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  1. About Lee Sheng Auto Pte Ltd: LEE SHENG AUTO PTE LTD, formally known as LEE SHENG MOTOR WORKS, is an established workshop since 1979, totalling 29 years of honest, reliable and excellent experience in motor car repairs. We pride ourselves to be a One Stop Motoring Centre, just like any car agent workshop except that we will definitely will give you a smaller bill. About Our Staffs: Our staffs are committed to provide quality repair works and excellent customer service. All our staffs go through extensive training to keep up with today’s repair technology and even have a NITEC certificate in Automotive Technology. About Our Equipment: Our company have invested extensively in up to date equipment such as the Car-O-Liner Collisions Repair System for accident repairs, Handheld Diagnostic Tools to diagnose today’s fuel injection vehicles and an in-house oven baked spray booth facility to control the quality of spray painting. Thus you can be assured that we only employ the latest automotive technology and equipment to repair your car. Our Promise: Consistent, professional, quality service at a fair price.We will use only the best parts and state of the art handheld diagnosis tools & equipment available to perform repair to your car. Work done will carry a warranty of 9 month or 20,000km travelled for accident claims repairs For all engine repairs works except engine servicing a warranty of 3 months or 2000km travelled For all spray painting work and body work repair except insurance claim, a warranty of 6 months We have a total of 6 spacious unit located at : 1 Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #01-60 , Autobay 1, Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #01-58 , Autobay 1, Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #01-57 , Autobay 1, Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #01-36 , Autobay Do keep a lookout for our next post very soon! We are gonna share with all MCF users on our PROMOTION! Like our FACEBOOK page here for more updates!
  2. Services we provide: Aircon Repair Engine Oil Servicing & Maintenance Major Repair Timing belt Undercarriage Overhaul Engine / Gearbox Accident Claim / Insurance More Our services are professional and quality workmanship, no shortcut job, FULL delivery. We use only high quality material, no sub-standard material. With honesty! No gimmick! No Trick! All prices NETT! 100% Satisfaction else 100% cash back! SMS Edwin at 97856612 To make any order/appointment www.SgGarage.com
  3. hello good people of MCF, any lobang for a honest washing machine repair service? My samsung die on me after more than 5 years. Thanks.
  4. every time car cannot start i towed and got charged for servicing starter. recently every half year cannot start. tow to a different shop this time and the shop owner told me actualy its the cable loose. just push it in and it start. asked if he can gert the cable connector new one for me he said cant be bought previously kenna cheated by the other workshop . beware of this freesion workshop at synergy kaki bukit.
  5. Hi Bros, Can anyone recommend good and reliable workshop that is able to check on clutch amd gearbox for auto transmission? Will need to repair if faulty. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi, Anybody here have experience with this workshop? I am thinking to go to this workshop to repair fender and door. Reason I thinking to go there is it is near to my place for convenience. Thanks!
  7. my rear seat car door lock is spoil.. passenger cannot open the door from inside but opening using the outside is ok.. how much will the repair roughly cost?
  8. Darn! my less than a year old Kia hit by stone again on NSH. There's a small star crack at the center bottom of the windscreen. Should I repair it or just send to Kia to file for claim to change it?
  9. Hi bros, 1 REF/TOP HOSE (WATER HOSE) 1 $ 190.00 2 FRT BRAKE PAD 1PAIR 1 $ 130.00 3 ENGINE MOUNTING SET 1 $ 920.00 4 COOLANT R30 1 $ 50.00 Prices alright? Or robert pricing? These are the items in the quotation. water hose is the one connected to radiator, If no vibrations felt, issit no need replace engine mounting?
  10. Any recommendations for bodywork repair? My wife just kana this. She didn't see anything on the road, suspect it was thrown into the path by overtaking vehicle on another lane.
  11. Download FREE Service, Repair & owner's Manual of cars & SUVs. including parts catalogs, pocket reference guides and supplement manuals www.vehiclepdf.com We strive to provide free available manuals for masses. In fact building a online storage of free Service, Repair & owner's manual. Providing Manuals in PDF format to assure the ease of users You can request manual for your car here, we are not promising but we will try our best to find free manual you required. It is important to know that manuals for every vehicle is not free of cost but we provide the manuals that are free available. some times manuals are available on internet for sale but users can't find them easily. In case manual is not free we will find the best lowest price manual of your ride available on internet. We are thankful to management of www.mycarforum.com to allow us grow with them. myCARFORUM is the place justifying its name for every user with decent source of information and learning over internet. plz specify of vehicle you want manual full name model generation
  12. About Sin Heng Long Motor Works Ask any business and they will tell you the best testimonial is a returning customer. Year after year, we at Sin Heng Long Motor Works have kept generations coming back. Since 1979, we have adapted our services to suit each customer’s car spray painting needs. It is how we have grown to know their preferences, and why they remember and entrust their cars to us. the quality of our work is clearly reflected by the increasing popularity of our services such as the car spray painting or the car accident repair. Spray Painting Sin Heng Long Motor Work has been dedicated to providing paint customisation, smooth & responsive workshop experience, consistent result, satisfying delivery & warranty assurance for all spray painting work. We believe in delivering a proper work that’s comparable to original paint with our stringent QC. Furthermore, we strive to keep the downtime to the minimum by carefully schedule all works, so we only take advance bookings for spray painting work. Hyundai Genesis full color change! Customized Matt Cyan for this family used Toyota Estima. Respraying Ferrari Rosso Scuderia Red on this Lovely Porsche Cayman. Satin Grey for this beautiful Aston Martin! A color that is never out of date! Color Change from Brown to Pearl White for this BMW X5. Accident Repair & Respray We carry all brands' genuine spare parts in the event you need to replace them due to accident. Our professional panel beaters will restore the chassis and adjustment back to their stock condition, ensuring your precise ride performs just as good as before. Our professional spray painters will restore the cosmetic to as if the accident did not occur. Materials used are quality materials from Netherlands, matching the quality of car manufacturing factory. 1 year warranty on parts and workmanship for all accident repairs. Before Repair After Repair 5032 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 #01-305, Singapore 569535 (Workshop) 5030 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 #01-199, Singapore 569533 (Office & Workshop) Payment by Cash / Nets / Paynow / PayLah! Other Services Provide • Car servicing & maintenance • Leather Upholstery • Buying & Selling of cars • Motor Insurance renewal • Tyre & battery replacement • Car accessories • Car scraping & exporting Call or Whatsapp us at 90681801 (Ian Chan) or 96487310 (Sam Chan) to enquire!
  13. Hi I need to repair my watch and looking for professional in Clementi and Jurong East area. Anyone to recommend? Ronald
  14. Hi all anyone can share a reputable workshop you have used before to do bodywork repairs like dents, scratches and spray painting? don't mind share your experience, repair done and price of repair. thanks.
  15. Recently my 2010 Altis steering rack start to emit "tek tek tek" noise if the road is uneven or after the bump. The noises will go away by itself after driving for awhile making it hard to pinpoint what is the issues when visiting the workshop. I have change front and rear suspension, control arms and stabilizer linkages 2 years ago so these components should be fine. Anyone had similar problem to share? Thanks
  16. Repair dent on fender, and respary on bumper, fender and partial of door area.. Was quoted $230. Is this reasonable? https://flic.kr/p/Xspk7u
  17. Lol was driving my car to work. Then on the xoressway slip road started hearing this grinding racket. First thought is I got a flat again and the rim is scrapping the floor. Reached work but no flat. Nothing dragging from under carriage. Racket continuous as long as wheels are running. Lol sounds horrible. Gotta go work shop tomorrow.
  18. Promptly replace these parts on your car and you find yourself stranded at the side of the road, waiting for a tow truck to save you! What's the worst thing that can happen to a driver? I would imagine that to be getting stranded at the side of road in the middle of the night, or maybe rushing to the carpark in the morning for an important meeting just to find out that your car wouldn't start. While a car is comprised of countless components, each part plays an important role for the car to work, and these parts do not last forever. Here are 5 crucial parts and how you can find out if they are due for a replacement. As its name suggests, the fuel pump's job is to feed fuel to the engine. In the past, mechanical fuel pumps are used in cars that utilised carburettors. Recent cars which are fuel injected usually have an in-tank mounted electric fuel pump, while direct injected cars have another high-pressure fuel pump located at the engine. Engines combust fuel in order to produce power, and if the fuel pump fails, the supply of fuel will be disrupted, causing you to be stranded at the side of the road. Failing symptoms: Difficulty starting car, loud whirring noise from fuel tank, engine sputtering or hesitation, abnormally poor fuel economy. The alternator perpetually charges your car's battery, as well as provides electricity for the car's operation. Without electricity, a car will not be able to run as the electrical system and components, the spark plugs and fuel pump, all require electricity to work. Hence, when the alternator fails, the battery won't be charged and will eventually go flat. Without electricity, there will not be any spark to ignite the fuel in the engine and your car will not be able to run. The alternator is one of the prime suspects when a car stalls in the middle of the journey and can't be restarted. Failing symptoms: Dim or flickering lights, electrical issues, dead battery, whining noise from alternator, warning light (battery symbol). Most, if not, all cars these days are equipped with an electric starter. The starter cranks the engine, and is the reason you can start your car simply by turning a key, or pressing a button. Hence, a spoilt starter means you won't be able to start your car. For cars with manual transmission, you can still get the car to start by push-starting it. But if you drive an automatic car, like most people these days, you are out of luck, there's no other way to start your car. The silver lining is that such a failure is unlikely to cause you to be stranded as it doesn't have any effect once the car has been started and not turned off. Failing symptoms: Engine won't crank or it makes a clicking and/or grinding noise when you turn the key or push the start button. Ignition coils produce a high-voltage electric pulse to the spark plug, so as to generate a spark to ignite the gasoline mixture in the engine's combustion chamber. This means that if the ignition coil is not working properly, the engine will not be able to combust fuel. This can result in engine misfiring, or totally fail to work in severe cases where all the ignition coils in an engine are faulty. Failing symptoms: Difficulty starting car, engine misfiring, rough idle, engine hesitation, exhaust back-fire, poor fuel economy, poor engine power. Most modern cars are water-cooled, this means that there will be a radiator. The radiator is a water to air heat exchanger. Its job is to cool down the water that courses through the engine and in turn, keep the engine in its cool, operating temperature. If the radiator fails, you will face an overheating issue, which can cause expensive damage to your engine. When you notice a leak in the cooling system of your car that caused it to overheat, it is not advisable to continue your journey, as it might aggravate the damage done to the engine. Failing symptoms: Engine overheating, visible coolant leak, low coolant in radiator and/or expansion tank. If you looked under the bonnet of most cars, you might notice many parts inscribed with DENSO's logo. DENSO manufactures a wide variety of automotive parts, ranging from engine parts, car electronic systems, car climate control (air-conditioning) systems, car safety systems such as airbag sensors to small motors for wipers, power windows and others for major car brands. DENSO is an OEM manufacturer of all the important components that are mentioned above. Its quality ensures that the cars are able to start at the turn of a key or the press of a button and work flawlessly without any issue. DENSO is committed to creating a safer world, by developing safe and secure products. At US$4.4 billion of research and development investment (as of 2021), DENSO had invested nearly 10% of its global consolidated sales to accelerate technological development. DENSO strives to develop greater products for the automotive industry, to keep your cars running safely and reliably. Engine oil is undoubtedly the most vital fluid in your car, not only does it lubricates the engine components, it also carries away heat as well as contaminants, to keep your engine healthy. Using its vast experience in the design and manufacturing of automotive parts as one of the world's leading OEM suppliers, DENSO engine oil is formulated with the latest engine oil technologies. It delivers superior lubrication, protection and fuel economy for a wide range of cars. DENSO engine oil keeps your engine clean by preventing harmful deposits and sludge from building up, its exceptional lubricating properties also extend your engine's lifespan by slowing down wear and tear while improving fuel economy. DENSO Flagship Store - Purchase authentic automotive parts on LazMall DENSO has recently launched its official flagship store on LazMall, offering aftermarket replacement parts, and engine oil for your car. You can visit its store to purchase authentic quality parts for your car or learn more about them. Do remember to follow the DENSO Flagship Store for updates on new products, promotions and vouchers to offset your purchase!
  19. Hi Guys, This morning side mirror got hits by a Goods Truck and one of the side mirror cannot open up anymore. The mechanism inside have broken as it's causing some gear noise on one side of the mirror. How much will it cost to replace the side mirror with led side indicator and spray paint. (White) I want Original Parts ... Any place which I can call up for a quote? Thanks Guys ~
  20. Hi there! I have just bought a Nissan Almera 1.8 from 2004 manual transmission. One thing i have noticed, is that it makes a slight whining sound that will pitch up with the engine speed and then the whining sound will disappear when the engine speed increasing I have recorded the noise with my phone https://instaud.io/1RR6 What could it be? All the best Patrick
  21. Hi everyone, I'm new here. Not sure if this is the correct place to post but I'm looking for a workshop to repair my Stonic 2019 model's front bumper grille above number plate (refer to attachment). Got chipped off after bumping into wall at carpark. Been to a few workshops at Ubi area but all told me no parts available. Was thinking of going back to C&C however the cost should be quite high. Appreciate any advice here. Thanks in advance! 😊
  22. Incorporated in the Year 2005, PRO-JEX V2D is a full-fledged automotive workshop that provides professional services for your vehicle maintenance, servicing, repair and on-board diagnostic (OBD) – ensuring your vehicle is operating at optimum road worthiness and efficiency. Driven by a passion to excel in quality vehicle maintenance, and commitment to after-care service, we go the extra mile to pamper your car with all the attention it needs. Range of products available at PRO-JEX V2D Our Automotive Services: Servicing & Maintenance Diagnostic Services (OBD) Aircon Restoration & Repair Accident & Breakdown Recovery Engine Rebuild Auto & Manual Gear Box Rebuild Undercarriage & Suspension Rebuild Fuel & Performance Enhancement These are just some of the services that we provide. For our full range of products and services, simply give us a call at 8668 7676. PRO-JEX V2D is located @ Synergy @ KB 25 Kaki Bukit Road 4 #03-93 Singapore 417800 To make an appointment with us, call us at 8668 7676. Email: [email protected] Showroom & Tuning Hours: 9am to 7pm (Daily)
  23. SINGAPORE: An SMRT technician died on Sunday (Jun 6) after being pinned under a bus he was repairing. The technician and another worker were injured while repairing the mini-bus at the Automotive Services commercial repair centre at Ang Mo Kio depot on Sunday. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said that it received a call at about 9.45am for assistance at 6 Ang Mo Kio Street 62. SCDF took two people to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. One person had a serious head injury while the second person complained of chest pain, a spokesperson said. READ: Supervisor, worker die after collapsing in vessel's ballast tank "We are saddened that one of them, an Automotive Technical Officer, succumbed to his injuries and passed away at the hospital," said Mr Venkatesan P V, general manager of SMRT Automotive Services on Wednesday. "We have conveyed our deepest condolences to the staff’s family and are providing assistance and support at this very difficult time." He added that the company is giving care and support to the injured staff member, who has been discharged and is on medical leave. A stop-work order has been issued to the Automotive Services commercial repair centre at Ang Mo Kio Depot, while the other automotive workshops conducted a safety time-out. "We are assisting MOM and the Police with investigations," said Mr Venkatesan. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/workplace-deaths-smrt-workers-pinned-under-bus-wheel-loader-14978742
  24. What are the wear and tear and repairs you've had to do on your PARF/COE car? Or rather what's the most you've had to spend on your used car right after purchase? I'm referring to like maybe the days, weeks and initial few months after purchase. So far after taking over I've had some minor fix and also noticed some other issues. - Replaced some gaskets cos of EO leak, one is at the oil filter. - Did a coolant flush. - Replaced the wipers.Thanks Koba for sponsoring lol. - Replaced the front windscreen because of a few chips/crack (paid by the dealer I bought the car from) - Suspension kinda wonky. Thinking if I should find a used one. - Brake pads soon to go. - Some trouble shifting from park to drive these two days which I suspect it could be the brake switch faulty or gear shift cable. Any idea? Sending to my workshop to check. It being an old car I'm expecting wear and tear here and there but fingers crossed hopefully nothing too major till I send it to Sungei Kadut. Lai VW owners I'm sure you have lots to share! 🥴
  25. Hi, Does anyone knows where I can find a generic coffee machine repair shop? I've got a Breville Coffee machine that has the common problem of water not flowing through the "shower screen". I believe it needs a standard servicing + changing of gasket. I believe I should be able to DIY but given the time on hands + 3 kids....these repair jobs are no longer possible. I've got tons of things at home waiting for me to lay my hands on for repair. Even my kids call me "Handy Manny" (if you watch the kids TV cartoon) Let me know if anyone knows where to get this done ok! Thanks!
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