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Found 178 results

  1. Mkl22

    Tire prices

    Not sure if the absolute prices are accurate. Seems a tad high to me. But it serves as a good comparison to between brands/models and what brands/models are out there. https://uniquemotorsports.com.sg/index.php/site/Car_Tyres
  2. Civic6656

    What tires for SUV?

    What tire do you recommend for a SUV with tire profile 225/65/17? Thanks!
  3. Bought a used car and the last owner only change the front 2 tires 3000 km ago, Yokohama ES501. Mileage 42k now, thought of bringing the 2 ES501 behind and change the stock rear tires to others like Hankook k415. Is it weird to have 2 different types of tires? Another option is to get another 2 ES501. I'm looking for a quiet tire, is k415 as quiet as the ES501?
  4. ismailmiller

    Dunlop SP Sport LEMANS LM705

    Hey Guys, Any thoughts on the new Dunlop LM705 tires? Tirepacs is selling them at 118.77 per tire for 205/55/R16 made in Japan. I think the price is quite reasonable. Looks like this tires will absorb bumps on the roads better 🙂 Tire Link: https://www.tyrepac.com/tyres/detail/44134 https://www.autoindustriya.com/auto-industry-news/dunlop-sp-sport-lm705-gets-some-inspiration-from-ninjas.html https://www.------.com/news/11996/silent-comfort-from-the-new-dunlop-sp-sport-lm-705 http://c-magazine.com/features/dunlop-sp-sport-le-mans-705-tire/
  5. RickyWee

    Tread Depth

    Hi bros, do i need to worry about my tread depth falling below minimum tread depth (1.6mm)? or do you guys just do it when servicing your car.
  6. No more flats: Michelin and GM to bring airless tires to passenger cars by 2024 Sources: https://www.digitaltrends.com/cars/michelin-and-gm-aim-to-bring-airless-tires-to-passenger-cars-by-2024/ Plenty of things can go wrong when you’re driving a car, though thankfully the vast majority of trips go without a hitch. Tire punctures, for example, are a real headache, but thanks to a collaboration between Michelin and General Motors (GM), the deflating experience could soon be a thing of the past. Following years of research, Michelin announced this week that it’s ready to hit the road with UPTIS, its “unique puncture-proof tire system,” and is partnering with GM for real-world trials using Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles. Testing starts this year and if all goes well, airless tires could be coming to a passenger car near you as early as 2024. The tire’s all-important rib design is located between the aluminum wheel and the outer tread. It comprises a composite rubber and high-strength resin-embedded fiberglass material that offers plenty of give and durability. The tire is essentially a more advanced version of the Tweel, another airless design that Michelin unveiled nearly 15 years ago. Early issues with Michelin’s airless tires included excess noise and vibration compared to conventional designs, but fortunately these problems have since been overcome. AdvantagesAirless tires offer a number of advantages over the traditional design. For example, the elimination of annoying flats and potentially dangerous blowouts will lead to a reduction in waste products — Michelin puts the saving at 2 million tons a year — as fewer tires would be scrapped before reaching the end of their life cycle. They’ll also reduce the use of raw materials, energy for production, and emissions linked to the manufacture of spare and replacement tires that will no longer be required. And by ending the need to carry a spare tire, cars will also be lighter and therefore more efficient. Airless tires will also help businesses managing fleets of vehicles to run a more efficient operation as there’ll be no time lost to flats and general tire maintenance that includes inspections for damage and pressure checks. Testing the tire with the Chevrolet Bolts will put the design through its paces over an extended period, allowing engineers to see how well it handles a range of surfaces and challenging weather conditions. Looking at this latest development, Michelin’s long-running interest in airless tires looks like it could soon pay off.
  7. Hi: Advice needed. Currently my Jap sedan (Nissan Slyphy) car is on stock 195/60/r16. Other than petrol increase, will there be any other impact if I will change to the above R17 rim & tires? Thank you!
  8. Dear all, Was driving along Tuas South Ave 3 on the extreme left lane at 50km/hr when i saw a lazy pigeon on the road crossing. Behind me and beside me were vehicles. I thought I was able to move slightly right to avoid running over the bird. As the bird disappeared from my driver view, i heard a bump, a bird scream and from my right side mirror saw feathers splattering everywhere. I am contemplating to wash my car to get rid of the "bad luck". Anyone experienced the same before? Need to report to AVA?
  9. Ihave10cats

    Checking up your tires

    You need to check up your tires from time to time. This is particularly important after usage of tires for more than 1 year. Here are something you should look for when you checking your tires. 1. Tread Pattern of tires whether or not excessive wear, 2. Sidewall of tires - punctures by foreign or sharp objects or poor repair. Or any air leak. 3. Vehicle vibrate while driving could be due to poor balance, poor alignment or mismatch of vehicle steering system and suspension 4. Vehicle Goes to the Left or Right Side on the Flat Road Surface. After checking, then if there is any abnormalities, then send to mechanics.
  10. Dear friends I will be looking to replace some tires and the 205/55/R16 is one of the most popular around, and there are a plethora of choices, from the most budget, all the way to the more exotic. I am looking to spend under $130 for a tire which has a balance of comfort, noise control and safety. These are the current candidates under consideration: Continental: CPC 5 ~ $115-130 (sadly the CPC 6 doesn't seem to be made for 16" tires) Pirelli Pirelli Cinturato P7 Bridgestone The new Bridgestone Turanza T005A ~ $120-$130 looks very interesting as an alternative to the GR 100 Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance? Michelin Primacy 3 / PS 4 ~ $120 Some recent tests: http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Article/2018-ADAC-Summer-Tyre-Test-205-55-R16.htm I hope to get some ideas from friends here.. thanks! Some ideas on my needs: I typically keep to the speed limits, but will do runs up north on the NSH, and in SG, do a lot of town driving, and am looking to replace some Goodyear RFTs.. cheers :) The CPC 5 looks pretty promising and is mentioned in a few reviews: http://www.tirereviews.info/reviews-and-tests/summer-tires/r16-summer-tires/8-2018-summer-tire-test-results-205-55-r16
  11. idtunknown

    Tyre and rim change in Sg Or MY

    Hi all, I am currently driving an Elantra on 15” stock tires. I have been reading both HWZ and MCF on this topic and would like to get everyone’s opinion: 1. The reason why I am considering upsizing my tire from 15” to 16” is to allow me to choose more tires. Currently based on the stock tires (195/65/15), I don’t have much choices. Based on some recommendation and my current tire, I am considering CPC5. But if I upsize, I can consider Primacy or PSS (I know the 2 types are totally different type). Should I upsize my tire? If I shouldn’t upsize, the next question wouldn’t be valid. 2. Based on what I have read, tires below 16” will be cheaper to get in MY. However, I am worried if I upsize, I will need to change my rim as well and I believe the rim will be the main cost of upsizing. Apologies for this troublesome question. If anyone can help me on this, it will be very very helpful.
  12. I drive a honda ridgeline pickup truck and my wife drive a honda civic. I've been looking for a decent jumpstarter that would be powerful enough for both of our vehicles. Rather then having 2 various models it just seemed easier to get two identical units. After reading reviews on several various jump-starters I opted for this model. Now the most negative thing I could find about this thing was it lacked a flat charger so you couldn't leave it plugged in. For me that's not even a factor, after all I bought this to charge it and then put it in the trunk of my wifes car and in the cargo area of my truck. I don't intend on leaving this plugged in. So if you plan on using this HOW IT IS DESIGNED then you too don't even need to worry about the lack of a float charger. That being said, the unit itself is a bit heavy, imagine picking up really big battery, that's essentially what this is. It has some weight to it. The jumpstarter itself also features an interesting little light that pivots as well as an air compressor. I've heard/read back reviews on the air compressor, for me it's not why I bought it. But initial checks it looks like it works fine and even has somewhere to store the air hose which is really nice. The one negative I have on this thing is the power switch for the air compressor is on the back and is not protected. In other words it could in theory be flipped on and drain the battery. So when you need to jump your car the starter would be dead. I wish they put a cover or moved the switch but honestly it would take a perfect mistake for that to get turned on so it's really not that critical. To prevent this from potentially happening I actually went down to Target and bought 2 milk crates,one for me and one for my wife. I put a jump starter, first aid kit, oil, etc in the crate so it's essentially the roadside emergency crate and also protects the jumpstarter from getting knocked around and/or turned on. Overall I spent $140 total on 2 of these and I'm really happy with the quality. They charge overnight easily, the indicator lights show you the charge remaining on the battery and it has power ports for 12volt and USB which is an added bonus. If you need a jumpstarter I would definitely consider this one.
  13. I have been experiencing a loud Wong Wong sound when I'm driving at 60-70. Sound goes away after 70 and will come on at 100-120 and after 120,it will be silent. I don't think it is a bearing issue as my car is not shaking or vibrating. I heard that a bearing sound is more of a grinding sound instead of Wong Wong. I'm riding on michellin ps3 that has done about 30-40k with about 40% threads left. My car will be scrapping in 2017 July so will not want to spend so much on new tires. If I need to change tyres, can you guys advise me a reliable and not too expensive set? Thanks in advance!
  14. Jujitsuka

    West Lake tires?

    Any bros using West Lake Tyres? Care to share any exp with regards to them?
  15. Gilahonda

    Bought tires online

    Hi guys! Been awhile~! If lets say I buy my tires online, then I wanna get it fix onto my car, how much would car tyre shop charge me since I never buy the tires from them? Any good tyre shop in east? Thanks!
  16. My ride is FWD with front disc and rear drum brakes. Currently have 2 tires that are newer and in better condition than the other 2, tho all 4 r same brand, model n size. So should i put the better pair in front or behind?
  17. Jerminator

    Used Truck / tractor tires.

    Any Bros or Sis know where I can get used Truck/Tractor tires (Any huge tires) in SG?
  18. Hi guys Tires reaching 3 years old and I'm looking for something at least on the same level of the F1D5, or a good upgrade to it. My tire size is 195/50/15, and I'm looking for good cornering and grip. Comfort and sound levels don't matter to me. I was looking at Michelin PS3, PS4, and the ContinentalSportContact 5. Is the PSS too out of my league? Also, I've wanted to try Hankook RS2, but apparently its already EOL, and the RS3 does not have my size. Seeking the help and advice of tire gurus here for which is the best upgrade to my F1D5. Thanks!
  19. Blue2

    Eng Wah Tires

    Just a Feedback on my experience with Eng Wah Tyre. Want to change my S-Drive so called to check 1 of the now more popular Tyre shop in AMK. Me : Boss got sell S-Drive, with this size n profile... Boss : Have... Me : How much? Boss : $xxeach Me : got stock? Boss : yes but reserve by someone liao...if 1 can some on Monday.... I my tots : but I 1 2 change 2day.... So called Eng Wah... Me : Boss got sell S-Drive, with this size n profile... Boss : Have... Me : How much? Boss : $xxeach Me : got stock? Boss : No but if u confirm 1 can come during this timing. Which is slightly less than 2hrs later. Me : ON!!! When I arrive at the timing and the tyres are there. No aeroplane on tyres not yet come blah blah blah... Just oni wait for him to clear up customers in front of the Q. Overall, encounter with Eng Wah is although the tyre cost $1 more.... PS: I do not get any thing from the post but just 1 2 share my experience with the shop nia.
  20. Anyone tried these before ?? Looks cool .... http://www.tiregraficx.com/ Not related to them , if not allowed to post , Mods please just delete it . TB4 , mods for your new toy ??
  21. Hi Guys, The previous shop i went over tighten my lug nut. Currently its broken and 1/4 of it is stuck inside the rim. Currently unable to remove the rim to change tire or brake pad. Any shops to recommend which has the specialize tools? There are 2 nuts that are broken and i was quoted $150 per nut and require to leave car for about 2 days. I tried googling and there are some shops with special tools that can cut down the timing and cost. Anyone got any experience to share? Do let me know the price range and shop. Thx in advance.
  22. Is it common to have tires of different date of manufacture? I asked for 15 manufacture but was given one of 14 year. how ah?thanks in advance
  23. Soonkuay76

    Toyo T1 Sport Any Reviews?

    Just wondering any bros out there using this tire? any good am gonna use it for my new ride soon i hope
  24. Found this video online! Interesting! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=234536350044279" Next time see tyres offer can buy and keep 1st. hahaha.
  25. Free 3 months subscription of TORQUE MAGAZINE with the purchase of four Goodyear Tyres! Promotion ends on 28th February 2015. So hurry and get a set of Goodyear Tyres now!