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Found 12 results

  1. TLDR: Powertrains: US carries over the 1.8l with 139hp now, 2.0l dynamic force with 169hp available like the hatch. US hybrid variant TBA, Europe/China gets the 1.8l hybrid found in the Prius, carries over the 132hp 1.6l with improvements. No word on the 2.0l higher output hybrid variant. USA gets 6spd rev-matching manual or dynamic force CVT with launch gear like the hatch . Chassis: Also TNGA like the hatch, shares same extended 2700m wheelbase as outgoing sedan and current wagon aka Touring in Europe. Tech: Apple Carplay and Amazon Alexa available, no word on Android Auto yet. Toyota Safety Sense 2.0. Some China variants get rear air-conditioning, TBA for other markets. Sport/Prestige: See videos below. China has both, EU Prestige only, TBA other markets. The Sport will likely be the base look in USA, with XSE taking a more aggressive look (see imgur link below). SG Predictions: Unclear whether SG will get Sport or Prestige. I'm guessing Prestige as we got the same sedan look as Europe last gen. We should likely get the current 1.6l or the improved EU one. Not sure if 1.2 turbo or 1.8/2.0 hybrid will appear here. Not sure also if Toyota will bring in the hatch or just the sedan. Given Thailand took a full year to launch the SEA market Camry, I expect PIs to bring the sedan before Borneo does, like the Camry (I learnt my lesson with my Camry post, so now I've titled it 2019/2020. Fingers crossed for the rear aircon too. More info: China Launch: https://newsroom.toyota.co.jp/en/toyota/25357603.html EU Press Release: https://newsroom.toyota.eu/new-sedan-joins-toyota-corolla-hybrid-family/ Sporty Video: Prestige Video (featuring rear aircon vents): Sport vs Prestige vs USA XSE: https://imgur.com/a/GOsx7zX Europe Lineup: China Levin/Sport Comparison: Interior Prestige: Sport:
  2. https://electricvehicleweb.in/toyota-corolla-cross-preliminary-details/amp/ https://www.carsguide.com.au/car-news/toyota-corolla-cross-2021-rendered-new-mini-rav4-hybrid-coming-to-lure-you-out-of-a-kia Baby RAV4? Looks like Toyota will be releasing a new CUV in thailand and I think likely to come to sg. But really, too many CUVs on the road and no characteristics. This model likely to take over the CHR to be the next popular phv vehicle.
  3. TL:DR – A Singaporean-registered Altis and a Trans cab travel on the fast lane of the causeway, but only the Altis gets apprehended by the Malaysian police. There are no shortcuts in life. Likewise, in recent times, there have been no shortcuts on the causeway. If you’re sick and tired of waiting in the queue, you can always try your luck on the fast lane. You might get away with it, and you might not. Just like these two vehicles in the 43-second video below. What happened? A Trans Cab followed by a red Altis cuts into the car lane from the fast lane of the causeway. The Trans cab successfully merges into the queue, whereas the Altis did not have much luck as three officers eventually surrounded it. Unspoken rule I was very curious as to how the Taxi managed to evade capture. Some of my colleagues mentioned that public transport (buses and taxis) could travel on the fast lane. I even saw some comments that supported this claim. I tried to search online for material that could further support this hypothesis, but I found myself hitting dead ends. No official document from any authoritative body states that taxis are allowed to use the fast lane. So, I’m still stuck with my question of “HOW?” Maybe the comments section can enlighten me. Online Chatter It looks like netizens are as confused as I am. What is a lucky escape? Or a ‘close one eye’ situation for taxis? ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  4. Some would say that he got instant car-ma for disregarding the rules. In a short clip posted on New Year’s Day, an elderly cyclist boldly crosses a traffic junction when the light is still red. The cyclist then gets a nasty surprise when a white Toyota Corolla crashes into his bicycle. Hopefully, the uncle learns his lesson and will heed the traffic rules from now on. Who is at fault if a driver hits a jaywalking pedestrian? According to the Road Traffic Rules, if a pedestrian crosses any place other than a pedestrian crossing, they shall yield the right of way to vehicles. The same applies to mobility vehicle users, PMD riders and cyclists. However, at any controlled crossing, pedestrians have the precedence to free and uninterrupted passage over the crossing by drivers of vehicles approaching the crossing. It should be noted that this only applies when pedestrians are crossing in the same direction as moving traffic. Pedestrians shall not travel in any other direction unless they can do so without interfering with the lawful movement of traffic. Even though the driver has the right of way, personal injury lawyers have noted that the driver may still be held liable for any bodily injury claim from the pedestrian. This includes payment for their present and future medical bills, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and lost wages. If the pedestrian is found guilty of jaywalking, they could be held partially at fault for the accident. However, drivers are considered more at fault in a jaywalking accident if there was an opportunity to avoid the accident and didn’t take it. While it is tricky to ascertain who is at fault here, the cyclist should not have crossed the road on a red light and the driver should have slowed down when entering the junction. This applies even when the light is green for the driver, as one might not be able to react in time if jaywalkers are crossing. Netizens’ reactions That's right! It doesn't matter if you are a pedestrian or a driver, everyone must adhere to the rules. 😤 When you think about it, it really isn't fair for drivers, even when they have the right of way. It's tough being a driver. 😭 Hope the driver didn't injure himself from braking too hard! 😅 ======== Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  5. A dump (or dumb) truck travelling on the expressway veers off its lane and ends up clipping a black Toyota Corolla, causing it to lose control and crash. This incident occurred last Friday (Aug 13). In the video, we see a huge yellow truck travelling on the SLE expressway while a black Toyota Corolla is travelling on the left of the truck. As both vehicles enter a bend, the dump truck veers out of its lane to keep left, only for it to end up hitting the side of the Black Corolla. It appears that the Corolla might have been in the truck driver's blind spot, which would explain the heavy vehicle's sudden movement to the left despite the car's presence. The car then swerves to the left, hitting the road barrier, before swerving back onto its own lane. Upon impact with the Toyota Corolla, the truck kept to its right as it follows the black vehicle to a clear spot ahead. Netizens' reactions While most drivers know that it is dangerous to linger or slow down when you're driving in someone's blind spot, the black Toyota Corolla could not speed up due to the lorries in front of it (and the fact that it is entering a bend as well). However, an incident like this is completely avoidable if the truck driver pays more attention to his blind spots while driving and not assume that the road beside him is clear when it isn't. --- Thinking of selling your car? sgCarMart Quotz guarantees the highest selling price for your car. We’ll even give you $100 cash if you find a better offer elsewhere! Get a free quote to find out how much your car is worth today!
  6. [extract] With its dynamic good looks and handling prowess, the Ford Focus is aiming to be the international best seller for year 2012. According to Ford, the brand sold 522,821 Focus models worldwide during the first seven months of this year. This puts it ahead of the Toyota Corolla and the Volkswagen Golf in terms of global sales. According to Aaron Bragman, an automotive industry analyst for IHS Global Insight, the Focus has several advantages over the perennial best-seller, the Corolla. The offering from the Blue Oval brand is newer, features better handling and styling, has superior technology and a much nicer interior than the Corolla.
  7. If you can't sleep at night, perhaps picturing of an image of the current Corolla Altis in your mind might help. This is how "interesting" the styling of the car is. However, this is set to change hopefully. Bill Fay, general manager for Toyota and Scion brands in the U.S., tells Ward's Auto that the Corolla will undergo an even more dramatic makeover than the recently launched Toyota Avalon. It appears that the Japanese giant has finally awoken. Toyota's Corolla has been compared to a washing machine, that is simple, reliable, but not something that stirs any sort of emotion. Rival cars such as the Ford Focus, Hyundai Elantra and Mazda 3 could have forced the Toyota designers to perhaps even throw away their old drawing board. From far, the current 10th generation Corolla Altis does not look much different from its previous generation especially from the rear view. The eleventh generation of the JDM version of the Corolla, the Axio, went on sale in Japan in May 2012. I believe it would not be long before we see what Toyota has up its sleeve for the international markets. Apart from a radically new design, the Corolla would need a radically new drivetrain for it to keep up with the competition. First and foremost, the 4-speed automatic gearbox has to be expelled from the engine compartment.
  8. Every once in a while, we come across links to stories about how old and classic cars are found virtually brand new, hidden in a warehouse or storage facility somewhere. Here's one of them. Over at SpeedHunters.com, someone chanced upon a Toyota Corolla AE86 that has less than 50km on the odometer, and its seats are still wrapped in plastic. It is, as they called it, a time capsule. Apparently, this car is in Belgium, of all places. And the car is sparkling clean, as though it has just left the showroom. Well, basically it has, since the owner only drove it from the showroom to his garage and kept it there for the past 25 years. It is quite surreal seeing cars like these in pristine condition. You do feel like you're in another dimension altogether. Words can't do it justice, so check out the pictures and the website for more.
  9. BenCee

    The lost generation

    I saw a first generation Honda City on the roads the other day, kinda like the one in the picture above. Judging from the license plate, it looks like it was registered around 1997 or 1998, there or thereabouts. You may think, so what? And normally I would too. But it caught my eye that day because I suddenly realised that, in Singapore, cars of that era are rapidly disappearing from our streets now. Lots of these cars, from the period of between 1996 to 1999, have ended up as the victims of the COE "flood" of the past few years, as they ended up bound for the scrapyard once their 10 year "lease" is up, and their owners took the opportunity to get a brand new car. Aside from the City, other previously popular cars that have met the same fate include the Corollas, Civics and Lancers from that era. Remember this one? And the Liftback version with its crazy rounded lights? The once ubiquitous Lancer, with its triangular taillamps that drew comparasion with the Mercedes-Benz C-Class of that period, is also pretty much gone now. The EK Civic, with its bug-eyed headlamps, is also getting increasingly rare, although it has fared slightly better in terms of survival thanks to the "tunability" of its VTEC engine. It just feels like such a shame that cars like these, which used to populate our roads in great numbers just over a decade ago, have now been relegated to endangered species status. Don't you think so?
  10. Toyota added a sportier Toyota Corolla Altis with a 2.0 liter engine to its Corolla Altis line-up in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines in mid 2009. According to a report on The Straits Times dated 13 Feb 2010, it looks like this new variant may make its debut in the Singapore market this year, together with a mid life facelift. The 3ZR-FE powerplant features Dual VVT-i (variable valves for both the intake and exhaust). The 2.0L engine is tuned for different outputs at different markets. For the Thailand market, which is more relevant to us, the dual VVT-I lump pumps out 140HP at 5,600 revs with 189Nm of torque at 4,400 revs. The beefier Altis also benefit from the addition of steering mounted paddle shifters and revised gear ratios. However, it is a pity that the ancient 4 speed auto transmission is still serving the 2L Altis, where its rightful place should be the museum instead. I am glad that Toyota replaced the chunky 4 spoke steering in the regular Altis with a sportier looking 3 spoke version. However, the paddle shifters are too long and skinny in my opinion and they stick out like sore thumbs. I am not sure of how relevant a 2L Altis would be for our market. A buyer looking for a sporty Japanese sedan would probably go for a 2L Civic instead, which is endowed with more adventurous styling. A normal Altis buyer looking for a comfortable 5 seater would probably not care so much about performance. Perhaps, Toyota should consider introducing the 1.6L Dual VVT-I unit for the Asean Altis. This 1.6L powerplant is currently utilised in the European Toyota Auris and produces 124bhp.
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