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Found 1,769 results

  1. Mockngbrd

    * Where to redeem points? *

    I see I got 63,012 points. Where to redeem my points ah? Got album or catalogue to choose my reward? Got travel voucher or les amis voucher boh? Aston's I also don't mind.
  2. Guys,need help to buy the Toch-n-Go card.So when approch Johor Custom,which lane must I go to purchase one.? Thanks
  3. Heard got some shop in ubi? Any exact add? Long time since i touched one.
  4. Unfortunately, my house no cable TV. Wondering where I can sneak out to watch tomorrow's match?
  5. my gf is going to treat me to hongkong for holiday next week. just wanna find out other than the early morning ice tea with dim sum and the late night clubbing at lan kuai fang, what else is fun there? worth seeing?
  6. as per the title, pls help cos i lost my card and need to go in soon. thanks a lot
  7. Where to park during F1?
  8. Hi, The subject says it all. Thanks. Don't mind selling it as scrape metal as well. It's meant for Toyota Sienta
  9. I got this cheap water filter system from MY. It has a dome ceramic on top, the some soil and gravel in the tube, and bottom of the filter is some volcanic rocks. You pour the tap water on top and the water will slowly drip downwards. There's the plastic tap for you to push to dispense the water for drinking like those we see at those normal bottled water drinking dispenser. Where in SG can I buy the replacement plastic tap? Anyone knows? I have bought it once in KL but now pecah again :(
  10. Assassin has listed with a link to a page in One Motoring for scrapping services. I now bring you the scrapyard for auto parts list! Here are the two most popular ones I got from the Starlet owners. Seng Tat Auto Parts Pte Ltd 62 Sg Kadut Dr Singapore 729571 Telephone : 6368 5657 Fax : 6365 1335 Soon Hup Auto Parts Trading Pte Ltd 11 Sg Kadut Ave Singapore 729647 Telephone : 6368 1123 Please add more if you know of any.
  11. home drink alone to enjoy or coffee shop or bar or
  12. Do any bros know where to buy CTEK battery chargers in Singapore? http://www.mmbalmainauto.com.au/PDF/Why_CT...ry_Chargers.pdf Tks for any advice.
  13. Any shops that carry parts for Satria Neo? Cause I ask around for shops that sell spark plug cables. None..... Thanks
  14. Les1971

    Scuff Plates, where 2 buy??

    Hi all Brothers & Sisters, Any idea where I can purchase a Scuff Plates for my car & How Much?
  15. Hey guys, Do you all know any place that sell wholesale food stuffs for BBQ. Those that sell direct from factory. Like those around woodlands loop. I would want to have the contact as I am hosting a big birthday party. Thanks in advance
  16. Looking to buy a DC / AC Power Inverter Adapter... for charging laptop etc. Any places selling it? something like this http://cgi.ebay.com.sg/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...em=120316103205
  17. Looking for one to power my laptop in my car. Where, Which brand and model u use? Approx. what price and wattage? What features to lookout eg safety features.
  18. Green_carnation

    Where got nice Sri Lankan Crabs?

    anyone got good recommendation for nice sri lankan crabs? sri lankan crabs got season one?
  19. SGCMmaomao

    Where is the best buffet spread?

    Dear All.. One very dear fren bday coming soon.. wanna give her a buffet treat. Need help and advise from all Bros & Sistas.. Best if u can let me know the place and price.. Thanx in Advance!
  20. Any website to recommend ?
  21. Hoppie24

    Where to buy Flowers on Vday?

    Hi All, Any recommendation of online store or shop where i can call to book flowers for delivery on Vday? Cheap and good please. Thanks.
  22. I know there is a makan corner section but decided to ask here since L&E section is more commonly accessed by fellow MCFers & thus more updated info can be gleamed. Not looking forward to those ex restaurants but cheaper, more "affordable" places please. So any fellow beef lovers like to share?
  23. Bluepica

    Where can I rent a van/pickup?

    Any bro know where can I rent a self-drive van or pickup for house moving? Very few items only, no need movers. Thanks
  24. have been looking around for a long long time...but i just cant seem to be able to find car rental company that rent out Wrx.... ..went to yahoo auction but all rex are rent out by owners which only allow Sg driving...any idea where i can rent 1?
  25. As most of us here drives, some may love the convenient of driving out far for good late night supper with your kakis. I share my one here. I believe they are nice. 1) Jalan Besar Food Centre aka Lavander Foodcourt. - the Kok Kee Wanton Mee (i hope no spelling error) and the BBQ wings which is diagonally opposite. 2) Boon Lay Market - Power Nasi Lemak. Used to be very nice. Nowadays, the standard like dropped. But.. still nice! 3) Bukit Timah - Al-Ameen and Al-Azfar (i hope no spelling error) 4) Thomson - Thomson Prata. 5) Bedok 85 - The 2 Bak Chor Mee stall. Anyone want to contribute? Please contribute real nice food