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  1. This thread is set up for discussions of anything technical, features or functions for the 2014 Corolla Altis. It is not for the discussion on the price or cost related issues, comparison with other makes/models and similar irrelevances.
  2. TL:DR – A Singaporean-registered Altis and a Trans cab travel on the fast lane of the causeway, but only the Altis gets apprehended by the Malaysian police. There are no shortcuts in life. Likewise, in recent times, there have been no shortcuts on the causeway. If you’re sick and tired of waiting in the queue, you can always try your luck on the fast lane. You might get away with it, and you might not. Just like these two vehicles in the 43-second video below. What happened? A Trans Cab followed by a red Altis cuts into the car lane from the fast lane of the causeway. The Trans cab successfully merges into the queue, whereas the Altis did not have much luck as three officers eventually surrounded it. Unspoken rule I was very curious as to how the Taxi managed to evade capture. Some of my colleagues mentioned that public transport (buses and taxis) could travel on the fast lane. I even saw some comments that supported this claim. I tried to search online for material that could further support this hypothesis, but I found myself hitting dead ends. No official document from any authoritative body states that taxis are allowed to use the fast lane. So, I’m still stuck with my question of “HOW?” Maybe the comments section can enlighten me. Online Chatter It looks like netizens are as confused as I am. What is a lucky escape? Or a ‘close one eye’ situation for taxis? ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  3. Behind like too low....scare scrap the kerbs....
  4. TL;DR - An accident involving a Ferrari with a Singapore-registered licence plate and a Toyota Altis occurred in Muar, Malaysia recently. The result of letting a 22 year old drive a ferrari… Here’s some pictures of a $600k supercar losing the entirety of its value in different angles. And a beyond damage Altis. What Happened? An accident happened after its driver failed to control the vehicle while on Kilometer 144 North-South Highway northbound, this morning. Muar District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Raiz Mukhliz Azman Aziz said, in the incident at 7.25 a.m., a Ferrari driven by a youth from Singapore had rammed into the back of a Toyota Altis ridden by four local men in their 50s. "The accident is believed to have occurred when a luxury car driven by a 22-year-old Singaporean that was on its way to Kuala Lumpur crashed into the back of the victim's car which was in the right lane. "As a result of the accident, both vehicles have crashed to the right of the road and resulted in all Toyota Altis passengers suffering minor injuries," he said when called. According to him, the case is being investigated by the Assistant Investigation Officer from the Bukit. (Source: SGRV) Online Chatter ‘Satki’ 22 year old Ferrari driver becomes ‘xiasuey’... Dad… Can buy me new car? ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  5. TL;DR – A Toyota Altis travelling on the fast lane of the CTE towards Woodlands suddenly found its bonnet flipped up. Never have I ever seen something like this happen on the roads before. Watch this 30-second video to see what bizarre incident occurred along the CTE recently. What happened A Toyota Altis travelling on lane 1 of the CTE/SLE (towards Woodlands) came to a halt as its bonnet got flipped up! Some possible theories? 1. As the caption of the post suggested. The Altis driver did not secure the bonnet properly before driving off 2. The Altis driver was travelling at an insane speed, and the wind caught blew the bonnet up 3. The catch of the bonnet is loose and needs a replacement Whatever it is, it’s still a rare sight. This driver needs to buy the CNY Toto draw. Sure huat. Online Chatter ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  6. Recently my 2010 Altis steering rack start to emit "tek tek tek" noise if the road is uneven or after the bump. The noises will go away by itself after driving for awhile making it hard to pinpoint what is the issues when visiting the workshop. I have change front and rear suspension, control arms and stabilizer linkages 2 years ago so these components should be fine. Anyone had similar problem to share? Thanks
  7. Hi guys, Anyone know a good workshop to replace both Front Wheel Bearings that cost less than 70 bucks for labour only?
  8. Browsing through the Elantra thread, it seems that more people are buying this model rather than the Altis. There seems to be more new Elantra than Altis on the roads as well. I can attribute it to the vast price difference between the two models. VES is one factor that is against the altis. Also, the specs of this Korean made car is superior than the Altis. Is this the year where the Elantra reign supreme and become the best selling car in Singapore? Is this the time where the Altis is finally dethroned by the Elantra? Or maybe Altis will still retain its top selling crown? Afterall the Toyota brand has always been associated with reliability. Lets have a healthy discussion on this.
  9. Just found this to share with all.....if this not the latest news, please forgive me :) http://auto.ndtv.com/news/2017-toyota-corolla-altis-facelift-makes-global-debut-in-russia-1290639
  10. Hi Guys, Just an interesting question. My 2010 altis is on 16 inch and my tires are wearing out. When the car is driven around 100-110km, the ride is quite stable with 16 inch rims (205/55). I was wondering if I change back to original stock settings of 195/65/15 would the stability be reduced? I remembered driving my old vios at 100km/hr and the car feels like it's unstable on the stock rims (195/65/15) maybe because the kerb weight is only 1095 kg. Of course altis weighs 1255 kg so theoretically the car should have better stability. Just wondering if anyone here is on stock rims (195/65/15) can share their experience driving at those higher speeds >100km/h. Thanks.
  11. Hi Everyone, a shout-out to all fellow Altis owners. We are organizing an event on 19 May 2018 at Stamford Lok Yang, so do join us if you are available
  12. Hi. I am a newbie here. So I am unable to post new topic in this forum. I wonder if anyone can help to advise if I need to deactivate my airbag before replacing dashboard. I am looking to replace my cracked dashboard of my Toyota Altis 2008. Contemplating whether to do it myself or to get a workshop to do it. Replacing the dashboard is complicated but is not really a impossible job if I have the time. My only concern is activating the airbag while replacing. I am thinking to just disconnect my battery before doing so. But not sure if it is the right procedure. Also not sure if it is better to repair or change the dashboard. The cracked area is at the driver side. Will be happy if anyone is able to recommend a suitable workshop to repair or replace the dashboard. Thank you in advance!
  13. More details about a crash that happened on 19 June 2020 involving a bus and three cars at the junction of Sembawang Road and Gambas Avenue at 10.08am has been released. In the video posted by ROADS.sg, one can see a speeding Toyota Altis crashing into a Toyota CH-R at extreme speeds. The blue car was sent spinning from the impact and can be seen with its front bumper mangled. Impressively, the 52-year old driver in the Altis managed to flee the scene despite the severity of the crash. He was later caught for suspected drug-related and traffic-related offences. Meanwhile, the police said that the CH-R driver, a 50-year-old male car driver as well as his 39-year-old female passenger were conscious when taken to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. On a side note, do you guys think that if you happen to be planning a heist or something along those lines, that this video serves as proof that even in an accident as severe as this, you could walk away pretty much unharmed if you were in a Toyota Altis?
  14. Hi, Anyone knows the rough price of a Toyota Altis 2008 Model Radiator Assembly? My Engine Coolant plastic connector broke due to corrosion. I will rather buy it myself to save some costs anyways.
  15. Hi all brother and sister would like to seek your help to choose between honda civic 2012 1.6cc or toyota altis 1.6cc . as im new to cars and this is my first time getting a car i dont wish my car to keep entering the work shop. also checking if honda civic 2012 have a default as i heard that the engine light will keep turning on. kindly advise below Thanks
  16. Hi Guys I'm looking to get a 2nd hand car once my COE is up in 2 months time. Looking for a car that has another 1-2years left. Narrowed it down to these few models: 1. Toyota Altis 2. Honda Jazz 3. Kia Forte Would prefer the car to be easier and cheaper to maintain. Appreciate your feedback. Thanks!
  17. which one do you think is more value for money?
  18. http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/events_features.php?AID=2353 do u think is worth?
  19. Hi guys, My car had this error while driving on MCE on tuesday, I stopped my car at the side of the exp to restart the car but still the same. I decided to continue the journey as it did not affect my car driving. Finally reached my destination and open up the hood. Found one of the battery wire connector slightly loosen and tightened the screw. Tried to restart the car and problem went away but came back after a minute later. I decided to ignore it. It hasnt come back since and I drove the car the past two days without this error. Any thoughts what could cause this?
  20. hi I just bought a Toyota Altis with the new touch screen LCD panel. Question is where can I install a reverse camera and how much will it cost? Does borneo motor provide this service? I do not want to void the warranty by installing something that is not approve. Any advice?
  21. Hi, I'm driving a Toyota Altis Elegance 2008 model ZRE141R with Dual VVTI. I have been having acceleration issue since I bought my car around a year ago. Found out that my car rims were 17 inch {225/45/17}. Went to Borneo Motors to try to resolve it and seems like they found my car in good condition. They recommended me to downgrade back to original rims which is 15 inch. I noticed the acceleration issue occurred after I changed from PS3 tire to Yokohama Blue Earth AE50. I have already tried decarbonizing, engine cleaning and throttle valve cleaning but seems the issue resurface after a while again. This issue was slightly improved after filling 2 tanks of V power consecutively but I think in the long run it wouldnt solve this problem. I am thinking of a few options. 1) Downgrade back to 15 inch tires which mostly likely restore some power back to the car. 2) Downgrade back to 16 inch. 3) Keep my 17 inch rims, instead change tires to Michelin PS4S Or Primacy to improve pickup 4) Do ECU Reflashing to try change and tune the engine to correct the problem. The previous owner installed a voltage stabiliser which I am not sure why, so I'm not sure if this is related. Any advices from my experienced Bros?
  22. Recently bought used Altis need to change the Headlight and some of the accessories. Wondering anyone got car going to scrap and still in good condition to swop?
  23. Amazing magicians to share.............................. enjoy watching it.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKyOaDh5USI Riana, the Freaky Magician GIRL Scares Judges & Audience On Asia's Got Talent!
  24. cos our TP commander Sam Tee drives a Toyota Altis.......
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