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Found 1,768 results

  1. I know there is a makan corner section but decided to ask here since L&E section is more commonly accessed by fellow MCFers & thus more updated info can be gleamed. Not looking forward to those ex restaurants but cheaper, more "affordable" places please. So any fellow beef lovers like to share?
  2. Bought a 20mths old Trajet and the interior really needs to be clean up, where to get value for money Leather and Carpet cleaner that will work wonders in other words cheap ones
  3. I had a small accident today. My mazda 3 side mirror back cover is peeled off and broken. Anyone know how much does it cost to replace it? Also other than going back to Mazda, is there any alternative? I don't think this is covered by warranty right? Thanks
  4. KARTer

    Where you cut your hair?

    I mean which type of barber / hair saloon you go, not which part of your 'hair' you cut. I go the $10 coupon type... they advertise can cut finish in 10mins, but i timed and it always takes longer... but the place is always quite clean and some xmm there quite chio also... like to hear them chant "konichiwa..." I think some bros here spend $40 or more for their haircut (maybe plus extra service also)??
  5. Anyone bros here into enjoying cigars? I would like to know where i can myself some to enjoy in my free time.
  6. Kianbeng

    Where to buy cheap/good kids bike

    Hi all, Recently researching on kids bike - planning to get another one as my kids outgrown the smaller 12" bike. Maybe 16" bike is the next step. Checked out a few hypermart and small bike shops and realised that kids bike can cost more than small MTB and the quality is damn bad. ie, 16" kids bike at $80+ but a small mountain bike is having promo at $79.90 and of course the parts of the MTB such as V Brakes are much better than the plasticky and stiff brakes on the 16" bike. I remembered when I was young, my small bike quite good quality but seems like nowadays it's impossible to find such bikes anymore, even if that means paying much more than those small MTB. Feel like buying the small MTB but too big for my kids lah. Also feel kinda wasted that few years ago I threw away my old dia-compe alloy brakes. Should have kept them and install on my kids bike. Any advise? I'm sure there'ld be fathers here who went thru exactly the same process?
  7. Relacklabrudder

    Where to a gd BBQ suckling pig for cny?

    please advise thanks!
  8. SGCMmaomao

    Where is the best buffet spread?

    Dear All.. One very dear fren bday coming soon.. wanna give her a buffet treat. Need help and advise from all Bros & Sistas.. Best if u can let me know the place and price.. Thanx in Advance!
  9. Chemmie78

    Where to buy testosterone?

    Been feeling tired recently and even once when this super chio girl was semi naked in front of me and stroking me I could not feel aroused....read the newspaper on low testosterone and think maybe i have low testosterone....to buy need to go though doctor or pharmistist which is very embarassing....anyone knows where to buy over the counter? thanks....hahaha
  10. Hello all, As above..where do we get the tow hitch that American and Australian cars commonly use? And yes, I know it's ILLEGAL, so please don't butt-in and tell me that. I just want to know where, if you guys have any idea. If it helps, I'll be towing 1200 kg with my Lancer Ralliart. thanks in advance!
  11. As above. my suspension seems perfectly fine now but I'm planning ahead. Not sure what's the service interval. I do occasional tracking and Road trips in Malaysia and usually corner real hard but I usally drive on pavements only. The dealer is Fong Kim, but I'm wondering if there are other alternatives. Cos they are pretty busy and I have this feeling that the price will not be too cheap correct me if i'm wrong I'm hoping the servicing costs below $400 for parts and labour and that it means that the coils are in 10/10 condition after tt. considering the set cost me below $1.3k when new. i'm willing to do it up north to save costs, if the job can be done in less than 6 hours. pardon my ignorance because i'm new to this. if it matters, my ride is a getz 1.1
  12. Guys,need help to buy the Toch-n-Go card.So when approch Johor Custom,which lane must I go to purchase one.? Thanks
  13. where can i find foam based heat insulating material? i wanna slap it over my airbox... and do my own heat shield any clues?
  14. Mockngbrd

    * Where to redeem points? *

    I see I got 63,012 points. Where to redeem my points ah? Got album or catalogue to choose my reward? Got travel voucher or les amis voucher boh? Aston's I also don't mind.
  15. Heard got some shop in ubi? Any exact add? Long time since i touched one.
  16. Unfortunately, my house no cable TV. Wondering where I can sneak out to watch tomorrow's match?
  17. my gf is going to treat me to hongkong for holiday next week. just wanna find out other than the early morning ice tea with dim sum and the late night clubbing at lan kuai fang, what else is fun there? worth seeing?
  18. as per the title, pls help cos i lost my card and need to go in soon. thanks a lot
  19. Where to park during F1?
  20. Hi, The subject says it all. Thanks. Don't mind selling it as scrape metal as well. It's meant for Toyota Sienta
  21. I got this cheap water filter system from MY. It has a dome ceramic on top, the some soil and gravel in the tube, and bottom of the filter is some volcanic rocks. You pour the tap water on top and the water will slowly drip downwards. There's the plastic tap for you to push to dispense the water for drinking like those we see at those normal bottled water drinking dispenser. Where in SG can I buy the replacement plastic tap? Anyone knows? I have bought it once in KL but now pecah again :(
  22. Assassin has listed with a link to a page in One Motoring for scrapping services. I now bring you the scrapyard for auto parts list! Here are the two most popular ones I got from the Starlet owners. Seng Tat Auto Parts Pte Ltd 62 Sg Kadut Dr Singapore 729571 Telephone : 6368 5657 Fax : 6365 1335 Soon Hup Auto Parts Trading Pte Ltd 11 Sg Kadut Ave Singapore 729647 Telephone : 6368 1123 Please add more if you know of any.
  23. home drink alone to enjoy or coffee shop or bar or
  24. Do any bros know where to buy CTEK battery chargers in Singapore? http://www.mmbalmainauto.com.au/PDF/Why_CT...ry_Chargers.pdf Tks for any advice.
  25. Any shops that carry parts for Satria Neo? Cause I ask around for shops that sell spark plug cables. None..... Thanks