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  1. Metalslug

    Trailer for new Terminator Salvation (2008) movie!

    hasta la vista
  2. Metalslug

    Ebola virus strain found in Philippine swine

    reston was from monkeys i thought? so it already has jumped species! may be the start of amagaddeon... if humans get it, within weeks a whole town or city could be wiped out
  3. They have a bond leh, how to get out of it? study in NIE for 1 yr, bond for 3 years oh a good note got some holidays and also free parking
  4. Metalslug

    YEAH! Malaysia cuts fuel price by 5%

    i just went in and it seems touch and go is a must for toll next time however when i went into caltex station, they said sold out. how to buy like that? can buy at the new CIQ? i also noticed its a much longer drive to the CIQ vs the old causeway....
  5. Metalslug

    YEAH! Malaysia cuts fuel price by 5%

    not sure about vpower? maybe its RM2.15?
  6. http://news.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNew...202-105034.html Malaysia cuts fuel price by 5% Tue, Dec 02, 2008 AFP KUALA LUMPUR - MALAYSIA on Tuesday cut petrol prices by 5.0 per cent, bringing pump prices down to 1.90 ringgit (S$0.80) per litre amid easing global crude prices. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawisaid said the 10 sen cut would be effective on Wednesday with diesel also reduced by 10 sen to 1.80 ringgit per litre. 'As the price of oil has visibly dropped, the government has again made a decision to reduce retail prices so that the public can benefit,' he said in a statement. It is the sixth fuel price cut the government has announced since June's 41 per cent hike on the back of soaring crude costs, which sparked angry street protests and calls for the premier to resign. The last cut, by 15 sen, was just over two weeks ago. June's hike saw inflation soar, with the August price index reaching a 26-year high of 8.5 per cent, also driven by the escalating cost of food and transportation. Inflation has since eased at 7.6 per cent in October as fuel prices dropped.
  7. Metalslug

    She's angry because property market is soft, yet...

    its premium land, holland V chip bee gardens is very very high class if you ask me. 3.9k can easily be split into 4-6 people working in office its affordable.
  8. Metalslug

    She's angry because property market is soft, yet...

    indeed, its very very cheap there to rent at the rate. its a terrace. ask them go buy the 3 room hdb flat, can be up at $300+k i checked. 5 room, its $600k plus
  9. Metalslug

    New JB CIQ...

    how is the flow of traffic to the new CIQ? must be quite fun to drive. think have to change petrol stations liao to whichever is the nearest!
  10. Metalslug

    New JB CIQ...

    anyone tried it today??? new road means more time to find out... hope theres a good petrol station nearby
  11. Metalslug

    Malaysian jailed 18 years for maid attacks

    justice is served - kudos to the Malaysian judiciary
  12. Metalslug

    Help on dates! (:

    i tot Kaka earn alot as football player
  13. Metalslug

    Whats good and cheap mobile broadband?

    i also want leh... who can give me hehehe
  14. Metalslug

    Whats good and cheap mobile broadband?

    wah seh...thats cheap!!! i must call M1 insist on this price
  15. so far M1 seems to have best deal, only $22 unlimited data pack! care to share your experiences?