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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, Welcome to Goldman Luxury, we are the 1st pre-owned watch shop that knows that as much as you love your cars, you are also loving your watches. Please do take your time to look at our selections and we are help to help you with anything regarding about luxury watches.
  2. AMS/ALPHA Performance breaks the 1/4 record for fastest GT-R in the world with the Alpha Omega. Producing well over 2000bhp, the 4.0-litre big bore engine has its cylinder head CNC ported and runs its own custom turbo kit. Fully street legal according to the team, it does the quarter mile in 7.7 seconds with the help of a set of AMS 15-inch slicks. It crosses the line at a staggering 299km/h. Sadly more attempts to improve the timing failed even though the car had the potential to output more power as the weather proved too hot. Watch the video below to see the GT-R in action. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsnAbNtny7M&list=UUgF0OC_3MlW2KEyhhAgIQjAMeanwhile, here are some stats of the Alpha Omega GT-R: 0-96km/h in 1.53 seconds, 0-160km/h in 2.79 seconds, 160-241km/h in 2.15 seconds and 0-300km/h in 7.56 seconds.
  3. kobayashiGT

    10 Watches You Will Want To Own!

    Have been reading and got influence by the popular watches thread here, and here are the top 10 watches i will want to own! List down yours too! 1. Grand Seiko Automatic Hi Beat 36000 SBGH001 2. Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 3. Tudor Pelagos 4. Tudor Black Bay 5. Rolex Submariner 16610 6. Rolex DateJust II 116300 7. Rolex GMT Master II 2014 8. KING SEIKO KS 5625 Hi-Beat Automatic 9. A.Lange & Sohne SAXONIA 10. Patek Philippe Nautilus
  4. Kezg1

    OMEGA low speed juicer

    http://luckyhome365.wordpress.com/2012/07/...w-speed-juicer/ Have been trying to google but cannot find any local store selling...anyone know of any local retailer that sell this..pls let me know..thanks in advance
  5. Donut

    Omega 3.

    Looking to buy Omega 3 oil tablets. Any recommendation on which brand to buy? What to look out for? Any international standards endorsement? Is Omega 369 better than just Omega 3?
  6. Lycanthrope

    Breitling or Omega

    thinking of buying a watch for wify while I'm still in US , Rolex is expensive so i guess the above brands maybe still can afford .... please comment on the 2 brands i was looking at the this 2 models , see below link from ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Breitling-Aeromari...=item20bd52c843 http://www.ebay.com/itm/NIB-Omega-Ladies-J...=item519be8fd39 btw ..anyone can comment whats so good about these 2 brand that are more than 1k thanks
  7. Mivec9

    Any place repair omega watch?

    Hi, I have a constella ladies omega watch which can't work even change battery. Roughly how much it cost and any place to repair? Thanks everyone
  8. Zafira18

    All New 2006 Opel Omega

    2006 opel omega