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  1. Fuelsaver

    Those having steamboat over CNY, for awareness

    No offence but it's almost always easy to comment on hindsight. I highly suspect the injuries were caused by the shattered plates / bowls rather than the tempered glass. Then what about those glass top induction and ceramic hob? They need to withstand even higher heat on daily basis.
  2. Trend analysis should be for over a period. At any point is no point.
  3. If the data points to certain trend or disproportion then can figure out some questions on rationale behind foreigner workforce / pmet policy
  4. We are all speaking from our own exposure, background, experience, context. I don't think opposition has adequate exposure and experience to really manage the country and foreign affairs, but I believe the reason will be to have different thoughts during a parliamentary debate, which should be beneficial to the nation. It should also compel the ruling party to be really thinking more carefully and harder.
  5. Wholeheartedly agree. That's why CCS used Google and Facebook to bring across that message but he didn't cover what you did. To me is very simple: can developing nations' people's knowledge and culture be better than developed nations in general? I know a few foreign "engineers" who cannot even understand "rate" and simple calculations or formulae used in engineering. I won't wanna be in a structure or building where they're involved in the design of it. Basically our country's quality in everything is going downhill.
  6. I certainly feel and believe they don't mean what they say. Don't use decade ago example to convince us. In this knowledge era, many sectors already have experienced pmet. Try harder please.
  7. This is our homeland, why must we concede. I don't think your analogy is appropriate. So you are fine if they lord over us?
  8. I can't agree on that, because when we are in their land we need to adapt.
  9. Call me xenophobic but I felt we are forced to integrate into their "culture" more often than not.