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Found 23 results

  1. Ever seen one of these foldable bicycles? The guy below probably has not. Now, this might not be very useful information (because it is not allowed) but apparently, our local train's railing can support a non-foldable bicycle. We thought it is an ingenious way to park or store one away. For those who are wondering what on earth is happening, below is an extract replicated from SMRT... "Some of you may have come across a video that is circulating online about a commuter with a bicycle on board a train. At around 7.10pm on 15 Dec, an SMRT staff tried to stop a male commuter with a non-foldable bicycle from entering the train at Woodlands station. The male commuter was uncooperative and forced his way into a north-bound train. The commuter subsequently transferred to a west-bound train at Jurong East station and exited at Pioneer station at about 7.50pm. We have since identified the commuter and made a police report. For the safety and comfort of all commuters, we would like to remind everyone to observe regulations when bringing foldable bicycles and personal mobility devices on board trains and buses." Check out what netizens have to say about this guy who flouted the law...
  2. If you think our rules in Singapore is too strict, check out U.K's latest ruling where you are not allowed to hang stuff on your rear view mirror. Yup, according to an article from The Sun, drivers in Britain are supposed to have no obstructions that could affect their field of vision in any way, which in turn could reduce reaction time and in turn cause an accident. “Windscreens and windows must be kept clean and free from obstructions to vision,” as per the Highway Code. While the rule includes all religious items, it doesn't technically mean that it is illegal to have anything on your windshield or your rear view mirror. However, if the authorities decide that what you have going on can prevent you from having a clear view of the road, that means an automatic S$176 fine and three penalty points. And if you try to fight the penalty in court, you could be hit with a maximum fine of S$1,760. Adding on, in the event of an accident, it is also possible damages where your vision was impaired by any object aren’t likely to be covered.
  3. HOUSE KEEPING question. Usually I mount hook behind my bed room door and just hang my jeans there, 4 jeans at any time. every week route 2 jeans for wash. O yes... I wear jeans to work. What about you guys? where do usually hang your jeans if you wear few time before wash?
  4. Get connected with MCF members over a breakfast session with Goodyear, the tyre manufacturer that has over 100 years of experience in producing excellent tyres. You are able to understand the tyres available in the market that suit your driving style and preferences. Plus stands to win up to $2,700 worth of attractive prizes by taking part in the trivia games and quizzes For every sign up, free Goodyear handheld car vacuum (worth $30)! Date: Sunday, 28 Sep 2014 Location: Spruce - 320 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247980 Capacity: FULL HOUSE Event Flow 9.00 Registration 9.30 Breakfast & Chit Chat Time! 10.00 Showcase of Goodyear Tyres 10.30 - Interaction & Activities with Goodyear 11.30 End of Event Prizes to be won (total worth over $2,700) · Full set of Goodyear Assurance TripleMax Tyres worth up to $1,300 · 3 in 1 breakfast maker set worth $150 · Seiko Watch worth $593 · Twin socket USB charger units worth $25 Choice of Food Menu A. Spruce Big Brekkie Scrambled Eggs, German Sausage, Roasted Tomato, Roasted Potato, Mushrooms and Focaccia Toast B. Spruce Eggs Benny Poached Egg, Corn Waffle, Pork Sausage, Back Bacon and Hollandaise Sauce Registration Fee - One pax $12 - One pax with partner $15 (Partner will not get free items) Who qualifies to join: - 1st gear and above - A premium member, (you can upgrade yourself for free, www.mycarforum.com/index.php?section=premiumbenefits) - Please take note if you doesn't qualified & register, we will not refund the registration fee. Registration - Submit your payment >> FULL HOUSE - Write your nick below, only write your nick if you have paid. - Make sure all your details in your personal profile are correct. We will use the contact information there. - We will not refund if there's no show Quick, Sign up Now! Registration closes on 15 Sept 2014 Terms & Conditions It is a requirement for the participants who have won the full set of Goodyear Tyres to support the sponsors by writing a review on the tyres. Other Goodyear Tyres
  5. two lives for one saw another news in Singapore that a husband and wife also abuse the maid till she lost 20kg
  6. Ohayō everyone! Once again we have awesome news to deliver. (MCF) is organising another test drive event - with Japanese marque Mazda. The event will be held on Thursday, the 25th of September at Mazda Leng Kee Showroom, 23 Leng Kee Road (159095), from 6:00pm to 9:30pm. Free Goodie Bag worth $50 for every sign up! 50 MCF members, and their respective partners, are invited for dinner and a test drive of a number of Mazda models. In addition, attendees can learn more about the automaker’s latest and critically acclaimed SkyActiv Technology and be enlightened of Mazda’s KODO design language - which is responsible for a number of head turning concepts and featured in recent production models which includes the recent Mazda6 and Mazda3 in addition to the Mazda CX-5 and CX-9. Event Highlights - An opportunity to test drive the fleet of Mazda Cars! Including the latest Mazda 6 Wagon! - Hear from Regan Ong, Senior Automotive Journalist from sgCarMart about his experience with Mazda 3 Sedan & Mazda 3 Hatchback - Lifestyle Talk (TBC) - Take part in trivia games & win attractive prizes by Trans Eurokars - the local distributor of Mazda - Meet & Greet with other MCF members! Event Timeline (subject to change). 5.30 - 7.00 pm - Arrival & Registration 5.30 - 7.30 pm - Test drive the car of your choice 6.30 - 7.30 pm - Dinner Time! 7.30 - 7.45 pm - Introduction from Mazda 7.45 - 8.00 pm - Sharing about Mazda 3 Sedan & Mazda 3 Hatchback by Regan Ong 8.00 - 8.15 pm - Game trivia 8.15 - 8.45pm - Wine Tasting from Bacardi-Martini Singapore 8.45 - 9.00pm - Lucky Draw The list of Mazda models available for test drive: Mazda 2, Mazda 3 Sedan, Mazda 3 Hatchback, Mazda 5, Mazda 6 Sedan, Mazda 6 Wagon, Mazda CX5, Mazda Biante Get a special promotion price for Mazda Cars during the event! Registration Fee - One pax $12 - One pax with partner $15 (Partner will not get free items) Food Menu Wine Tasting Menu - Little Beauty Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough, New Zealand) - Caricature Red Wine (California, USA) Registration of Interest - You need to be a premium member, (you can upgrade for free) - Submit your details >> REGISTRATION CLOSED - We will select 50 members to go for the event, make sure all your details in your personal profile are correct. We will use the contact information there. - Once you have submitted the details, in 3 days time we will PM you if you're selected or not for the event - If you're selected, you're required to pay the registration fee, else the slot will be given to the next person - We will not refund if there's no show Quick, Sign up Now! Registration closes on 19 Sept 2014. Limited to 50 members only! Btw, stay tuned, we may have some exciting details to be announced later on!
  7. Are schools still a safe place for our children? So we have male teachers fcking kids in secondary school all the way to uni.. LOL http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/ex-law-prof-tey-tsun-hang-cleared-corruption-high-court-20140228 Ex-law prof Tey Tsun Hang cleared of corruption by High Court Former law professor Tey Tsun Hang, accused of obtaining sex and gifts from one of his students, was on Friday acquitted of corruption by the High Court. But even as he cleared Mr Tey of criminal wrongdoing, Justice Woo Bih Li had strong words for the ex-professor, saying that he was "a man without honour". Mr Tey, 42, was not in court to hear the decision. He had chosen to serve the five-month jail term handed down by a district court that convicted him in June last year and has since been released from prison. Justice Woo, giving his decision in a packed courtroom on Friday, said that Mr Tey had abused his position as a lecturer and had exploited law student Darinne Ko.
  8. Hi there anyone interested for a meet up? Gen2, wira, satria, waja exora, persona all can come! Minimum 10 people to start then we plan the date, location and time Please state name/area/ride 1) Faris/Tamp/Wira1.3 2) 3) 4)
  9. will probably become Liverpool legend if he stick with the club, but too bad... one of the two iconic names that represented English football in the late 90s/early 2000s (at least he's the only two footballers whom my female friends knew, the other being David Beckham... who else ) i remember his wonder goal against Argentina, his hattrick against Germany, another hattrick against Newcastle
  10. Just for discussion, whats the worst thing your upstair neighbour ever hang out to dry at the laundry area? Yesterday my mom called me and told me their top floor neighbour hang out WAX DUCKS to dry and her laundry kena all the oil.... I have been to opposite building before and look over to my parents blk during my hunting for 2nd hand flat so from my understanding, the top floor have been rented to Chinese. Will upload picture when I got it from my bro later today...
  11. Last sun evening....got the chips & tiger ice ready, planted myself on the comfy sofa to watch Monaco F1. Cars lined up on the grid.....1 light, 2 lights, 3 lights, 4 lights......Mio TV hang!!! Kns....hv to reboot dunno how many times until lap 17 then cure. Missed the opening lap mayhem. Dunno if shld comprain or not.
  12. am thinking of hanging my own pix rather than buying one from the market. please comment if my pix can make it. dono which one to post, plz kindly vote thx
  13. Could it be the works of pranksters? PA better explain as this could have violated a thousand items under the Penal Code on the proper treatment of our national flag. Puzzling their CC staff could have missed this embarrassing situation when they went about their daily work... From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sgseen/singapore_sotongs/739762/hanging_two_national_flags_upside_down_is_simply_not_acceptable.html Wake up Tampines Central CC: Flying TWO national flags upside down is 'unacceptable' STOMPer Chris finds it completely intolerable that not one, but two National flags have been hung upside down outside this building in Tampines. The STOMPer writes: "This is my country, this is my flag? "Some mistakes are just not acceptable. "The word is RESPECT! "What's worse, this is the Community Complex - they should know how to display the flag. "Shame on them for setting a bad example for residents on displaying their flags wrongly during our National Day celebration. "Enough is enough."
  14. Gearoil

    Hang for what?

    Less than a week to go before Sinkie Land celebrate her National Day. Couple of things I noticed. This year much lesser number of ppl hang the National Flag, particularly those in Pigeon Hole districts!...those who did hang , did it with a 'can't be bothered to hang properly ' kind of attitude' Nobody even bothers to post nationalistic or patronatic posts or threads anymore. Even many taxi drivers who were crazy diplaying miniature flags in pervious years, have given up the practice this year! Even street display of flags or banners are lesser this year. Much quieter this time round Any resaons why? Don't have to list out 40 billion reasons, just a couple will do!
  15. More motorists hang on to their cars In an uncertain economy, less mileage means less wearing out of the machines and therefore, a decline in deregistration. -SUT Tan Dawn Wei Tue, Sep 23, 2008 The Sunday Times Uncertain economy, high fuel prices and poor resale market preventing many from going for new ones . Assistant engineer Horace Soh has been thinking about selling his Nissan Sunny lately. After all, he has had the car for five years and that is when owners here usually upgrade, downgrade or sell their wheels. But with an uncertain economy, high petrol prices and little prospect of fetching a good resale price, the 37-year-old father of two is keeping his car for now. "Job security is one thing to consider. And when you get a new car, it's a new liability as you'll have to stick with it for another three to five years. How will you get rid of it if the economy takes a turn for the worse?" he said. Singapore's car population has been on the up and up. There were 539,540 passenger cars at the end of July, 8.1 per cent more than at the same time last year. But it is not because more people are turning up at showrooms. Rather, fewer cars are being taken off the roads. This year's certificate of entitlement (COE) supply provides for 6,388 cars to be scrapped or re-exported a month. But between January and July, an average of only 5,190 cars were deregistered each month - 12 per cent fewer than the same period last year. Mr Tony Tan, marketing director at Borneo Motors which sells Toyota cars, said an uncertain economy, inflation and the higher cost of driving contribute to people driving less or keeping their cars longer. "If people use less, they don't see much wear and tear and the mileage is lower. This will cause deregistration to decline and we can expect this for a while," he said. Sales of new cars have also dropped: 58,777 were registered in the first seven months of this year, down from 65,973 during the same period last year. "The psychological position of the consumers is, better hold on to the old car and save for a rainy day," said Mr Jacky Wong, director of Richburg Motors. He has changed tack to promote hybrid cars that are less fuel-thirsty. Another reason is that there is little overseas demand for local cars as the Singapore dollar is stronger than many other currencies. Cars are usually bound for Russia, Africa and Caribbean countries. Hefty loans - up to 10 years - have also been a disincentive for drivers to switch cars. They have to fork out a sizeable lump sum in cash to redeem existing loans. Despite more people retaining their old cars, motor workshops have not seen more business. Workshop owner Eric Tan said he receives fewer orders now at his Bukit Merah garage from car dealers to touch up used models for overseas markets. He used to get eight to 10 such cars per month but has worked on only two in the past three months. "There are many workshops and it's very competitive," he said. The Government is hoping that its new policy - which kicked in on Sept 1 - of returning cash instead of handing out a paper rebate to offset taxes on a new car will encourage motorists to scrap or export their cars and switch to public transport. But those in the industry doubt it will lure many to give up their wheels for cash. "Cars are still very aspirational purchases. Owners are not likely to suddenly decide - in huge numbers - that they don't want to drive anymore, unless the economy takes a dive or if fuel prices skyrocket," said Borneo Motors' Mr Tan. Mr Wong feels the move may nudge some people to scrap their cars, but not necessarily discourage them from buying another. "You want to spend the cash and the most immediate desire is to buy a better car," he said.
  16. Imagine you work in cbd area, you drive to a park and ride right outside cbd and unhook it from your Trunk then take a five to ten minutes ride to your office.....Good idea? There is so many possibilities with the 89kg German made Sachs Madass 125 scooter. It's like there is no corner that cant be reach when we have a car and bike combination. Machine price $3,600.00 excluding Coe, insurance and registration. As I always grumble.. Only if i have the MONEY!!!!!
  17. May 11, 2008 Where have all the customers gone? Many are cutting back on spending in wake of rising food prices, possible US recession By Shuli Sudderuddin When private banker Jeremy Ching went to Robinsons' yearly sale last week, he found the crowd at the Centrepoint outlet thinner than last year's. 'Last year, it was so crowded that I didn't get to try on anything. This year, I actually bought something,' said Mr Ching, 24. The Sunday Times did a check with 20 shoppers in various city locations and found that, like Mr Ching, many were holding on more tightly to their wallets. Fifteen said they had been going out less often in the last two months. Reason? Gloomy news about rising food prices and a possible recession in the United States. When we spoke to 100 retailers and food and beverage outlet managers, 59 said they were seeing fewer customers, and at least 10 said business was down by 10 per cent or more. The rest - 41 shops in large shopping malls, especially beauty and retail electronics outlets - still saw brisk business. A spokesman for movie memorabilia shop PopcornPop in Suntec City said weekend sales have dropped by up to 50 per cent. Noting that the Great Singapore Sale will start in two weeks' time, he said: 'I'm sceptical about spending going up during the Great Singapore Sale. Spending won't increase.' Some shoppers echoed this view. Photographer Colin Koh, 28, said: 'Why buy during the sale? I have to prioritise and pay for necessities like petrol for my car.' At Raffles City, customer service agent Christina Simon said: 'There used to be more people in malls but things are getting more expensive. I tend to eat out less now - twice a month rather than every weekend as I used to.' Department of Statistics' figures show that on a year-on-year basis, retail sales declined by 1.3 per cent over a year ago for the month of February. Also, the latest Business Expectations Survey shows that the services sector is generally cautious about business outlook for April to September this year. From the survey, 29 per cent of retail firms predicted slower business during this period. At Suntec City, accessories pushcart operator Wendy Lee has noticed a steep drop in takings compared to the same period last year. 'We could make about $400 daily last year but this has decreased by about 40 per cent,' she lamented. Mr Suzuki Nobuaki, manager of Tonkichi Japanese restaurant, which has outlets in Ngee Ann City, Isetan Scotts and Suntec City, said: 'Our customers have decreased by 5 to 10 per cent compared to last year. It looks like people are saving on food to cope with the cost of living.' At Clarke Quay, walkways and restaurants were empty approaching dinner time last week. Ms Junydah Madon, marketing, event and operation manager for the Tapas Tree, cited the heatwave as one reason for the empty seats outside the restaurant. 'Customers prefer the air-conditioning inside.' But she added: 'Business has been quite slow at Clarke Quay and customer flow dropped last week because it is the off-peak season.' Mr Benny Lee, marketing manager for Zingrill which runs restaurants such as Breeks, said there has been a 10 to 15 per cent drop in sales in Breeks outlets in town. 'Our pricing is not expensive, so it could be that fewer people are eating in town because fewer are shopping there,' he speculated. New retail entrants are also feeling the pinch. At least three new businesses contacted said that they were not doing as well as projected. Mr Sreeram Muthiah, shift manager at smoothie and coffee cafe Maui Wowi in Suntec City, said that weekends see more business, but sales have not picked up as quickly as anticipated since the cafe opened three months ago. 'On Sundays at lunch time, we are sometimes only half-full,' he said. Economist Selena Ling, head of treasury research at OCBC, felt that the pessimism could be due to the impression that the global economy is in bad shape. 'Last year's optimism is wearing off. Because people have to pay more for staples, they'll cut down on discretionary spending like shopping and eating out,' she said. Ms Lau Chuen Wei, executive director of the Singapore Retailers Association, said March, April and May traditionally see seasonal dips. But she added that higher domestic spending would be a booster. 'Higher economic activity within a country will not only boost sales but also the entire nation's economy,' she said. One shopper seemed to be in tune with that view. Mr Eric Xu, 25, who works in advertising, still goes out to restaurants and shops. 'I'm not going to let gloomy predictions change my life,' he said. Additional reporting by Becky Lo and Stacey Chia [email protected] http://www.straitstimes.com/Free/Sto...ry_236239.html
  18. http://www.straitstimes.com/Latest%2BNews/...ory_183335.html Three lawyers suspended for touting after sting operation They were found guilty of offering incentives to a 'housing agent' for property deals' referrals By Selina Lum THREE lawyers who offered incentives to a 'housing agent' for referring property deals to them were suspended from practice for between nine and 15 months on Tuesday. In handing down the penalties to Mrs Phyllis Fong, Ms Lilian Bay and Mr James Liew, the Court of Three Judges - the highest body that decides on disciplinary cases against lawyers - roundly rejected their arguments of entrapment. They were each found guilty by separate disciplinary committees of touting for conveyancing work. Such touting, which involves paying a fee to a real estate agent for referring a client, amounts to misconduct under the Legal Profession Act. The bulk of the evidence against them was obtained by the same part-time private investigator by the name of Jenny Lee. Ms Lee was hired by a PI agency, which in turn was instructed by a group of unidentified lawyers, to carry out a sting operation against fellow law firms, for motives still unclear. Posing as a real estate agent, Ms Lee went to different law firms to obtain evidence that lawyers there were promising rewards for referring legal work to them. Several lawyers were caught in the act - their meetings were secretly recorded by Ms Lee, who then complained to the Law Society. The first lawyer brought before the court was Mr Dave Tan, who pleaded guilty and was suspended for six months last November. Other lawyers, including Mrs Fong, Mr Liew and Ms Bay, fought back. Represented by different counsel, they mounted various arguments. The common defence was that the evidence obtained by Ms Lee should not have been admitted against them. They argued that this was because such evidence was obtained by way of entrapment, which amounted to an abuse of the disciplinary process. They also argued that the identity of the lawyers who had hired the PI should be disclosed. However, these arguments were rejected by by the court, headed by Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong, which issued three separate judgments totalling 144 pages. The Court held that entrapment evidence is admissible under Singapore law, whether done by law enforcement officers or by lawyers for the purpose of bringing disciplinary proceedings against errant lawyers. The court also ruled that the entrapment evidence could not be described as an abuse of process if the prosecution was commenced for the purpose of ascertaining whether an accused person was guilty of the offences for which he or she was charged. In Mrs Fong's case, the lawyer of 29 years' standing had offered a $200 shopping voucher to private investigator Jenny Lee in return for bringing her business. Ms Lee had posed as an estate agent and had offered her a conveyancing deal involving a house in Lengkok Mariam. She also recorded their conversation and secretly videotaped their meeting in March 2004. The deal was subsequently aborted, but Ms Lee followed up with a complaint. In its judgment in Phyllis Tan's case, the Court held that entrapment evidence is admissible under Singapore law. Excluding it would be inconsistent with the terms of the Evidence Act, it ruled.
  19. Dear folks, I encountered a persistent problem while using my laptop to open up the hotmail webpage to read my Emails. After signing in hotmail and gaining access to read my Emails, my laptop would suddenly slow down reaching to an almost "hang" state. The temperature of the CPU would suddenly rise to a high level till I could feel the heat with my hands. At this point, when I go to the Task Manager, it would show 100% CPU utilization by the hotmail internet page. It will continue for a very long time. Fearing that it will spoil my laptop, I have to abort the process by pressing "Cntrl, Alt, Delete". Clues anyone? Appreciate your inputs.
  20. If u have a convertible and need to hang a p-plate, how would u put urs? Or hang outside like our friend here?
  21. Hi guys where to buy those cheap and good hang on organiser on the back seat? i want to put magazines and stuff on it...
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