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Found 345 results

  1. Hi guys, My tires are due for a change soon, and so I am doing my research for pricing and tire models at tire shops. My back tires have about 1.5 - 2mm of thread left before the wear indicators and the front, maybe 2 - 2.5mm. I know the wear indicators are there for a reason - when the tire wears to a point where it is flush with the indicators, it's time to change tires. But how close before it's time to change? Completely flush? 0.5mm? After visiting 1 or 2 tire shops, I'm tired of getting all the same sales pitch on how it will be sliding around like a fish once it rains, and unsafe etc. BTW, I drive an XC90 so there is AWD...may be less slippery? Looking forward to your input. Thanks
  2. Hi all, I just bought a pair of jumpstart cables from JB GIANT. no brand one. it says 400Amp. will it work to jumpstart normal jap cars? anyone successfully tried jumpstarting using cables before?
  3. Just want to check have anyone of you make any successful claim to Jetcover before? it is a travel insurance policy. early this month i have tried to make a claim due to the flight delay of about 8 hours . after sending the document which they require, one week later, i received a email reply asking for the same document again, i tried again to resend it with attachment and include my HP no. for her to call me, another week past, i receive the same reply again.. the frustration is they do not leave any tel no. for me to call back and ask.... and when i tried to contact the insurance claim no. from the website, the insurance claim that they are from different department, and when i asking for the telephone no. for the relevant claim department, their reply are they do not know the no??? week after week, how can we expect much from this in-house insurance company when they can't even have a proper customer office who can handle all these enquires when customer having problem. JS and Chart
  4. Hi guys, Anyone went on Leisure World before? The 'gambling' cruise? Got a question I would like to ask... is it easy for old folks to board Leisure World from the small ferry? Need to cross bridge or walk up the gangway by the side of the cruise? Scary or not ah?
  5. Hi, wondering if these people are specialised on paint repair works. Actually, I am just looking at repairing stone chip works on my front bumper. Any comments on their service and workmanship?
  6. Need to go vicom inspection - 1st one. Car abt to reach 3yrs old. Sorry, me 1st timer to inspection Do most of you service before going for vicom inspection? Given that my car has no issues and its still within 3 yrs.
  7. As above, has anyone tried Nexen tyres before? Was told by tyre shop its a "Kimchi" tyre which is relatively new in Singapore; did a search and can't find much info here. I checked and a set of 205/45/R16 rated at 87W XL is S$60 cheaper than Thai made Eagle F1s. More info @ http://www.nexentire.co.kr/english/product...=N3000&expend=1 Did a search on goggle and its compound contains silica, UTQG rating: Threadwear @ 340 Traction AA Temperature A They seem pretty popular in the States for its performance and price, many have commented that its a quiet HP tyre. Reviews 1) http://www.club3g.com/forum/wheels-tires-b...3000-tires.html 2) http://forums.maxima.org/showthread.php?re...=58751&t=400825 3) http://forums.maxima.org/showthread.php?t=400825 4) http://forums.maxima.org/showthread.php?t=466167
  8. ...during ur childhood? very soon... they will be gone in our ever-changing nation.. only 5 left in Singapore... link: http://www.cnngo.com/singapore/play/singap...esterday-483500
  9. http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...228-330623.html Motoring @ AsiaOne 'Some years' before new satellite-based ERP is ready: Minister Tests are still ongoing and if the system is found to be technically feasible, there are still some years to go before launch. -AsiaOne Tue, Feb 28, 2012 AsiaOne The development of the new satellite-tracked Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system is still in its "early stages", Minister of State for Transport Josephine Teo said in response to questions in Parliament on Tuesday. Tests are still ongoing to make sure that the system is technically feasible and reliable in a built-up city like Singapore, she said. And if the system is technically feasible, it is still "some years" before the system is ready to be launched and implemented, Mrs Teo added. Satellite signals may bounce off tall buildings in built-up areas like Singapore, resulting in patchy accuracy, earlier reports said. When the technology is proven, the Government will then study how to use the new system to influence motorists' usage of vehicles. A tender for the project was awarded to four parties last year to conduct a system evaluation test for the next-generation ERP system. According to The Straits Times, the four are Kapsch TrafficCom; MHI Engine System Asia & NCS; ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) & IBM Singapore; and Watchdata Technologies & Beijing Watchdata System. Each party will receive $1 million in seed funding "to design, develop and demonstrate technological solutions". The new system may charge motorists according to where they go and how much distances they clock. tonyng@sph.com.sg
  10. Hi, wondering if anyone here park before at the environment building at scott road before?
  11. Dear all, Mind sharing what you know about the LTA vehicle "Homologation" process in Singapore? What does it include and how long it usually take? What I know is that any new model or revision of models like facelift needs to undergo this process before being allowed to be sold here. Question: Is it legal for an authorised dealer to sell you a car based on a car that is not even homologated? I mean, after you sign on the paper, later they come tell you the car is being homologated, so delivery will be delayed. In the meanwhile, they drop their car price and you are stuck with the contract.
  12. HOUSE KEEPING question. Usually I mount hook behind my bed room door and just hang my jeans there, 4 jeans at any time. every week route 2 jeans for wash. O yes... I wear jeans to work. What about you guys? where do usually hang your jeans if you wear few time before wash?
  13. Of late I have been seeing many DUPLICATE threads of the SAME ISSUE!. This gives the MODs a hard time merging as well as deleting threads. FOR THE SAKE OF HUMANITY HERE, 1. SEARCH the forum PLEASE befoer posting a thread - many times it becomes a chore when we see duplicate threads and both threads can have good posts. KINDLY do the basic etiquette and SEARCH 2. POSTERS like AHTONG will start the thread with all sorts of title headers, and WE understand. If you see the TS AHTONG and it is similar to your thread, PM the mods and we do the REST! Ahtong, you are but an example...soli hor 3. POST in the right section. this is well, easier for folks searching under the thread sections WE will not hesitate to REMOVE threads unilaterally if THEY ARE DUPLICATES as this thread has already served that notice. No cards or such given, as this is not a crime BUT IF YOU THINK BEING A MOD IS EASY, THINK AGAIN!! THANK YOU AND HAVE A GOOD SUNDAY AND REST OF THE WEEK ps: thread will be locked after today. Gather comments first
  14. Picnic06-Biante15

    Tell Tale Signs Before Disaster Struck

    Do you believe that most Animals have a very special sensibilities to feel an eminent danger before it struck. It happen few days ago when a Killer Whale killed its trainer in USA after been together with the trainer for so many years. Was telling my wf that it either an earthquake or volcano erupting soon in US. True enough an earthquake struck not in US but in Chile. Some ppl would claimed that it was coincidenced but I am convince that animals have a special sense of danger that we human do not have. Example is the Sichuan earthquake. The pandas were restless and animals were found leaving the forested area before the quake struck. If we are more observant enough, we can also sense it with our closest animal, Dog. It happen to me as our family dog which was very active suddenly turns quite for 2 days, refusing to eat and only hide under the sofa. On the second day, received a call from hospital that my father was in DIL and thereafter, passed away. The dog kept vigil beside the coffin throughout the wake. Every since that incident, I am more aware of unusual animal behaviour........
  15. Hi all..... Yet another 'baby' thread from me again I seen lotsa friends becoming a different person for the better after their kids arrive in the world. How has fatherhood/motherhood change you? For better or for worse? Hehe come share share....me counting down now...6 weeks more...
  16. any reviews to share?... http://www.grandlexisportdickson.com/index...97dfa3ca6ff55b9 all rooms got private swimming pool as standard... looks nice... pics always tell lies lol... wanna hear some FRs...
  17. Picnic06-Biante15

    Airline To Weigh Passengers Before Boarding

    Will budget airline follows suit ??? Yahoo : Step on the Scale — Airline to Weigh Passengers Before Boarding Watch what you eat. Uzbekistan Airways will now weigh baggage and passengers before they board the plane. (Photo: Thinkstock) It’s not uncommon for an airline to weigh baggage before a flight, but one airline is taking things a step further by weighing passengers. In a move that will make you say, “Oh, no they didn’t,” Uzbekistan Airways has announced that it will begin pre-flight weighing of passengers on upcoming trips. Related: Man Sues Airline — Says Fat Seatmate Caused Back Injury After passing through check-in, passengers will be put on what the airline calls a “special weighing machine” near the departure gate zone. According to a statement from the airline, this procedure will take place “in order to determine the average weight of passengers with hand luggage.“ Uzbekistan Airways says weighing passengers will ensure safety. (Photo: Uzbekistan Airways) While this seems like a bold move, the airline says that weighing passengers is purely a safety precaution. According to the statement, the International Air Transport Association (IATA), requires airlines carry out regular preflight procedures to calculate passenger and carry-on weight. For those feeling a little self-conscious, the airline has ensured that the recorded weights will be completely confidential. However, the airline does not address what happens if a flight is overweight Uzbekistan Airlines isn’t the first to put passengers on the scale before boarding. In 2013, Samoa Air began to charge people different fares based on their weight. During this process, passengers are weighed with their baggage at the airport, and pay a fixed price per kilogram for their seat. The airline also introduced the “Samoa XL” row that is designated for passengers who weigh more than 286 pounds (130 kilograms). In addition to the extra cost, these seats are also two inches wider. link : https://sg.news.yahoo.com/step-on-the-scale-airline-to-weigh-passengers-126519860737.html Siao leow, I sure kena pay for my weight ...
  18. Even a blardy SWEET!!!!!
  19. what the f*%& is this....... http://edvantage.com.sg/edvantage/schoops/...aminations.html Furious parent questions if this is how the school 'prepares' students for exams. A group of Primary Six students were left waiting in the rain just before their PSLE oral examinations on Aug 20, leaving at least one parent fuming. They were locked out of school and according to a contributor to STOMP, the security guard refused to let them in even though it was raining heavily. The contributor, Teow, described the incident in an email: "My daughter is a pupil of Boon Lay Garden Primary School, who is sitting for her PSLE oral examination this morning. "She was told to report to the school before 9.30am to sit for her exam. As my wife and I had to go to work, I arranged for my brother-in-law to send her to school this morning. "Since my daughter told us that they had to wait outside the gate until their allocated time, I thought the school will make alternative arrangements as it is was raining quite heavily. "But when my brother-in-law reached there around 9am with my daughter, he was surprised to see that there were a lot of PSLE pupils waiting outside the gate in the rain. "He spoke to the school's security officer to let the pupils into the school and wait at the covered link-way since it is was raining so heavily.
  20. My child was given a science question today :- Qn. The Earth rotates around the Sun. True / False / Depends Explain. My answer is False. The Earth revolves around the Sun in around 365 days but rotates on it's own axis in about 24 hours. Any other answers ?
  21. Mysportwish

    Anyone try before - Buddy Car Wash

    hello all, anyone try this HDB car wash service before? Any review? http://www.buddycarwash.com.sg/about-us/
  22. Found a place selling this one, they ask me to try but I don't dare. The oil seems like is from Saudi Arabia.
  23. Albeniz

    Have you dialed 999 before?

    Since young, we have been warned never to press these three numbers. Have you dialed 999 before? If you did, what was that situation which made you dialed these three numbers?
  24. if without evaluation, how check
  25. Saw this promotion from AA, and learnt about this place, first time I know about this place exist. At Ayer Keroh. So anybody stay before any review?