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Found 73 results

  1. Here is something slightly more light-hearted as we head into the weekend... It is not often you can end up sitting on top a car after you have been in a crash but this is what happened to this particular Grabfood rider. As can be seen from the video posted by SG Road Vigilante on the 8th of October 2020, a Toyota Prius+ failed to stop at the Stop line of St Patrick's Rd. Inching onto Telok Kurau Rd without checking for traffic, a poor Grabfood rider could not avoid the Prius+ and crashed into it. Again, we must apologise, but to find the rider on top of the car after the crash did bring some smiles to our faces.
  2. Dear all I may be getting a Sep 2007 reg, Mit Colt Plus from a friend, i will like to know whats the best reasonable price i should offer? He will be going to check with the dealers first . Quota premium paid $17,999.00 Sep 2007 registered Thanks alot!
  3. hi bros and sisters in mycarforum... i was wondering if anyone was driving the above mentioned car... it's a 1.5L MIVEC turbo producing stock 145bhp, mated to 6CVT and does 0-100kph in 8.5s... i'm considering getting a 2nd hand one, probably a 4.5yrs old selling at $38,000... it's got auto headlamps, auto tailgate, and keyless entry which can fold the mirrors, and close all windows remotely when outside the car... may i know if there are problems with the car and how to settle it?? thanks.
  4. anyone ....
  5. chitchatboy

    More photos of Audi R8 V10 Plus

    The Audi R8 V10 Plus. What a memorable experience. Not having driven a supercar before, I was intimidated by its width at first but soon enough, i gained confidence and boy oh boy, it was a lovely drive. This is definitely ranked pretty high up there as one of my all time favourite drives. I say so because I found myself missing that V10 note, the very responsive gearbox, the security of the quattro system and yes.. did i already mention the V10 note? Anyway, here are some unpublished photos of the feature where the R8 starred in. Hope you readers like it! The V10 Plus comes with harder spring and damper rates than the lesser V8 and V10 models. It rides pretty firm but never crashes into the bumps when going over the rougher stuff. Still pretty good considering it loses the magnetic system which the normal V10 gets. 0-100km/h in 3.5 seconds and 0-200km/h in 11.3 seconds. Credit goes to the engine in the above photo. Plus variant means more carbon fibre parts inside and outside. All in all, 50kg of weight has been shaved compared to the normal V10 R8. Love the way the door handle protrudes towards the driver to allow him/her to open for the door easily. Some may argue that this makes the car feel dated but to me, only a proper handbrake is right. Fun ends at 8,700rpm. Paddles are a joy to use. B&O sound system performs well but the V10 sounds better actually! Sideplates finished in carbon. Sexy. LED headlights piercing through the thin mist on a very cool night..
  6. Quite like the look of this car. Was trying to get a 2nd hand model Found this: http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...078&DL=1086 Is it worth? 150,000km.....don't know how much it will cost in maintenance for another 2yrs+
  7. Spiderman302

    CNA Sg Plus program interview Dr Park

    On CNA now interview this dr park. Erp is cheap.
  8. Obscurest

    Found cash card of $100 plus

    Hi, I'm no sure if is a appropriate place to post this.
  9. Hi , any info of this promo and comment in term of spec and performance , thank you.
  10. Hi all, I helping my frd to seek difference opinon on the above 3 ride. He is getting a pre owned ride. Please feedback on these 3 ride, thanks.
  11. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/te...-165517099.html
  12. Hi all bros and sisters. I am asking a stupid question but does anyone know how to unlock the fuel filler cap for pumping petrol? I used to own a honda - I only need to flip the lid to open. Thanks for any help!
  13. hi all need headlamp dust cover; misplaced it while replacing bulb. any one can help i would pay u a fee for it. PM me pls. TIA!
  14. Gr80

    Toyo TEO Plus

    Heard good reviews on this tyres in terms of comfort, queitness and grip, comparable to PP2 and better than Aspec DB or GR80 or Michelin Energy. Anyone using this tyre? Care to share review of the tyre coz the review I've read are all from overseas. Better to hear from locals.
  15. There are cars/models TP hardly pay attention for speeding.... if ever, it will be not be a fine, but award for................................ not hogging the road.. which cars / models you think sure in their list?
  16. I didn't know this till today and I must say I am surprised. http://www.porsche.com/usa/aboutporsche/po...y/variocamplus/ This is the Variocam plus variable valve lift technology used in Porsche engines. Its actually the same system use by by Proton in their Campro CPS engines and its licensed to Porsche. Of course, they say its actually developed by Lotus...... http://gen2clubbrunei.blogspot.com/2008/12...2-cps-iafm.html Look at the intake cam profile and compare it with Variocam plus. They are essentially the same. Both systems also use flat tappets with a locking pin to change the cams. Of course, the Proton engine does not have continous VVT implemented, only fixed VVT and VVL similar to MIVEC and early VTEC systems. Video of Variocam plus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwWp5TLGMVk Video of Campro CPS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fjn6bdvYdKw
  17. Hi all, looking to buy a nice set of used 17" rims with tyres, used is fine, anyone selling or can recommend anywhere i can go to? budget wud be all in under $700
  18. Hi all, I recently fell victim to some fake Mophie Juice Pack Plus that I bought from a financial institution's promotion. The promotional offer sold the gadget at 1/3 of the original price! Anyway, after Mophie's tech support verified that the ones that I bought were fakes, I complained and the financial institution did an exchange for me with the real stuff from authorised reseller! I did a comparison between the fake and real Juice Pack and had the comparison documented on my humble little blog. Would sincerely like to share the information that I had gathered with the rest of the forumers. If you suspected your product to be a fake, please take a look at what I had gathered ( Visit My Website ). Please educate other users as well. The lesson I learnt was... if it is too good to be true, most likely it ain't true!
  19. this is for record purposes, due to 2 factors need to sell the new car in 6 months time thus doing this for record 1) my wife prefer S Class MERC ( What she wants she get ) 2) change in family nucleus ( someone joining the club ) will be selling the lexus once it hit 6 months. will be collecting the car next week. the reason why i am doing this is so that there wont be any f uckers come and say why i sell my car off so soon , then talk c ock say accident lar or flood. thank you my loss is your gain
  20. Need some advice, friend interested in Colt Plus as per link. Thank You http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...9771&DL=500
  21. Hi all, I've been searching high and low. Anybody knows where I can get my Mitsubishi Colt Plus bodykit here in Singapore? Have anyone done it? Million thanks in advance guys!
  22. Heard there is a famous crab stall at Blk 200 plus in AMK. Anyone know of this place? Understand it is run by two brothers? Yummy crab...
  23. Hi, has anyone bought a used car from either one of these two used car dealers, or have friends or relatives who did? Mind sharing your experience with me, on which is the more trust worthy and service oriented one? Thank you so much!
  24. Hi peeps, I just got my used MIT colt plus. Mileage 57k++. Drives ok but got some vibration when idling at traffic lights. And also some cranking sounds when accelerating. Need suggestions from guys here, should I send my car to AD for full servicing (high price I think), or I can just send it to WS for full servicing? Any WS to suggest for good and trusted checks and servicing? Thanks