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Found 33 results

  1. Roadrunner2029

    Search function broken?

    Tried searching "sea games" and "sea" cannot find the Sea Games 2017 thread. Search function broken ? Last week tried searching something else also cannot find anything, but browse page by page to slowly find, it's there.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZnG6tyTX_Y&t=3s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHNu7qkiG4U civic Type R does it again as the fastest front wheel drive. @ 7:43 Took back record from the Golf GTI Clubsports S. 7:47 inside view
  3. Girl Narrowly Escapes as Escalator Floor Breaks Open Another escalator malfunction in China . A Chinese girl escaped unhurt as an escalator malfunctioned on Sunday at a shopping mall in Shenyang, northeast China's Liaoning Province. The girl, believed to be in her 20s, stepped onto a panel of flooring at the top of the escalator when it suddenly gave way. Staff at the mall soon shut down the escalator, and no one was injured. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtbdrIMa-Wo
  4. Hi Guys, The previous shop i went over tighten my lug nut. Currently its broken and 1/4 of it is stuck inside the rim. Currently unable to remove the rim to change tire or brake pad. Any shops to recommend which has the specialize tools? There are 2 nuts that are broken and i was quoted $150 per nut and require to leave car for about 2 days. I tried googling and there are some shops with special tools that can cut down the timing and cost. Anyone got any experience to share? Do let me know the price range and shop. Thx in advance.
  5. I am dismayed to be told it takes 3 weeks to get my broken windscreen replaced. Insurance approval is one thing. And then they do not have the parts. So the windscreen has to be shipped in from Germany. This is so different from my Toyota - almost instant service. My friend's Civic also dealt with immediately when he drove into Kah Motor. Today is my 3rd trip to VW and still nothing can be done. I just watch the crack get bigger and bigger everyday. No more VW for me after this.
  6. A man suspected of shoplifting at a Cold Storage supermarket at The Centrepoint on Monday night (Mar 4) shattered a glass panel and used one of the broken pieces to threaten security guards. The suspect, who was said to be small-built and in his mid-30s, was eventually subdued and arrested. The Straits Times reported witnesses saying that the suspect was walking around shirtless while holding an orange plastic bag containing oranges, canned food and a bottle of mineral water he had taken from the supermarket. He was nabbed by supermarket staff after he put his shirt back on. According to a report in Lianhe Wanbao, the man later broke free and used his plastic bag to break the glass counter of a Jollibean outlet near the entrance of the supermarket. He used on of the broken pieces of glass to threaten security guards in a stand-off. The mall's management confirmed that its security team received a call for assistance from the supermarket at 8.50pm and three security personnel were dispactched. They 'engaged and disarmed' the suspect, before police arrived at about 9.30pm to arrest him.
  7. Rules are there. People just take it lightly. Luckily I was slowed and distanced away. This Vios had brake out of a sudden and signal, before making an illegal turn. [shakehead]
  8. Just now pass by the site at 6pm, the broken glasses seem to be part of the cargo dropped from a truck. the debris was pretty huge, covering most of the exit lane + chevron. Hope no one got stuck in that jam
  9. So sad breakup song to share. Please add on to the list.
  10. Seaweed

    My belief is broken !!!

    I used to believe Sillyporean are not creative until this morning... http://okamotofreedom.com/index.html
  11. Just passed by slip road from SLE to CTE, almost accident. Suddenly saw a car broken down on left lane. Have to switch to right lane but traffic from right very fast, including speeding BMW (yeah why BMW again) All bros and sis, if your car break down, please don't put your warning triangle 1 meter behind your car. People cannot react. Please put 2 ~ 3 meters behind slightly to the left side, so that people can be warned without crashing into your triangle/car.
  12. http://theonlinecitizen.com/2011/06/sitoh-...omise-says-spp/ Mr Sitoh Yihpin has gone back on his promise, says the Singapore People
  13. Dear Bros, am facing this problem for the first time and would appreciate any advice regarding this issue. Car was broken into while parked at the multi-storey carpark. Time frame should be Sunday morning 2.30am till this morning 8am. Problem is that the alarm seems to be deactivated and there are no signs of forced entry. Hence I would like to seek bros advice regarding the following issues: 1) Is this claimable under vehicle insurance? 2) If so, how do I go about filing a claims? Would appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  14. D15z7

    Broken Promises from 2006...

    P*P : We increase GST to have more money to help the poor. P*P : No, we cannot increase welfare, otherwise all people become lazy. P*P : We have to increase ministerial pay to stay market competitive. P*P : You have to accept lower pay to stay market competitive. P*P : We're helping you to safeguard your money for retirement. P*P : There's no such thing as retirement. http://www.sammyboy.com/showthread.php?t=69586
  15. Can you u turn on a broken line 2 way road?
  16. FYI, new IU might be compulsory for all new cars in 2010. -------- New ERP readers for cars By Christopher Tan, Senior Correspondent June 29, 2009 NEW cars will be fitted with second-generation electronic road-pricing readers from Tuesday - nine months after they were first available for motorcycles. The new readers allow motorists the option of using cards which comply with Singapore's contactless e-purse application (Cepas) - such as the new ez-link transit card. But motorists are likely to stick with the current Nets CashCard for their cars. This is because most carparks with electronic payment systems have not been converted to read Cepas-compliant cards. The Land Transport Authority on Monday said such carparks will be converted 'progressively' to read Cepas cards from October. Existing car owners do not have to change the new generation ERP readers. But if they wish to, they can do so - at $150 each. They can do so at LTA authorised vehicle inspection centres. Since the introduction of the new ERP readers last September, more than 17,300 vehicles have been fitted with it. They comprise mostly of motorcycles. For enquiries on the new ERP readers, motorists may call LTA on 1800-225-5582.
  17. Was travelling out from KJE into BKE (PIE) and saw one incident right at the ent into BKE...seems like one car got hit. Further down after BPJ, the other direction an even bigger branch (or look like whole tree) on the road! 3 lanes all jammed...think it is high time NPB steps up effort to get rid of this road hazard...
  18. my car was broken into last night. i found out in the morning. the driver side window was smashed. they ripped my Defi Link Display, Apexi turbo timer and Apexi AVCR and also my Garmin GPS. Left glass shards everywhere and cables dangling. it is so sad to have my baby violated like that. BEWARE..... it happened at Blk 395A Bkt Btk W Ave 5 MSCP. there has been a lot of crime in this area lately. house break-ins, drug addicts and now car break-ins. its not hearsay i have first hand info on these happenings. mine is not the only one, there were 4 others car broken into. never imagine that this could happen in SG. I did not use a triple meter with hood, for fear this would happen in BOLEHLAND, so I used Link Display hidden under the IU. Cashcard also always kept away. With no cover on IU. AVCR mounted with velcro, so can detachd and hide under steering, BUT never thought to do that in SG. GPS unmounted and kept in armrest. ALWAYS. Still it can happen here. WHAT ARE THE MEN IN BLUE DOING?
  19. Anyone knows a good place to help fix back the tab of the headlight used to bolt the headlight in place? It seems to be plastic so cannot be soldered back, epoxy/glue scared cannot hold strongly enough. Any help appreciated!!
  20. Hi Guys, Can any nice bro/sis here can recommend a good mechanic to repair my friend's 1992 Civic EG5? Timing belt broken and might have damaged the engine but dunno how serious yet. Engine stopped at idle, hopefully not heavy damage. Some say EG5 aluminium block engine difficult to repair and may have to change complete engine.... is it true? Any kind recommendation will be much appreciated. Thanks!!
  21. Fiery plane crash at Madrid airport kills 153 By HAROLD HECKLE
  22. Hi fellow garmin users.. My friend and I each have a Garmin Nuvi. mine is the 200 while his MIGHT be the 200. no matter.. Issue 1: My insulator on the wire has broken and I can see the bare metal wires inside. Given that my unit is less than 2 months old, will Navicom honour the warranty? The guy on the phone seemed unsure. I just sent them an email, and will be making my way to Navicom even if they do not reply. I believe that it should not be an issue, but if any bros have dealt with this problem pls let me know Issue 2: My friend's Nuvi takes super duper long to lock on.. or maybe it never locked on at all. His "GPS simulation" mode is off. that's the only thing i could think of which might screw up the satellite acquisition. mine can take quite long (over 15 minutes, once) to "lock on" but his is brand new and already got problem. Any experience on dealing with navicom would be appreciated. jln sultan is somewhat out of the way for me and it would be good if i know who i'm dealing with before i spend two hours settling both our units
  23. The guy who molested his maid in Today's paper was sentenced to 10 months + 3 strokes rotan vs the Navy guy who broke the doctor's nose in a road rage and got away with $1000 fine, which do you think is a more serious crime?
  24. A WOMAN driver cut into his lane, so he honked at her. This led to hand-gesturing, more honking, tailgating and finally a confrontation that ended with a headbutt. The road rage incident landed Lai Yew Sing in court in April. He pleaded guilty to one count of voluntarily causing hurt and was fined $1,000. Lai, 40, a major in the Singapore Navy, had headbutted the woman driver's passenger on his face. The attack left Dr Jason Chia Kok Kiong, 34, an associate consultant with the Changi Sports Medicine Centre at Changi General Hospital, with a fractured nose. The court heard that Dr Chia was in a car driven by his colleague, Ms Sharon Seah, on 18 Mar last year, around 1.30pm. They were travelling along South Buona Vista Road heading to The Village Centre near Pasir Panjang when Ms Seah, an occupational therapist, filtered into the right lane. Lai, who was driving behind Ms Seah, sounded the horn at her. His heavily-pregnant wife was with him. GESTURED WITH HER HANDS Ms Seah gestured with her hand at Lai through her rear view mirror to indicate her displeasure. She applied her brakes intermittently on the winding road and this further enraged Lai, who tailgated her and honked again. On arriving at The Village Centre, Ms Seah drove into the basement carpark. Lai followed and parked his car first. Dr Chia alighted from Ms Seah's car before she parked. He walked towards Lai's car to look at and memorise its licence plate number, court documents revealed. Meanwhile, Lai headed toward Ms Seah's car and shouted at her while she remained seated inside. As Dr Chia was walking back to Ms Seah's car, both men crossed paths. Lai was still shouting at Ms Seah, scolding her for driving badly. As the two men stood close to each other, Lai suddenly headbutted Dr Chia on his face. His nose started bleeding profusely and he called the police. Lai did not leave the scene. Dr Chia received treatment for his fractured nose at the National University Hospital. Lai's lawyer, Mr Thangavelu, said in his mitigation that Lai had followed Ms Seah's car because he wanted an explanation from her. He said: 'The driver flashed her middle finger twice into her rear view mirror. 'She also stuck her hand outside the window showing the same gesture and later braked intermittently for no apparent reason.' He added that Lai had felt intimidated by Ms Seah's behaviour and was concerned for the safety of his wife, who was eight months' pregnant. Mr Thangavelu said Lai had regretted his impulsive behaviour and had apologised to Dr Chia and offered to compensate him for his injury. The court heard that after completing his national service in 1987, Lai signed on with the navy and had an excellent service record. He reached the rank of major in 2003. Mr Thangavelu said Lai would lose his entire retirement benefits of $283,000, which he accumulated over 20 years, if he was sent to prison. In her written judgment, District Judge Hamidah Ibrahim said she saw Lai's actions as a momentary loss of temper or control. 'I find that there was some provocation on the part of Ms Seah in the manner in which she drove her car that day,' she said. SWERVED SUDDENLY 'She swerved suddenly into his lane, forcing him to take evasive action by jamming his brakes and sounding the horn.' The judge added that Ms Seah's waving of her hands could have been perceived by Lai as the flashing of her middle finger. 'It was unfortunate that Lai had used his head to headbutt the nose of the victim,' she said. 'However, I find it in his favour that he did it only once and it was not premeditated and no weapon was used.' She also noted that the conviction was adequate punishment for Lai since it was fairly obvious that his career would now be ruined. While there is a need to protect the public from acts of violence, she did not think Lai deserved a jail sentence. Lai was fined the maximum of $1,000, which he paid. The prosecution appealed against the sentence. The appeal will be heard in the High Court on 17 Jul. For voluntarily causing hurt, Lai could also have been jailed for one year. This article was first published in The New Paper on 14 June 2008.