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Fuelsaver have made 0 car reviews, 10 merchant reviews, and 6 product reviews.
Fuelsaver have made 0 car reviews, 10 merchant reviews, and 6 product reviews.
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  • Yap Brothers Motorsport
  • Made an appointment with Jennifer to install alloy n rubber yesterday at 6pm but was held up n reached ubi branch near to 7pm. Jennifer did call slightly early to confirm if I was coming n she n her team of 3 mechanics waited for me. I was offered a chilled bottled water while waiting. After some 30 minutes I was good to go. Thank you for waiting despite you have exceeded
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  • Elite Car Drive Shaft Centre
  • Yesterday I observed the inner drive shaft boot has some grease oozed out & traces of it splatter onto the starter above. Although I couldn't find the tear, I decided to check it out at elite drive shaft centre. Spoken to a young bespectacled boss & he tested my ride before asking his mech to jack up ride & inspect. Found both inner side drive shaft boots having grease ooz
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product reviews (6)
  • Techron Concentrate Plus
  • In drive mode, vibration on steering wheel reduced. Engine slightly quieter & smoother. No noticeable effect on fuel consumption. Thanks Caltex & MCF for the complimentary TCP. Also this was despite I was using Caltex 95 grade petrol all these years.
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  • IROAD V7
  • Bought during SITEX 2014 in November 2014 at good price. Self-installed and works immediately. Been using for about 2 months with no heat issues, although it is still hot to the touch under noon sun for whole afternoon but still recording. Wifi feature is very user-friendly. Able to save image (pause at frame you wanna save) and also video (saves front n back video for sel
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