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Found 19 results

  1. Carbon82

    Watch Part V

    Time for a part V, since the part IV has hit >500 pages, with 10,050 posts made to be exact... And going back to the basic: Let this thread be for all things related to watches, except advertisement! There is no better time to start this new thread, since BASELWORLD 2019 will be officially opened today and last till 26 March 2019. Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 126719 BLRO With Meteorite Dial In White Gold Sea-Dweller In Two-Tone 'Rolesor' Steel And Yellow Gold Ref. 126603 GMT-Master II Ref. 126710 BLNR Tudor Black Bay Chronograph Steel & Gold Ref. 79363N Black Bay P01 Ref. M70150-0001
  2. Soya

    Billionare prefer Casio

    But MCF prefer gold lolek. How liddat? https://luxurylaunches.com/watches/no-rolexes-or-pateks-how-japanese-watch-brands-casio-citizen-and-seiko-won-over-the-likes-of-bill-gates-steve-jobs-and-other-billionaires-with-their-inexpensive-watches.php
  3. I have a old to To ROTEL integrated amplifier AX 939 RX with missions speakers. Simple 2 channel amp, it has no digital or optical input or output. No HDMI,20 over years technology but still sound good. I want to stream music with tidal. Can it be done? Do I need a streamer or DAC or better to buy a new one. Any recommendations
  4. RadX

    Rent a Rolex for a day?!

    What’s happening to our values? Show off by renting? See the sentence “be the envy....” https://cnalifestyle.channelnewsasia.com/style/rent-rolex-tudor-cartier-omega-iwc-month-subscription-watch-club-10804896?cid=fbcna We reckon that you’re already an active participant in the sharing economy: You take a GrabShare to work, ride an ofo bike on the weekends and rent an Airbnb when you go on holiday. It seems like you can lease or share practically anything these days – even a Rolex watch. That’s right. Over the past 18 months, two subscription watch clubs – Acquired Time and TenTwo – have been offering watch rental services to horological enthusiasts, with a third, Specter One, set to launch this month. For as little as S$6 a day, you could be sporting a Rolex Submariner on your wrist, to the envy of your coworkers and chums. At least for an entire month, until it comes time to swap out your Sub for a Cartier Santos. READ: The James Bond watch turns 25 this year, with an exhibition at ION Orchard This week, TenTwo will also launch a special rental collection comprising four Singapore micro-brands: Arcturus, BOLDR, Reverie and Vilhelm. All are startups founded by Singaporeans who are passionate about horology, and are known as micro-brands because they typically produce less than 500 timepieces per year.
  5. Ngsehchoon

    Rolex Or Panerai

    Hi Bro, Thinking of buying either Rolex (Explorer II) or Panerai (Basic manual Winding). Which one is better or re-sale value if next time want to sell it. Please comments. Thanks
  6. Anyone knows which shop buys\take in ROlex watches for a decent\reasonable price ? Thanks, and dont suggest pawn shop cos want to sell only.
  7. Hello, Welcome to Goldman Luxury, we are the 1st pre-owned watch shop that knows that as much as you love your cars, you are also loving your watches. Please do take your time to look at our selections and we are help to help you with anything regarding about luxury watches.
  8. Cephas

    For rolex lovers

  9. kobayashiGT

    10 Watches You Will Want To Own!

    Have been reading and got influence by the popular watches thread here, and here are the top 10 watches i will want to own! List down yours too! 1. Grand Seiko Automatic Hi Beat 36000 SBGH001 2. Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 3. Tudor Pelagos 4. Tudor Black Bay 5. Rolex Submariner 16610 6. Rolex DateJust II 116300 7. Rolex GMT Master II 2014 8. KING SEIKO KS 5625 Hi-Beat Automatic 9. A.Lange & Sohne SAXONIA 10. Patek Philippe Nautilus
  10. Hobbylink Dealing with New & Pre-owned Watches Audemars Piguet Panerai Rolex VISIT US @ HOBBY LINK (WATCH LINK) 14 Scotts Road #03-79 FAR EAST PLAZA,S228213(Near Bubble Lift facing Taxi Stand) Opening HoursMon - Sat : 12pm- 9.00pmP. Holidays & Sundays : CLOSED To view more watches visit our website! http://www.hobbylink....sg/Watches.htm
  11. Civic6656

    Any lobang for Rolex watches?

    Hi bros got lobang for Rolex watches with better discounts?
  12. Donniedragon

    Rolex Buyers BEWARE!!! In Hong Kong!!!

    BEWARE of this used watch dealer in Hong Kong, Kowloon Mongkok. They are freakin crooks. One time they will tell one thing and the next time they will tell a totally different story. I was aiming one used watch yesterday, the salesman offered to sell me at a discount. When I went to the shop today, they told me straight in the face NO DISCOUNT. PRICES STRICTLY IN NETT, and in aggressive manner. Best thing is, the very same salesman I talked to yesterday, was like totally lost his memory, denied everything he spoke yesterday. DO AVOID THIS SHOP OF CROOKS!!! Mongkok Lin Sing 68 Argyle Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  13. Anyone knows which shop can take in used Rolex and Dupont lighter for a reasonable price? Please share, thank you!
  14. Astro

    Rolex Purchase in DFS

    Was in Soeul recently for holiday and chanced upon a Rolex in the DFS and wanted very much to get it as the price is cheaper as compared to those sold in Singapore. Wifey said since I am going to Europe soon i,e, Frankfurt, Germany soon. It will be cheaper to get it over in Europe. So I go along with the argument but was told by my colleague that is not the case. Was wondering if anyone had purchased any watch in the DFS store in Frankfurt and indeed it id cheaper to get a Rolex there. Not too sure if I have missed the boat in Korea recently. Thanks
  15. Astro

    Rolex Puurchase in DFS

    Was in Soeul recently for holiday and chanced upon a Rolex in the DFS and wanted very much to get it as the price is cheaper as compared to those sold in Singapore. Wifey said since I am going to Europe soon i,e, Frankfurt, Germany soon. It will be cheaper to get it over in Europe. So I go along with the argument but was told by my colleague that is not the case. Was wondering if anyone had purchased any watch in the DFS store in Frankfurt and indeed it id cheaper to get a Rolex there. Not too sure if I have missed the boat in Korea recently. Thanks
  16. Darth_mel

    Customized Rolex anyone ?

  17. Ogima

    Where to service Rolex ?

    hello comrades, any recommendation to where to service a Rolex watch ? also what is the price for a normal service & polishing without parts change ? there is a little chip on the glass that will costs less than $50 for copied parts....against an original glass that costs $200 to change. which will you go for ? appreciate your inputs. thank you. note : is Tong Building too expensive to send to ? any experience ?
  18. Duffy

    Second-hand Rolex

    dear all, can anyone pls advise where can i get second-hand rolex watches such as GMT Master or Submariner. any local shop or links. Thks. Or if you are selling, pls pm me. thks.
  19. http://i37.tinypic.com/2v28m52.jpg[/img] http://i34.tinypic.com/j7tbtv.jpg[/img] Wondering if anyone read this news. She is definitely I mean she is truly open abt her relationship and how she can get the things she wants. Seriously, would man give her expensive present without asking something from her in return? My Mercs, My Rolex, My 50 boyfriends Miss Singapore World 2008 Finalist is just 25, but her life story will make you sit up and listen. -TNP Ho Lian-Yi Mon, Jul 28, 2008 The New Paper HER eyes gleam for a moment under her dark lashes and her voice hardens. Valentane Huang says she doesn't care what people think, and it's difficult not to believe her. While others may be more circumspect, the 25-year-old Miss Singapore World 2008 finalist coolly reveals that she has had 50 boyfriends. She has been dating for just over 10 years, since she was 14. 'I'm not saying I'm a virgin. I'm just saying I did not have sex with most of them.' 'That's just five in a year - about one every two months - not too much,' she added. It is all part of growing up, she said. There is gossip. But she pays no attention, she said. At first glance, hers seems the typical story of a spoilt little rich girl who played a bit too hard. Valentane, or Val as she prefers to be called, said she works as a logistics manager in her father's company. And she wasn't hiding her wealth. She looked immaculately groomed. A Yves St Laurent chain dangled from her Samsung handphone. Her car key unlocked a black Mercedes S300, which was her ride on Wednesday, when she met The New Paper on Sunday. She pulled back her sweater to show this reporter a gold Rolex she said was worth $30,000. A gift from her father. At home, she claimed she has two more Mercedes-Benz cars. She would have driven the convertible, but she had come from the office, and her father - the boss of a property company here - considers it 'inappropriate for work'. TROUBLE AT HOME Growing up, she had everything, materially. But her childhood wasn't exactly idyllic. Her parents divorced when she was 9, having separated three years earlier. And she felt 'glad' at first. When they were married, her parents were strict, the sort who would put her and her three siblings through lessons - ballet and piano in her case. (She dropped ballet because she was too chubby). 'Then, suddenly, freedom,' she said. And loneliness. The family was big but each member lived his or her own life, she said. Her older sister was taken care of by her grandparents. Her older brother by a nanny. Her parents divorced shortly after her younger sister's birth. Only Valentane was looked after by both parents, at least for a while. She has lived in two worlds. One is her father's Bukit Timah three-storey house; the other, her mother's Clementi four-room HDB flat. Her mother had walked out on her father and the life of a rich tai-tai for reasons Valentane said she couldn't understand at first. (Valentane did not say what they were, but she said they did not include adultery.) As a 12-year-old she said she chose and registered herself in secondary school and bought her own books. She said she deliberately chose a secondary school which she thought had a poor reputation, as a cry for attention. Her mum said go ahead. Her father simply rolled his eyes, she said. Then there was the time she picked up a cigarette and smoked in front of her dad. His reaction? He recommended a better brand. 'Dad tends to spoil us so long as we don't disgrace him or bring him a bad reputation in a major way,' she said. Her father was aware of all her boyfriends. She said he didn't mind as long as she didn't get pregnant. She said the vast majority of her relationships, many of which lasted three months to half a year, were non-sexual. Most of the men she didn't even allow a kiss on her cheek, she claimed. 'I'm not saying I'm a virgin. I'm just saying I did not have sex with most of them.' One-night stands are definitely out. 'That's so degrading!' she yelped. Her record is five boyfriends at the same time - but she said it was just 'dating' and all five were aware she was not 'exclusive'. Not all her boyfriends liked that. The craziest case was an architect. He was 27, and she was 17 or 18. He had asked her if he was the only one. She said no. He wasn't even one of her favourites, she told him. He snapped and started stalking her. She claimed she had to call the police, and get a restraining order on him. 'I learnt that I cannot be too honest with guys,' she said. She declined to put us in touch with any of her former boyfriends. After we asked to speak to one of her family members, a woman, who said she was her mother, called us. She identified herself as Madam Huang, 53, a manager at a Chinese restaurant, and said Valentane had taken her surname after the divorce. About her daughter's many romances, she said in crisp Mandarin: 'I know she has had a number of boyfriends. She talks to me about them sometimes. 'But I know she's independent and strong-willed and she knows how to take care of herself. I have a lot of confidence with her. 'If she is not happy in a relationship, she'll leave.' Valentane said most of her boyfriends were upper class, country-club types, children of rich parents, like her. Lawyers, architects, doctors and so on. She said she keeps most of the presents she gets from boyfriends, including a gem-encrusted Rolex watch, but she claimed she returned an unlimited Amex credit card without spending a cent on it - and a Mercedes. The three she has were bought with her own, or her father's money, she claimed. She has also dated guys who are not as well-off. But it never works out, though she's not a 'typical pampered rich spoilt snob'. She knows Spanish but the language she is most comfortable with is Hokkien. As a logistics manager, she spends a lot of time with drivers and that is their language. She was wearing a $25 top and said she sometimes shops at This Fashion. EGO ISSUES The problem is the men's egos. She remembered how poorer boyfriends would refuse to take her convertible, even when she offered to let them drive. After one refusal, she remembered she told the guy she was not getting into his small car either. So they took a taxi. Valentane has been single for a year. 'No dating, no boyfriend, no side dating, nothing,' she said. The reason? She just ended a relationship of four years, with a lawyer - her Number 50. 'He was my only exclusive boyfriend. For him I dumped all others,' she said. She said they broke up because he cheated on her five times. 'What goes around comes around I suppose,' she said, almost wistfully, laughing.