
  2. Hi, I have a laptop with a defcon cl lock. The combination was not changed but I couldn’t unlock it. Think the lock is spoilt. Anyone knows how to unlock or remove the lock? Or anyone has a big powerful saw to cut the lock?
  3. Hi, Reading this article, what is this device that can that can quickly unlock and disarm the sirens on Toyota and Honda cars ? prior it was saying that JB thief have the "Master Key" to Honda cars as well .... is that possible ? http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/singapore-car-belonging-to-animal-activist-stolen-in-johor-baru SINGAPORE - An animal welfare activist has successfully recovered his stolen car, more than 24 hours after it vanished in Johor Baru on Monday (May 16) evening. Mr Derrick Tan's second-hand silver Toyota Mark X, which he bought just weeks ago, had been stolen while he was having a massage with three other friends at Yisheng Reflexology in Jalan Serampang at around 8.15pm. As it was late and the parking lots near the massage parlour were full, he parked a litte further away. But when they emerged two hours later, his car was gone without a trace. The 35-year-old's wallet, passport and personal belongings had been left in the vehicle. Happily for Mr Tan, he announced in a Facebook post early Wednesday (May 18) morning that his car had been retrieved and he had since returned to Singapore. "A very expensive price paid for this lesson well learnt," wrote Mr Tan, who has a substantial following on Facebook due to his animal welfare work at Voices For Animals. He also thanked his family and friends who supported him during the crisis, as well as fellow Singaporeans and people from Malaysia who reached out to assist. While the car was recovered intact, it was emptied of his belongings, Mr Tan said in response to queries from concerned friends on his Facebook post. He had earlier asked for help in a Facebook post - which has since been deleted - on Monday night. "Please help share! My car got stolen in JB Malaysia! Please help me share SLB7735P silver Color Toyota Mark X!! Please help me share esp friends in Malaysia! My passport and belongings are all in the car!" he wrote. The post was shared more than 8,000 times as of 5.30pm on Tuesday. Mr Tan said that many people have offered him money and help, even strangers who have never met him. The car thieves have also been using his credit card, which Mr Tan quickly cancelled. But before cancelling the card, he received a few SMSes about the transactions made. Some of his Facebook friends suggested that he trace the shops where the transactions were made, and ask them for CCTV footage of those who used the card. Mr Tan also told The Straits Times on Tuesday afternoon that he was waiting for his temporary passport at the Singapore consulate in Johor Baru, and that a friend had driven to Malaysia to pick him up. This was only Mr Tan's third trip to Johor with the Mark X. When he reported the case to the Malaysian police, they guessed that it was a Mark X once he told them it was a Toyota. "The police said they (the thieves) love Toyota Mark X's as the parts are easy to sell," he said. He added that police told him the car thieves have a device that can quickly unlock and disarm the sirens on Toyota and Honda cars. "It's scary to lose your car in Johor Baru," he said. "I just want people to be more aware of the danger when they drive here."
  4. Hi I have this problem with Samsung Ace 4 new model... no idea how it occured but now everytime I make outbound call, the big padlock logo appeared with message: Double Tap to unlock ... This keeps on happening. I tried to google for answers and there are a lot of suggestions BUT none works. - this is not Screen Lock settings issue - this is not TalkBack settings issue BTW, this problem can occur in many Samsung smartphones (as from the info gathered online) I have emailed to Samsung to seek help but no reply from them yet. My last option is to do a factory reset but before doing so, I like to know if anyone faced such problems? Please share how to remove this padlock setting forever...
  5. hi , i have encounter this problem . my alarm seems to have problem when i have use my alarm to lock it , but after a few minute my vehicle will auto unlock it without using any alarm . anyone know the issue and where to repair it? thanks !
  6. Hi all. Noticed something funny about my Vios. Today after driving out (startup OK, reach destination then problems come out) At the destination car park, pressing the lock and unlock on the key no signal from car. Main headlights also never light up, just the smaller lights below the signal lights light up. After restart car, headlights OK, the locks : 1. When press the unlock button on my key, key got light and car of the unlock signal but doors are not unlocked. Need to use key to manually unlock the door. Start engine, doors lock as per normal. 2. Stop engine, usually doors should unlock. Now also never unlock. Need to manually press the button to unlock. Anyone has any ideas what's going on? Electrical problems? Or problem with the lock?
  7. Have you locked your keys in the car? Does your car have remote keyless entry? This may come in handy someday. Good reason to own a cell phone: If you lock your keys in the car and the spare keys are at home, call someone at home on their mobile phone from your cell phone. Hold your cell phone about a foot from your car door and have the person at your home press the unlock button, holding it near the mobile phone on their end. Your car will unlock. Saves someone from having to drive your keys to you. Distance is no object. You could be hundreds of miles away, and if you can reach someone who has the other 'remote' for your car, you can unlock the doors (or the trunk). Editor's Note: It works fine! We tried it out and it unlocked our car over a mobile phone!' Is it true. Got it from mail frm friends..Anyone experience b4?
  8. Can fellow bros and sis advise me where I can unlock a SE K550i mobile phone that has a operator lock? A fellow german colleague of mine has a T-Mobile phone but he can't use our local operators SIM card. I understand that this is the german operator lock that prevents my colleague from using other operators line. However, there is a method to unlock the phone. I had tried asking SE, SingTel, and even M1 but all say they can't do it. So I guess there must be a 3rd party shop that does that with a small charge. So I here to wait for all to advise. Thanks.
  9. Hi all bros and sisters. I am asking a stupid question but does anyone know how to unlock the fuel filler cap for pumping petrol? I used to own a honda - I only need to flip the lid to open. Thanks for any help!
  10. Yo guys! i just saw an amazing way to unlock cars! Is this a hoax?? anyone care to try and provide FR? all you need is a tennis ball
  11. Hi all, saw this in MCS today and i thought it'll be useful for all mazda3 owner to unlock the trip computer mode in our display, please do the following:- Hold FM 1/2 and CD button with key at OFF position, and at the same time turn the key to ACC by doing so u'll then see the 'hello' display as usual and followed by 'DIS ON' after which u can then use to 'set' button to toggle between the following info:- 1) average fuel consumption since battery is connected 2) remaining distance that u can travel with the remaining fuel in tank 3) total average speed since battery is connected 4) current average fuel consumption when u are travelling to reset any of those, just hold 'set' button for more than 1 sec to reset it and everything will be recalculated. for more info on how to operate it, refer to ur user manual to return to clock display, press 'clock' button from today onwards, FC calculation will be just a button away, and we can practice good FC driving technique by monitoring the FC on the go courtesy of clearsky from MCF
  12. 1. didn't know this can happen to me yesterday! So wanted to share this with you. 2. As usual, brought my 3 car locks to JB. When wanted to move out from City square, my brake lock refused to be unlocked! The one I used is this http://www.autolock.com/Unbreakable_Auto_BL.htm, model 1640. Really panic, I tired to unlock with the key until my fingers turned blue/black and no choice but to give up. 3. Luckily, manage to contact a local locksmith specializes in unlocking car. His name is Simon. Told him my problem and he arrived in about 1.5 hrs later. He was amused that I used 3 car clocks which he has not seen one before . Anyway, after the diagnosis, he told me that the lock mechasim had kaput. The next moment, by using a combination of hand tools, he unpicked the lock within minutes. This go to show you that locks can only deter EXPERT from stealing your cars. 4. He later gave me a few tips: a) Don't buy a lock that uses a key with a rounded end, like the one I used. He claimed that autolock's lock mechanism is made in China so not reliable. China made thing again! b) If want to use brake lock, buy a fabricated steel bracket with holes and use those solid lock meant for house gate is much better. This one confirm takes ages for expert to crack. I bought one at RM440 later at Jusco and was told by the salesman that this type of lock is usually used to lock lorries. c) Wonder how true is Simon later statement. He told me ususally no sensible perosn will touch a car with immobilizer with a good lock in a secured/guarded carpark. Of course, car towing is a different story. He told me my 4 points steering wheel lock is good enough as the key used is difficult to fabricated. 5. So, if you really run into car lock problem in JB, please call SIMON at 0197239698. He charged me RM80 for the job. The amount was agreed prior to his arrival. He speaks Mandrain and is a friendly and humble person. Short hair and wear glasses. RM80 is still better than to tow the whole car back to SG . Regards,
  13. Sorry double posting hit the post button twice
  14. I have a spare alarm siren (those black loud-hailer lookalike type). My Lancer doesn't come with alarm only remote lock & unlock. Would like to ask if i can connect the siren to the remote lock/unlock function, so i can get some beeping when i lock/unlock the car (especially useful when i forgot where i parked in my MSCP )
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