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  1. mcpd001

    testing again

  2. Hi everyone. It has been a week since I obtained my Class 4 driving licence. I would like to share my Class 4 learning journey if those who are keen to take up Class 4 driving licence. Actually I tried to google as much as I can but without much information as not a lot of people willing to take Class 4/5. The last time I passed my Class 3 was Nov 2014. Was planning to take up Class 4 since 2016 but kept dragging until now. Anyway, back to main topic. When Jan 2022 starts, I decided to take up Class 4 as I don’t wish to procastinate any longer. The only driving centre to learn Class 4/5 is Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC). There is another valid driving centre that also teach Class 4/5. The company is Pan Country Driving Centre (PCDC). When I reach SSDC on 25 Jan 2022, I was told that SSDC slots are full. Only left with PCDC. I was reluctant to take up PCDC because I know nothing about PCDC. Previously I took up my Class 3 driving practical lessons at SSDC, I find that the instructors are very nice and patience. But oh well. I just have to give it a shot and try PCDC. For Class 4/5, you have to pay everything upfront. For my Class 4 package, I paid a full lump sum of SGD 1,115.52 for 1 theory lesson, 5 practical lessons, 1 Traffic Police test (TP) and 1 rental fee of the Class 4 vehicle. Really regret didnt take up my Class 4 few years ago, as the pricing was less than SGD 1K. So I managed to book the 5 practical lessons for the month of Feb 2022. The dates are 07, 16, 17, 18, 21 Feb 2022. The theory lesson basically is to attend and they will provide you a list of highway code with all the mandatory and warning road signs. At the end of the TP test, the TP will test you on the road signs and you have to explain to them what are the road signs means and what to do when driving a heavy vehicles when you see these signs. Basically you have to memorise the road signs and it is requirement during your Class 4 TP test. Previously I already knew that there will be rope tying and height measurement. So I managed to find Youtube on how to perform the rope tying and memorise the technique. I managed to learn the technique fast and have no issue with the rope tying. As for height measurement, it is pretty straight forward. The instructor will guide you how to estimate it. I won’t go much details on it. As for the 1st practical lesson, I mixed up the timing and came an hour late. But luckily the instructor managed to take me up for my lesson. It feels weird to drive the Class 4 vehicle because I don’t usually drive in Singapore. If I do, it will be usually in overseas. Mount kerb, strike kerb is pretty normal because I lack of driving experience. But overall, is quite fun to drive around the circuit and outside road. Cut long story short, after completing the 5 practical lessons, it is time to take my Class 4 TP test which I booked on 03 Mar 2022, 245pm. This timing is a very good timing as the traffic should not be heavy because the lunch time is over. Went for the TP test at 245pm. The lady at the front counter will inform you Test Vehicle Number. After that, I was brought to report to the vehicle and wait for the TP tester. Tester came, asked to demostrate the rope tying. Checked, no issue. Height measurement also no issue. Hop the vehicle and start the engine as per instructed. The tester conduct a briefing on how the test will be conducted. 1 immediate failure (IF) or/and 20 demerit points accumulated deem to have fail the test. Acknowledge and was asked to turn left and move off. 1st station done was at Directional Change. No issue. Next station was at Parallel Parking. No issue. Next station was at Crank Course. Came out wide turning. Turn left. Go straight and left turn bend. Strike curb when turning left. Immediate failure. Tester was quite disappointed but still allow me to did the rest of the circuit. No going outside public road. No issue with highway code. Ended up 12 demerits points and 1 immediate failure. Was told that the driving was Ok. But because strike kerb, he cannot pass me. Went up to Level 3 and book a re-test on 26 Mar 2022 (Sat), 0915am. Was feeling quite disappointed though. Thank god was a Sat. Normal bus lane is not applicable. It is also required to book 1 practical lesson before the TP test. So I managed to book 1 lesson on 25 Mar 2022. The practical lesson didn’t went well though. Still strike kerb in Vertical Parking and a lot of test vehicles during my lesson. Didn’t have the chance to practice hard enough. Came 26 Mar 2022. Woke up early and head straight to SSDC. Ate some breakfast at Woodlands Interchange. Reached SSDC around 8am plus. Waited until the lady at counter gather those taking TP test at 0915am. Same thing as the previous TP test. Reported to the test vehicle. That day, only 3 candidates including me. My tester came slightly late. I was the last to move off. The first 2 candidates move off first while I was waiting quite nervously for my tester. Finally my tester came and verify my IC and face before commencing the test. Rope tying and height measurement went smoothly. Hop on the test vehicle and was brief by the TP tester. This tester seems very professional and I had never encounter such tester who really go an extra miles to ensure the test candidate knows what he or she is doing. He conducted the briefing as per usual and ask me how do I check my blindspots. I demostrated to him and he acknowledged it. Thank goodness, the test vehicle was parked near to the slope and was instructed to do the slope first. So he instructed me to turn right when moving off. I was quite worried if he asked me to turn left because the previous test, I was asked to turn left and do some circuit tests and have to make half a round turn left to do slope. And I striked kerb during the left turning, as the turn is quite a tight corner for a Class 4 vehicle. I find that the slope location is quite away from the heavy vehicle circuit test. So I managed to perform the circuit pretty well except for Vertical Parking which I turned too early and require additional reverse movement. Other than that, not much issue in circuit. Went out the public road, perform U turn, Right Turn and Left Turn. Came back to driving centre. Went for the debrief room and was tested the highway verbal codes. Almost forgot one of the answer but managed to remember it. Tester show me the result. Passed with 18 points. Asked me to pass him my driving licence. Waited for 5 mins and came out hand me the driving licence and test checklist and told me that I passed. 18 points. The driving licence behind, he helped me paste the additional class of driving licence. There is an updated version for Class 3 where one can drive Ambulances and Medical Transport Vehicles, which is cool. So I was quite happy that I managed to close this chapter of taking up Class 4 driving course after so long. Reason for taking up Class 4 because I wish to drive a campervans in overseas such as New Zealand or Australia. Not sure whether the campervans unladen weight is how heavy so is better to take up Class 4 just in case. I was thinking whether to take up Class 5 but shall see how it goes. Meanwhile, take care everyone.
  3. For those who have been "looking" down on Suzuki New crash tests replicating some of the most deadly head-on collisions show less expensive midsize cars do a better job protecting the driver and front seat occupants than many luxury and near luxury midsize cars. "This is a surprise to us," says Adrian Lund, President of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. "It shows you don't have to spend a lot of money to get state of the art crash protection." The latest IIHS small overlap crash tests measure how well mid-size cars handle accidents involving their front quarter panels. Small overlap crashes are responsible for approximately one out of every four frontal crashes. The Insurance Institute says more than 10,000 people are seriously injured or killed in small overlap crashes every year. Crash test aftermath of the 2013 Toyota Camry, which has a 5-star overall rating from the NHTSA.The IIHS tested eighteen moderately priced midsize cars and rated two as "good" and eleven as "acceptable." The two cars rated as good by the IIHS are the Suzuki Kazashi and the Honda Accord. Lund credits Honda with making changes to the Accords design and structure so it can better withstand small overlap crashes. Honda's Advanced Compatibility Engineering, also known as ACE, is the key the Accords rating of good. "The idea is to dissipate the crash energy while reinforcing the passenger cabin so the car can better withstand the impact," says Chuck Thomas, Chief Engineer of Auto Safety Research for Honda. Here are the rankings of the midsize cars. Good Honda Accord (4 door) Suzuki Kizashi Acceptable Ford Fusion Honda Accord (2 door) Nissan Altima (4 door) Nissan Maxima Subaru Legacy Subaru Outback Dodge Avenger Chrysler 200 (4 door) Mazda6 Volkswagen Passat Marginal Hyundai Sonata Chevrolet Malibu Volkswagen Jetta Sedan Poor Toyota Camry Toyota Prius V Has Toyota Dropped the Ball? Adrian Lund was not surprised the Toyota Camry and Prius V both rated poor in the small overlap crash test. The Camry is based on the same platform as the Lexus ES, which is one of four luxury midsize sedans rated as poor during the same type of crash tests conducted this summer. "I think Toyota has dropped the ball a bit," says Lund. "Toyota has not been as aggressive as other automakers staying up to date on occupant safety." Luxury Still Struggling The first group of vehicles the IIHS put through small overlap crash tests were midsize luxury and near luxury models. During those tests, just 3 of 11 models were rated as "good" or "acceptable". The Volvo S60 and Acura tl were rated as good while the Infiniti G models were rated as acceptable. The four luxury models rated as poor in small overlap crash tests were the Mercedes C-Class, the Lexus IS, Audi A4, and Lexus ES. Why the difference between the moderately priced midsize sedans and their more expensive counterparts? Lund says automakers have had more time to incorporate design changes in midsize models than they did with luxury models tested earlier this year. .
  4. mcpd001

    embed tests

  5. mcpd001

    Test forum upg

  6. this is a test, how is it?
  7. Hi bros, I was just curious how many times you took to pass Driving Test (TP)? Can share your experience and how many points you passed with. Also can give tips to people who are planning to or going to take it soon.
  8. test
  9. mcpd001

    Are you okay?

  10. hi there!
  11. COVID-19 antigen rapid test (ART) kits for self-testing will be "sold by pharmacists" to the public from Jun 16, said the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Thursday (Jun 10). These self-test kits have received interim authorisation from the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) to be sold to the general public. The kits are: Abbott PanBio COVID-19 Antigen Self-test, QuickVue At-Home OTC COVID-19 Test, SD Biosensor SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Self-Test Nasal, and SD Biosensor Standard Q COVID-19 Ag Home Test. These tests produce results in less than 20 minutes, said the Health Ministry. "They are simple to use, they can be self administered. From next week, Jun 16, these kits will be dispensed by pharmacists at selected retail pharmacies. We will then open up for counter sales at more retail locations progressively," said Health Minister Ong Ye Kung at a multi-ministry task force press conference. Sales will initially be limited to 10 ART kits per person to ensure that there are "adequate supplies for all”, said the Health Ministry's director of medical services Kenneth Mak. But as more supplies are made available for retail sales, authorities will "eventually allow test kits to be freely purchased", he said. Prof Mak said: "The ART self-test kits complement our overall surveillance strategy. "These fast and easy-to-use tests allow us to detect infected cases more quickly, in particular among individuals who do not have acute respiratory infection symptoms, but are concerned that they may have been exposed to Covid-19." This might be for people who had been to a place that a confirmed case had visited, for instance. The four self-test kits that have been granted interim authorisation by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) for sale to the public are the Abbott PanBio Covid-19 Antigen Self-Test, the Quidel QuickVue At-Home OTC Covid-19 Test, the SD Biosensor Sars-CoV-2 Antigen Self-Test Nasal, and the SD Biosensor Standard Q Covid-19 Ag Home Test. In response to media queries, Watsons Singapore said it will be retailing the Abbott and Quidel QuickVue test kits at all pharmacy stores in phase one of the test kit roll-out. "We would be keeping with MOH’s recommended guidelines on retail selling price, which will range from approximately $10 to $13 per test kit," it said. MOH said: "Individuals who have a positive result for their ART self-test should immediately approach a Swab And Send Home public health preparedness clinic for a confirmatory polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. "They are then required to self-isolate until they receive a negative PCR test result." Meanwhile, those who test negative on their self-test ART should still stay vigilant and adhere to prevailing safe management measures, MOH said.
  12. mcpd001

    Testing # 1

    Hi Hello!
  13. testing
  14. viperx


  15. How to accumulate 10 postings?
  16. Last weekend saw Singapore going into Phase 2, whereby almost every industry could become operational again. With showrooms closed for more than a month since the start of our lockdown, naturally this weekend also saw some decent traffic. Unfortunately, one test drive in particular went bad for this particular Honda shopper at Leng Kee... We don't have details on exactly what happened but it does look like this Red Honda Jazz that was probably going through a test drive, isn't going to be sold as a new car anytime soon. On the bright side, we can be sure that Honda's safety features sure work very well. P.S. We reckon with the upcoming all new Jazz's Honda Sensing safety suite, this accident could have been avoided.
  17. This is quite zhun thou. Try taking the test! https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test I got my result as an advocate. @Weez911 @inlinesix @Tianmo Give it a try!
  18. Not an Audi owner but received the mailer today. Audi is offering 2 days extended test drive on A6, A8 and Q8. Curious to know if anyone tried the service and what happens if suay suay kena accident haha.
  19. Guangye

    Testing for me

    testing testing 123
  20. JeepChee

    Test 3

    hi all
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